Wednesday, May 12, 2010

(Don't Take This The Wrong Way...) But Leesha Cannot Stop Meh!!!

Well, I think this is it. Can't believe it. Never thought that I would.
I guess I'm now facing facts. Leesha is already taking her toll in votes.
So do I resign?
Well, to be quite frank, not exactly. Why? Well, what's that saying again?
(Asks Cody)
Ah, yes. The coast being clear. I will run once more (And make sure I'm on the gol-danged ballot this time! I AM still upset about that, Fallon!) if the coast is clear. What will make the coast clear? You might ask. The coast is clear if the following AREN'T running for Death student teacher;

Thomas Lionblood
Fallon Shadowblade
Leesha Darkheart

Any other necromancer I'll have a fair shot against. Just. Not. Those. Three.
And to ensure I have a good chance, I will work on these things:

1. COMMENTs!!! Comments peoples! My average of comments a post
nowadays are around two. TWO COMMENTS PER POST!!! While I see others average 10 a post! Let's make it to an average of 5 comments a post, okay? Good. Onto number 2:

2. FOLLOWERS!!! In a half year, The Duo of Death was able to gather 20 followers. 20FOLLOWERS!!! While I've seen another blog that's been out for what? A month? Alia and Jessica were able to get 30 or 40 within a half year! So by the end of June, I expect 35 followers or more! Did I make that clear? Good. Now to the next segmen...

3. This could be the most important one... QUESTING!!! Now, I don't have to be dependant on the public to achieve this. I have a go to, by the end of this month, I'll be onto the Tomb of Storms. Then sometime on June, I'll finally gain access to Marleybone. Then at the end of summer I'll be done with MB, maybe even through Mooshu some ways.

Anyways, my point is, that I can't win without you. All of you. If I hope to stand my ground during the elections for next term, I'll need all the support I can get. Because you can't do all of the work required to win an election by yourself. I know that I can't! And honestly, nor can Leesha or Fallon or even the Master Lionblood himself!
So, the key to winning is you. I need you if I want to make it next term.
And honest answers from all of you, if I persisted being in the current elections, sho would you have voted for? Me or Leesha? Let's take a vote.

(All but a few hands go for Leesha)

That's what I thought.
Night seems to be coming, I have to go. Because CRT (Science) Testing will be upon me and period 3 Tommorow. But before I do go, one question;
Just WHEN will the elections for the following term be held?


  1. Ah seeing this was posted yesterday, I hope you get more comments!
    Yea, same thing with my blog 2 comments xD.

    Well, good luck with the ellections!

  2. So sorry about the ballots! I did not set them up this term. Wolf Redfist is handling the election. It may have been because you were not a member of ConnectX yet. We will make sure that you are in the election next term! I promise. The next term will begin in a few months so there is plenty of time to get prepared for a great campaign! Again, please accept my apologies. Destiny Seagem for Death School Student Teacher!!

  3. It seems the only way to gain followers, which gives more comments, is to hand out crowns. That whole thing is pretty crumby for those who can't afford. I've seen one person's list double just from doing's really have to buy people's "love" of you. It's pretty hard for any of us to really compete with people that give things away or are official blog sites(which now have to pay money to be official...unlike those who started it all,) even if we have an excellent blog.

    It's all about the money with the entire game...