The Necromancer's Matter

The Necromancer's Matter, Part 1; Orientation
"Why did I have to be placed in the school of Death?" 
That's what my little sister, Angie Thunderslash, said. Her face was buried deep in her bed mattress so only her long red hair could be viewed.
"Come on Angie, it can't be that bad." I replied. "It is a pretty good school, and you know it."
"You're just saying that." Angie moped. "You know perfectly well that necromancers feed off of the life of others to satisfy their needs and wants."
"Don't worry." I said. "You'll do great, trust me."
"How do you know?" Questioned Angie. "You're in the school of Storm, the most powerful of all. You're a really good diviner, you know. No wonder, it runs in the family."
That was true. The Thunderslashes were generations of diviners, all skilled and powerful, beating others in duels constantly. My great grandmother, Tara Thunderslash, had even been a storm professor before she passed away.
I could feel my face deepening into a dark crimson at Angie's admiration of my storm spells. "Oh, it was just a few lightning bats, nothing special."
"Don't be modest," Angie said as-a-matter-of-factly. "I saw you duel Wolf yesterday, so don't hide that you demonstrated a perfectly good storm shark."
"I'm only an apprentice."
"Well, you deserve to be an intiate."
I had to hand it to her; she was pretty intelligent for an eight-year-old.
"Don't mind it now." I said. "It's time for bed now." I didn't need to say it though. Angie was already tucked in.
"Alyssa?" She asked. "Do you think Death is going to be everything it says to be? Will it be hard to the core?"
"I don't think it’s any harder then Storm is."
"Don't say that." Angie said. "I hear Malistare Drake is a pretty rough professor."
"He's just a little sullen, that's all." I said. "You can't blame him. He's lost his wife, Sylvia." Then I came up with an idea. "Look to his assistant, Dworgyn, if you're having trouble."
"Are you kidding?" Angie said. "He's crazy! Wouldn't be surprised if he thought Marleybone was in his hunch!"
"Angie!" I scolded. "Don't talk that way."
"Sorry," Angie muttered under her breath, barely audible.
"Good night," I said.
"But you haven't told me a bedtime story yet." Angie said.
"I thought you said long ago that you were too old for those."
"I need one now." She protested.
"All right, all right." I sat down next to her bed. "This story is about how the moon changes its shape."
"No, not that one!" Angie said in turn to my offer. "All it is that the elephant just eats it and spits it out!"
I had really been hoping that she wouldn't have remembered, but just my luck, she did. It was pretty bad, I thought. So I really had to rack my brain to satisfy her. Then I found something that had been old and dusty and starting to fade away to dust in my mind.
"Well, I guess I do have something." I told Angie. "Marleyboneian archeologists have just found it in the runes of Krokotopia. It was written on a slate." I turned from Angie. "But, it's nothing, really."
"Tell me more!" Angie insisted.
I turned back to her, smiling. Then I eyed her closely. "All right, I'll begin." I said. "This is the tale of the Necromancer's Matter..."

Rays of light used the stained glass window as a doorway to shine in Destiny's eyes as she roused from her bed. The rays of light had been coming from the sun, a gigantic flaming ball of fire.
Today was her orientation in Ravenwood. She would be one of the first students of Fire. She quickly threw on an orange robe with a yellow trim, a robe of the advantage, orange and yellow quartermaster's boots, and pulled a hood over her head called a cap of the aggressor, knowing she had to look presentable to Mistress Flamea. So Destiny ran out of her house to set off in the world.
"Guess what?" Destiny asked her friend, Sophia.
"What?" Asked Sophia.
"I'm gonna be a pyromancer!" Destiny bounced at this. "I can't wait for orientation! I can't wait! I just can't wait!"
"You don't know for sure, Destiny." Sophia said. "You never know which school you'll get placed in. My brother, Jayden, was positive that he would be placed in Myth, but what do you know? He got placed in-" Sophie left off for Destiny to finish.
"I know, I know, he got placed in Life." Destiny said in an annoyed tone. Then she perked right back up. "What school do you hope to be placed in?"
"Fire, like you." Said Sophia. "But we won't know until Mr. Lincoln calls us down. And for some reason I get a feeling that I'll be placed in Ice."
"Weird," Replied Destiny. "Why would you get a calling the weakest school?"
"It's not necessarily the weakest," Sophia said. "Ice wizards are almost undefeatable in health."
"Yeah, but why would you want a fairy with a squeaky voice for a professor?" Asked Destiny.
"Don't insult the professors, Destiny." Sophia instructed. "Who knows how much trouble you can get in for it!"
"Relax," Destiny said. "We're not students right now, we shouldn't offend them much."
"I sure hope you know what you're doing." Muttered Sophia.
Suddenly the two heard screaming and yelling.
"What's going on?" Destiny yelled.
"There's a commotion in the commons!" yelled a conjurer.
"What kind of commotion?" Destiny could make out Sophia's voice among the swarm of students.
They received shoving and pushing for an answer.
Finally they managed to make their way through the crowd and look at what was going on. A long, black haired and blue eyed fifteen-year-old-looking necromancer was doing something to a guy with purple hair and eyes with brown skin in purple robes, a little older then Destiny and Sophia, who were ten, but younger then the necromancer. There were two other guys behind the necromancer, about his age, one wearing fancy red robes and brown hair. A pyromancer, from the looks of it. Standing next to him was another boy with blonde hair shorter then the other boys in formal yellow clothing. Most likely a conjurer. Destiny burst when she saw what the necromancer was doing to the diviner.
"Stop!" Destiny burst into the area and got a clear view of the wedgie the necromancer was giving, and shoved the necromancer past the other two guys, knocking him down to the cement of the ground. "Leave him alone!" She shouted.
Destiny had been so obsessed in the incident that she didn't look at the expressions of the crowd. Their mouths left a hole where the lips should have been, and it seemed their eyes were going to pop out of their sockets. Why's everyone like that? Destiny wondered. Her attention turned back to the necromancer, who's right hand was gripping his left elbow. He was flashing his all his white teeth, bent over, and gave an eye to eye look to Destiny that gave her a clear message, "I shall take my revenge!" What came out of his mouth was a little more frightening. "No one," he gritted, and stumbled, but managed to go on. "No one messes with Vladimir Thorn!" He was now shrieking. "Who are you? Who?" Vladimir shrieked at Destiny.
"The one and only Destiny Seagem." Destiny proudly boasted. "What's it to you?"
"What's it to me?" Vladimir was getting very angry. "What's it to me?" Then he quit screaming and smiled one of those grins when you know that person is just up to no good. "Well, then, Destiny, mark my words, you will pay!" He turned to the other two boys. "Chris, Jason, come." And with that, Vladimir gave a flick of a cloak and instantly vanished. Teleportation was the first thing that came to Destiny's mind.
"Where'd he go?" She asked the other two.
"No one, not even us," the pyromancer said. "Knows where he goes. I try teleporting to him from time to time, but I never can, because it's like something's blocking me and Chris from doing it.” So the pyromancer was Jason and the Chris was apparently the conjurer. Destiny noticed then he hadn't spoken a word.
"What's wrong with him?" She asked.
"Oh, he's just a little shy for a conjurer, that's all." Jason replied.
"This Vladimir guy talked to me like he was some lord." Destiny realized. "But I didn't even know he existed, let alone attempt to worship him."
"He's just one of those guys." Jason said. "A bully, really. Has been since his enrollment at Ravenwood. He wanted to be in the Death school, always has been since he took his first breath of life. Chris and I have been friends with him ever since I could remember. And if anyone messes with him, like you just did, he always swears to get revenge, and he always does. And you're lucky if the revenge is getting embarrassed in a classroom. For what you just did, pushed him in front of the whole of Ravenwood, that's got to be bad." Jason turned to Chris, who nodded at him.
"We need to go now. I'll just warn you, don't mess with Vladimir Thorn from now on." And with that, Jason teleported, fire insignias roaming the air. Chris just walked away into the shopping district.
"Awesome!" Called out a voice. Destiny recognized it as the purple-haired diviner. "Now not only we have embarrassment, but history to use against him in another blow! Time someone stood up to the guy once and for all."
"What's your name?" Destiny asked the diviner.
"Ryan," the boy said. "Ryan Stormcaster."
"Ryan," Destiny said. "You wouldn't want a repeat of the wedgie, would you?"
"Relax," Ryan said. "He's been taunting me quite a while now, so the wedgie isn't the worst he's done to me. That's because I've really been rebelling him lately."
"Are you a novice or an apprentice?" Destiny asked.
"Don't be ridiculous!" Ryan said. "I'm an initiate."
"So you're ridiculing the apprentices and novices in turn, just like Vladimir?" asked a voice. It belonged to a girl slightly younger than him in blue clothing, with long brown hair, and blue eyes that brightened any day, no matter what happened.
"Esmee!" Destiny called out. She ran to Esmee, hugging her. Ryan saw that Esmee was at least a head taller.
"Ooookay, what's the relation here that I'm missing out on?" He asked.
"Esmee is my cousin." Destiny said. "Can't you see the resemblance?"
"Er... no." Ryan commented. "You don't look alike at all."
"Not in looks," Said Destiny. "But in, you know, personality."
"No, not really." Ryan said. "Anyway, I need to get to class, so I guess I'll see you around?"
"Yeah, sure, I guess." Destiny replied.
"Anyway, see ya." Said Ryan, and he walked away towards Ravenwood.
"Cool guy," Esmee said. "Is he your boyfriend?"
"What? No! No, we just, um, we just, err..." Destiny stammered.
"Destiny and Ryan, sitting in a tree," Sang Esmee, "K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"
That was torture enough, Destiny thought. Maybe she'll stop now. But no. Esmee went on, "First comes love, then com-"
Before Esmee could get to the M word, Sophia ambushed Esmee and clamped her hand over her mouth so she'd stop singing. Finally after a minute, Sophia let go. "All right, all right, I'll surrender."
"Good," Sophia said.
"Yeah," Said Destiny. "Not cool! We only just met!"
"But you saved him from Vladimir's grip." Esmee remarked.
"True," Destiny said. "But he just said that he had been facing that kind of stuff forever and is attempting to backfire and has been for who knows how long."
"Anyway, I tried to find you because I wanted to show you something." Esmee said. "It's in the shopping district."
"Cool!" Destiny literally jumped at this. "Let's go!"
"Okay," Said Sophia. "It's almost time for my school to be revealed anyway, so I'll catch you guys later." And Sophie headed to Golem Court.
Esmee and Destiny reached the shopping district soon after. "What is it? What is it?" Destiny ran ahead of Esmee and exclaimed in her face, "What is it, what is it, just tell me what it is!"
Esmee grinned. "If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise!"
"So?" Destiny said. "If you tell me, I'll have been prepared for it and know what it is and stuff!"
"No, it'll ruin the whole fun of it!"
"Maybe for you!" Destiny continued. "It's just that, when have you known me to be a patient person?"
"Never," Esmee admitted.
"But like you said, the surprise will be fun for me!"
"Here, I'll strike a deal," Destiny offered. "If you tell me what it is right here, right now, I'll act surprised when I get it!"
"Um, Destiny," Said Esmee. "There isn't anyone on this except for me. So how is that a good deal?"
"It's a good deal because I'll know what it is, and I'll be surprised when you show me! It's a win-win."
"There isn't anyone on this except for me, so how can that be a good deal?"
"It'll be a good deal on my watch."
"And how is that good?"
"Apparently you don't care for anyone but yourself!"
"If I didn't care about anyone, would I be having this conversation with you?" They were on Elik's Edge now.
"No," Destiny admitted. "But you only care for yourself when it comes to surprises!"
Esmee ignored the comment and went inside a shop.
"Where are-" Destiny looked above her to see what store it was. It was the housing and furniture one, apparently.
"Okay, I think I know what it is!" Destiny burst when she went inside the shop.
"What?" "Fire flowers to plant in my yard!"
Esmee giggled. "Honestly Destiny, not even close."
"Well, what then?"
"You're about to find out, aren't you?"
"Yeah, I guess." Destiny straightened her hood. "Okay, at least tell me this; what's the surprise even for?"
"I thought you'd know that one," Esmee said. "It's a good-luck-on-your-first-day kind of thing."
"Okay, spill." Destiny said. "This is the time to do it, anyway."
"I suppose you're right." Esmee replied. "Here, this should give a pretty clear hint." She handed Destiny a brochure.
"A brochure?" Destiny said. "That's it?" She knew Esmee, and Esmee was not the kind of person to do something so little.
"No, silly!" Look inside." Destiny opened it up and peered. "A quite a bit of furniture?"
"Why would I be giving you all that furniture if you didn't have any space to put it in?"
"What do you mean?" But then she saw just where Esmee was getting at. "Oh! You're giving me all this space!"
"Exactly my point."
"But why would you be giving it all to me unless you were buying me a cottage or a royal playhouse?"
Esmee was trying hard not to laugh.
"Oh, that's precisely what. You were, trying to. Say."
"All along." Esmee said.
"Would you like a tour?"
"Why wouldn't I?"
The shopkeeper handed them a key.
"Oh so it's the key to the house?"
"Yeah. But we have to leave quick, okay?"
"Sure, whatever." Destiny replied.
They headed up Ravenwood, and Esmee was looking up at Bartleby, a great tree. "Good morning!" Esmee called up.
"Hello, Esmee Lionblood." The tree replied in his booming voice. Then he opened a part of him that revealed some stairs and lead to somewhere, apparently. Esmee headed up the stairs, seeming to go exactly where she was going, while Destiny didn't have a clue what she was doing. Must be part of the surprise, thought Destiny, so she joined Esmee.
The stairs led to a huge, magnificent, gleaming room. Little trees seemed to be sprouting, vines covering the bark walls, leaves falling everywhere in a room with a circular perimeter. In the center of it all was a door, edged by what seemed twigs, and a center light shining down on it. Although she had never been there before, Destiny knew at sight what it was.
"The wizard city spiral chamber!" She looked at Esmee. "But how did you know about this?"
Esmee looked straight ahead of her, a long silence fitting in with it. Finally she just replied, "I have my ways." She lead Destiny to the spiral door and fitted the key in, fumbling with the lock for a moment.
"No way," Destiny breathed. "You go by using the spiral?" She was astounded at the idea, as if it had never been thought of until she mentioned it.
"That's the whole idea!" Esmee winked. "Now do you want to see your future house or not?"
"Why wouldn't I?"
"Then be my guest and go through the door?"
"After you?"
Esmee opened the door, and held her hand out, saying to Destiny to go through. She saw in the door an area with two massive buildings, and grass so green a life wizard couldn't be able to see any mistakes or any signs of withering. So it worked like a portal, Destiny thought. Interesting.
Destiny stepped to the other side, and Esmee quickly joined her.
"Okay, so what's even in this massive place, anyway?" Asked Destiny, her cape seeming to float in the wind.
"I'll show you. Destiny, Destiny?" She was nowhere to be found. Oh, where to begin looking for her? Esmee thought. Then she heard a shout coming from somewhere. "All right! You can go under a bridge! Nice touch!"
Ah, the lake and stream.
Esmee followed a trail of sand to a nice, shallow area of water to wade in. "You gotta try this, Esmee!" Shouted Destiny. That proved she was there, all right.
"Come on, Destiny." Said Esmee. Her back was turned to Destiny. "We don't have a lot of time, so we need to get through the res-" Esmee was cut off by a cold, wet feel douching her entire backside, head to toe. Seemed like Destiny splashed her.
She was already drying off, though. While she was meditating, the water on her either evaporated or dripped back to the source.
"Ah, haha, ah haha!" Destiny laughed. She was bent over, pointing at Esmee. She then saw Esmee meditating.
"Oh no you didn't!" Destiny shouted, and flicked her cape to the side and pushed it, sending even more water to Esmee, not only interrupting her meditating but wetting her once again.
This time, Esmee didn't even bother drying off. She was smiling. "I guess that's how you want to play it!" Then a water wave of massive size sprouted behind Esmee, and in turn Esmee jumped on top, and the wave lurched forward at Destiny, who scurried quickly under the bridge.
"I thought you were an ice wizard, not a water wizard!" Destiny shouted.
"Ice is just a solid form of water, so it doesn't matter!" Esmee shouted back. She then jumped, did a backflip, landed on her feet in the lake, and lurched both of her arms forward, sending the wave towards Destiny, splashing her hugely, and was now covered head to toe in freshwater.
"Okay, okay, let's see the rest of the royal playhouse, how about that?" Destiny offered, bringing her hood down, because the water had put a lot of weight on it, forcing the hood to sag in front of Destiny's face, covering it.
"Not so fast!" Said Esmee. "You did two splashes, so I need another turn." But this splash wasn't nearly as massive as the previous one. The second splash barely sprinkled on a finger.
"I can't wait until I'm a pyromancer," Moaned Destiny as they were climbing up the sandy hill that had led to the water fight. "Then I can heat myself up to make it so I'm not wet anymore and all dry and clean instead."
Esmee had already dried off from the splashes. "Here, I'll dry you off," Esmee offered. "Don't think I can dry myself but not others."
"You don't know how good that would be." Destiny muttered. Esmee placed a hand on Destiny's left shoulder, and closed her eyes. In less than a minute, Destiny was as dry as she had been wet, once again either evaporating the water or sending it in a water made stream back to its source. , perking Destiny back to her old self. "So what shall we explore next?" Destiny asked.
In reply, Esmee sat down in a field of magnificent grass, the same patch Destiny had been admiring when she had been staring into the portal view of the castle. "How about looking at the grass?" Asked Esmee. "We need to take some moments out of our lives to appreciate nature."
"You sound like a theurgist." Destiny pointed out.
"You don't have to be a theurgist to see the beauty in the earth." Said Esmee. "You can be a necromancer and see the life in nature."
"It is breathtaking." Agreed Destiny. "But what about in the winter, when the snow is shrouding the grass and the field?"
"Even when the snow has fallen," Esmee told Destiny. "You just know the grass is in there somewhere, deep within. You can still feel the little life even underneath the mass of snow. It may not be visible, but it's still there, living for what seems eternity. The beauty of it can never die." There was a stunned silence for a moment.
"I guess you're right." Said Destiny. "But where should we go next?"
"How about a theater?"
"Really?" Brightened Destiny. "Are you serious? A theater? How great is this place?"
"I don't know, you tell me."
Esmee lead Destiny to a place big in both width and height, and a checkered floor. There were two places above the ground that ensured you with a good view of the play or whatever was going on. There were seats and steps that lead to the stage, which had a scene, a wooden floor, red velvet curtains, and blue curtains with stars behind the sides of the stage, leading to backstage. Destiny ran straight to the stage, and climbed on it.
"Isn't this cool or what?" She asked Esmee, who was climbing the stairs to the stage. "I can see it now," Destiny continued. "When I finish my fire studies and become Destiny Seagem the Great, and become the most beloved pyromancer of all time, this whole place will be the most visited place in the spiral, set like a museum, to see just what it was like in the day to day life of me, and one of the main events is showing the story of my life on this stage! And the play will be called, The Tales and Mishaps of Destiny Seagem the Great!" Destiny turned to Esmee. "I know it's a long title, but I'm working on it."
"Well, Destiny, the thing is, I don't know."
"What do you mean you don't know? This is my future and you know it. I shall go down all the way back in history!" Destiny jumped at the fact.
"You may not be a pyromancer. You may get placed in a different school. You may get placed in death, for all I know." Destiny flinched at the thought of becoming a necromancer. "Who are you to judge?" Destiny asked. "I was born to be the greatest student of fire of all time."
"Destiny, you don't know for sure!" Esmee responded in a cruel tone. Then she felt pained and said again in a softer tone that sounded more like her, more cheerful. "But you'll find out today, won't you?" She placed a hand on Destiny's shoulders, giving her a reassuring look. Destiny nodded in turn.
"Speaking of that," Esmee said. "We need to hurry through this so we don't miss when Mr. Lincoln calls you down so you know you're school." Destiny agreed.
"There's only one more part of the tour," Esmee said. "We haven't even seen the actual house and space you'll be roaming around in." But all Esmee was talking to was surrounding air and landscape. Esmee ran over to the entryway to the house, and sure enough, the door was flung wide open. When Esmee entered, Destiny was roaming a small space under stairs.
"Hey Esmee," She called out. "This is gonna be where my bed is in the future!" Destiny popped open her hands and arms when she said future, as if she was already roaming the streets and pavement of the distant tomorrow.
But she wasn't. She was trotting up the stairs already and called down.
"Oh, and that big space there downstairs will be my glorious library!" Again Destiny spread out her arms as if she were to soar the air, and then went up the stairs. Destiny had lead herself into a room with another wooden floor then the usual red and white checkered pattern. She waited till Esmee caught up to her and then said, "This is where my crafting station will be!" Destiny then dashed to a wide space of the checkered floor pattern and quickly made up her mind that this is where she would place all of the artifacts she collected throughout her adventures in the spiral. You can't be going down in history for doing nothing, Destiny thought.
"This is where I'll place stuff I collect in the spiral!" Destiny quickly said, and then noticed the stairs leading somewhere else, probably of gleaming magnificence. So that's where Destiny headed next.
She climbed up the stairs, and loved the sight held before her in her eyes. A stained glass window like the one she had in her room held gleaming rays of light shining down on the floor, almost as magical as fire magic itself.
Esmee finally caught up with Destiny, out of breath, but Destiny could tell that she thought the interior of the tower was worth the climb. "Nice view, isn't it?" Esmee asked Destiny.
"Absolutely breathtaking!" Was the response.
"You know, I can't pay for this all at once." Esmee said.
"Where are you getting at?" Destiny asked.
"I don't have enough money to pay for this fully, so I reserved this for you and when I have all the money, I'll be able to pay for it and you'll be granted access." Esmee said.
"So what I'm hearing is that you haven't paid for this yet, so I can't use it until you've paid for it?"
"Sadly, yes." Esmee said. "And we need to go soon for your orientation."
"Yeah, I know." Destiny replied. She touched the stained glass window. "Not a better place for a study, don't you agree?" Destiny asked. "No, there isn't." Esmee said. "I think we need to go now."
"I guess you're right." Destiny said. So they together headed down the long winding spiral staircase back to the spiral door platform. Esmee used the key on the door, opened it up, and the portal back to Elik's Edge opened back up. And looking back, Destiny stepped through. She was shocked at who she found after both her and Esmee stepped through. Sophia was standing there, panting.
"Destiny," she breathed. "Last I checked, Mr. Lincoln was on the last names beginning with R! Seagem isn't far behind!"
"Wait, what school did you get placed in?" Destiny asked.
"Turns out, Ice." Sophia said. "I'll tell you more later, there's no time to waist!" Destiny turned to Esmee, who just nodded and said, "Well, you better take her advice and run."
Destiny then scrambled out of the shop, leaving Sophia and Esmee behind.
Finally Destiny made it to Golem Court, where she could hear Mr. Lincoln going around saying, "Mr. Seafountain, you have been placed in the school of balance." Mr. Lincoln handed a boy a novice balance wand.
When the boy leaved Golem Court, Mr. Lincoln called out, "Miss Seagem, Miss Seagem!" Destiny pushed her way through a crowd of students. She might make it in time!
"Miss Seagem! Does anybody know where Miss Destiny Seagem is?"
"Right here sir, right here!" Destiny called out, and passed future novices, bumping into some, finally coming front and center. She could hear the whispers of the fact that she had stood up to this Vladimir Thorn guy. "I'm sorry Mr. Lincoln, I really am!" She said, hoping to make up for the fact that she had almost missed her school calling.
"Well, now that you're right here, right now, I guess the headmaster would like me to say that it's all right." Destiny straightened out her hood, robe, even boots. This was the moment she had been waiting for her whole life, the moment of truth. She then stood up, back straight, in a good posture.
"What school have I been placed in?" Exceitment was rushing through Destiny's brains. This is it! Destiny thought. When he reveals my school, the almighty, the all-powerful, wise school of fire, where I'll be able to become a pyromancer and be taken under Mistress Flamea's wing as a student, it will set the course of my future! Overall, this would set Destiny on her path, and change her life. Then she heard the words slip out of Mr. Lincoln's beak.
"Miss Seagem, you have been placed in the school of....

