Monday, May 31, 2010

Ze 3rd Weekly-Annual IOTW!

Before I get this started, lemme just say I am dissapointed in something Ronan and Cody told me. I wonder how I'm getting the fact under control! I won't post it cause I've basically told everyone already, though.

Anyways, time for the next interview!

She's a Master,

She's a Theurgist,

Unlike the previous two, she's an UNOFFICIAL blogger (But that's okay!)

She keeps a Diary of a Life Wizard, 

Please welcome Donna Spellthorn from Diary of a Life Wizard! 

Now, time for the Interveiw!

Destiny Seagem: How long have you been playing Wizards?
Donna Spellthorn: I've been playing for almost over a year now, and the only reason I know is because I met Eggbert.

DSG: Who was your first Wizard Blogging friend? (Didn't have to meet ingame)
DST: Um, techincally it was Rachel Windtalon, but we knew each other before we blogged, or played. But the first person I arranged to meet was Kestrel and after that when I ported to her she was usually with a blogger.

DSG: How did you hear of Wizard101?
DST: For me it was the commercial on TV and it seemed fun because I like Harry Potter and all that Wizard schtuff.

DSG:  How long do you think it will take for you to become a grandmaster?
DST: Well, considering that I'm close to level 46, I'm hoping that it'll take a month, two at most.

DSG: What inspired you to blog?
DST: Going back to Rachel, she started blogging before me and it seemed like a lot of fun so I created Diary of a Theurge but I couldn't sent the link to Rachel so I created Diary of a Life Wizard.

DSG: Do you have hopes that you will become a fansite?
DST: Not really, I never wanted it to become a fansite, actually. Just a place for me to port about Donna, Christina, Scarlet (blah), Paige and Amber (Sniff, she was deleted temporarily but I had no choice!)

DSG: Who did you (Or still do) Look up to as a blogger?
DST: Wow, that's a hard one! Hmmm... I've got to go with Amber Unicornflower she's funny, creative and has a great blog.

DSG: What are you excieted for in Celestia?
DST: Considering that its underwater and if I wasn't so connected to Life I would probably be storm, so I'm just excieted for the whole concept, really.

DSG: What do you think of the new pets addition that has been released?
DST: Mostly, I like the fact that we can free our pets in our house. The whole piggle thing is great when they swarm you when you comes home.

DSG: What advice do you have for future bloggers?
DST: I just gotta say, no matter how bad it seems to get with the low amount of followers and all that, (As Alia would say) you gotta just keep holding on! It pays off, trust me!

Well there you have it! Donna Spellthorn from Diary of a Life Wizard!

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