Coming in Part 2! After hearing this shock, Destiny gives it everything she has to get placed in the school of fire, and then realizes there is no way out! Later, she meets who appears to be Ryan’s sister at the library and her friend. And after becoming of higher ranks of the Death school, Vladimir challenges Destiny to a three on three duel! Who will win? Find out in the Duel!
The Necromancer's Matter, Part 2; The Duel 
When Destiny Seagem heard the words slip out of Mr. Lincoln, she laughed. Hard.
"Good joke, Mr. Lincoln!" She stood straight. "Okay, spill. Admit that I'm destined to be the greatest pyromancer of all time, and you were kidding all along."
Mr. Lincoln used one of his feathered hands to cover his face in exaggeration. "Miss Seagem, I'm not joking or anything. It clearly stats on these papers that your test results have landed in the Death school."
"Well, maybe you misstallied." Destiny said. She could get this resolved within a matter of minutes.
"The Book of Secrets can't 'Misstally'" Mr. Lincoln said. "If it's even a word." Destiny heard him mutter under his breath.
"Well, there has to be some kind of mistake!" Destiny insisted. Then she yanked the papers out of his feathers, and studied them. Mr. Lincoln was right: the results clearly showed Death.
Mr. Lincoln was growing impatient. "Miss Seagem, if you would kindly move along, I have other wizards to attend to!" Mr. Lincoln was clearly getting annoyed by Destiny's presence.
"I'm going to report this to the headmaster!" Shouted Destiny. Before Mr. Lincoln could stop Destiny and punish her with a lecture on you can't just lurch to the headmaster like that without permission, well, she did, carrying the papers for her school with her.
"Headmaster, headmaster!" Shouted Destiny when she barged in the house, where a red haired and mustached man was leaning against his wife, looking down at something, until Destiny rudely interrupted.
"Destiny?" Asked the headmaster. "What are you doing?"
Destiny didn't know why he was too mad, until he saw Headmaster Ambrose's wife, Amber (A pyromancer too), holding a small bundle of blankets like a priceless artifact.
"What can be so important that," The headmaster continued. "You have to interrupt when my wife gets home from the hospital along with our baby boy?"
"Well, I knew you were going to have a baby soon," Destiny said. "But now?" She backed off a few steps. "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to intrude."
"Well, you can't take back a break-in," Reasoned the headmaster. "What's your dialemma now?"
Destiny explained how she needed to become a pyromancer, but had been placed in the wrong school. "Please, headmaster, I'll give anything, anything at all, to become a pyromancer!" Destiny pleaded. "Do you want gold, community service, better behavior?" She was getting on her hands and knees now. "Just switch my school!"
"Destiny, no matter what you offer, the school you're placed in is the school you're placed in." Replied Headmaster Ambrose. Amber was still cuddling her baby. "But, along with your primary school, which is for you, Death, you also choose an elective course." He advised.
"So, this means I can still attend the school of fire?" Destiny asked. This, by chance, could be a little glimmer of hope for her future as a pyromancer!
"You'll be a necromancer, but you'll be able to attend fire school and become a pyromancer, too. So the fact you have been placed in the Death school just opens up another opprutunity." Headmaster Ambrose said.
"Here, I think I might know something that would cheer you up from your plight." Amber spoke for the first time. If voices were edible, hers would be sweet flavored, like honey. "You'll be the first in the public to see him."
Destiny took her offer and walked up to the little boy. In the mass of blankets, he was fidgeting, balling up his little hands, and strands of blonde hair on his head, eyes as blue as the sky completing the mix.
"Awe, he's so cute!" Destiny complemented. "What's his name?"
"I was thinking on the name Merle." Said Amber.
"Merle?" Destiny said. "Isn't that kind of old fashioned?"
"Well, me and my husband think it's a good name." Amber said. "Oh well, if it's Merle you want," Destiny said. "It's what I want."
"Why don't you go see the teacher of Death, Professer Lucyia Drake, for your clothes and book?" Headmaster Ambrose suggested.
"Sure, I might as well get the fact I'm in a different school over with." Destiny said. Destiny went out of the headmaster's house and headed off to Ravenwood. She looked up at Bartleby and remembered when her cousin, Esmee Lionblood, had said hi to him.
Oh Esmee, Destiny thought. How would she be able to explain the fact she was Death to Esmee, to Sophie, to her family. It seemed impossible that they would accept it. And what about Ryan? What would he think?
Ryan Stormcaster was an initiate diviner who had been rebelling against a bully in Ravenwood, Vladimir Thorn, a necromancer that- 
A necromancer. Jason's words rung in her ears. "And if anyone messes with him, like you just did, he always swears to get revenge, and he always does. And you're lucky if the revenge is getting embarrassed in a classroom. For what you just did, pushed him in front of the whole of Ravenwood, that's got to be bad." Now that Destiny was a necromancer, it would be a whole lot easier for Vladimir Thorn to get back at her. For what she did, it seemed like it was going to be bad, incredibly bad. Vladimir was a necromancer, a magus at the least. And when Destiny saw that he had been giving Ryan a wedgie in front of Ravenwood, Destiny had spoke up in his and pushed him in front of a huge crowd. He had screamed at her, shrieked at her in turn, and teleported somewhere not even his two friends, Jason Stormflame and Chris Soulhunter, could possibly name. Jason had warned her after Vladimir had teleported away that he wasn't a guy to be messed with. Chris had said nothing, and didn't seem like the talkative type. Destiny didn't know much about Vladimir. She hadn't even heard of him until she met him. But as little as she knew, she had picked up a hint from a conversation from Ryan after the incident. That little shove had been the spark of a possible rebellion everyone had been waiting for, and the flames had a chance of spreading. The message had been clear:
Vladimir now wanted revenge more then ever before.
When Destiny found the Death school residing in between the Myth and Fire schools, she was a bit nervous. Necromancers were rude and offensive, forcing you to quake with fear, and their personality was one of the reasons Destiny was so afraid of the school. And now she had been placed on it. She would stand out like a unicorn in a flock of dragons, because, basically, that's what she was. She wondered what the professor would be like as she hesitantly entered the death school.
Destiny saw the professer for the first time. Lucyia Drake had a rectangular face shape, long black hair behind her head, and other two thirds on each of her shoulders, wearing black robes embedded with intricate designs of dragons and death insignias and a red trim. Bangs were covering her right half of her face, also serving as a shroud to her almond colored and shaped right eye. She was consulting with a male death student who looked strangely familier with black hair and pale skin.
"Worthy to become a master, huh?" Professor Drake asked while the student nodded. "If you are indeed worthy, you will have to master every single death spell you have learned so far completely, win at least fifty duels against other necromancers and cast ten perfect wraith spells before you get too far ahead."
"I knew you would say something like that," Flashed the other student. "That's why I planned ahead of time. I have already mastered every death spell I have learned so far and I get perfect results every time. I can preform now or later, whichever you'd prefer."
Wow, the death student is sure to charm the professor, thought Destiny. But she still knew the voice from somewhere.
"How about the duels?" Destiny knew the student was sure flashing a smile at the professor, as if it were a necromancy charm itself.
"Unlike other necromancers, dueling isn't homework or a burden you give in my opinion," Said the necromancer. "I see it as a pastime, a hobby, a profound and interesting way of spell-to-spell combat and express competition. In the past month, I have won a thirty-four duel streak and I have the tickets to prove it." He got thirty-four arena tickets out of a pouch to prove his point, and handed them to the professor.
"You're doing alright, for a magus." The professor tried not to show any signs of impression. "But the question still remains, will you be able to cast wraith?"
"Don't worry, professor, it shall be done, you'll see." Said the necromancer.
"I expect it so." Said Lucyia. "Now cast wraith ten times and win those sixteen more duels." The student simply nodded his head and turned away. Then Destiny realized where that face had been from.
Before Vladimir could see her (Hopefully), Destiny ran to the nearest desk and slipped under it, crouching as Vladimir exited the death school. If he had seen her, he didn't show any sign of it, except for a mutter, "That's it, that's it."
A long silence passed before the death teacher barked, "I know you're here, don't think I'm dumb!" Hesistantly Destiny emerged from under the desk to face the death professor.
"Destiny Seagem, eh?" She asked. "You're the only novice I haven't seen today."
"Yeah, that's me," Destiny said, unsure of what to say or do.
"Well, what are you waiting for?" Cried Professor Drake. "Stop staring at me and get over here!"
Destiny climbed the steps to greet the harsh professor. She spotted a pile of novice clothes and a brown book with an onyx at the center. Destiny guessed those were meant to be for her, and picked them up.
"I've noticed you don't have a wand." Said the professor. That was the nicest thing she's said to me so far, Destiny thought.
"A wand?" Destiny stammered in the sentence. "I never recived one, ma'am."
"Don't be ridiculous!" Snorted Professor Drake. "Mr. Lincoln hands you one after he tells you your school." That's when Destiny remembered that the student before her had gotten a wand after Mr. Lincoln announced he had been placed in balance. Destiny had been so caught up in trying to convince him that she was meant to be a pyromancer, that she never gave him the chance to recive her wand.
Before the professor could say anything, Destiny dashed off with the clothes and book and rushed to Golem Court. Perhaps the wands and Mr. Lincoln are still there, Destiny thought, although it was unlikely. But good luck had overcome this time, because, sure enough, he was still registering a few more kids.
"Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Lincoln!" Destiny called out. Never had she been happy to see his feathery face. Mr. Lincoln turned around to face her. "Oh, what is it this time?" He asked. "Come to give me a little begging to convince the headmaster to place you in fire?"
"No, I already did that." Destiny said as if it were no big deal. "I just came here for my wand."
"I did notice that you never picked it up," Said Mr. Lincoln. As he was talking, Destiny noticed seven separate stacks of wands, each containing novice wands from each school. A plan began to formulate in Destiny's mind as she was approaching closer and closer to them.
"You can have it on one condition," Said the big white bird.
"And what that might be?" Asked Destiny as she inched over to him. "That you return the papers regarding your school to me."
"And why would you need them? The headmaster has it."
"How about I go get them, then? Then after you can have your wand." Said Mr. Lincoln. Destiny was right under his beak now, which was making him both suspisious and nausious.
"It's like you said earlier today," Destiny countered. "You have other students to attend to!"
In a flash, Destiny dived under Mr. Lincoln's beak, aiming for the wands. Mr. Lincoln was rubbing his beak, which seemed to have a little bruise.
"What are you, hey, where are you going?" He yelled. As Mr. Lincoln was talking, Destiny didn't miss her chance to get up and retrive a novice fire wand, and run to the exit of Golem Court. Mr. Lincoln started to go after her, but Destiny simply shouted, "Nope, you have other students to attend to!" And with that, she rushed out of Golem Court, headed to Ravenwood.
The plan had been simple; retrive the novice fire wand, and show it to her as hope to convince Mistress Flamea that she had been placed in fire and would be able to avoid death school and Vladimir.
She barged in the fire school, seeing Mistress Flamea and her long red hair reaching all the way down to her back. Destiny gave a bow, gripping the fire wand tightly. She couldn't mess this up, her future depended on it. Fire being a secondary school wasn't enough.
"Mistress Flamea, I am a new novice and ready to learn the act of fire!" She exclaimed in a loud, cheerful voice.
"Really?" Asked the professor. "I don't recall you being in my list of new novices."
"Sure, I was placed in death," Said Destiny. "But I politely consulted the headmaster and agreed to place me here instead."
"The headmaster can't do such an act," Recalled the professor. "What's the story behind the wand?"
"I just told you," Flashed Destiny. She hoped she would make as good as an impression as Vladimir had with Professor Drake. "I politely consulted the headmaster and he agreed to change my school, and gave me the wand as proof."
"I mean it, Destiny, what's the story?"
"But it's only true!"
"No, it's not! Don't you dare lie to me, Destiny Seagem! No one has ever switched schools!"
Destiny sighed. There was no way out of this. "I ambushed Mr. Lincoln," Destiny said. "Because he wouldn't give me the death wand."
"I know how that feels," Commented Professor Flamea. "I wanted to get placed in the Life school when I was your age. But the book placed me in Fire, and it turns out, Fire was my calling all along. It was just the better path."
"But being self-absorvant, ignorant, and aggressive isn't my calling!"
"I don't know, Destiny." Mistress Flamea said. "You just did show a trait of a necromancer." "Don't be ridiculous!" Said Destiny. "How was I just now like a necromancer?"
"You just displayed the cunning of one," Said Mistress Flamea. "By attempting to steal a fire wand to get yourself in fire is cunning."
Destiny hadn't even thought of that. She had acted like a necromancer all day, come to think of it. She recalled the events that had gone over the day. Boasting she'd be in Fire. Pushing Vladimir. Trying to get the surprise out of Esmee by making offers that would only be benificial to her. Attempting to switch schools. Breaking in the headmaster's house. Ambushing Mr. Lincoln for the fire wand. And just now, lying about it and risking expellation.
"I do have a few novice death wands I've kept in storage." She went to her office and pulled out a death wand from her desk drawers. "I'll give it to you if you'll give me the fire wand," Mistress Flamea said. "Don't bother trying to keep it, it'll know you're a necromancer and won't allow you to cast fire spells properly."
Destiny handed over the fire wand, and as promised, she gave her the death wand. "Don't forget, you can take fire as an elective," Mistress Flamea said.
"I guess there's no other way," Destiny said.
"Speaking of fire classes," Said Mistress Flamea. "I need you to borrow a book from the library. It's called Tales of the Spiral, and it should have a story about fire. You'll need to understand it to become a true pyromancer, elective or not."
"Okay," Destiny said. "I'll go do it now." And she went out of the fire school. First I better change out of these clothes, Destiny thought and headed to her house to change.
"Why are you wearing clothes of a necromancer?" Asked Destiny's mom, Cassandra Rubytail, who was a conjurer.
"Don't ask," Muttered Destiny. "I need to go to the library." Now that her fire robes were off, Destiny's black hair was put up in a ponytail, and it went along well with her green eyes.
Destiny scrolled along the title of the various books in the library, until she finally found the book Mistress Flamea had asked her to borrow, Tales of the Spiral, and then accidently bumped into someone. She had light blue hair and brown skin, wearing purple and yellow robes, and a blue hat that curved at the top and went down in the middle. She was holding a staff with a five pointed star at the top. Another diviner. There was someone with her, a boy wearing blue and white robes holding a blue wand. A thatuamerge.
"Oh, sorry," She said. "I was just looking for a book."
"What is it?" Asked Destiny. "Storm Spells for the Journeyman," Said the girl.
"Diviner, huh?" Destiny said. "You remind me of another diviner I know."
"Who?" Asked the girl. "His name's Ryan Stormcaster."
"He's my brother!"
"What's your name?"
"Natalie Goldenflame,"
"Who's that guy over there?"
The boy spoke up. "Chris Mythflame," He said. Destiny laughed. Natalie and Chris stared. "You're a thatuamerge, and you know, myth." "Never mind that, do you know where the book is?" "Oh, I think I did see it earlier, up there," Said Destiny.
"Thanks," Natalie said, and went to retrieve it. Chris was staring at her, and Destiny knew what he would ask. "Don't ask," She said, but turned out to be usless because Chris already said, "Necromancer, huh?" She nodded. "Didn't want too,"
Natalie got the book. "Got it!" She turned to Destiny. "We need to leave now, okay?"
"Sure," Destiny said. "Tell Ryan I said hi."
Natalie nodded one last time before she and Chris left, and shortly Destiny did too.
Destiny flopped on her bed and got to work on the book, but instead of going to the tale Mistress Flamea instructed her to go to, one tale caught her attention, "The First Wizards" it said. Destiny began reading. 
After the war between the giants, dragons and titans, the first Wizards were born.
In a third of a spiral, a tornado was erupting. Then the hot and cold winds parted and returned to its source.
The blizzard the cold air was coming from then gave its creation: a short, blue haired girl who was creative and funny. The blizzard called her Ice, and Ice picked up a rod with a snowflake on top. This was the first Ice wand.
The hot air returned to the flames, which was put out. And from the ashes come another redheaded girl who was intelligent and powerful. The flames called her Fire. A firecat came to Fire, and delivered her what was the first Fire wand.
In another third of the spiral, a mighty storm was brewing, lightning flashing and wind traveling at a fast speed.
The wind was the winds of creativity, and out of the air came a blonde boy who was creative and sometimes dwelled in his own world. The wind called him Myth, and in Myth's hand came the first myth wand.
Out of the lightning came a strong and powerful and purple haired boy, and the lightning called him Storm, and made him a staff of lightning.
In the last third of the spiral, was a field, one half bare, the other thriving.
In the thriving part, out of the grass came a brown-haired girl who was compassionate and caring. The land called her Life. And out of the ground rose a stick, which was the first life wand.
On the other side arose a boy who was aggressive and would do anything for his needs. The field called him Death, and gave him a staff that arose out of the ground.
Eventually these wizards all met, and then all fought for complete control of the magic, even Life. Then out of a large bang came out a boy with auburn hair who sought nothing but peace.
"Who are you?" Questioned Myth.
"I am Balance," The boy said. "The spiral has sent me to maintain order and stop the fight."
The other wizards were angry at this, but Balance managed to sooth them, but it was too late. Out of their anger and hate and quest for power had risen up a huge monster of molten lava who sought nothing but control of the spiral.
Combining all of their strength into one huge blast, they defeated the monster, and later founded Ravenwood.
What they didn't know was in place of the monster, instead of remains of molten rock and lava, was a boy. And now they fight with him, to hopefully maintain order and peace in the spiral.  
Good story, Destiny thought when she closed the book.   
                              3 Months Later 
Eventually Destiny became in initiate, having experience in death and fire, and one day, Jason came up to her.
"Vladimir challenges you to a duel," He said. "Three on three. He say's you're the fiftieth he needs to become a master."
Destiny gulped at this. Even though she was an initiate, how was she supposed to beat someone to soon become a master? There was only one person she could explain this to.
"At least it's three on three," Said Ryan.
"Yeah, but he'll have Jason and Chris on his side!" Destiny said. "How will I be able to beat him?"
Natalie then spoke up. "You need to choose two others," She said. "Take me and Chris with you, we can fight effectivly."
"Thanks," Destiny said. You're the fiftieth he needs, Jason had said. Vladimir was going to battle her as the final one.
Over the next few weeks, Ryan, Natalie and Chris trained her for the duel, and when the time came, Natalie, Chris, and Destiny headed out into the arena. Almost everyone in Ravenwood showed up, and as predicted, in front of the trio stood Vladimir, Jason and Chris.
Vladimir started off the fight by casting a vampire, and Destiny defended herself by casting banshee. The two Chris's were fighting, and Natalie was taking on Jason, who casted a Meteor Strike. Both sides kept casting spell after spell, trying to bring the other team down, but the opposing team, Destiny's or not, managed to counter. The battle was getting intense after Natalie cast Kraken, but Jason defended himself with a simple Sunbird. Chris had cast an evil snowman, hurting the other Chris, who managed to surprise everyone by casting Unicorn. "Oh yeah, did I mention Chris is a secondary school is life?" Vladimir said as he casted a Vampire.
No! Destiny thought. That was the ultimate stratagy, Chris would just be able to use Unicorn and heal everyone when they needed it.
I guess its time for a change of plans! Destiny thought.
Destiny cast a Banshee, but this time aimed it at Chris, who at the same time, the other Chris had casted ice wyvern at him, and seeing where the others were getting at, Natalie cast another Kraken at Chris.
They had defeated Chris.
"Bring it on now!" Challenged Destiny to Vladimir.
Vladimir grinned. "Believe me, I will." Then he cast a Skeletal Pirate, and Destiny attacked Jason with a Meteor Strike treasure card. Jason was out.
Vladimir could barely contain it. "Nooooooooooo!" He shrieked, and with that, Krakens, ghouls, and fire elves all rose out of the ground, and began attacking everyone in the arena, even the spectators. "Now everyone shall feel the wrath of Vladimir Thorn!" Screams were rung through the arena, and soon almost the whole ring had been evacuated except for those dueling. They were going to lose. Then a ray of blue light came out from the walls, and so did another red ray. Then across the room, a purple and yellow. And horizontally from the right, a green ray, and the other direction a black one. The rays then were all forming together as one blast, brown, and it was aimed directly at Vladimir, who then, before the blast could hit him, fled and teleported. The blast then hit the wall of the arena, then the building was crumpling to the ground, bricks smashing to bits.
And in the middle of it all, Destiny fainted.
Destiny awoke in a bed with white sheets. The hospital. And standing before her were four visitors, Ryan, Natalie, and surprisingly, Jason and Chris.
"What're you doing here?" Destiny asked Jason and Chris.
"I think you've shown enough potential that you can join us in the fight against him." Ryan said.
"Against who?" Destiny asked.
"I think you know," Natalie said.
"Against Vladimir?" Destiny shook her head. "I already was."
"Maybe, but not for the reason you think." Destiny heard Chris speak up for the first time ever.
"Well, finally the bird comes out of the nest." Muttered Destiny.
"Have you read the tale, the First Wizards?" Jason asked.
"Yeah, why?"
"The story's true," Ryan said. "The boy at the end, Vladimir is his descendant."
"It's true," Said Natalie. "Ryan and I, we're the descendants of Storm."
"And I'm the descendant of fire, and Chris is the descendant of Myth." "So, that means what?"
"We're all united, trying to fight against him. We haven't found the descendants of ice, life, death or balance. We need all on our side if we hope to fight Vladimir."
"He's looking for them too?"
"Yes, to convert as many on his side as possible." Said Natalie. "The more he converts, the more he has a chance of ruling the spiral."
"Would you like to join the fight?" Ryan offered.
"We'll be leaving to Krokotopia shortly, so take it or leave it."
"What'll I tell my family?"
"Say you got an offer to go to Dragonspyre Academy," Jason said. "They'll believe it."
Destiny pondered this for a moment, and then replied, "Fine, I'll go."
"Then off to Krokotopia it is!" Said Natalie.
And so began the fight against Vladimir Thorn.  

The Necromancer’s Matter, Part 3, Sands of Balance  
“You ready?” 
Destiny wasn’t too sure about how she should answer to Ryan’s question. They were all now at the spiral door, all heading off to Krokotopia in a quest to defeat a teenage necromancer called Vladimir Thorn. One minute, she had been a normal initiate necromancer thriving in her studies, the next she was heading off to a quest that was of utter importance to the spiral.
She recalled the last time she had been in the spiral chamber. At the time her cousin Esmee had been showing her a surprise for her orientation, when she had been positive she would be placed in fire. But, she had been marked as a necromancer, throwing away her big plans for the future. When she heard this, Destiny had done everything she could to revolt. That hadn’t been too long ago, and yet a lot had changed, including the fact she and Sophia were fighting more than ever. Destiny gave a shudder when Sophia had found out she had been placed in the school of Death.
“How did orientation go, my favorite pyromancer?” Sophia had asked.
Destiny fumbled with her fingers as she stuttered. “Well, um, th-the thing is, kinda, well, um,”  She had been scratching the back of her hood, her fire robes had been on at the time. “It sorta has to b-be my secondary school.” 
Sophia’s expression looked stunned, but her eyes seemed to glimmer. “Really? Did you happen to be placed in, well, I don’t know, the opposite school?” 
“No Sophie, I didn’t get placed in Ice.” Apparently Sophia had been hoping they would get put in the same classes. “Well, what school WERE you placed in?” 
At the time Destiny couldn’t bring herself to say she was in death. All their lives they had been raised and told not to get too close to necromancer, in fear of being backstabbed. They were taught they were not only backstabbers, but a bad influence, aggressive, cunning, elusive, creatures that had arose from the remains of darkness and doom, cursed to eternally reap themselves and everything around them. And now she was forced to admit she was one of them. Did this mean she would be one of them? Had her fate just been dumped like that? Was her future not a pillar of light, but a tomb of eternal darkness?
Don’t fret, soothed a voice inside her. Change is completely normal.
But why? Argued another. Why this and now, and why does it forcefully cripple me?
Destiny shuffled her feet and nodded over to the death plaque as a part of the circle dug into the gravel.
Sophia gasped. “You don’t mean-“
“I’m afraid so.” 
“But how can you be in death? You were so sure?” 
“Look, it’s going to be all right. We’re still friends here, and fire will be my second school. We still might have a class together.” 
“Like that’ll happen! Fire is the opposite of Ice, and if I take Fire as my secondary school when my primary is Ice, everyone will think I’m a doofus.” 
“It doesn’t matter what they think.” 
“Then how come you were so nervous about what I thought?”
“I didn’t want to lose you!” 
“You can’t lose a friend because of a stupid school!” 
Sophia seemed to calm down after that.”How about we go see the teachers in Ravenwood?” She asked. “I still haven’t seen my secondary teacher.” 
“Sounds like a plan,” Agreed Destiny. “Where to?” 
“Professor Wu.” 
“You chose LIFE?” Destiny burst. “That’s the opposite of my school!” 
“It’s not too bad-“ 
“Are you kidding? Those fools are weak! So weak, in fact, they have to rely on spells that heal themselves and never really do much damage! Why? Because they’re sissies!” 
Sophia stood in shock to Destiny’s outburst. There was a long silence when Sophia muttered, “I guess you really are a necromancer, Destiny.” She headed toward the Life school.
“I didn’t want to be a necromancer!” Destiny shouted at her. “I didn’t have a choice!” 
Before heading into the Life school, Sophia replied, “You do have a choice, Destiny.” Then she disappeared into the Life school.
Destiny turned away from her when she spotted a familier figure standing alone in the snow behind Kelvin, the ice tree.
Esmee had witnessed everything. She then turned and ran behind the Ice school. Destiny was now feeling more alone then ever. Most necromancer’s wouldn’t mind, but she was different.
What was she turning into?
“Uh, Destiny? Hello?” 
Destiny snapped back into reality. Chris was sitting next to the door, his back leaning against one of the sides. Jason was holding a key that had the letters KT on it. Natalie and Ryan were standing next to her.
Should I bring Sophia along? Destiny thought. She would be more comfortable with her alongside her. But mo. She couldn’t bring herself to place her in such a predicament.
“I’m ready.” Destiny said.
In turn, Jason fitted the key into the lock and flung the door, revealing a barren landscape of sand and pyramids and deserts. The sky was a deep black. 
“Wow, this sure is the Balance schools’ home turf,” Remarked Destiny as they all stepped through. Natalie shut the door behind them. “No wonder the Balance school’s here.” 
“Did you know he was left handed?” Ryan asked.
“Really?” Destiny asked.
“Not only was Balance peaceful, but he was inventive as well,” Jason said. “When Fire predicted Valkoor thorn, the boy who arose from the remains of the monster, would return, for unknown reasons when the other offered to build a school for Balance magic on the Ravenwood grounds, he simply found Krokotopia, then fled the offer with his tail in between his legs and built a school for Balance underground where only balance students know the location.” 
“You believe he was hiding something?” Destiny asked.
“Yeah, we believe tha-“ Ryan was cut off by an orange mander holding a lantern.
“Past cerfew, kids,” Said the mander. “You need to get into your tents and stay in there until morning.” 
“Oh, shoot!” Natalie slapped her hand against her face. “We completely forgot about tents!” 
“Well I guess I’ll have to send you back to Wizard City.” The mander replied.
“No!” Ryan shouted and ran up to the mander. “Please, this is an urgent-“ 
“Sorry kids,” The mander said. “But you’re all going to have to go home back to your-“ 
“Wait!” Called an unrecognizable voice. A girl emerged out of one of the tents pitched next to the Krokotopian Library. She wore red and white clothes and had black hair tied up in a ponytail like Destiny. “I’ll take them in.” 
The mander didn’t protest. He just shrugged and walked away.
“Come in,” The girl invited, holding a flap of the tent to form an entryway.
“Wait, Jason said, holding everyone back from the tent. “Who are you, and why are you doing this?” 
“I am Neela Waterpetal, an adept pyromancer.” She replied. “As for your second question, I have to stay in Krokotopia for a while, although I want to travel to various locations throughout the spiral. So, to amuse myself, I take people in when they need it, like a tavern.” 
Hesistantly, Jason entered the tent that had three benches out lining the sides. Jason immediately knocked out on a bench in the north. The other two were taken quickly by both of the diviners, Ryan on the left, Natalie on the right.
Neela got three blankets out of a bag. She placed a red one on Jason, handed a purple one to Ryan and another blue one to Natalie.
“Storm’s my school, but this will work.” Natalie said.
Neither Chris or Destiny had a place to sleep. Neela grabbed two more blankets- one yellow, one green – and gave them to Chris. As he was setting up, he tried not to show it, but for the first time Destiny could see a tiny smile, and noted he was glancing back and forth from his pack to Neela.
Neela got out a red sleeping bag after Chris settled in. She padded it out on the sand, and pulled out the ribbon that held her ponytail in place. She spotted Destiny. “Oh!” Neela cried out in shock. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you were there.” She looked around. “Here, you can share my sleeping bag, its big enough for the two of us.” Neela got in and scooted to the left.
Following Neela’s example, Destiny took off her hat and undid her ponytail. She squeezed inot the sleeping bag next to Neela.
Neela took out two more blankets and folded them into fours. She handed a black one to Destiny. She was opening her mouth when Destiny interrupted. “Yes, I’m a necromancer. Don’t ask.” 
“Hey, I was only going to state that you don’t talk much, like the conjurer over there.” Neela placed a tan folded blanket under her head. So they served as pillows.
“Oh, you mean Chris over there?” Destiny placed the makeshift pillow under her head. “The pyromancer over there snoring his heart out is Jason, the boy diviner over there is Ryan, and the girl diviner over there is Natalie, his sister.” Destiny held out her hand to Neela. “I’m Destiny.” 
“Nice to meet you,” Neela took Destiny’s hand. “So what are you all doing?” 
“Not sure, really,” Destiny replied. “I think we’re supposed to find something here.” 
Neela yawned. “Anyways, save it for tomorrow, I’m really tired.” Neela blew out the fire in the lantern.
“Neela, can I ask you something?” Destiny asked.
“Didn’t really give me a choice there, did you?” 
Destiny laughed. “Good one! Anyways, I was wondering, as an adept, do you know Meteor Strike by any chance?” 
Though it was pitch black, Destiny could see the smile on Neela’s face. “Of course I do.” 
“Can you teach it to me?” 
“When you’re an adept, yes.” 
Destiny shuffled to her side, feeling the best she had felt after starting the mission.  

Destiny awoke not to be in the tent, but in an icy glade where snow was covering the field and land, and a frozen lake behind her, and snow was slowly drifting from the sky to the ground. It was a wonderland of ice.
Suddenly a huge lion dashed out of the trees, running on its paws. A girl was riding it, a girl who she hadn’t seen before but yet was very familier.
It was Ice, the first to use Ice magic.
Then the lion pricked one of its forepaws on a thorn, and roared in pain, and Ice was trying to calm him down.
The blood that had gushed out of the paw was now flowing like a stream, ruining the beauty of the glade, spelling out in letters-
Destiny awoke, and immediately sat up straight, noticing Neela had already woke up.
But that didn’t matter. The dream, it mystified her, it even scared her a little. But it had really confused her. She couldn’t remember what word the blood spelled out, or what its purpose was. But one thing was clear:
Ice had been trying to tell her something.
Destiny got dressed and redid her hair before coming outside. Unlike the night before, the air was fresh and renewed, as if they had already defeated Vladimir.
Neela was sitting in front of a fire she had assembled, and was cooking some meat. She turned around and noticed Destiny. “Good morning,” 
“Hey Neela,” Destiny greeted. “What’re you cooking?” 
“Fish,” Neela said. “Want some?” 
“No,” Destiny remembered the last time fish had been served. She had refused to eat it, so her family punished her by not allowing her to leave the table until it was cleared. She had been sitting there for three hours before eating one bite. She had thought it was disgusting that they would take the time to go out and fish when they could just buy a perfectly good can of tuna right from a store. It wasn’t fair to just take the ocean’s belongings.
“Take an apple, then.” Neela threw an apple at Destiny. It landed in the sand. She picked it up and brushed off the sand.
“Why is there a cerfew, Neela?” Destiny asked.
“Lately, a band of criminals have been stealing goods from Krokotopia,” Neela explained. “They call themselves the Death Bandits, consisting of three necromancers, two boys and a girl. They wear black clothes with a red trim. The girl does anyway, and the boys have a white trim.” 
Destiny was almost positive that the gang belonged to Vladimir. But the real question was,
Who were the other two?
“Hey, do you think you can wake everybody else up?” 
Neela’s request snapped Destiny back to reality. “Yeah, I can do that.” 
Destiny went inside the tent and shook everybody up. She let everybody go out for breakfast except Jason.
“Jason, before Ryan was cut off by that mander, he said we were looking for something. What is it that Balance hid?” 
“Balance intented the one of the greatest treasures of all: the Krokodial.” 
“What’s that?” 
“It’s like a compass, only a lot better,” Jason said. “Balance made it to suit your needs and wants.” 
“So that means-“ 
“It’ll give the person who finds it first an enourmas head start on being able to find all desendants.” Jason finished.
“So you’re saying we can use this Krokodial to track down desandants?” 
“Exactly what I’m saying.” 
“Okay, so this Krokodial gives us a head start. The information won’t be useful unless we know where it is.” Destiny replied.
“I think it’s pretty obvious where the compass is located.” 
Destiny racked through her brain until she thought, Why had Balance come here in the first place?
To build the balance school.
The Krokodial was hidden in the school of balance.
“Who will lead us there?” Destiny asked. “Only balance students know where it is!” 
“You say you’re looking for the balance school?” A familier voice called.
Neela was standing in the entryway of the tent. “My secondary school is balance,” Neela said. “I can take you there.” 
Before Jason could protest, Destiny said, ”Great! We’ll head out this afternoon.” 
Neela smiled and left. Jason turned to destiny. “What did you just do?” He asked.
“I just bought the five of us a ticket to the balance school,” Destiny replied. “You can thank me after we get the Krokodial.” 
“She could be working for Vladimir!” 
“She’s going to take us to the balance school, how’s that being our rival?” 
“It could be a trap!” 
“If she was a minion of Vladimir, she would have contacted him and I would have caught her in the act!” 
Jason had nothing to say to that.
All of a sudden a girl in ice robes and long black hair appeared in the tent.
“Destiny?” Sophia asked. “What’re you doing here? I thought you were good enough to be accepted into Dragonspyre Academy!” Sophia turned to Jason. “And what are you doing with HIM?” Apparently Sophia remembered Jason from the first incident with Vladimir.
“For your first question, Death students are taking an-around-the-spiral field trip to study different culture’s fighting skills,” Destiny couldn’t believe how well she was making this all up. “And Jason just teleported to me to to tell me how he was going to take a stand against Vladimir.” 
“Oh,” Sophia believed everything. “Anyways, I wanted to show you something,” She pulled out a necklace. “I went to the bazaar and bought a chocker that gave me Blizard, and would you take a look at THIS!” Sophia handed Destiny the necklace and pointed out a line that ran along the face of the necklace. Destiny took them apart, making it a locket.
“It’s a locket, but it didn’t contain pictures.” Sophia said. “It contained this.” She pulled out a blue sliver of glass shaped like a thin diamond, so think it was like a sliver.
“You have a knowledge of artifacts, what do you think it is?” 
Destiny turned the sliver, observing it. She turned to Jason, who just shrugged.
“I have no clue,” Destiny said, handing the sliver back to Sophia. “Here you go again.” 
“Oh well, I’ll just put it back in the locket.” Sophia put the sliver back in the locket. “Anyways, good luck with Dragonspyre Academy.” 
“Thanks,” Destiny said as Sophia teleported back to Wizard City.
After they all ate breakfast, they concentraited on what to do next.
“Me and Chris will be going to the wand shop,” Jason said.
“You guys are maguses, you already have a good wand.” Natalie said.
“Picking out one for your brother,” Jason replied. “He’s in the library looking for something.” 
“That’s strange,” Said Natalie. “Ryan’s not the type to go to libraries, or even to read.” 
“Maybe he’s a traitor,” Jason suggested.
“you’ve been thinking that everyone’s a traitor lately,” Destiny mumbled underneath her breath.
“Ryan’s the one who formed the whole organization!” Natalie defended. “That’s not exactly being a traitor.” 
“Never mind this whole thing about traitors!” Destiny said. “I had a dream last night, and Ice was in it.” 
“You mean Ice the first to use ice magic?” Natalie questioned.
“No, I mean Ice that cools off a bruise, yes the first to use ice magic!” Destiny told them about the glade and Ice and lion and the blood and ended with, “What do you think it means?” 
“It seems Ice was trying to contact us,” Jason pointed out.
“Yeah, really useful,” Destiny replied sarcastically. “Any ideas on WHAT she was trying to tell us?” 
“Possibly something about her desendant,” Jason said.
“How is a lion pricking its paw give us a hint to the desendant of ice?” Natalie asked.
“The original wizards can be tricky,” Jason mused.
“We should get to this later,” Natalie said. “We should try to find Ice’s desendant.” 
“I think I know just who to contact,” Destiny said.
Before either Natalie or Jason could ask, Destiny teleported.
Destiny found Chris Mythflame heading to the Ice school. He turned and saw Destiny.
“Destiny?” Chris asked. “Are you all right? You fainted after the duel! And aren’t you supposed to be enrolled in Dragonspyre Academy?” 
“Class starts in the afternoon,” Destiny said. She was getting annoyed of this Dragonspyre Academy thing. “Anyway, I need you to do a fovor rfor me.” 
“What is it?” 
“I need you to be on the lookout for any strand thauatmerges in paticualr, considerably maguses or masters.” 
“Okay, but-“ 
Destiny cut him off. “Thanks, bye!” She teleported to Jason.
“I think that would do nicely for him,” Jason was saying as Destiny teleported.
“Don’t we need to get to the balance school?” Destiny asked.
“Neela said she wanted to find a ring that gave her phoenix.” 
The doors in the wand shop slammed open. In the entryway were three Kroks.
“I think she’s the one!” Cried the Krok in front. He pointed a finger at Destiny.
“That I’m a what?” Asked Destiny.
“Someone just reported that they had seen a Death Bandit here.” The Krok said.
“What makes you think I’m a Death Bandit?” Destiny questioned.
“Black and red clothing,” The Krok pointed out.
Destiny looked down at her clothes, and sure enough, her Frost-Touched Cap and her Cryptkeepers Cloak were lack lined with red. Only her Onyx Studded Boots were different, and those were completely black.
“If you think Destiny is a Death Bandit,” Jason said. “You’re crazy!” 
“Maybe we are,” The Krok countered. “But the reporter isn’t.” 
“And just who that may be?” Jason raised an eyebrow.
 “That is classified,”  The Krok said simply. “Now hand her over, or I might believe that all of you are Death Bandits.” 
“Look,” Destiny shoved Jason and Chris away so she was face-to-face with the Krok. “I am NOT a Death Bandit. I teleported to Jason here not a minute before you arrived. So how can someone report us that quick?
“Furthermore,” She continued. “Jason and Chris here aren’t necromancers. And just because I’m one doesn’t nessisarily mean that I’m bad.” 
“She’s right, you know,” Jason agreed.
“Step aside and let us do the work,” The partrolkrok argrued.
“And most of all,” Destiny said. “Krokotopia is a place of balance. Balance is peace. And it is not peaceful to just barge in here and accuss us of being criminals without any evidence whatsoever except for the fact that I wear black and red clothing!” 
The kroks weren’t paying any attention, though. What they were paying attention to was a massive tornado of sand a hundred times as big as the Krokotopian Library right behind them.
“I thought there weren’t supposed to be any sandstorms for a long time!” The wand shop keeper protested.
The sandstorm leaned in the doorway ambushing the Kroks and giving time for the trio to flee.
They ran out, breathless. “We need to split up!” Destiny yelled. “Chris, get Natalie! Jason, find Ryan! I’ll look for Neela! Meet up at camp! Without arguing, Jason and Chris left Destiny to the ring shop.
Destiny ran in, finding Neela purchasing something in the ring shop.
“There’s a huge sandstorm out there!” Destiny grabbed Neela’s arm. “We need you to lead us to the balance school NOW!” She ushured Neela out the door as she was crying, “Hey! I was about to buy that ring!” 
“That’s the least of our problems!” Destiny yelled as she guided Neela out of the raging sandstorm.
Once they reached camp, they saw Chris and Jason had done their jobs.
“Neela, where’s the balance school?” Jason asked.
“It’s underground in Krokosphinx,” Neela replied. “You need to take a boat to get there.” 
Destiny was paying attention to the sandstorm. It was causing havoc everywhere on a huge rampage.
Even they accused me of being a Death Bandit, Destiny thought. It deosn’t mean they deserve THIS. 
Destiny ran to the sandstorm, challenging it as much as she had the patrolkrok. She saw the same patrolkrok in the sand, unconscious. It was clutching a little circular bottle of remains of a gold coin. Destiny pried his hand open and snatched the bottle.
No messing around now, Destiny thought. You need to stop this sandstorm.
“Are you nuts?” Natalie yelled at Destiny.
Destiny turned around to face her. “If I don’t stop it, it’ll wreck Krokotopia!” 
“But you aren’t a sorcerer!” Natalie called back as Destiny continued to charge the sandstorm.
Maybe I’m not a sorcerer, Destiny thought as her boots pounded the sand. But I nee dto do what’s right.
Now Destiny wasn’t ten feet away from the tornado of sand. She spread her feet wide apart and planted them firmly in the ground.
She spread her arms out wide, and cried, “Stop!” 
The sandstorm stopped destructing a house and raced towards Destiny instead. She braced for death until it stopped.
No, EVERYTHING stopped! The people had stopped, the noise stopped, everything did. Except for a boy around Destiny’s age with brown hair dressed in novice balance robes, who seemed to be coming towards her now.
“What people don’t understand,” The boy said. “Is that some living things do bad things because it’s what they know.” 
The boy made a soothing gusture towards the sandstorm, and all the sand returned to its source.
“The best way to teach someone something is to be gentle to them, not to be aggressive, the sorcerer said. “If that’s what they are taught, then they won’t know peace, and peace is vital in this world. If there is no peace, then the spiral will corrupt.” 
The boy turned to face Destiny, and she noticed one thing she hadn’t noticed before; his eye color. They were a tan, matching the sand beneath their feet.
The boy lowered his head. “That’s what an old, well, how should I put this, an old friend didn’t understand.”  He stretched the word friend, as if being sarcastic. “Venged for power, he did. Me some buddies thought we had stopped him, but he still raged on.” 
“I don’t really like war either,” Destiny said. “I may be a necromancer, but I’m just different.” 
The sorcerer smiled. “I forgot to mention,” He said. “I know exactly what you’re looking for, Destiny Seagem.” 
The sound of her name startled Destiny. She had not laid eyes on him until now.
“How do you know my name?” Destiny asked, raising an eyebrow.
The boy simply smiled and said, “I know a lot of things.” He grabbed a nearby stick. “I know what you’re looking for and where it is.” 
“If you know what I’m looking for, then just say it.” Destiny challenged.
“I can’t,” The sorcerer said. “Because we’re not the only ones who can move around when time has been stopped.” 
“Who’s watching us?”
 “If I told you, then it would give away my identity.” The boy said. He stared drawing something in the sand with his left hand. His other hand started fading into sand, drowning to the ground, and started consuming the rest of his body. “I don’t have much time before I fade away.” 
“Why are you fading?” She asked.
“Just remember what I said,” The boy replied, then his body completely turned into sand, time turning back to normal.
Destiny looked down at the design the boy had made. It was a capitol V with spikes along the lines.
It was supposed to be a thorn, in the shape of a V.
Vladimir Thorn.
Destiny ran back to the others with a need to tell them what had occurred. Ryan spoke up for the first time.
“What the heck?” Ryan questioned. “One second it was raging, then ‘Pop!’ It was like there wasn’t a sandstorm in the first place!” 
“No time to explain,” Destiny said. “We need to move out right now before something phenomenal occurs again!” 
Jason turned to Neela. “All right then,” He said. “Take us to the Balance school.”  
They arrived on good timing; the school was letting out. A swarm of sorcerers climbed out of the school, and clamored onto the boat that the six had previously taken.
“Down the ladder,” Neela instructed. “Then you’ll see the wonders of balance.” 
As she went down the rungs, Destiny thought about what the boy had said. His words rung in her head: If I told you, it would give away my identity. It was clear that he didn’t want himself to be known. And he knew about the Krokodial, that part was obvious. Could he be the balance desendant? No, a normal desendant couldn’t stop time and have their body dissolve into sand, even with all their power. Besides, there was something in his eyes that said otherwise. She wouldn’t forget the tan color in his eyes, the eyes of the sand.
They were all on the ground of the underground school now. A girl with light skin, long brown hair, dressed in balance novice clothes was talking to the instructor.
“ But I’m telling you, I saw it!” The girl persisted.
“My dear, it could have been merly a halucination,” The balance teacher replied.. “Sorcerers can get them commonly.” 
“But I haven’t had a halucination in my life!” 
Neela opened her mouth to speak for the girl, but Ryn stopped her. “We need her stalling him so we can find the thing we need.” 
Destiny looked around. There were almost no hding places whatsoever to put the Krokodial. She turned to the book pedisool. Maybe it’ll give us a hint or tow, she thought.
She flipped thourhg the book and found nothing of use, but did notice a line going around the stool.
“Any of you have something to cut deeply with?” Destiny asked.
“I have a daggar,” Jason volunteered. But it’s really fancy and castly and strong so-“ 
Destiny smiled. “Give it to me.” 
“Now, if you want to find the Krokodial!” 
Jason gave the daggar to her, and Destiny began to cut through the line. It turned out to be successful. Natalie lifted the top off, and were stunned by what they found.
On the botton part was a slabb of rock that concealed the rest of the botton half, secured by seven latches on the north, south, east and west edges so there was no way to pry it open. In the center was a wheel with seven little circles to insert a finger in, and above each of them were strange symbols. Half of covering the wheel there was a little needle sticking out at a 3:00 angle.
“Okay, anyone here know how to read Krok?” Jason asked. Everyone shook their heads.
“Oh, you need a translator?” Called a voice. It was the girl that had been arguing with the balance instructor seconds ago.
“Okay, girl, what’s the catch?” Destiny asked. “You want gold or what?”
 “I don’t need any gold,”  The girl went over to the stool and wrote down the notes on a tablet. When she was finished, she handed the tablet over to Chris. Everyone hurryied over to him to peer over his shoulder except Destiny. The girl stopped her.
“Hey, I saw you earlier,” The girl remarked.
“You did?” Destiny asked. Then a male voice called from above.
“Emma, I’ve been waiting for ten minutes!” The voice called. “Hurry up!” 
“One minute, I’m conversing with this girl,” The girl called Emma said.
“Emma Strongblood, now!” The voice yelled.
“Why, Dylan?” Emma asked. “So you can attempt to rip me off with treasure card trades?” 
“Hurry, the boat to the oaisis is leaving!” Dylan called.
“All right, all right!” Emma murmered. “Sheesh, why do older brother have to be so annoying?” She climbed up the ladder to greet Dylan.
“So what to the notes say?” Destiny asked.
“Each of these seven marks represent a school!” Natalie exclaimed.
“Wait, Neela called out. She looked to the pedistool, then to the tablet. “Give me the tablet to me. I have an idea.” 
Jason reluctantly gave the tablet to her. Neela looked from the tablet to the pedistool several times before asking Destiny, “What’s the first schoool in the Ravenwood school cycle?” 
She pondered for a moment then replied, “Storm,” 
Neela pressed a finger in a hole, and moved it clockwise until it reached the needle, and a latch on each side clicked open.
Destiny could see where this was getting at. “Ice!” She burst.
Another latch opened.
“Fire! Death! Myth!” 
Three more latches on each side clicked.
All the latches had opened, allowing the slab to be lifted. Chris rushed over and removed the3 slab off the pedistool, revealing a dusty compartment that hadn’t been open for years, a scroll and a smooth stone with markings on it and a needle in the middle.
“The Krokodial!” Natalie exclaimed. “We did it, we found it!” She got out the Krokodial and held it up for everyone to see. Her brother wasn’t paying any attention to the Krokodial, he immediately took out the scroll.
Natalie handed the Krokodial to Chris, who after examing it, pronounced, “It’s a fake.” 
“What?” Jason exclaimed. “That’s nonsense!” 
“It makes complete sense,” Chris said. He flipped over the Krokodial to reveal an image that left everyone gaping in horror.
It was a capitol V with spikes along the lines.
“Oh my gosh!” Destiny slapped her hand against her face. “Vladimir beat us from the start!” 
“Who is this Vladimir you speak of?” Neela questioned. “I deserve to know!” 
Jason opened his mouth to protest, but Natalie quickly shushed him and told Neela everything she knew about the fight against Vladimir.
“Would you like to join us?” Destiny offered. “Sure, the Krokodial was a fake, but you showed smarts in getting us to it.”
“I’d be honored,” Neela said, accepting.
Suddenly, Chris Mythflame teleported to Destiny. Before he could open his mouth, Destiny said, “Don’t ask.” 
“I was wanting to tell you something before you teleported away last time!” 
“Well, don’t just stand there, what is it?” Destiny demanded.
“This girl called Esmee Lionblood wanted me to tell you something, she’s vacationing in Grizzleheim.” 
Then it hit her. It slapped her across the cheek. The rest of the dream came back, to her!
Because what the lion’s blood had spelled was E-S-M-E-E.
Her cousin was the desendant of Ice.
“Anyways, that’s all I’ve got, so I guess I’ll take my leave.” Chris teleported away.
“Esmee,” Destiny said softly, almost to a whisper. “She’s the desendant of Ice.”
“How do you know?” Jason questioned.
“Her last name is Lionblood. In my dream there was lion’s blood in an icey glade.” 
“Even if she is, we have no idea of her whereabouts, and Vladimir already beat us to the Krokodial,” Neela pointed out.
“Wait,” Destiny said. “The whole point of Chris coming is to tell us she’s in Grizzleheim.” 
The six looked at each other. “We have our heading,” Jason announced.
“Let’s go,” Natalie started to climb the ladder.
Before he could get on, Destiny stopped Ryan.
“Jason said you were searching for something in the library,” Destiny pointed out. “What was it?” 
“Oh, don’t worry about it now,” Ryan said. “It was actually with the fake Krokodial.” 
“Yeah, ut you haven’t answered my question,” Destiny said. “What is it?” 
Ryan eyed Destiny closely, then answered, “The Prophecy of Fire.”  
Coming in Part 4! Destiny reads the Prophecy of Fire, which warns of a devastating betrayal. As suspisions rise among the six, a wildfire rises, separating Destiny from the others but is rescued by a pyromancer and a diviner. She begins to trust them enough to even tell them about her mission! But can she trust them? Or do Fiona and Stephan have secrets of their own?

The Necromancer’s Matter, Part 4; The Legend Reborn.
It smelled of fur, animals, bears.
They were in Grizzlehiem.
A little rainbow stretched out before them, producing bright colors, red, orange, blue, yellow, green, purple. Black wasn’t there. It seemed like an outsider, and outcast, just like Destiny.
It certainly wasn’t how Natalie, Ryan, Jason, Neela or Chris treated her. Especially not Neela. Destiny and Neela were almost best friends now, although Neela was much higher a rank then her. They all were.
Jason and the diviners hooted and laughed as they ran and pranced on the swarm of colors, Jason in the red, Ryan and Natalie in the purple. Chris just walked on the yellow one.
Destiny didn’t take a step on the rainbow. She, a necromancer, held no place in the spiral.
Neela patted her on the back. “Come on, lets go,” She encouraged. “Your cousin’s out there.”
Esmee Lionblood was the reason why they had all come here in the first place, having a chance to be the desendant of Ice, the first to use ice magic. It was the reason why they were here, why Vladimir was looking for her.
The thought of Vladimir sent Destiny’s brows furrowing and her legs pounding against the rainbow. Vladimir, that good-for-nothing, spiteful, evil, eluding character. Vladimir, whose surname brought up shivers. Vladimir, whose ancestor, Valkoor, was a man worse then him, seeking nothing but power over the spiral, the foul villain who caused sheer terror, even when dead.
They all met up at the docks. “So, let’s review the places in Grizzlehiem,” Jason said.
“Let’s see,” Natalie started. “There’s here, Northguard, Savvarstaad Pass, Ravenscar, Mirkholm Keep, for starters.”
“Any one of those places Esmee could be in,” Destiny remarked.
“I’d doubt Ravenscar,” Ryan said. “You’d have to be, like, a master just to get inside. Jason and Chris can’t get in, let alone a novice!”
“I guess we should patrol other possibilities, then,” Jason said. “Neela, see if you can find a way to get into Ravenscar. Natalie, patrol Northguard. Ryan, Destiny, get into Savvarstaad Pass. Chris and I will go into Mirkholm Keep. Move out!”
Jason said the last words with such great force that it sent everyone scattering to do so.
“Ryan, back in the balance school,” Destiny said when she and Ryan were in Savvarstaad Pass. “You said something about a prophecy.”
“Ah, yes, the Prophecy of Fire,” Ryan remembered. “I spent most of the morning yesterday searching for something that had to do with it.”
“So that’s why you were there!” Destiny said. She shook off the fascination quickly. “But why is it called The Prophecy of Fire? And more importantly, what did it say? What is it about?”
“Fire was a seer,” Ryan began, with Destiny cutting him off quickly. “What’s a seer?”
“Basically, someone who can predict events,” Ryan said. “As for your second question, why don’t you read and find out?” He handed her a small scroll, ancient and feeble, the parchement ripped and tattered in various places, words inscribed in fading red ink. Destiny unraveled it and read the following:
Eleven shall stand and take a challenge,
Weary of age and time,
All of great lineage,
One to betray, in the land of the forest,
One to join then, another found with the enemy,
One in the peaceful land,
Three withstanding a glitch in time,
Following that, the paper had been torn in half, cutting off the prophecy. Right now though, the concern was off little importance. They had to pay attention of what was yet to come.
“Someone’s going to betray us, and soon,” Destiny said. 
“I know,” Ryan said. “I was hoping the topic would come up sooner or later. We need to figure out who.”
“Let’s run down some suspects,” Destiny suggested. “I know for a fact it’s not you or me, so some possibilities are Chris and Natalie.”
“Natalie?” Ryan bellowed. “That’s absurd! If she were the traitor, wouldn’t I be in it with her, or at least know about it?”
“True,” Admitted Destiny. “So that leaves Chris.”
“He is quiet and sophisticated,” Ryan mused. “And he was a friend of Vladimir’s in the past, maybe he’s hooked back up with him.”
Then Destiny remembered something: back in Krokotopia, Jason accused Neela of being a traitor, than accused Ryan as well. Could he be using it as cover? Destiny considered. Then she couldn’t contain it any longer.
“Jason!” Destiny burst. “It has to be him! He accused you and Neela of being traitors, what if he’s doing that as cover? And he was a tag along with Vladimir!”
“Good thinking,” Ryan said. “But what about Neela? We haven’t even mentioned her.”
“Are you crazy?” Destiny shouted. “Neela could do no harm! She’s sweet and gentle, and I defend her like you defend Natalie!”
“So that leaves Jason or Chris,” Ryan confirmed. “We need to alert everybody now!”

It was near nightfall when they reached camp- a little makeshift shelter with the perimeter of a circle, the walls built with stone and roof being a few wooden planks set across the top, going from one side to another, making sure the inside was protected from rain and other weather problems. The interior had a sizeable amount of space for Neela’s sleeping equipment, all placed in a perfect circle flanking a fire in the middle. To the little bedroom’s left was a little rug to eat on, and a little bucket halfway filled with water. The entryway was just a long rectangle  reaching from the ground to the roof. The news came at dinner.
Destiny and Ryan looked at each other, meaning it was time to bring the news.
Ryan cleared his throat, and everyone gave him their attention.
“As we were patrolling Savvarstaad Pass,” Ryan began. “Destiny and I figured out something we need to tell you, to warn you about.”
Everyone looked interested.
“We have found out,” Ryan said. That one of you are not truly with us, and is a spy under Vladimir’s command.”
“And that person,” Ryan continued coldly. “Is in this room, in this circle, right here, right now.”
There were silent reactions from all. Chris continued to sit undaunted. Jason leaned his head forward. Neela’s eyes grew bigger and bigger until they were almost little balls out of its sockets. Natalie looked around the room. “Who do you think it is?” She asked, breaking the silence.
“We have come to a conclusion that it needs to be either Jason or Chris,” Destiny said.
“What?!” Jason stood up as Neela seemed to relax a little. “Why me or Chris?” Chris still seemed to be relaxed, even though he was being accused. Dang, he’s good at this, Destiny thought.
“Both of you were Vladimir’s friends at the beginning,” Ryan began. “And Chris is very quiet.”
“So Chris is quiet,” Jason shrugged. “Big deal! He was like that even when we were with Vladimir!”
“But why did you accuse everyone in Krokotopia?” Destiny said.
“I didn’t!” Jason persisted.
“You sure didn’t trust Neela,” Destiny pointed out. “And you even accused Ryan while he was busy at the library when Natalie said he wasn’t one for books.”
“Yeah, you did!” Natalie stood up along with Destiny and Jason.
“Why accuse me anyways?” Ryan stood.
“I was defending my group!”
Finally yelling and arguing broke out between the quartet, saying rude things and finding the negative when someone yelled, “Stop it!”
Neela could take no more of the fighting. “We’re not going to find the traitor by fighting amongst ourselves. What we need is leadership, cooperation. What this situation needs is complete control.”
Neela was right. If they were to find the traitor, it couldn’t be done like this.

Soon, everyone got in their sleeping bags, with the sky dark, the stars shining, and the moon full.
Neela was to the right of Desitny. Tonight they were going to pull a prank on Ryan: when he was sleeping, they would get the water bucket, fill it with hot water, and dip Ryan’s hand in it!
“This is going to be classic,” Neela mused.
“I’ll say!” Destiny replied quietly. “Proven fact he’ll wet his bag!”
“Quickly, check the bucket,” Neela ordered.
“Sure thing,” Destiny quietly slipped out of the sleeping bag and ran over to the bucket, surprisingly empty.
“It’s empty,” Destiny reported.
Neela furrowed her eyebrows and tilted her head to the side in confusion. “That’s funny,” She said. “I remember it being full during dinner.” She stood up. “Here, I’ll go refill it while you make sure Ryan’s asleep.” She grabbed the bucket and left.
Destiny looked over to Ryan, who was raising his head.
“Don’t even bother to try to hide it from me,” He told her.
“All right then,” Destiny answered. “We’ll do it on Jason instead.”
“Speaking of which,” Ryan looked around. “He isn’t here.”
Destiny checked his bag. Sure enough, Jason’s sleeping bag was empty. More proof he’s the traitor, Destiny thought. She could tell Ryan was thinking the same thing.
“I guess we’ll have to do it on-“Destiny smelled something horrible. “Bleck! What’s that awful smell?”
Ryan sniffed the air. “Smoke,” He clarified. Then his eyes widened. “Fire!” He shouted.
“Yeah, maybe it’s leftover smoke from the campfire,” Destiny thought out loud.
Ryan shook his head so rapidly, it was terrifying. “NO!” He shouted. “LOOK BEHIND YOU!”
Destiny turned around and outside the little hut was a huge fire, the flames trickling endlessly as it continued to burn the land, giving it more fuel, larger and wider then life, large enough to destroy a whole city.
But it wasn’t heading to destroy a city. It was aiming for the hut.
“Oh my GOSH!” Destiny screamed, loud enough to wake Natalie and Chris, who, when they saw the flames, stood right up with their mouths into perfect little O’s.
“I’ve never seen a fire like that,” Chris remarked.
“Where’s Jason?” Natalie asked in a panicky tone. “He’s a pyromancer, I’ll bet he can clear this out! Also, where’s the water bucket?”
The bucket was with Neela.
“Neela and Jason are both out there!” Destiny yelled. They had to get the fire under control before it destroyed everything!
“Here, if we want to put out the fire, everyone needs to contribute!” Ryan yelled. “Natalie, look for Neela and Jason! Chris, see if you can find a source of water, collect it, and then use it to put some of it out! Destiny, your secondary school is fire, maybe you can possibly clear some of it out! I’ll guard camp!”
Destiny rushed to the fire, as if confronting it. And as if alive and in rage, the flames spread wider. This is getting bigger and bigger, Destiny thought.
She didn’t see how her fire spells would help, so she looked towards her ice treasure cards: only one snow serpent. She quickly traced the ice symbol, picturing the serpent to roam through the flames, putting the fire out.
The snow serpent quickly came to life, drew back, and quickly headed into the fire, making a trail of burnt ground behind him. It lasted a few seconds, but as quickly as it had been put out, the fire regenerated, smothering the line with flames once again, and sending the serpent quickly slithering away, with fire dancing at the end of its tail. What do I do now? Destiny thought. That’s when she heard coughing and sputtering. She followed the sound until she found a familer face, covered in soot and ash.
“Jason!” She ran over to him. “Are you all right?”
“Don’t worry about me,” Jason said. “I’m just trying to clear out this fire.” He lit up all of a sudden. “Hey, your secondary school is fire, maybe you can help!” The flames increased their height by double.
“Don’t worry, just do what I do,” Destiny watched as he pointed the tip of his wand towards the fire, turned it in circles like a baton, then the fire responded by donating some of the flames to Jason’s wand. “Twirling it will collect the fire. The more you twirl, the more you collect. The more you collect, the more dangerous it becomes. Then all you have to do is put it out.” The blew on his wand, and the fire resting on his want immediately evaporated into thin air.
Destiny did the same as Jason, then blew on it, but only for it to send a little fireball crash in a piece of land the fire had not yet covered. The fire reached out to it shortly.
“Um, Jason?” Destiny asked. “Mine had a little more disasterous effect!”
“Oh don’t worry,” Jason soothed. “It’s a little harder for people who take it as an elective.”
“Good to know!” Destiny yelled, exaggerated. “It shouldn’t be hard for me because fire was my calling until the stupid book of secrets took a wrong turn and placed me in death!”
“I remember that day as the start of the showdown with you and Vladimir.”
Destiny smiled as she remembered when she had kicked Vladimir’s butt.
“Watch out!” Jason yelled just in time as Destiny leaped to the right as a line of fire covered where her feet had been a moment ago. Jason had saved her feet from being burned to a crisp. And now he was nowhere to be found. 
Destiny searched frantically for Jason, screaming out his name mulpitile times as she watched the fire destroy everything around her.
And things were getting even worse. She was swaying, her vision going crazy, watching everything being burned and going around in circles around her. The extreme heat must be getting to her.
Ant that night, before passing out, the last thing Destiny remembered seeing were two unfamiliar people heading her way.

Destiny regained counsiousness on a wooden couch fluffed with a variety of pillows and blankets. She looked around her, in a circular hut, but not in the one she had gotten so used to while in Grizzlehiem. The walls were like a tent, huge and white. The entryway was a white sheet. The ceiling was held up by poles, hole in the middle to allow light in. Across from her was another couch no unlike the one she was laying on. A red asile streamed from the entryway to a stove raised on a circlular platform and a girl about her age dressed in red and yellow, a hood making her hair. In the middle of the asile was a square table with four chairs surrounding it.
Destiny walked over to the girl, who seemed to be cooking. She looked over at Destiny, who stepped back immediately at the sight of her eyes.
Her eyes were a pure red, no blood red, but red as fire. In fact, it WAS the same color as fire. They also seemed to flicker along with the kitchen fire, as if there were a fire blazing in the pupils.
“Hey,” The girl greeted. “We saw you in that fire last night. It was pretty serious.”
“We?” Destiny asked. “Who’s we?”
Then a boy, tall and buff, tannish colored skin with short purple hair and purple and yellow clothing entered. Destiny made sure to pay attention to the eye color, which was purple, which was nothing new, but Destiny could’ve sword she saw a flash of lightning in them. Are these peoples’ eyes holographic or what? She thought.
The boy dragged in some logs, obviously meant for firewood. He threw them-literally threw them- right next to the fireplace.
"Thanks for the firewood, Sto-Stephan," The girl thanked. "We were running short."
The diviner called Stephan nodded curtely and plopped himself on the couch across from where destiny had been sleeping on previously. Chris and Stephan would be best friends, Destiny mused, keeping the thought to herself.
"We refers to me and Stephan," The girl said. "I'm Fiona."
"Um, my name is-" Destiny started, but then the girl cut her off.
"You are called Destiny Seagem," Fiona said. "You are an inititate, primary school death, secondary fire. You are traveling across the spiral with five others. You stopped at Grizzlehiem looking for someone."
Destiny opened her jaw, but shut it again, too stunned to speak. Her schools and rank were easy to guess, but her name and purpose?
There was something weird about the place.
Hey, don't forget about me!
A tiny little chirping voice arose all of a sudden.
Fiona smiled. "Don't worry, Nikki, we haven't forgotten about you."
You had better not! Came the voice in response.
"Um, me and Stephan weren't the only ones to save you," Fiona siad." Nikki came too."
"Who's Nikki?" Destiny asked.
That's when a sprite came out, but looking different. Instead of peach skin, orange hair, blue eyes and an orange floury dress, this was a sprite that had red eyes, a tattered red dress, black boots and hair. And, when Destiny found out, a serious attitude.
Well, ain't it obvious, sunshine? The words came from the sprite. She turned to Fiona. How can she NOT know me? She has the brain the size of a peanut!
"Hey!" Destiny yelled. "I have a perfectly well-sized brian."
The sprite gaped at Destiny. You can understand me?
"Well, duh."
Maaaaybe you aren't as dumb I thought. Maybe.
"I'm not dumb, period!"
The sprite opened its mouth to protest, but Fiona silenced her. "You... you can understand?"
"Well, duh!" Destiny said.
"Weird," Fiona said. "Usually the visitor me and Stephan have, all they can usually hear is constant chirping. You're the first person we know to have understood Nikki."
"Maybe its because I'm death-type?" Destiny asked. "And I get it that Nikki here is the sprite?"
No, I'm a mander, The sprite expressed lamely. Yes, I'm Nikki, who do ya think? 
"No, its not because you are in the death school," Fiona said. "We've had necromancers visit before. And, after all, you did have high hopes of being in fire instead." Fiona surpressed a small smile.
That was it! "How did you know about THAT?!" Destiny burst. "That is one of the most private stuff EVER!"
Fiona kept smiling. "I know various things."s
"And just how many is 'various'"? Destiny asked, finger quoting various. "Nest thin I know, you're going to chant the people I'm actually traveling withs' names!"
"Jason Stormflame, Ryan Stormcaster-"
"UGH!" Destiny pounded her fists on the table, her head down looking at the table. Then a thought occured. Destiny looked up. "Speaking of them," Destiny said, keeping her voice low. "Wha-What happened to them? Did they escape?"
Fiona looked over to Stephan, a solemn expression on her face, as if she were a mourner at a funeral. Then she looked over to Destiny. She then got out, "We don't know what happened to them. We didn't find them, only you. We have no idea wheter they made it out and lived, or if they-" She seemed to shoke on the last word.
Destiny nodded, understanding what the final word was. "Died," Destiny finished.
Fiona nodded, then clutched her head . "Ugh," she maneaged to say before she fell to the ground on her side, clutching her head, connecting it to her chest, and pulled her knees to join. "Ow, ow, ow!" She seemed tobe saying, each one more painful and louder then the previous one. Her hood fell off to reveal a mass of long, tangled, red hair with both orange and yellow streaks that Destiny could barely make out from the tangles.
Destiny rushed over to help her, but Stephan got to her first and held up a hand for Desitny to stop. He gradually lifted her armpits and let another hand slide to to the back of her knee and softly carried her to the nearest couch. "Is she going to be okay?" Destiny asked in a panicky tone.
Stephan nodded. "Sometimes she has these huge headaches that knocks her out." He said, speaking for the first time. "While she has the headache she'll be out for a couple of hours. Then she gets back up just fine, as if nothing happened and being completely healthy." He shrugged. "Don't worry, its nothing major."
Nikki fluttered over, looking alarmed. Did she really pass out, or have one of those... you know?
Stephan managed a weak smile. "Same as usuall."
Nikki, actually seeming concerned about something, breathed a tiny sigh of relief.
An hour later, Sephan and Destiny sat at the table, eating a stew of meats and vegtables. Fiona still slept on the bed, occaisionally shaking and shivering a minute or two before it stopped. Destiny couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Nikki was flying around the pot of stew, slurpping the remains. As Destiny observed the things around her, she knew that there was something strange about the place.
"Stephan," Destiny said. "I just have this nagging feeling that there's ... its just that ... there's something you aren't telling me, huh?"
Stephan gulped down a spoonful of the stew and asked, "What makes you think that?" 
"A lot," Destiny said. "The way Fiona said that no one but me and you guys could understand Nikki The event of Fiona passing out. The way she was about to say something else when she was thanking you. How Fiona seems to know all. And especially your-" 
"Yes! So what is going on? I'm not stupid!" 
Actually... Nikki began. 
"Shut it, Nikki!" 
Its just that, well, what their secret is is something that only and idiot like you couldn't figure out
Destiny said these words with such great force that even Nikki was taken aback by then. "Someone's got the 'tude, huh?" Nikki muttered, her voice barely audible. 
Stephan chuckled. "I assure you, Destiny, we aren't keeping anything." 
Stephan looked to Nikki, and Destiny observed that, from his facial expression, he was saying, Say one word and I will squeeze you to death!
Fiona eventually recovered, a little loopy, but she was okay, as Stephan had promised, and Destiny was glad to see that. Shortly after, night had fallen and Destiny fell asleep on a couch but was awoken at the sound of her name. Fiona nor Stephan knew she had awoken.
"I'm telling you, Destiny knows too much," Stephan said to Fiona. "She's this close to guessing who we are!" He held his index finger and thumb barely a centimeter apart.
"From what I've foreseen," Fiona said. "She's supposed to figure it out."
Then all of it came together.
She knew what Fiona and Stephan were hiding.
That was, if Stephan and Fiona were their real names!
Destiny sat up straight. She looked over to the duo, and grinned. "Your flaw, Fiona, was using the word 'Foreseen'."
Fiona opened her mouth to protest, but Destiny said quickly, "Don't bother. I know why you pass out and why you know a lot. You gain the knowledge by seeing things. Things from the future. The headache you got was the process of seeing things."
"What are you trying to say?" Stephan inquired.
"I'm saying Fiona is a seer."
Fiona and Stephan looked at each other in alarm.
"And guess who else just so happened, or, in this case, happens to be a seer?" Destiny grinned. "The almighty Fire, the first fire wizard."
Destiny looked at Fiona. "And when you were thanking 'Stephan' for the firewood, you began to say S-T-O, not S-T-E. And guess who's name has those first three letters?" She paused for a moment, as if she were really pondering it. "Oh yeah, Storm, the first to weild storm magic."
Now Fiona and Stephan were really looking concerned.
"And your eyes, how they seem to be magical, as if you're a god or such. That just gives it all away."
"Are you suggesting that Fiona and I are these Fire and Storm you speak of?" 
"Its exactly what I'm saying." 
Fiona sighed and said, "Well, you're right. We are the great and powerful Fire and Storm." 
"I knew it!" Destiny cheered. But then another question nagged at the back of her mind. "Wait, that one guy," Destin wondered. "In Krokotopia." She thought of how he soothed the sandstorm, how wise he sounded, how he stopped time, how he faded into sand, his tan eyes, his left hand, when he said, "It would give away my identity."
"That was Balance, huh?"
Fiona, now Fire, nodded. "Correct."
"But here is what's bothering me," Destiny said. "The fact that you guys are here in the first place. Aren't you guys supposed to be oh, I don't know, dead? How are you right here, right now, in the modern wordl, where your DESENDANTS are?"
Fire managed a weak smile. "Honestly, not even we know. We're only beginnning to unravel the magic of time."
"So... you're immortal?" Destiny asked.
Fire chuckled. "I wish," She said. "You're right though, in your time, we are dead. But the cause of us being here is, uh, how should I put this..."
"Time travel?" Destiny suggested.
Fire layed her hand straight, palm up. "Time travel." She finished. Then Destiny asked, "What about Nikki? Is she with you?"
Stephan, now Storm, shook his head. "Unfortunatley, no. Your present time is her present time. When we leave this time," Storm sighed. "She'll have to survive on her on, with her wits, unless a caretaker is found."
"That's sad," Destiny replied. Even for someone that rude, it was a little harsh. She looked over to the sleeping sprite, who was sleeping on a little handwoven sleeping bag, one side black, the other green. They reminded Destiny of Neela's sleeping equipment.
Destiny missed her so much.
"And imagine how hard it will be to find a caretaker when barely anyone understands her," Storm said, breaking Destiny's little mourning. 
"Wait," Destiny interupted. "How did you guys meet Nikki, anyways? And the FULL story this time!"
"Originally," Fire started. "Nikki was a regular sprite in the sprite coloney, the coloney watched over eternally by Lady Oriel the seraph. She was actually one of the many princesses who watched over the coloney. So she didn't really know how to work Life magic, like all grown sprites had. But her training would begin soon.
"And begin soon it did," Fire continued. "But one day the Princess Nikki was roaming around the border of the coloney to spot a necromancer work his magic. She was amazed by his stunning necromancy. However, they were creatures of Life, and the school of Death is the opposite, so the law stated that no sprite could learn one spell of the Death school. Ignoring the law, Nikki went ahead and asked the necromancer for nightly lessons.
"A year passed and she was then skilled in Life magic and an expert at Death. She was also a master negotiator, very smart, and even aggressive when she needed to be. She was therefore one of the sprite coloney's most valued princesses. She also made an enemy of the powerful Lady Lily." Fire shook her had, as if in dispair. "Unfortunately, that was her fatal flaw."
"One of the nights Nikki snuck out to learn more necromancy, Lily followed her and caught her red-handed. She instantly flew away to report it to the queen and Lady Oriel. Oriel was merciful and even allowed Nikki to progress in both magics. As for the queen, not so much.
"She called Nikki to the throne room and banished her. Cursed her, too. She made Nikki look like this, and forced her to survive on her own. She looked to the necromancer who was teaching her, but she could not find him, no matter how hard she tried. So soon she appeared on our doorstep, pale, tired, firty, dieing altogether. She's been with us ever since."
Fire looked at the sleeping sprite soberly. "And soon, very soon, Storm and I will have to return to our own time. We cannot take her with us. Nikki will be forced to survive on her own once more."
Destiny felt sorry for the sprite. Sure, Nikki was rude, but that was just because she had been through a lot. But then an idea passed through her head. What if...
"What if I took care of Nikki?" Destiny offered. "I mean, sure, she doesn't like me that much, but it can be worked out. And you said it yourself, I'm the only one, besides you guys, you've found that understands what she's saying."
"It's possible," Storm mused. "But Nikki has to approve."
"Approve of what?"
Destiny looked over her shoulder to see that the sprite had awoken. "Approve of what?" Nikki repeated. "I heard my name, don't you dare lie! Well, not that the dummy can lie..."
"Hey!" Destiny shouted.
"I'm kidding," Nikki said. Lithten up a little, how about?" Then she turned back to Fire and Storm. "So, what were you talking about?"
Fire sighed. No wonder, Destiny thought. All of her secrets were unwinding.
"Me and Storm- Destiny knows now- need to return to our own time." Fire said. "And according to the rules of time, we cannot bring you."
"So I'm just going to be cast out again?" Nikki said, clearly angry.
"Nikki, it's not like that-"
"It's exactly like that! You're casting me out, just like Queen Samantha did!"
"Nikki, we're not leaving you alone!" Storm yelled. "You don't have to survive on your own. We found someone to take care of you."
Nikki brightened a little. "Who?"
"Destiny Seagem."
"Oh come on!" Nikki protested. "I think I'm better off with surviving on my own! This idiot doesn't know the first thing about me!"
"I know a lot about you, thanks to Fire and Storm," Destiny said.
Nikki looked confused for a minute, and turned paler then she already was and set a panicked expression on her face. "You didn't..."
"I did," Fire confirmed.
"Would I see you again?"
"We'll try."
Nikki sighed. "All right." 
"Before we go," Fire said as she was putting stuff in a bag along with Storm. "There's someone we'd like you to meet."
"Who?" Destiny asked.
"You'll see," Storm said. "Waiting outside for you."
It had been the first time Destiny had been outside since the fire, but she was expecting to see a forest with bears roaming around. Instead, she found herself on what seemed to be the edge of Grizzlehiem. There was a painted cliff in front of her, and it seemed to be pointing to a huge lake with three connecting waterfalls plunging into it, and tall pine trees stretched after that. Birds were flying across it, chirping happily, not seeming to have a care in the world. It was so beautiful, it could have been a wonder of Grizzlehiem.
"Wow, this is amazing." Nikki said. "Hey, look down there!"
Destiny looked down. She could barely make out a person on the coastline waving and beckoning them to come down. "See ya at the finish line!" Nikki chanted as she flew down. Destiny found a ramp-like thing that she could slide on. She flung herself on it and slid down.
When Destiny got down she saw a girl, perhaps fourteen of fifteen years old. She was wearing a Marleybonian carnival dress that was light blue trimmed with white. She had white skin and light blue eyes At the top of her head a little silver tiara with snowflake designs and crystals embedded in it perched at the top of her head. At both ends of the tiara was a long white veil covering her long, light blue hair. Destiny could make out a picture sewen into the veil: A flaky winter snowfall. Overall, she looked like how someone would dress up to a very fancy and elegant party.
She looked over to Destiny. "Beautiful, isn't it?" The girl asked. "I just love how all the water flows together as one, putting everything in place and in motion."
Destiny nodded. "It could be a wonder of the spiral." She said. Destiny thought for a moment, then added, "Ice."
"Right to the point, huh?" She said. Ice smiled. "Persistance. I quality I admire."
Destiny smiled. "I guess I don't have a liking to the dramatic speeches and stuff." She looked over to Ice. "Why did you want to see me?"
"A little hard to explain, I guess," Ice said. "How about starting with that little fire that occured two nights ago?"
Destiny smirked. "The little fire?" She scoffed. "That's so unreal, its hardely a fire! It was unhuman! That... thing could have killed every single one of us right on the spot!"
"Exactly," Ice explained. "Which is one of the reasons that I'm telling you that it was no accident."
"What do you mean?" Destiny questioned.
"I'm saying that it was manmade, someone set it." Ice said. "It was meant to slow you down, set you back, burn down everything so the others could get ahead, to seperate you all."
"They succeeded in doing that last bit," Destiny pointed out.
"I realize that," Ice said. "Which is why mostly everyone should be back at the original campsite, alive and well."
So they were alive! "Thanks!" Destiny said, and started towards the campsite when Ice called after her, "Not so fast"
Destiny turned to face Ice. "What?" She said in an exagerated tone.
"You're not going back right now," Ice ordered. "You're going to complete a mission first."
"And just what would that be?"
"I think you know."
She did know. "Finding Esmee," Destiny replied.
"Affirmitive," Ice clarified. "You'll need to find her first." 
"Only one small problem," Destiny said. "I have no idea where she is." 
"I do." 
Destiny froze. How did Esmee... 
"Teleportation is a nice method to use around the spiral," Ice remarked. "Bears may guard the doors, but they never make teleportation off-limits." 
Destiny sighed. "Okay, so lets assume she is in Ravenscar," Destiny assumed. "How do I get in?" 
"Easy," Ice said. "Teleport to me, then it'll be up to you." 
"That's good to know." 

Ice and Destiny returned to the hut where Fire and Storm had finished packing. 
Fire and Storm said farewell to Nikki in a heartbreaking way. Then they went over to Destiny and said their goodbyes to her, too. But Fire didn't leave her without saying, "That first night, when I was out, I saw a long journey ahead of you." Destiny nodded. 
Fire went out the entry, followed by Storm. Destiny and Nikki watched as Fire and Storm stood together as bright lights their height appeared, one red, one purple, and they slowly came for them, encasing them in the light, then both the light and the two legendary wizards disappeared. Nikki wept, but no sound came out. 
Ice immediately turned to Destiny. "Here's where things get serious," She said. "I'll teleport to Ravenscar and give you a minute or two to pack and get powerful gear on. I expect it to be the best you've got, because I've got a feeling that the enemy is within the walls of Ravenscar." She then teleported. 
Destiny was ready. she already had her gear on, and quickly checked to see if her spells were in place. Good. She was set. She turned to Nikki. "Are you ready?" Destiny asked. 
I guess so. 
Destiny took a last look at the hut she had lived in for the past few days. Then, with fierce determination, Nikki at her side, and eyes shut, Destiny teleported out of the hut and into the dangerous walls of Ravenscar. 

Destiny had been expecting more forest area when in Ravenscar. So she was shocked to find herself in an icey cavern. 
She turned around and found Ice. "I hope you find my desendant safe and well," She said. "But before I go, I need to give you this." This was referring to an intrecrately carved snoflake the size of Destiny's hand. "What is it?" Destiny asked. 
"It's like a charm," Ice explained. "Use it in distress. Crash it at your feet, and a powerful Ice treasure card will appear in your hand." 
Destiny nodded. "Good luck," Ice said. "I have a feeling you'll need it." And with that, a flash of light appeared behind Ice, this time light blue, moved slowly towards Ice and engulfed her and then evaporated, just as it had done with Fire and Storm. 
Destiny stuffed the snowflake in her pouch, then looked around the cave. Now that Ice had gone back to her own time, Destiny was nervous. Until she saw a face all to well familier to her. 
"Neela!" Destiny called out as she ran towards the girl who had spun around, taken aback. 
"Destiny!" Neela replied as she gave Destiny a small hug. "My, my, my, where have you been?" Neela noticed Nikki. "Who's this?" 
Whoever she is, whether you trust her or not, do NOT tell her about Fire and Storm, Nikki begged.  Actually, tell no one. They would have wanted it that way. 
"I escaped the fire, hiding out in Savvarstaad Pass for a while," Destiny lied. "That's where I met Nikki. Turns out, I'm the only one who can understand her." Partually true. 
"That explains the chirping I hear," Neela said. "I found my way to Jason, who found his way to Ryan. With teamwork, we managed to put out the fire, but you were gone. Today, Jason assigned tasks again like we did when we first made it into Grizzlehiem, but this time we were looking for you. I so happened to get Ravenscar assigned to me again. And what do you know, you're here!" Neela then pasted a suspisious look on her face. "Wait, how did you get here anyways?" 
Neela nodded. "Same for me." Neela turned around to head back for camp, but Destiny stopped her. 
"Wait, also," Destiny began. "I came here to find Esmee, and I intend to finish the job. I know she's in here." 
Neela nodded again. "All right." They then set out to look for her. 
A few minutes passed without success, when Destiny heard something behind her. She looked behind her to see nothing unusual, but Destiny could have sworn she saw a flash of black. 
"What was that?" Destiny asked. 
"What was what?" Neela asked, swirling around and gripping her staff in a fighting position. 
"Nothing, I guess." Destiny shrugged. 
But Destiny was on full alert now. Something didn't feel right. She secretly looked at a nearby bush and saw the same flash of black she had seen not a minute earlier. 
Someone was stalking them. 
Destiny took a peek at her life treasure cards. She sighed. Leprechaun would have to do. 
She speedly turned at the bush, traced the life symbol, and a leprechaun popped out, heading for the bush, but then immediately stopped when near. Destiny then saw the blade of onyx that had pierced through its heart. A voice then made its way out of the bush, "Pretty resourceful of you to survive the arena incident." A teenage boy stepped out, with pale skin, charming blue eyes, and shoulder-length black hair. He was all too familier, and he seemed to wear new and improvised gear. Destiny could tell he had made his way through being a magus to late masterdom.  
"Shocking, too, because you weren't supposed to." Vladimir Thorn said. 
"I know," Destiny said, mocking a sweet smile. "Too bad, I did!" She casted a banshee at him, which did stun Vladimir a little, but not a whole lot. 
"Actually, despite our differences," Vladimir said. "I think you would make a good addition to our little troop." 
"Fat chance, lame-o!" Destiny shot back. She raised her wand in preparation to cast a sunbird at him, but then noticed he had used the word "Our". 
Oh no. 
Destiny turned to Neela, who already had her sword raised, quite different from the nirini staff she had been carrying around with her barely moments before. And sure enough, the sword she now held was painstakingly resembling Vladimir's. 
"Very boring to resemble a puny fire adept," Neela said. "This is the true Neela Waterpetal, master of the Death school!" She quickly casted a wraith at Destiny. 
"You set the fire!" Destiny said as she dodged the wraith's blows. "YOU falsely claimed to the patrolkrok that I was a death bandit! You knew how to get to the Krokodial because you had gotten to it before! Jason was right!" With the final three words, Destiny ducked under the ax, twisted it free from its boney grip, ran behind it, and drove its own ax into the heart, like what Vladimir had done earlier with the leprechaun. The wraith collapsed in front of Neela to make way for Destiny's face- a perfect mixture of anger, hate and loss. 
"You betrayed me," Destiny said through clenched teeth, the wraith's ax still held up high. "But more importantly, you betrayed the spiral. You betrayed yourself!" 
"But I didn't betray my realitive Valkoor, did I?" Neela questioned. 
"Great," Destiny mumbled. "Another thorn to add!" 
"Don't get all mean with the last names," Neela said. "Here's a little lesson about family history: Valkoor was more of a great-great-great-great-great-great-uncle, so overall, my surname is still Waterpetal, not Thorn."  
As Neela was distracted talking, Destiny casted a Life blade on herself. Neela didn't even notice.
"I don't care if Valkoor was your how many greats uncle or a pet rock!" Destiny yelled as she secretly rummaged through life treasure cards. "I trusted you! You were my best friend!" Destiny added for effect. 
Neela laughed. "You'd think that I'd befriend an initiate?" She scoffed, and laughed some more. 
Destiny grinned. "I believe that it's my turn to laugh!" She said as she casted seraph. Again, as Neela was distracted, Destiny pulled out the glass snowflake, threw it on the ground, and right when it landed, Destiny stomped on it for extra pressure. Sure enough, the snowflake burst into pieces. Destiny hoped that it would turn into a powerful one, enough to show Neela and Vladimir what she was made of! 
Slowly, snow started to fall in her palm, putting together the powerful Ice spell Ice had talked about. The treasure card revealed to be a... 
Frost Beetle? Destiny thought, confused. Well, Ice did say it was powerful, I guess I'll try it. She traced the Ice symbol and a frost beetle came to life. Surprisingly, the beetle turned around towards Destiny, and lowered its tusks. Destiny then had a crazy thought and tried it out. She rushed towards the beetle, grabbed a tusk, and started climbing it all the way to the head. It was very cold. The beetle turned back towards Neela. It rampaged towards her, intending to do damage with the tusks. Neela ran to avoid it as the beetle charged. And while that was happening, another treasure card appeared in Destiny's hand, this time a snow serpent. Confused, Destiny cast it, and the serpent raced down the beetle and caught up to Neela. It entwined around her legs as yet another treasure card appeared. This time, it was an evil snowman. 
Oh, I get it! Destiny realized. Its not one, but a multitude of treasure cards! Each is a higher rank then the previous one! 
Destiny brought the snowman to life, the snowman charging to Neela. As Neela fought dagger-to-sword with the snowman, another spell headed its way, a leprechaun. But Destiny didn't cast it. 
What the-  
Nikki came out behind a rock, chuckling. If you know the full story, Nikki said. You'll know I work Life magic! 
Destiny smiled as she cast an Ice Wyvern that appeared in her hand. Neela didn't seem to be struggling any longer. She had split both the serpent and snowman in two, as well as killing the leprechaun. The wyvern pulled out an icicle and thrust it at Neela, who blocked it with the blade of her sword. Nikki was busy casting another seraph as the wyvern continued to thrust icicles when all of s sudden a Frost Colossus loomed out of the trees and onto the battlefield, charging at Vladimir. 
What the- 
That's when a tall girl with long brown hair and blue and white Krokotopian clothes and blue eyes came out, winking at Destiny and pointing a runed sapphire wand back and forth between Neela and Vladimir. 
Destiny's cousin and possibly the desendant of Ice, Esmee Lionblood. 
As he killed the colossus with another wraith and stomach on the icey ground, Vladimir pulled out a smooth, sleek brown stone that had exquite marking around the perimeter and a needle in the middle. The Krokodial! The needle was going crazy, just spinning around in circles faster and faster as Vladimir stood up and walked towards Esmee. It had found the desendant of Ice.  
"One of the few," Vladimir clarified, voice low. "I'm guessing of Ice." 
"For once," Esmee started. "A desendant of Valkoor is correct." 
"Wait, wait, wait," Destiny cut in. "You're the desendant of Ice and you knew it?" 
"Why wouldn't I?" Esmee asked. Her head turned back to Vladimir. "Lets get this party started, how about?" Esmee traced the Ice symbol as Destiny prepared a sunbird. 
Esmee's wyvern popped out while Destiny's spell fizzled. The wyvern clawed Vladimir as he quickly drew a skeletal pirate. Then a vampire joined the party as Neela rushed to Vladimir's side. Destiny gave a shiver as she pictured all the things Neela could have done to the wyvern she had cast. 
"Two against two," Neela mused. "Seems fair." 
"If you're saying that two masters against an initiate and a journeyman is fair," Esmee countered. "You're right." 
But Destiny was thinking. It was like Esmee had said, they were masters while they were low-leveled. They didn't stand a chance, not today. 
"Nikki!" Destiny called. As Nikki flew over, she grabbed Esmee's hand tensley. "We don't stand a chance! We need to make it out of here before they kill us!" 
Esmee understood. Destiny grabbed Esmee's and Nikki's hand, visualized Northgueard, and teleported away from Vladimir and Neela. 
They all appeared back at Northguard and barely took in the fact that they had arrived when they heard a voice call out, "Destiny!" 
Ryan Stormcaster was running towards Destiny, with Chris, Jason, and Natalie right behind him. Esmee nudged Destiny. "Hey, isn't that the guy who got that wedgie on the day of your orientation?" Destiny nodded. 
Ryan stopped in front of them. "Oh my gosh!" He said, laughing. "We thought you were dead!" 
"Yay, Destiny's back!" Natalie rushed to Destiny and gave her a hug. 
"I told you guys!" Jason bragged. He looked to Esmee, then to Nikki. "Who are they?" 
"This is Esmee Lionblood-" Destiny started, with Esmee cutting her off. "Desendant of Ice," Esmee proudly added. 
Jason's face lit up. "One more desendant down!" He cheered. "Now we have five desndants, we only need three more!" He looked at Nikki. "But who is this? Better not be working for Vladimir!" 
Destiny giggled. "Relax, Jason. Basically, Nikki is an exiled sprite princess." Then her face turned sad. "But speaking of Vladimir, Neela, she, she-" 
Ryan nodded. "We know. Neela was the traitor all along." 
"Shortly after we were separated," Jason said. "I found Neela grinning evilly in death robes. She casted a wraith, followed by a meteor strike, at me!" 
Destiny nodded. "I found her in Ravenscar, still thinking that she was aligned with us. That's when Vladimir turned up. I found out she was the traitor, battled them with Ice spells, Esmee turned up, then fled to here, with her and Nikki." 
"Wait, wait," Ryan said. "You battled Vladimir? Lucky!" 
"Well, I battled Neela more then Vladimir, using a bunch of Ice spells." Destiny replied. 
"You used Ice spells?" Jason questioned. "But your primary school is death, secondary fire, and had no Ice treasure cards, so how?" 
Destiny looked over to Nikki. "Should I tell them?" She asked. "Honestly, they deserve to know." 
But Fire and Storm and Ice, its not what they would have wanted!  Nikki protested. 
"Nikki, they are their desendants!" Destiny yelled. "They deserve to know about their lineage!" 
"Wait, it has something to do with our ancestors?" Natalie asked. 
Despite Nikki's protests throughout, Destiny told them the whole story. 
"So, they're all immortal?" Ryan asked. 
"That's what I thought," Destiny replied. "They are dead. I think it had to do with time travel." 
"Okay, although it would have been cool to meet our ancestors," Esmee interupted. "We need to take a break from this thing, because I have something I want to show Destiny." 
"What is it?" Destiny asked. 
Esmee made a gesture and led them over to the Grizzlehiem spiral door. Destiny had a feeling they were going to leave Grizzlehiem, so she gave it a last look before stepping through the door to see what Esmee had in store. 
Destiny had left Grizzlehiem to look at a landscape with a little river, a beach, a little grove, and a huge house. Destiny knew on sight what it was. 
"A cottage?" Destiny marveled as the others stepped through. 
Esmee nodded. "And the cool part? Its all yours I decided that I had to give up on the royal playhouse, so I bought this instead." Esmee scratched the back of her head, feeling nervous. "I hope it's good enough, wait, Destiny?" Esmee looked around. Then she heard a scream. "This is AWESOME!" 
Esmee and the others laughed. Destiny was behaving not unlike the time Esmee had given her a tour of the royal playhouse on the day of her orientation. 
"Wait, wait," Jason cried out. "Come back over here!" 
Destiny did. 
"Destiny, I'm wondering," Jason said. "May this serve as a base?" 
"B-but-" Destiny stammered. "Its my home not. I've been waiting for this for a while! It's mine!" 
"I didn't mean it like we live in it," Jason reassured. "I'm just wondering if we can store plans and stuff here so Vladimir or Neela, you know, can't reach it." 
"Oh," Destiny said. "Sure." 
"Another thing," Jason said. "We need to implant ourselves in Vladimir's brain, so we might want to come up with names and ranks." 
"How the line of desendants?" Esmee suggested. 
"Not all of us are desendants," Destiny pointed out. 
Esmee blushed. "Oh, right. Sorry." 
"How about the Mighty?" Ryan asked. 
"Too short," Jason replied. 
"How about the Order of the Spiral?"  Natalie suggested. 
Jason scratched his chin. "I like that," He said. Chris nodded his agreement, and the others joined him. "Its decided," Ryan clarified. "We are officially the Order of the Spiral." 
Jason nodded his approval. "Now for army ranks, like commander, seargent and luitenant." He said. "First lets nominate the commander." 
Natalie raised her hand. "I nominate Ryan Stormcaster, desendant of Storm." 
Destiny nodded. "he's a desendant of the most powerful founder, very determined, founder of the group," She reasoned. 
Ryan smiled. 
"Anybody else?" Jason called. 
Esmee slowly raised her hand. "I nominate Jason Stormflame, desendant of Fire." 
"Powerful, high-ranking, smart," Chris mused. 
"Anybody else?" Jason called again. 
Nobody spoke. 
"Lets take a vote then," Ryan said. "All in favor of Ryan Stormcaster."
Natalie and Destiny raised their hands.
"All in favor of Jason Stormflame." Ryan called again.
Jason, Chris, Esmee and Ryan all raised their hands. Then everyone turned to look at Ryan. "I think he would be a better commander then me."
The newly appointed commander grinned. "You're supportive, willing to put your life on the line for another," Jason said. "All in favor of Ryan Stormcaster as seargent, raise your hand."
Natalie, Destiny, Chris, Jason, Esmee and Ryan raised their hands.
"Then it's decided," Esmee announced. "Jason is the commander, and Ryan is the seargent."
"Now we need the luitenant, the third-in-command." Jason said. "Any nominations?" Jason thought for a moment, then said, "Actually, I nominate Chris Soulhunter, desendand of Myth."
Destiny thought and pictured Chris as a good luitenant.
Ryan raised his hand. "I have a suggestion."
"Who?" Jason asked.
"I nominate Destiny Seagem."
Destiny was stunned. Her? As luitenant? "Why me?" She asked Ryan. "I'm not even a desendant!"
"Maybe not," Ryan admitted. "But you were the one who kicked Vladimir's butt at the duel, then Neela's in Ravenscar, even found the desendant of Ice, Esmee Lionblood."
"Actually, more like she found me," Destiny countered.
"Even so, you are very worthy," Ryan persisted.
 "Okay," Jason said. "All in favor of Chris Soulhunter as luitenant, raise your hand."
Only Jason and Chris did.
"All in favor of Destiny Seagem."
Destiny, Ryan, Natalie and Esmee raised their hands.
"Then its decided," The commander said. "I, Jason, am the commander, Ryan the seargent, and Destiny as the luitenant of the order of the Spiral."
"But Jason," Natalie asked. "Where do we go next?"
"I don't know," He admitted. "Maybe we should take up Esmee's suggestion, Go back to Wizard City, get caught up in our studys and become of higher rank. Take a break from Vladimir and Neela and whatever throns remain."
Jason then fitted the key into the spiral door lock, twisted it, then opened the door, revealing a portal to the Wizard City spiral chamber. One by one, the Order of the Spiral stepped through, adn Destiny, the newly appointed luitenant, quickly joined them.
The Necromancer's Matter, Part 5; Bones of the Enemy
Destiny, now halfway through her journeyman lessons, lay down on the beach of her sunny cottage as she recalled the events that had taken action about a month ago.
She was the luitenant of the Order of the Spiral, along with Jason Stormflame, Ryan Stormcaster, Natalie Goldenflame, Chris Soulhunter and her own cousin, Esmee Lionblood. Formerlly of the group was Neela Waterpetal.
Destiny winced when she thought of Neela. Don't even THINK about her!
Then a voice came up. You're thinking about Neela, huh?
Destiny turned her head to the right to see Nikki, an exiled sprite that now lived with her. She nodded.
Neela had acted as a friend to everyone, then turned and backstabbed them. Then she recalled something Neela had said, about Death Bandits, a group of necromancers that committed crime in Krokotopia. Neela had then sent out a Krokotpian patrolman and framed Destiny for being one. That's when she realized that she forgotten that she hade a little tiny jug of gold that she had stolen from the patrol krok when it had been knocked out from a huge sandstorm, later soothed by Balance himself.
Destiny pulled out the jug of gold. It was tiny, a sphere of little shredded gold pieces, only about five centimeters wide and tall. There was a black cap at the top in the shape of a cylander. Destiny turned it around a few times, carefully observing it. She then saw a fingerprint on the jar. She recongnized it immediately.
The gold belonged to Neela.
If it was Neela's, it would most likely be important to them. The gold might be able to be used as a bargaining tool. Destiny then stuffed the gold back in her pouch and resumed to what she had been thinking about before. The Death Bandits. She was certain one of them was Vladimir Thorn, a kniving master necromancer. And, now that Neela had reveled to be a traitor, Destiny was convinced that she was the girl Death Bandit. But Neela had mentioned THREE Death Bandits.
There was someone else.
Vladimir Neela, and who else? Neela mentioned it being a male.
But she had to warn the Order of the Spiral! Ryan was in his adept studies, but Jason's wouldn't start for another few minutes. Destiny got Nikki, and teleported to Jason.
"Jason! Jason!" Destiny shouted as she spotted the pyromancer in his red master robes. Jason turned around. "What is it?" He asked.
Destiny leaned forward to Jason, cautious of the people surrounding. "There's another thorn," She whispered. "It's not just Vladimir and Neela. There's another person with them, we just haven't encountered him."
Jason eyed Destiny, a suspsious look on his face. "How do you know this?" He asked.
"Well, do you remember how I was blamed for being a Death Bandit?" Jason nodded. "Well, Neela mentioned two boys and a girl. Vladimir, Neela, and someone else."
Suddenly, Jason had a bright look on his face. "Oh yeah! That reminds me, remember the day we first met? When you pushed Vladimir? I found out where he teleported to! He constantly teleported to his base!"
"Which is where?" Destiny asked.
"Marleybone," Jason breathed. "Don't you see? We need to gather the Order of the Spiral and infiltrate his base!"
Destiny came out third after Jason, then Ryan. She looked around, seeing a cathedral-looking place. So this was Marleybone.
The six walked in a single-file line out of the chamber and looked around the blackish world. No wonder the Throns created their base here.
She observed Marleybone closely. It was more of a civilized world then any other of the worlds, even Wizard City. More civilized, but infested with dogs. Dogs everywhere! And standing on their hind legs, too! She knew that this would come, but as of seeing it for the first time, it seemed downright paranormal.
Suddenly they were all taken aback by a sudden swarm of dogs, which really sent a shiver down Destiny's spine. But not Natalie. Natalie rushed up to them. "What's going on?" She asked.
A brown male dog stopped. "Why, the richest miser in Marleybone's son has just completed his Ravenwood School of Magical Arts studies einterlly! And he's so good at it, that Dragonspyre Academy is considering taking him in for advanced necromancy!" He head swiveled, and Destiny joined him, to see a huge carriage pulling up to a mansion. "Oh, I think that's him and his friends!" The dog joined the crowd, eager to take a look at this rich kid.
Destiny arrieved just in time to see that the carriage had stopped and a butler-looking person (Destiny was soooooooo releaved that is was a human, not a dog!), came up to open it. The first to come out was a teenage boy in grandmaster clothes and a black bandit cap on top of his head, shrowding his shoulder-length black hair and complementing his pale skin. His very presence put Destiny in rage.
Vladimir Thorn.
Natalie gaped. "He's a grandmaster now?"
Ryan sighed. "Had to happen sooner of later," He grimaced.
Nikki nudged Destiny. Hey, isn't he that bufoon whose butt we kicked back in Ravenscar a month or two ago? Destiny nodded.
Vladimir stopped and turned around, expecting the next person. The next one was a girl in her early teens with long black hair tightened up into a ponytail. She wore a black Marleybonian dress with red trimming and also wore a black and red bandit cap. The sight of her enraged Destiny too.
Neela Waterpetal.
The butler offered her a hand as she came down, but Neela took it as a personal offense and slapped him. "Filthy traitor," She heard Jason mutter.
The last person who came out was unfamilier to Destiny. He was a boy with short aqua hair and a bandit hat like Neela and Vladimir. He had pale skin and wore a robe with symbols of the storm school stiched, yet showing necromancy by the rest being black. Unlike the other two, who carried their swords, he held a clockwork staff with blue crystals embedded. When he joined Vladimir and Neela, she noticed he was shorter then them. Because of this, he looked to be ten or eleven, not much younger then Destiny, who was on the brink of the age of twelve.
Vladimir, Neela, and the other blue-haired boy all asended a grand marble staircase leading to the doors of the black mansion. Throns outlined the doors and windows, appearing to be used for securtiy. But Destiny knew the truth. It wasn't an alarm. It was their insignia. Destiny spotted something on the silver doors, a black coat of arms with a red 'V' in the middle. Again, thorns outlined the coat of arms and the sections, the thorns painted the same bloodred as the 'V'. Destiny was impressed with the mansion. In Wizard City they were students, a gang of bandits in Krokotopia, and now celebrities in Marleybone. What would be next?
Destiny nudged the dog. "Mr uh, dog, sir, but just who is the richest miser in Marleybone?" She asked politely, but anxious.
"Why, the great Vladimir Thorn Sr.," The dog advised. "That over there, the one in the lead is Vladimir Thorn Jr., and those are his friends Neela Woodpetal, I think?"
"Waterpetal," Jason grimaced.
"Right," The dog went back on track. "As I was saying, that is his son Vladimir Thorn Jr., Neela Waterpetal, and, according to the news, he just befriended a magus necromancer called Cody Shadowstrider."
Destiny assumed right on the bat that Cody Shadowstrider was the blue-haired guy.  She needed to tell that to Nikki. That's when she noticed Nikki was gone.
Right when Destiny noticed she was gone, Nikki fluttered back. Quick!  She warned. To the cottage! Now!
Destiny kneeled to Nikki. "What is it?"
Just come! Now!
She nudged Jason. "I need to get back to the cottage. I'm getting hungry, and I need to write all these interesting facts down."
Jason nodded his approval. "We'll be right here if you need us."
Destiny ran to the spiral door. She wondered what Nikki could have meant.
Destiny fumbled with the lock in the spiral door, and quickly took the portal to her cottage. She really was hoping that Nikki was just toying with her imagination and nothing at all was urgent.
When Destiny stepped through, Nikki came after her quickly and fluttered to the cottage, although the yard and gazebo and beach appeared to be just fine. Nikki flew past Destiny at an alarmingly fast pace and turned around. Hurry! She called. Taking Nikki's advice, Destiny ran as hard as she could, and entered the cottage. She could not believe her eyes.
Because Neela Waterpetal was looking around, apparently looking for something. How did Neela know? Destiny quickly hid behind her collective wraith statue, watching her every move. Destiny then organized a plan. She bent down to Nikki. "Nikki," She whispered. "Get Jason, now. Tell him and the Order of the Spiral to come over here now! Also, tell one of them to buy a jail cell."
Why a jail cell? Nikki asked, doing the same thing as Destiny, keeping her voice low.
"Just tell them to buy a jail cell and to get over here as quickly as possible! Now!" Destiny said. 
What about you?
"I'll be fine! I have a plan, so don't worry. Just get the Order of the Spiral, tell them to buy a jail cell, and get back over here as fast as possible!"
Nikki nodded. She looked around, and when Neela's back was turned, she quickly fluttered over to the door and exited. Now it was up to Destiny. She readied her spells and and headed out. "HEY!" She shouted. Neela turned around and fled through the door. Destiny followed Neela and casted a vampire at her. As the vampire raked her, Neela grinned. "Well well," She grinned smugly. "I see you have improvised." 
"That's right, you idiot," Destiny shot back. "You? Oh, wait, that's right, you're too lazy to improve because you and Vladimir think you're so great!" 
"Watch it there, Seagem!" Neela said. 
Destiny laughed. "Really? I thought you were the insulting, kniving, and betraying one, Waterpetal!" Destiny hissed as she cast a sunbird. 
Neela blocked with a skeletal pirate. As she was busying herself watching the pirate fight the sunbird, she was taken aback by a phoenix. Quickly, Neela turned around to see Jason. "YOU!" He shouted as the phoenix swooped to take care of Neela, carrying her high in the sky. 
"You got the cell?" Destiny asked. 
"Yeah, why?" 
"Give it to me!" 
"Give as in useage, or give as in own?" 
Jason gave her the cell and Destiny set it up, opening the doors. "Command the phoenix to come in here!" She said. 
Jason whistled for the phoenix. Instantly, it swooped down, with Neela clinging for her life. The phoenix entered the cell and dumped Neela in, then quickly retreated as Destiny shut the door and locked it, trapping Neela inside. "Hey!" She shouted. "I can get you in federal trouble for this!" 
"Huh, that's funny," Destiny said. "I don't recall Vladimir considering the law when he tried to kill me, once in a duel and again in Ravenscar." She walked up to Neela. "Now tell us," Destiny interrogated. "You wouldn't be here for nothing! Why are you here?" 
"That's none of your business!" Neela hissed. 
"Considering that you break in my home, I think it is perfectly my business," Destiny said. 
"Well, too bad!" Neela said. 
Destiny sighed. "We've got no use for her," She said as she turned to Jason. "She's too hard to interrogate." 
"Ah," Jason said. "That may be true, but I've got another use for her in mind," 
"What is it?" Destiny asked.  
Jason guestered for her to come. "I'll leave Chris here to guard Neela." 

Walking out of the Marleybonian clothes shop, Destiny felt stiff. How could Neela wear this all the time? 
Instead of her comfortable Initiates Uniform, Frost touched cap and onyx studded boots, Destiny was now clad in a carnival dress and bandit hat, like Neela. 
"So, let me get this straight," Destiny said to Jason. "You want me to dress as Neela, go to Thorn Manor, and pretend to be Neela?" She shook her head. "Jason, Vladimir's not stupid, and you know it. He'll reconize me in an instant." 
"Relax," Jason said. "Vladimir may be smart, but not as much as he is when overconfident. From what I've seen, hearing from a fake Neela that the raid had been successful AND him have completed his studies, he's going to be overconfident." 
Destiny nodded. It made sense. Jason handed her a stone and a little silver stick. "Here, take this," He said.
"What does it do?" Destiny questioned. She looked at the stone.
"It allows us to communicate," Jason replied. "Here, watch," Destiny watched as Jason took the silver stick and wrote on the stone. Instantly Destiny's stone temperature increased and became very hot. She took it out and she saw scrawled on the stone, in Jason's handwriting, Hi!
Destiny smiled. She thought of something. Quickly, she scrawled, Who'll watch Nikki while I'm gone?
Jason read the message, scrawled something, then her stone vibrated. She looked at it then read, We all will. Sure, the rest of the Order of the Spiral doesn't understand her, but we can figure something out.
Destiny looked up. "Thanks," Destiny said. She then heard the sound of wheels. Jason did too.
Jason turned his head. Destiny followed him, and saw a coach coming up. "I think that's Neela's private coach," Jason said. He patted Destiny on the back. "Good luck," He said. 
Destiny inhaled, and exhaled. She could do this. This would be successful. It would be hugely benaficial to the Order of the Spiral. She walked up to the coach and the door was opened for her. Destiny pulled up the skirt of the stuffy dress and walked to steps into the black coach. She sat down on a built in couch with black leather. "Thorn Manor," She requested. 
The dog driver nodded. "As you wish," He said. Destiny gave a shiver. Would she ever be used to talking dogs? 
The coach bumped a few times from the gravel paved into the streets. Finally after what seemed like an hour, the coach finally pulled to a stop at Thorn Manor. As expected, coming down the steps was Vladimir. Destiny hoped she could desgiuse her voice. As she stepped out of the coach, Vladimir smiled. The driver spoke before she could step out. "By the way," He said. "Your guests are coming," Destiny nodded and, hoping to sound like an evil mastermind, she replied, "Excellent," 
As the coach drove away into the city, Vladimir greeted, "How was the raid, my Waterpetal?" He asked. 
Jason was right, Destiny thought. He is dumb when he's overconfident. She smiled and said, "No one discovered me, but I didn't get what we were looking for. Apparently they have either hid it or its on themselves." 
Vladimir shrugged. "Oh well," He said. "No matter, we'll get it another time." 
Then Destiny remembered the coachdog's message. "Our guests are arriving shortly," She said. 
"Great," Vladimir said. "We've got ourself another one," 
Destiny didn't know what the another one reffered too, but she would find out in due time. She followed Vladimir to a room guarded by ten-foot-tall black doors, a foot thick. Suddenly Destiny understood why those doors were so hard to open. 
The doors opened a grand throne room, with a red asile flowing to a set of thrones, the one on the middle was the biggest and had to climb a few steps. The one to its right was the second highest, and had to climb a few steps to reach that too. The throne to the middle's left was the shortest. Vladimir climbed to the middle throne, and sat, crossing his right leg on his left knee. Destiny followed him as Vladimir guestered to the throne on the right. Must be where Neela plotted. Destiny took notice that the blue-haired boy wasn't there. As Destiny sat, Vladimir asked, "Are you sure no one caught you?" 
Tiny balls of sweat dripped down Destiny's forehead underneath the bandit cap. "No one," She said, hoping her voice was steady. 
Vladimir looked away set his left fist balled up under his chin, pondering. "I don't know," Vladimir finally said. "One member of that group is quite resourceful." 
"Who?" Destiny questioned. 
"Destiny," Vladimir said, and for a minute Destiny was afraid that Vladimir had suddenly caught her. She relaxed when she heard him say, "Destiny's the one. She is very formidable. She won't give up easily, and holds her ground. She is very aggressive, clever, brave, she fights valiently for her cause, and competitive. Qualities I admire. Qualities of a true Thorn." 
Vladimir's last remark scared her. Destiny laughed, trying to intimidate Neela. "She is but an initiate, a journeyman, maybe." She said, putting in that she was an initiate to support evidence she was Neela.  
"Maybe of low rank," Vladimir admitted. "But I can sense she is getting stronger by the second, not just in rank, but in spirit." He turned to Destiny. "And what's odd," He continued. "Is that I feel a sort of-connection- to her." 
"Connection?" Destiny questioned. Things were getting interesting. 
"A connection," Vladimir confirmed. "And not just and rivalry and all that war stuff. I feel in in my mind, I feel a connection flowing through my veins. Like, its as if we were connected by blood. I highly doubt its that way, but I just have this unusual feeling nagging through me about her. Something about her, I just can't quite put my finger on it." Vladimir was cut off by the thick doors opening again, letting the blue-haired boy enter down the asile.
Vladimir smiled. "Cody," He greeted. "Cody Shadowstrider, desendant of both Valkoor Thorn and the legendary wizard Death." 
Destiny breathed, trying not to show her shock. Vladimir and Neela had found the desendant of Death? Oh, no. Note to self, She thought. Make it a mission to revert this Cody Shadowstrider to our side.
Before sittting on his throne, Cody pulled out a sleek, smooth, black onyx and presented it to Vladimir. Vladimir eagerly accepted it and stood up, holding the onyx in triumph. "Behold," He announced. "The Onyx of Darkness! First the Helm of Power, now the Onyx, all we need now is the blade," He sat back down clutching the onyx, grinning evilly.
Destiny peered at Vladimir quickly as Cody sat down on his seat. She pulled back quickly. It doesn't really seem like he needs the desendants, She thought. So, if he's not after the desendants, what could he be after? He mentioned a blade.
Her thoughts were cut off by the doors opening again, and a butler emerging. "Your guests are here," He said. He pulled back to make way for two girls in green. One had hair covered by a hood with an eagle's beak poking out. She was in grizzleheim attir. She looked to be in late adeptdom. She had green eyes and her hair was covered. Next to her was a girl that had short, green hair complemented by a crown of branches. She wore green and brown Mooshu-ian robes, and her eyes were a mix of brown and green. She looked to be a magus.
"Vladimir Thorn," The magus said, and nodded her head towards him. "What a good surprise."
"What might your names be?" Vladimir inquired.
The magus hesistated, as if needing to rethink. "Lindsay," She decided. "Lindsay the theurgist. And the adept next to me is Alexis, Alexis Lifestone."
"Pleased to meet you," Vladimir said, getting up from his seat and walking up to greet them. He shook hands with Lindsay, then Alexis. "Over here are Neela Waterpetal and Cody Shadowstrider." He made a geusture, and Cody walked over. Destiny did the same. Cody shook hands and Destiny followed.
"We'll have dinner in a half hour," Vladimir said. "For now, I welcome you to your guestrooms."
Lindsay nodded, and she and Alexis departed. Alexis whispered something to Lindsay, and Destiny leaned over to hear.
"I don't have a good feeling, Lindsay," Alexis said in a high-pitched voice. "This Vladimir guy just seems... evil."
"I think its just because he's a necromancer," Lindsay said. 
"I hope you're right," Alexis said. 
Destiny needed to tell them. She could sense a strong aura on Alexis, and a stronger one on Lindsay. Then she gasped in realization: 
What business would Vladimir have with theurgists unless... 
Unless one of them was the desendant of Life! 
She had to warn them! 
Quickly she rushed to Lindsay's chamber, and entered. Lindsay looked over at her, surprised. "Neela," She said. "What now?" 
Destiny rushed over to Lindsay. "You and Alexis, you both need to get out of here!" She said urgently. 
Lindsay nodded. "I realize that, Destiny." 
Destiny gasped, searching for words. Then she realized who they were. "Alexis is the desendant," She breathed. "Your desendant." 
Lindsay nodded. "Even more clever then Fire told me." 
Destiny blushed. 
Life looked around. "Quick, I can just teleport away, but you're going to have to escape the manor with Alexis." 
"Wait," Destiny said. "Do you know what the Onyx of Darkness might be, by any chance?" 
Life nodded again.  "The Onyx of Darkness is a deadly stone. I'm familier with it because Death created it. He poured a lot of magic in it." 
"But what does it do?" Destiny inquired. 
"It can bring someone back from the dead," Life said.
That settles things a little bit, Destiny thought. "But what about the Helm of Power?"
Life paled. "Why must you know about that?" She asked.
"I just need to," Destiny said.
"Vladimir has it, huh?" Life guessed.
Destiny nodded.
Life sighed. "The Helm of Power is Valkoor Thorn's helmet," She said. "Like the Onyx of Darkness, he poured his soul, his strength, and his cunning into that headpiece. Anyone who wears it will therefore destroy themselves."
"Also, Vladimir mentioned something about a blade," She said. "Any idea of that?"
Life shook her head. "I don't, but I have a feeling I'll find out very soon."  She looked around. "Before Vladimir suspects anything, I need to go. I hope you and Alexis will make it out safely." Then a green light her height came up, like it had done with Fire and Storm and Ice. She waved goodbye as the light engulfed her, then she disappeared. 
Right when she left to her time, Destiny's stone vibrated. She pulled it out, and read the message, Hurry! You need to get out of there QUICK! 
Destiny scrawled, Why? 
Neela escaped! Jason wrote. She distracted Chris, grabbed the key, and escaped! She's already in Marleybone! Hurry! 
I have news, too, Destiny wrote. The desendant of Life is here. Her name is Alexis Lifestone. 
Great! Jason said. Now grab the desendant of Life and get your butts out of there! 
Clear, The luitenant wrote. Destiny put the stone back in her pocket and ran to Alexis.
Destiny barged in Alexis's room and slammed the door. Destiny grabbed Alexis. "What are you doing?" Alexis asked, in a panic.
Destiny let go and turned to her. "My name is not Neela Waterpetal," She said. "I'm Destiny Seagem, Luitenant of the Order of the Spiral. You're right, Vladimir is a bad person. I came here to orignally spy on him, and now I need to get out of here, and you need to come with me," Destiny said.
"But like I said, N-Destiny," Alexis said. "What is going on?"
"I'll explain everything later," Destiny soothed. "But right now, we need to get you out of here."
"What about Lindsay?" Alexis asked. "She's my best friend!"
"Lindsay's already out," Destiny said. "Come on, we need to go! We're burning daylight!"
Alexis nodded and followed Destiny out the door. "Now, just act natural," Destiny instructed. "I don't think they know that I'm a spy yet." Then, all of a sudden, a skeletal pirate came out and charged at the duo. "WHOA!" Alexis screamed. "WHAT WAS THAT?"
"More likely," Destiny said as she knocked down the pirate with her feet. The skeleton struggled. "WHO was that?"
Destiny and Alexis looked around, but couldn't find anyone. Then Alexis nudged Destiny. "I think I saw some aqua over there," She said, pointing north.
Cody! Destiny realized. He overheard everything! "Cody!" She yelled. "I know you're here! Please, join us, in our cause. Do you want terror on the spiral?" She asked.
But no reply came. Then, all of a sudden, dog guards came. "Imposter!" One of them yelled as he charged.
Destiny threw a sunbird at them while Alexis cast a seraph. Stunned by the spells, the guards forfitted time for Destiny and Alexis to run. They ran in ends and corners, veraciously searching for the exit. "This is scary!" Alexis said.
Destiny sighed. "Trust me, it'll get scarier," She said as they turned a corner.
The corner they turned into had Vladimir waiting. "Cody has reported to me," He said. "Thank's for revealing that you're a spy and Alexis is the desendant of Life,"
"Desendant of WHAT?" Alexis screamed. Vladimir took the advantage and casted a scarecrow, draining a lot of strength from Alexis and Destiny. Alexis's hood fell off to reveal green hair in a ponytail. "Teleport away," Destiny said to Alexis.
Vladimir overheard and shook his head. "Sorry, teleportation off limits," He said. "Got to get out manually,"
Destiny nudged Alexis and they broke off into a run, away from Vladimir and right back into a face familier to Destiny: Neela.
"What did I miss?" Neela asked, pretending to be confused. She turned to Destiny. "How DARE you!" She screamed. She casted the death symbol, but just before the spell came to life, Destiny and Alexis ran around her and ran away, barely in time to miss a wraith. Confused, it headed for Vladimir, and Neela struggled to prevent it and get the message across that Destiny was its target, not Vladimir.
Destiny and Alexis finally saw the exit. "YES!" Destiny said as she and Alexis ran out of the manor. They ran some more out of the boundrys, and, when they were positive it was safe, clutching Alexis's hand, Destiny had Jason in mind and teleported to him, with the sound of guards chasing after them.
Destiny and Alexis appeared at her house, with Jason, Ryan, and the rest of the Order of the Spiral there. "Whew," Natalie breathed. "We thought that you would be captured!"
"More like you thought Destiny was going to be taken," Esmee corrected. 
Destiny sighed. "Actually, it was a close call," She said. "If Alexis or I hadn't ran from them at the last second, we probably would have been defeated."
"I take it that Alexis is the theurgist?" Ryan piped.
"I see," Chris said. "The desendant of Life,"
Destiny nodded.
"Seriously, why is everyone here acting so strange?" Alexis said. Then, she clutched her head. "OW!" She screamed as she fell to the grass, clearly passing out.
Destiny ran up to her. "What happened?" She asked.
"We all know," Jason said. "Its what happens to us all. The Ordeal." Natalie gave a shiver.
"The Ordeal?" Destiny asked.
"It's what happens to desendants," Jason said. "Its how we find out that we're desendants. It strengthens us all, it sharpens our wits, everything. It's also the worst, most freaky rollar coaster you'll ever ride. It takes what you fear most and throws it at you, making it your worst nightmare. Ever. Some desendants even die facing it. Deaths are rare, but its happened."
Destiny gave a shiver. Alexis screamed, but her eyes didn't open. She could only imagine what Alexis was going through. Everything she feared. She hoped Alexis didn't lose the fight. "Is there anything we can do?" Destiny asked, eagerly hoping to help Alexis.
Esmee shook her head. "You have to face it alone," She said. "I remember my Ordeal as clear as day. It was the scariest thing that happened to me. Take what happened in Ravenscar, then times that by around a billion. That's what the Ordeal is like."
Destiny sighed. "How long will it take?" She asked.
Ryan shrugged. "It depends. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes a day, one time it took a full week," He said. Destiny could tell he was remembering his Ordeal, and he shivered. Then he manned up. "All we can do is hope that Alexis will have the strength to pass."
Destiny changed from her Marleybone attir back into her Frost-touched cap, her initiates uniform, and her onyx studded boots. It was like wearing silk to the Marleybone garb.
Nightime arose, and Alexis was still going through her Ordeal when they all needed sleep. Destiny tried to keep her eyes open, hoping that her presence would give Alexis some comfort, but she found out that she couldn't keep her eyes open.
That night, Destiny dreamed.
She was alone in Mooshu. Everything was blurry, the setting, the goats and pig warriors walking around. Destiny looked around, trying to get a clear image of something or someone.
She did.
The only person who wasn't blurry was a girl with long brown hair, pale skin, and blue eyes in black and red Mooshu robes. Destiny could tell she was a necromancer, but from the way she acted, friendly. Then she found one more person who wasn't blurry.
The other person was a cross between a teenager, a 50-year-old man, and a grim reaper. He was as tall as a teenager, and had salt-and-pepper hair standing on end. She couldn't tell what color his eyes were. He had a black shirt and pants on, with a black hooded cloak, and black boots. All he needed was the ax. 
The hooded person nudged towards the girl, and said something, but Destiny couldn't hear. She looked at him and cupped her hands over her left ear. The hooded man nodded and repeated. Destiny still couldn't hear, but she could read his mouth, and could make out one word: 
Destiny awoke, to find Alexis coming back from her Ordeal. "You now don't have to explain anything, I now know." 
Destiny nodded. "What was it like?" She asked. "You know, the Ordeal?" 
Alexis breathed a few times before saying, "It was scary, you can say that." 
"What did you have to go through?" Destiny asked. 
"One of the rules of the Ordeal is that if you survive, all you can say is how freaky it was. The rest, like what you experience, is forbidden to be told." 
Destiny noticed that sunlight was creeping its way out of the window and into the house. Alexis's eyes flew over there. "Is it still daytime?" She asked. Destiny shook her head. "Here, lets get you up," Destiny stood and offered Alexis a hand. Gladly, Alexis took it, and struggled to stand at first, but then her balance increased and increased until she could stand just fine. Destiny let go of her hand. "Here, I need to talk to Jason." She turned to go away, but stopped and turned back to Alexis and said, "By the way, welcome to the Order of the Spiral." Destiny offered to shake Alexis's hand. She took it, then Destiny said, "Come, we need to gather all the members of the Order of the Spiral. It's urgent." Alexis nodded and set off. 
Destiny came back outside with Ryan, Esmee and Jason. Alexis came with Chris and Natalie. Destiny cleared her throat and said, "When I spied on Vladimir, I found out a lot. One of them was that Cody, the blue-haired boy we saw when we first arrived in Marleybone, was not only a desendant of Valkoor, but a desendant of Death himself." 
"Oh, no!" Jason moaned. "If we hope to succeed, we need Cody!" 
"Don't worry," Destiny soothed. "Remember when I had that propectic dream of Esmee being the desendant of Ice? Well, I just had another, only this time-" 
"Wait," Jason said. "You get prophectic dreams? I'm the desendant of Fire, Fire was a seer, I should be getting dreams. So why are you instead of me?" 
Destiny shrugged. "I don't know." She admitted. "So far, I haven't gotten a dream on why I get dreams instead of you," For Natalie, this cracked a joke. 
"Anyways," Destiny proceeded. "Like the dream I had of Esmee, I had a dream of someone, who could be, another desendant of Death. She lies in Mooshu."  

The Necromancer's Matter, Part 6; Valley of Peace 
Destiny sighed. "Seriously, do I HAVE to wear these Mooshu robes?" She asked Jason as they entered Mooshu. 
Jason nodded. "It would be best," He said. "Cows are very critical on looks." 
Destiny sighed again. "Well, at least I can wear my frost-touched cap and onyx studded boots." 
"Just be glad you aren't in Marleybonian clothes anymore," Jason pointed out. "You HATED that," 
Destiny shuddered. Jason's words played a recap in her mind of Marleybone: Vladimir, His speech about the connection to Destiny, The legendary wizard Life, Thorn Manor, Cody's blue hair, Alexis's Ordeal, the sweat that had poured down on her forehead as she and Alexis tried to escape the Manor. 
Vladimir had reverted Cody Shadowstrider, a desendant of Death, on his side. But Destiny had recieved a dream that could mean another desendant of Death right here in Mooshu. 
The name now seared through her brain. She remembered the dream, the guy in the hooded cloak, the brown-haired and blue-eyed girl in black and red Mooshu robes. They had to look for the girl. After that, they had to go and try to search for a desendant of Balance. It was best if they were quick about it. 
The name of the girl. It had to be. 
Once the rest of the Order of the Spiral came through, Jason cleared his throat. "Okay, we're going to do what we did in Grizzlehiem, if any of you remember that," Natalie, Destiny, Ryan and Chris nodded. "We're going to take areas and search. Alexis, you'll search in Hametsu Village. Esmee, you'll look in the Village of Sorrow. Natalie, to the Tatakai Outpost. Chris, go to The Tree of Life. Ryan, go to the Cave of Solitude. Destiny, you'll remain here at the Jade Palace. I'll cover the Field of Crimson. They aren't all the areas in Mooshu, not even near, but its a start. Again, move out!" 
The Order of the Spiral parted seperate directions, leaving Destiny in the dust. This is a really good task for a luitenant, Destiny grumbled in her mind. They just wanted to leave her behind. Of course, because she was the necromancer. 
Destiny sighed. There was no chance that this Jessica person could be in the commons. She decided to go for a walk instead. 
Maybe I should look in the shops, Destiny mused. See what kind of gear I can get when I become of higher rank. 
Instead, Destiny went to the pets shop. I bet they have cool pets there, Destiny thought. 
She entered and looked around. Then she saw a ninja pig. She walked up to the shopkeeper and asked, "How much are the ninja pigs?" 
The shopkeeper gave her the price. 
Destiny looked through her gold. Not even near enough. She sighed. 
"I think I can help," Someone suggested. 
"Thanks," Destiny said. 
The girl looked in her pouch. "Shoot, not enough," She said. 
Destiny was so obsessed in the pet thing that at first she didn't realize just who the girl was. She had long brown-black hair, blue eyes, light skin, and wore red and black Mooshu robes. 
It was Jessica, descendant of Death.  
Destiny breathed hard. She was here, Jason assigned me the right place. 
"Um, are you okay?" Jessica asked.  
Destiny shook her head rapidly, as if shaking off her momentarily being far off. "Yeah, don't worry," She said. 
Jessica smiled. "I'm Jessica," She said, showing a hand. 
I think I know that, Destiny thought. But aloud she said. "Pleased to meet you. Destiny Seagem," She said, taking it. 
Destiny looked in her pouch, hoping the communication stone was still there. Luckly, it was. Eagerly, she took the stone and silver stick out and wrote, Come here quickly! I found her! 
Destiny grabbed Jessica's hand. "Come on, there's someone I need you to meet," She said. Partially true. 
As soon as Destiny lead Jessica outside, Jason had appeared. He studied Jessica. "Is this the one?" He asked. 
Destiny nodded. "Jessica, meet Jason. Jason, meet Jessica." Jason and Jessica shook hands. 
Suddenly Jessica clutched her head. Oh no, Destiny thought. Jessica screamed in pain before passing out. 
Jason nodded. They knew why she had passed out. The Ordeal. 
"She's the descendant of Death, alright," Jason approved. "Come on, we need to get her to someplace safe, but she can't get the idea that we've kidnapped her into her head." 
Destiny nodded. How were they going to keep her safe and look after her without kidnapping her? "Well, we managed Alexis pretty well," She mused. 
"Here, lets find a base in Mooshu and get everyone over." Jason said. Destiny nodded. Destiny picked Jessica up and followed Jason to the spiral chamber to hide out. Once they reached the spiral chamber, Jason told Destiny to stay there while he would gather the rest of the Order of the Spiral. An hour passed. Then two hours. It was about to reach three when Jason emerged with the rest of the Order of the Spiral. Jessica still hadn't woken from her Ordeal. 
Alexis looked at Jessica in what seemed amazement. "Are you sure this is the descendant of Death?" She asked. "She doesn't really look that, well, you know, Death-like, except for her clothes." 
Destiny nodded. "Why else would she appear in a dream?" She questioned. 
Alexis threw her hands in the air. "Hey, I was just suggesting," She said. 
Natalie ran to Destiny. "Hey Destiny," She said. "I saw this boy as I was patrolling, and as he passed by me, he gave me this note. It's for you." Natalie handed her a folded piece of paper. 
Destiny unfolded it and saw neat, red handwriting. She read: 

Destiny Seagem: 
Meet by the palace tomorrow at evening. Come alone. If you bring the Order of the Spiral, we will see it as a threat and will not take it lightly.  

It was not signed. 
"That's all?" She asked, after she read it twice, once in to herself, another out loud. 
"Apparently they want to negotiate or something," Esmee said. 
"But it could be a trap," Ryan reasoned. "It said to come alone." 
"Maybe we should hide or something to see if it is a trap," Natalie suggested. 
Jason shook his head. "I don't think this person is dumb," He said. "He or she wouldn't easily fall for it." 
"I know," Destiny said. "I have the communication stone. If they attack me I can write and you guys can come. I'll go ahead and do it." 

Destiny clutched the stone as she headed towards the palace. It had been about a day now and Jessica still hadn't woken up. Ryan did point out it could take a while, She pointed out to herself. 
Destiny was alone. No one, not even Nikki, was with her. Destiny then missed the sound of her annoying chirps. She came only with the clothes on her back, the stone in her pouch, and her wand hidden in her robe, prepared to fight. 
She squinted as she saw a white flag perched on the steps of the green palace of jade. She could make out two people standing on either side of the flag. On the flag's left was a girl. On its right was a boy. Destiny reconized them at once, and immediately dreaded coming in the first place. 
Well, Neela and Cody did come with a white flag, She reasoned. White flags usually mean surrender or truce. 
Neela grinned as Destiny climbed up the steps. "Hello, Destiny," Neela said. 
Destiny grinned sweetly back as she said, "Hi, Traitor," 
Neela's grin faded as she shook her head. "When can we put the past behind us and focus on the present?" She questioned. 
"Never," Destiny replied. "The past is one of the things that motivates me." 
Destiny heard the sound of footsteps. Neela heard this too, because she turned her head. Cody didn't. He just said, "He's coming," 
Destiny knew exactly who 'He' reffered to. Vladimir. 
Vladimir paused when he was in front of the flag and face-to-face with Destiny. "You do realize we're considering this to be a trap?" Destiny questioned him. 
Vladimir nodded. "I do indeed," He said. He raised his head up and looked at the white flag looming above them. "But we are under a white flag, no? And surely you realize what a white flag means?" 
Destiny nodded. "But how do I know this isn't a ploy?" 
Vladimir considered Destiny's statement. "Very true," He said. "But I do come in peace," 
"Something tells me that, knowing you, that's not true," Destiny pointed out. 
Vladimir sighed. "You don't trust me." 
"I think you need to work on the meaning of trust," Destiny agreed. "I get that for some reason, you think that the word trust refers to the fact that you get to backstab and backstab all you like and yet people still like you. Is that what it is, according to you?" Destiny flicked her head to the left, pretending to be confused.  
Vladimir sighed again. "Lets get on with it," He said. He grinned. "Anyways, I come in peace. I want to make a deal, as you would call it." 
"What kind of deal?" Destiny asked. She pretended to ponder for a minute, then said, "Oh yeah, the kind of deal where you get everything you want and we are left with nothing." 
Vladimir was growing exhausted from Destiny's backtalk. "No, not that kind," He said. "A trade, you might say." 
Destiny opened her mouth for a side comment, but no words could escape from her mouth before Vladimir said, "I can give you the Krokodial," He said. 
Destiny was interested. They only needed one more descendant, but they had no leads whatsoever on the Descendant of Balance and this could win the battle for them. But at what cost? "What do you need?" She asked. 
Vladimir smiled. He had rid Destiny of her backstabbing words. "I'll need the shredded gold you retrived from the patrolkrok," He asked. 
Aha! "So that's what Neela came to the base for!" She said. 
"Don't push it," Neela grunted. 
Destiny smiled evilly. "I can push it all I like," She said. "And right now, there is nothing you can do about it." 
Neela looked like she was about to burst.  
"Now, now," Vladimir soothed the girls. 
"Wait," Destiny said. "Why do I get the feeling that you can do something disasterous with the gold?" She asked. "What's so special about it?" 
"That's none of your business," Vladimir said. 
"If I currently own it and am considering giving it," She said. "It is perfectly my business. I need to know just what I am giving up, because I know you're losing a lot when you hand over the Krokodial." 
Vladimir nodded. "True," He said. He straightened his back. "Think over it. I'll give you three days to do so. Meet in the cavern at noon in three days. We shall see then." He turned to Neela and Cody, then left with them, leaving Destiny with a bunch of unanswered questions. 
"Hey!" She called. "You still haven't answered my question! And what cavern?" She gave up when she saw that no one was responding as Vladimir, Neela and Cody left the scene. Destiny left, heading for the spiral chamber. 
"What did he want?" Jason asked as she entered the chamber. 
"The proper question," Destiny said. "Is what did they want." 
"Vladimir and Neela?" Esmee questioned. 
Destiny nodded. "Don't forget Cody," She added.  
"What did they want, though?" Jason asked. 
"They wanted a trade," Destiny said. "They offered the Krokodial." 
This got Jason's attention. "The Krokodial?" He asked. "What did they want in exchange?" 
"This," Destiny said as she pulled out the jug of gold. She handed it over to Jason, who observed it. "What is it?" He asked, handing it back. 
"I have no idea," Destiny said as she shoved the shredded gold back into her pouch. "But if they're willing to forfeit the Krokodial, must be of value," 
"Dump out the contents," Jason suggested. "See what's in it. I think it's what it stores is what they are concerned a
Destiny nodded. Jason led her to a crimson bench. Destiny knelt down and unwinded the cylander cap off. She spilled the gold out, as if shaking a pepper shaker. The gold then left the sphere completly. Destiny shook it rapidly, seeing if anymore pieces remained. She decided that they had as she set it aside to the right of where all the shredded gold sat. 
Jason picked each piece, studing it throughly when he decided it was useless. He went through this procedure when he came across a piece that was more bright then the others, and bigger too, about twice their size. It had a little gleam to it, as if it were wanting to be noticed. Jason studied this more then the others, carefully put it down, and backed off from the bench. 
"Destiny," He said in a soft tone. "Whatever you do, do NOT give it away. Kick Vladimir's butt instead when he asks for it, include all the pieces except that and trick him, or not show up at all. I don't care what you do. Just don't give that piece to him." 
"Why?" Destiny said. 
"Trust me, you don't want to know," He said. "If you know, it'll send you off after the other six pieces, searching for an ultimate power." 
"Pieces of what?" Destiny persisted. 
"I can't tell you," Jason said. 
"I'm your luitenant," Destiny said. "There's absolutely no need to keep secrets." 
"Please," Jason begged. "Just don't give it to him." 

Another night passed before Jessica finally awoke. 
Destiny silently calculated the time. It had taken Jessica two days to pass her Ordeal. She looked around the darkened chamber. Jason, Ryan, Chris, Natalie, Esmee and Alexis were all asleep. It was just her and Jessica. 
She walked over to Jessica, as she had done with Alexis almost a week before. "The Ordeal?" She asked. Jessica nodded. "Freakiest thing ever," She muttered. After a few minutes of resting her head on her palm, she lifted her head and said, "Apparently I happened to be chosen to get caught up in this whole descendants thing." She sighed. "I didn't even WANT to be in Death. I wanted to be in Storm. But that dang Book of Secrets-" Jessica sighed. 
Destiny nodded. "I know how you feel," She said. "I had extreme high hopes of being placed in Fire," She said. "I just knew it was my destiny, my future. And when I did learn I was in Death, I tried everything I had to change it. I wanted to control fate." She shook her head grudgingly. "Little did I know was that there's little you can do to change destiny. Fate has a way of turning out. It seems that whatever you do, it leads up to that certain future. And there's almost nothing you can do to change it." 
Jessica nodded. "And here I am, the descendant of Death," She lamented. "I just wish I could be in my favorite color, purple. I wish that it didn't have to be this way. Why does it have to?" She looked up at the ceiling of the chamber longingly. 
That's when Destiny remembered the day of her orientation. She remembered way back, almost a year ago, when she was around in her late tens, now eleven going on twelve. She remembered Esmee at the royal playhouse tour, back when she had such high hopes, when Destiny had layed out her future before her. Before everything had gone wrong. Before she could snap out of it, a flashback came to mind.  
"So what shall we explore next?" Destiny asked.
In reply, Esmee sat down in a field of magnificent grass, the same patch Destiny had been admiring when she had been staring into the portal view of the castle. "How about looking at the grass?" Asked Esmee. "We need to take some moments out of our lives to appreciate nature."
"You sound like a theurgist." Destiny pointed out.

"You don't have to be a theurgist to see the beauty in the earth." Said Esmee. "You can be a necromancer and see the life in nature."

"It is breathtaking." Agreed Destiny. "But what about in the winter, when the snow is shrouding the grass and the field?"

"Even when the snow has fallen," Esmee told Destiny. "You just know the grass is in there somewhere, deep within. You can still feel the little life even underneath the mass of snow. It may not be visible, but it's still there, living for what seems eternity. The beauty of it can never die."
Destiny then realized what that had meant. Esmee had somehow knew she would be placed in the death school. She hadn't just been talking about grass and snow. 
Destiny snapped out of it and turned back to Jessica. She smiled and said, "Maybe we can't control fate. But it doesn't mean that we have to sober about it either. We don't have to slouch around and give up. You can't let fate take complete control of your life." She put a hand on Jessica's shoulder. "And just because you're a necromancer doesn't mean that there isn't a diviner inside. You can still feel that little life. It may not be showing, but it'll still be there. It will never die. And you can't let people tell you who you need to be. You need to keep your head up high. You just need to say, 'So what? I can be who I want to be,' And nothing, not even fate, can control that."  

"So, what do you think Vladimir meant by the cavern?" 
Jason shrugged. "I know Mooshu, and I don't know what he meant." 
"Maybe in a different world?" Ryan suggested. 
Jason scratched his chin. "Maybe," He said. "But where?" 
"I have no idea," Destiny said. 
"That's kinda the point," Jason pointed out. "Is it not?" 
"I'll go look around Mooshu," Destiny suggested. 
"But can you take on the enemies?" Jason said, concerned. 
Destiny stared at him. "You think that I can take on Vladimir and Neela at the same time, spy on Vladimir, but not go around Mooshu?" 
Jason looked embarrassed. "Sorry," 
"You'd better." 
Destiny first patrolled Hamustu Village. No signs of anything unusual. She looked around the Tatakai Outpost, nothing unusual there to. She looked at the sun. It was around noon now. Exactly one more day to find this cavern and decide what to do about the trade. She had to hurry. If only Vladimir wasn't mysterious! 
Destiny sighed. She would need help if she wanted to find the cavern in time. She pulled out the stone and wrote: It's noon now, and I've got precisely one more day to find this cavern. I need major help. 
Jason wrote back. On it. I'll write if I find anything unusual. I'll start with Tatakai Outpost. 
I already searched Tatakai and Hamustu through and through, She wrote. I'll head over to the Tree of Life next. 
Ok, The next message said. I'll begin with The Village of Sorrow. 
Thanks, Jason. 
No problem. We need to get this deal over with. 
I agree. 
Jason didn't write after that. She shoved the communication stone back into her pouch and looked onward to the Tree of Life. 
A half hour passed when Jason wrote back. I've checked and double-checked the Village of Sorrow, Jason wrote. That area's hopeless. 
Don't worry, I think I've found something...  
Indeed she had. Destiny was looking at a wall blocked by a smooth round stone that was at least twice her size in heighth. It lacked width, though, only about six inches. She wrote: I'm looking at a round stone thing blocking an entrance. I tried pushing it, and it won't budge. Get Ryan or Natalie, or both. I'm going to need strength to push this thing out of the way. Storm descendants are considerably strong. It's a trait I like about them. For that message, Destiny had to write smaller and smaller. 
Seems like a plan, Jason wrote. By any chance do you know exactly where you are? 
The main tree, Destiny wrote. It's actually in the main tree. 
Interesting, Jason said. Hold on. They're coming. 
You're the best. 
I know. It's why I was chosen as commander.  
Destiny slipped the stone and silver stick back into her pouch. A few minutes she waited for Natalie and Ryan to come when finally, they did. 
Ryan studied the stone. "This doesn't look too hard," He said. He walked over to the stone's side, and he pushed it with his bare hands. It barely budged. This time he tried pulling it. No such luck. Now Ryan leaned against the stone with his back and tried pushing it some more. It budged more then the first or second time, but not enough to get a clear opening out of it. 
"Lemme try," Natalie volunteered. 
Ryan shook his head. "If I can't do it, you can't. Everyone knows that boys are naturally stronger then girls." 
"But I'm two years older then you," Natalie pointed out. "Now do you want it to be pushed or not?" 
Ryan sighed and made way for Natalie to push. She tried with all her strength, but it had the same result as it had with Ryan. She pulled it, and got nothing out of it. Natalie finally tried the last thing Ryan had tried. Nothing. Natalie walked over soloumly. "Useless," She said. 
"Here, maybe you two should try it together," Destiny suggested. "That's the whole reason why I needed the both of you." 
Ryan and Natalie understood. They walked over together and tried the same three tequniques. No result. 
Destiny sighed. "It's no use," She said. Then she had a crazy thought. "What if I tried it?" She asked the descendants.  
Ryan laughed. "We're the descendants of Storm!" He said. "We're the descendants of the most physically strong legendary. If we can't do it, no one can. You can try, but it's not going to work." 
"Really good advice from a friend," Destiny muttered. 
Ryan looked stricken. "I'm sorry, I didn't-" 
"It's okay," Destiny said. "I know what you mean. But it doesn't hurt to try." 
Ryan nodded. "I see your point," He said. "Honestly, and no offense, but I doubt it'll work." 
Destiny smiled. "I don't care." 
She walked over to the stone that was twice her height. She grunted as she tried to push and pull it. She slouched against the rock, feeling depressed. Then she had an idea. "Ryan, Natalie, how do you try to move things?" She questioned. 
"I just let my strength flow into the thing I'm trying to push," Ryan said. "I try unite my strength and the object into one." 
Destiny nodded. She set her hand to the rock and closed her eyes. Become one, she remembered. Let your strength flow into the rock. After what seemed like an hour, but what did turn out to be a few minutes, Destiny leaned her hand against the rock and let her energy out of her hand and into the rock. She didn't open her eyes until she heard something that sounded like something heavy crashing onto something. At the same time she realized that her hand was no longer connected to the rock. Confused, Destiny opened her eyes and saw that the rock had moved more then enough to reveal an opening. 
She turned to the siblings, whose mouths were open with shock. "How in the name of the spiral did you do that?" Ryan finally managed to get out. 
"I-I don't know," Destiny stammered. "I-I guess it just came, you know, I guess it was just natural, like I had this power inside of me all along and I didn't know till now." She looked into the passageway. "Let's go," She said. Ryan and Natalie looked at each other and nodded. Ryan stepped aside and said, "Ladies first," Destiny looked at him evilly, gave him a look that said, I'm gonna get you back, and walked inside as Ryan grinned smugly and lagged behind. 
The ground gave way as it became steeper and steeper and slid downward. Ryan caught up to the girls and looked around. As the trio walked down the slope, the passageway dimmed and dimmed. The dirt and walls that supported the passageway was a light brown color, like the color of sand. 
Finally they came to a torchlit dome-like chamber. On the entry's left was a wooden door painted yellow, but the paint wearing away from the effect of time. Destiny walked over to it, and as she got nearer and nearer, she could make out a faded Myth symbol in the middle. There was a steel doorknob and a keylock underneath. Destiny twisted the lock. It wouldn't budge. Destiny wondered if this was because it was worn out or simply locked. She looked over to Natalie and Ryan, who were coming to investigate. Destiny shook her head. "It's locked or something," She said. 
"Well, at least we stumbled what seems to be the cavern," Ryan said. "This is most likely what Vladimir was talking about." 
Destiny nodded. "Now that we've found the cavern," She said. "Let's head back."  
Natalie groaned. "Really?" She whined. "I'm already tired!" 
"I thought Storm descendants were tough," Destiny pointed out, grinning smugly. 
Reluctantly Natalie joined Destiny and Ryan as they climbed up the slope, Natalie lagging behind and groaning, occasionally whining something like, "Why this far? Why can't we just teleport?" Destiny sighed as she listened to the groaning. "Natalie," She said. "This is a secret passageway undiscovered for years until we and Vladimir came along, so teleports are going to be closed off for a while. Once we get outside, we can teleport back to the Jade Palace." Natalie groaned again and continued lamenting in response.  
They finally emerged from the passageway and into Mooshu, the sunlight blinding them as they walked out. They adjusted and to conceal evidence, they together managed to push the rock back to its normal position. Tired and worn out, they teleported back to the Jade Palace and walked over to the spiral chamber. 
Destiny nearly collapsed as she sat on a bench, Jason rushing to her. "Is that the cavern Vladimir mentioned?" Destiny nodded. "It'd better be," She muttered, worn out. She then fell asleep and didn't wake till the next morning, leaving her only two hours to decide what to do on the matter of the trade. 

Groggily, Destiny woke up. 
She walked over to the bench where she had layed out the gold pieces. She stuffed them all, even the special piece Jason had warned her about, back into the jug. She twisted the cap back on. Slowly, a plan was forming in mind. A plan to get Vladimir or Jason to tell her about that spepicfic piece. She put it in her pouch and looked outside. Noon was coming. 
Quickly she gathered the rest of the Order of the Spiral and with Ryan and Natalie's help, led them to the main tree, and then to the rock, which apparently had already been pushed open. So they're already here, She thought. 
As the Order of the Spiral followed Destiny and Ryan and Natalie, Destiny stopped until she found Jessica. She walked over to her. "No matter what Vladimir, Neela or Cody have to say, don't listen to them. They are descended from-" 
"Valkoor Thorn," Jessica replied. "I know, I know, The Ordeal basically tells you that kind of stuff. It also pointed out the other descendants." She pointed to Alexis. "For example, that's Alexis Lifestone, descendant of Life," Destiny nodded. Then she had an idea. "Did the Ordeal tell you anything about a descendant of Balance?" 
Jessica shook her head. "The descendant of Balance apparently hasn't had his or her Ordeal before, so it was unable to recongize them." Destiny understood. 
The Order of the Spiral then climbed down in silence. Then they got near enough that Destiny heard other people talking. 
"It's past noon," Destiny heard a female voice persist. 
"Relax," Came an unknown voice. "Vladimir told us she'd be here." 
Neela and Cody. 
"Not just her," They heard Vladimir speak up. "Knowing her, she's going to take precautions and bring the rest of the Order of the Spiral." 
Just then, Destiny and the rest of the group came down. Vladimir, Neela and Cody still held the white flag. 
Vladimir nodded. "As predicted," He said. Vladimir turned back to Destiny. "Do you have it?" He asked, pulling the Krokodial out. 
Destiny nodded. "As promised," She assured. Destiny opened her pouch and pulled out the jug of gold. 
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Jason yelled. 
Destiny grinned smugly. Vladimir eagerly outstretched his hand. Destiny looked down at the jug, then said, "Wait, like I said back at the palace, I need to know what exactly I am trading," Destiny observed the jug, trying to figure things out. 
"Just hand it over," Vladimir said. 
"I need to know what I'm trading," Destiny persisted. "Because I know that you worked hard to get the Krokodial, and you wouldn't give it up easily. You know what you are trading. So I need to know what I'm trading." 
Vladimir sighed in exasperation. "Please, give it to me." 
Destiny sighed. She would have to use her plan. "If you don't tell me what this contains," She threatened. "Then I'll smash this bottle and the gold to bits," She said, holding the jar high above her head to prove her point. 
Vladimir's face paled. "You wouldn't," He said. 
Destiny nodded. "If that is what it takes, I'll do it." 
Vladimir laughed. "Okay, okay, hand it over now," He said. 
Destiny shook her head. "I'm warning you," She said. "You have until three to tell me what I'm giving up." 
"No, please, don't!" 
"Please, give it up, not only will I give you the Krokodial, I won't bother you for a long time!" 
"Come on, you can't!" 
It was too late. Vladimir watched helplessly as Destiny threw down the jug and smashed it with her feet. Vladimir was stunned, and he was getting angry. He turned to Neela and Cody. "We'll have to go with plan B," He said with gritted teeth. "ATTACK!" He shouted. 
Instantly the Order of the Spiral prepared for battle as Vladimir, Neela and Cody charged. Neela stopped in front of Alexis and casted the death symbol in front of her, bringing a wraith to life as Alexis casted a seraph to counter. Chris joined Alexis, casting a minotaur to help. Cody went after Jason, making a skeletal pirate to compare to Jason's helephant. Esmee joined Jason and cast an evil snowman. Ryan helped with a kraken, and Natalie came to Chris and Alexis, introducing herself with a storm shark. The Order of the Spiral seemed to be doing well, so Destiny and Jessica weren't sure what to do. But they didn't have to realize what to do. Vladimir's scarecrow realized for them. Jessica quickly cast a death shield for herself, and then cast one for Destiny, so they took less damage. Destiny cast a vampire while Jessica did a skeletal pirate. Vladimir gritted his teeth. He cast a skeletal pirate, aiming for Destiny. As Destiny was distracted, Vladimir ran from the fight and rushed to the remains of the gold pieces, frantically searching for that one piece. And just as he was about to grasp it, Destiny pushed him aside and grabbed the piece as he was stunned. Breathing hard, Destiny ran away from Vladimir and to Jessica. She nudged her. "Distract Vladimir," She said, breathing hard. Jessica nodded. 
Destiny ran out of the cavern and into the passageway. Shortly she heard a yell from Vladimir and ran even faster. She could hear Vladimir, Neela, and Cody on their tails. She ran as fast as she could until she was out of the passageway and back into Mooshu. Vladimir, Neela, and Cody arrived shortly after her.
"Give. It. To. Me." Vladimir gritted.
"I really don't know." Destiny smiled. "Go. Now. Before I change my mind and attack you!" 
"A journeyman going against two grandmasters and a magus?" Neela scoffed. 
"The Order of the Spiral is down there," Destiny reasoned. "I can cry for help." 
"I'll bet they've already-" Vladimir stopped. He knew every single member, except for Jessica. None were likely to back down.
"Eight against three," Destiny added. "You're smart. What are the chances of THAT?" 
Nor Vladimir or Neela or Cody said anything. 
"Now leave," Destiny threatened. "A dummy can tell that the Order of the Spiral has won this round." 
Vladimir and Neela looked at each other as Cody teleported out. Then Vladimir and Neela teleported away. 
Destiny grinned in triumph. 
"I'm going down to find out what the deal is with this piece." She said out loud. Destiny climbed down the sandy passageway.
Destiny finally came down to the cavern, immediately walking over to Jason. She pulled the piece out and handed it to Jason, who accepted it eagerly. "Now, you saw how I almost broke that piece," She said. "Please, tell me what it it!" 
Jason sighed. Then he smiled. "I guess there's no stopping you, huh?" 
"That's why I'm the luitenant," Destiny replied. 
Jason remembered when he had wrote that on the stone. Then he looked at Destiny in the face and said, "That, that piece," He said. "Is Myth's shard." 
"The shard to what?" Destiny asked. 
"I'm talking about the Blade of Seven." 

The Necromancer's Matter, Part 7; Blade of Seven
A teenage-looking boy woke up. He got dressed in his black robes, pulled his hood on, and set out for Mooshu.
He was called Death.
Death's aura spread as he traveled around Mooshu. There was a faint blackness around him, but not much because it was Mooshu. He walked over to the Tree of Life, headed for the main tree.
Death pushed aside the stone and traveled down the long passageway. Then he got to a cavern. He stumbled upon a door, newly painted yellow, and Myth's symbol etched in the middle in blue. Death knocked on the door.
The door swung open to reveal a blonde haired boy with bright blue eyes in yellow and blue robes. He smiled. "Ah, Death," He greeted. "A good surprise. Come on in." Death nodded and entered into a room with a stone fireplace, weapon-making tools, and a forge. Racks hanging with hammers, forging tools, and swords were hung on the tan wall. Across from the door in which Death had entered was another entryway. The room smelled of burning metal and the heat was almost exhausting.
Death turned to the boy. "I see that you are making preparations for the war against Valkoor?" He inquired.
The boy nodded. "I'm trying to make as many swords and wands as I can."
Death smiled, but his hood shrouded it. "You've always been a master forger, Myth," Death complemented.
Myth smiled and bowed his head in thanks.
"But, however," Death said. "I have an idea. Back when Valkoor was the monster, how did we defeat him?"
"We all combined our powers into one," Myth remembered.
Death nodded his approval. "Right. And this time, I have a feeling Valkoor will be stronger then he was last. So I was thinking, maybe the only way to defeat him this time is to forge a weapon with all of our powers into it."
Myth hesitated. "That's pretty risky," He said. "What if Valkoor got ahold of it?"
Death smiled. "He won't." He laid a hand on Myth's shoulder. "I need you to create a blade. Then we'll get the other wizards, and combine our powers into one."
Myth thought for a second. "There are other ways, Death," He reminded. "We just haven't found them yet."
"But would we find them in time?" Death inquired.
Myth had no answer.
"I need you to forge the blade," He said. "For right now, there's no other way. He will be stronger then the last, and you know it."
Myth reluctantly agreed.
That night, after Death left, Myth outlined the design for the sword. He made changes and added things, making sure for the sword to be just right. Then after Myth was positive it would do, he forged the blade, but it was not together. It was split into seven pieces.
The day following, all of the Legendarys came together. Myth explained the situation to them. "We must combine into one once more." He nodded to Storm. 
Storm acknowledged Myth, then picked up a piece, and concentrated on the steel, closing his eyes. Gradually, the piece turned from silver to purple. After Storm put power into his piece, he set it down. Now it was Ice's turn. She concentrated on the piece, and after a while, it became blue. Then Fire turned her piece into a firey red. Then Death poured his power into his. And so forth, after all the pieces were completed.
After all the pieces had power in them, Myth set them together again, and forged the pieces into one sword. After an hour of burning, the blade was together, and Myth rushed to a tank of water and dipped the whole blade into the water, cooling it off. After a few minutes, he pulled it out. If it was not cooled completely, he would dunk the blade back in, until it was a normal temerature.
The ending result was great. Myth studied the blade. It was like a cimitar, and a little holographic. It switched from color to color every second, confusing some people on its true color. 
"The Blade of Seven," Myth breathed. 
"What's that?" Destiny asked.
"Long ago," Jason explained. "It was back when Valkoor was returning. The wizards were making preparations for the upcoming war. Storm practiced fighting. Ice began stratagizing. Fire tried despreately to look into the future. Myth forged weapons. Life readied her healing spells. Balance helped with whatever he could find. But Death had other ideas.
"He walked up to Myth one day and asked him to build a sword. A powerful sword. Myth agreed, and, one by one the wizards poured their magic into the sword. The Blade of Seven was therefore created. 
"And shortly after, a battle with Valkoor and his followers arose. Both sides fought desperately, but in the end, it was the wizards who won the first battle, with the help of the Blade of Seven. But the victory was short-lived. Valkoor began to see how he could steal the sword, and win the war with its help. Fire saw this, and cried on the Legendarys for desperate help. They decided that, in order to keep Valkoor from getting ahold of it, they had to split the blade into the seven pieces from which the sword had originated from. They cut the blade, and gave one piece to each wizard to protect with his or her life. And they did. And when they all died, they hid the pieces in a super secret spot." Jason held the yellow shard. "This is Myth's piece. He camoflauged it well."
Destiny nodded. Then she remembered back at Thorn Manor, when Vladimir had mentioned a blade. "Oh my gosh," Destiny said. "Vladimir's after the sword!"
Jason nodded. "He knew that Myth's shard was there. He had lost it when Neela had given it to the patrolkrok. When Neela had seen he no longer had it, apparently they tried everything to get the shard. Raiding the base. Giving the Krokodial. And if you had indeed crushed the piece, we would all be at a loss."
"Apparently Vladimir needs it for something he needs to do," Destiny said. "The Blade of Seven is the only item missing out of three."
"Did you find out what the other two were?" Jason inquired.
Destiny nodded. "The Onyx of Darkness and the Helm of Power."
"Oh, Destiny, do you even realize-"
"Yes, Life told me."
Jason sighed. "Apparently the Legendarys like you or something. You keep running into them! Only a matter of time before you shake Myth's hand and have a conversation with Death!"
"Lets focus!" Destiny said. "Just how powerful is this blade? Like, I know it's the Legendary's sword and everything, but, is it even worthwhile?"
Jason stared at Destiny as if she had just grown a million extra arms. "The Blade of Seven is only the most powerful weapon in the spiral and make the wielder nearly invincible! How can you even joke? If he gets the sword, there's no stopping him!" Jason hesitated, then said, "Unless..."
"Unless what?" Destiny asked.
Jason sighed. "Nothing. It's nearly impossible, anyways."
"What isn't possible?" Destiny inquired.
"The only way the Blade of Seven can be stopped," Jason said. "The Pure Descendant."
"Pure Descendant?" Destiny asked.
"A Pure Descendant contains the blood of all seven Legendarys," Jason explained. "A Pure Descendant must have Storm's strength, Ice's knowledge and wisdom, Fire's ability to forsee, Death's cunning, Myth's creativity and ability to forge, Life's compassion, and Balance's judgement. In history, so far only one has come up. He has passed away already."
"Who's that?" Destiny asked.
"A boy called Marcus Dawngem," Jason said. "He lived to be a grandmaster pyromancer, and he was truly great," Jason sighed. "His life ended in a truly sad way."
"What happened?" Destiny asked.
"He was killed," Jason said. "We don't know how, or who." 
"If he was killed," Destiny reasoned. "You should know who did it, or at least how." 
Jason shook his head. "Actually, it was kind of like paralysis. One day he was just fine in perfect health, the next he was laying on his bedroom floor, mouth and eyes wide open his skin pale, and his heart not beating. He just... died. He had to be murdered." 
Destiny agreed, then said, "So, you're thinking that maybe we could possibly find a pure descendant, just in case Vladimir forges the blade?" 
Jason nodded. "One problem," He said. "We don't know if a Pure Descendant currently exists, besides Marcus. And who KNOWS how many pieces Vladimir has while we only have one."
Destiny thought. "Knowing us," She finally said. "We HAD to have come across a piece. Apparently we just didn't know it." 
Jason scratched his chin and nodded. "We might have," He said. 
Destiny closed her eyes and remembered her very recent adventures in Mooshu, her mission in Marleybone, the betrayal in Grizzlehiem, her time in Krokotopia- 
It then hit her. 
She opened her eyes rapidly, and ran faster then she had ever run before up the slope after she called out, "I know where Ice's Shard is!" 

Back in Marleybone, Vladimir was talking to Neela. 
"I've been thinking," He said. "We have the advantage in so many ways. We have two of the key components to our plan, we've got five of the seven pieces, and we know where another is, we hold the Krokodial, we even have the second half of the Prophecy of Fire the Order of the Spiral probably don't even know about." He turned and stared at Neela coldly. "But they do have a huge advantage, numbers." 
"Numbers?" Neela was confused. 
Vladimir sat up straight. "The only reason that we lost Myth's Shard and lost the battle of Mooshu," He continued. "Was simply because they had more people then we did. As Destiny had said, eight and three. We need more people for our cause." 
Neela nodded. Now she understood. "I was strolling through Olde Town the other day," She said. "I overheard a group of boys. Seems like they might be willing to fight for us, as long as we pay them right." 
Neela had grasped Vladimir's attention. "Depends," He said. "What schools do they take? What rank are they?" 
"A master diviner, two pyromancers, an adept and a master, a grandmaster conjurer, heck, even another adept, this time a theurgist," Neela replied. 
"We do need other people besides necromancers," Vladimir mused. "Having different schools could prove useful." 
"Exactly my point."
Vladimir nodded his understanding. Now with so many advantages that the Order of the Spiral didn't even realize, they were sure to win.
The sprite fluttered around Unicorn Way.
The sprite sighed. She needed a break from her coloney, her duties that replaced her now banished rival.
But she was about to understand her enemy's predictament.
Because now she saw a necromancer. He had short blue hair, a black bandit cap, a robe with storm markings on it, and a clockwork staff. But how he looked wasn't what got her attention. It was what he spoke of.
"I'm really wondering who that charmed sprite is," The necromancer said to another necromancer. "I'm beginning to think that she may play a vital role."
Charmed sprite....
The sprite fluttered over to the blue-haired necromancer. She wondered how she could speak with him; they began teaching the sprite language when theurgists reached masterdom. Even then, few were fluent. Then she got an idea. The sprite zoomed over to the necromancer, fluttered in his face for a few seconds, then led his gaze to some fresh dirt. In the dirt, she had carved the words, Who exactly is this sprite?
"Um, black hair, pale skin, red dress, red eyes, more death-looking," The blue-haired boy replied.
She knew it! This was the description of her rival! The sprite wrote, What is she called?
"I heard a girl call her Nikki," The necromancer responded.
Are you against her?
"I guess you can say that,"
The sprite grinned. She knew she hadn't rid of Nikki! She wrote, Nikki is an old rival of mine. Will you allow me to join this cause? Communication will be a tad bit short, but we can figure things out.
"Maybe. What would you be called?" The necromancer inquired.
The sprite grinned and wrote, Lady Lily. What may I call you?
The necromancer kneeled and said, "Cody Shadowstrider. If you are with us, come." Cody walked away.
Lily gladly followed.

The Necromancer's Matter, Part 8; Sophia's Shard
In the Royal Hall, the nirini crumbled to the thautamerge.
She smiled in triumph. The nirini had put up quite a fight! Then, she unexpectedly felt a new power surge through her. She was now level eighteen, just one level behind her friend!
What was more, the thautamerge found a drop. It appeared to be a pendant, square shaped with an aythemist in the middle. Apparently it gave Kracken.
The thautamerge's hands scrambled to her neck and undid the clasp that held her necklace that gave her Blizzard. She looked down at the amulet-correction, locket- with the sapphire in the middle, adorning the rest of the silver oval. True, this had remained faithful and by her side for a long time, and as pretty as it was, it would have to go. Sure, it gave her Blizzard, but she soon would learn it and add it to her deck. She couldn't do that with Kracken. It would be practically useless.
Sophia sighed as she put the locket in her pouch and headed to sell it.
"What is WRONG with you?" Noah yelled at his cousin, Antonio, when they arrived at the Krokotopian house. As Noah slammed the door, he ran after Antonio, who began running, too.
Antonio grinned wickedly as Noah chased the theurgist. To Noah, Antonio was a diabolical prankster, loving to tease and humiliate Noah with his pranks and his friends: Anthony Spiritwalker, Adam Soulcrafter and Jose Breeze. There had been too many fights between Noah and Antonio to name, both mentally and physically. Same with his pranks. Noah hated his cousin with all he had. He hated the fights and pranks Antonio set. Antonio made his life meserable. Barely a second could he get away from him, because he had to live with Antonio as well.
Noah grittted his teeth as he ran. Antonio might be three years older then him, but he was also quicker, despite his build. Noah gave his legs all he had, because Antonio had gone too far this time! One time Antonio had masterly forged a letter from the headmaster claiming it was dress-up-like-a-tree day. Noah, loving to participate in Ravenwood activities, had made a tree costume that had looked so real. The result for Noah were many gawks, stares and laughter. Worst of all, humiliation. Another time was when Noah had desperately needed a new robe. Antonio had given him a fake gift card for the Krokotopian robe shop. Noah had, again, fallen for it completely, presented it, and the result had been being suspended from the shop for a year. But his latest was out of control.
Noah finally caught up to Anotonio and yanked the collar of his green robe. Noah had a firm grip on Antonio, strong enough to make sure he wouldn't get away. Antonio's tan skin, long brown hair, and mischevous green eyes looked to Noah. Antonio put his hands in the air, then let them fall to his sides as he said, "All right, all right. You caught me. What now?"
"Why?!" Noah yelled. "Sure, the dress-up-day jokes were tolerateable, but framing me for thievery?! Do you even realize how long it took for me to convince them that I didn't do anything? Not even funny! I don't get why the stupid Book of Secrets placed you in Life!"
"But I see why the Book of Secrets placed you in Fire," Antonio mused. "Angry, hotheaded-"
"HOTHEADED?" Noah yelled. "I'm calm most of the time! I'm angry only because you set me off!"
"Which is pretty much-"
"SHUT UP, LIFESPEAR!" Noah snarled.
"Or what, Firewielder?" Antonio snarled back. "Gonna cry to mommy?"
That did it.
Noah screamed in fury and punched Antonio in the face. Hot with anger, Antonio clenched his hands into fists, and punched Noah back, but in the stomach. Noah didn't have air for a second and Antonio seized that oppritunity to kick him. Before Noah could react, Antonio teleported away.
Noah gritted his teeth as he recovered from the blows Antonio had served him. When would Antonio grow up? Noah teleported to him.
Antonio was laughing with his friends in Olde Town. Noah breathed heavly. Then he turned to Antonio's friends. "Why are you guys even with him?" Noah had the nerve to ask.
"We've been friends since who knows," Jose Breeze said, a master diviner in purple Mooshu clothes with purple eyes, pale skin and short brown hair.
"Antonio's cool," Anthony Spiritwalker added, a master pyromancer in red and white Mooshu robes and long red hair and yellow eyes.
"That, and we'd do basically anything or side with anyone if they paid us right," Adam Soulcrafter added, a grandmaster conjurer in yellow dragonspyre robes with long blonde hair and blue eyes.
"Even if it was wrong?" Noah asked. "Even if it would mean destruction?"
Adam shrugged. "Pretty much, if we were able to live."
Jose sighed. "I agree with Adam, mostly." He said. "I wouldn't do it if it meant the end of the spiral as we know it." Jose turned to Noah and snickered. "Like it would actually happen, though!"
Anthony joined Jose by tsk-tsking Noah. "Twelve-year-olds," He said. "When you actually grow up like us, you'll understand that if it benifits you, you do it. There's all that there is to it."
"Aw, don't make fun of him, Anthony," Antonio pretended to sympathize for Noah. "The poor kid's mommy and daddy died."
Anger set Noah off once more, and he swung a fist at Antonio, who in turn quickly ducked, with Noah's fist going by above his head. When anyone talked of his parents that way, Noah got really upset and it always resulted in a physical fight. He knew it was just Antonio trying to set him off, but he couldn't help it.
Antonio quickly rose up, grinning, and rammed his side into Noah, knocking him down into the ground. Antonio, Anthony, Jose and Adam all teleported away with a recovering Noah getting up and calling after them, "Who runs home NOW?"
Gritting his teeth and breathing hard, Noah looked all around him. For some reason, the sight that seemed to have stood out most was a girl in her early teens, either Noah's age or slightly older, with black hair wrapped into a ponytail and pale skin. She was wearing a black and red bandit cap, and another Marleybonian carnival dress the same colors. She held in her hand a sword with a black blade. It was apparent that she was a necromancer. Noah had a feeling that she had witnessed everything. The girl turned around and ran away.
Little did Noah know, she would grow to become a worse enemy then Antonio.
Sophia exited Ravenwood, into the Commons, out from the Commons and into the Shopping District, then out of the Shopping District and to Olde Town, and Olde Town was where the Bazaar was. For some reason, the Bazaar always had the best deals.
Sophia entered the Bazaar and walked over to the merchant. She pulled out the locket. "How much will this be worth?" She inquired.
"Around two hundred ten gold," The merchant replied.
Sophia nodded as she handed the merchant the locket. "Done," She said as she did so. In turn, he handed her the amount of gold. Sophia made sure it was the correct amount of gold, then nodded her approval. Sophia walked out of the Bazaar.
She had sold the amulet.
That was, except for one piece.
Destiny was running so fast up the slope that Nikki actually had to fly fast in order to catch up.
Nikki breathed hard as she kept up with Destiny. Well, where's the Ice shard, then? Nikki questioned.
Breathing hard, Destiny replied, "Well, before I came to Grizzlehiem, The Order of the Spiral traveled to Krokotopia in search of an artifact. It was before Neela had revealed herself as a traitor. Anyways, my best friend Sophia arrived to tell me she had recieved a necklace. Secretly, it was a locket. And in the locket was a fragment of something. Apparently, a fragment of the Blade of Seven!"
Oh, gosh.
Destiny nodded. "I know! And it seems frightening that my best friend unknowingly holds a key component to the most powerful, legendary, and dominating weapon in the history of the spiral!"
Um, yeah, that's bad.
"Hey! Wait up!"
Destiny turned around to see Jessica, descendant of Death, to come up behind her. "I didn't know that you were a fast runner!" She exclaimed.
"And I didn't know that my friend unknowingly holds a fragment to the most powerful weapon ever to name!" Destiny yelled.
"Uh oh," Jessica said.
I know, huh sunshine?
"Nikki! That's only making things worse!" Destiny snapped.
Things can't really be worse!
Destiny sighed. Then she squinted as she saw daylight ahead of her. They were almost out. Yes! Destiny thought. As soon as I get out of the cavern, the sooner I can teleport to Sophia, and the sooner we can aquire the shard!
She finished the thought as she ran out of the inside of the huge tree and teleported to Sophia.
Destiny was panting as she came to Sophia, now panting, and Nikki and Sophia just looking at her, especially Sophia. "Um, hi." Sophia said.
"No time," Destiny said. "Quick, where's that locket?"
"What locket?" Sophia asked.
Sophia "Oh"ed quietly. "That locket," She said. "Um, I sorta sold it."
"Hey, hey, don't get all worked up on me, please." Sophia said. "I just found another amulet that gives me Kracken as a drop, the amulet was usless, what did you expect me to do?"
We expected you to kinda give it to us! Nikki clarified.
"Oh!" Sophia said. "Wow, that is one weird looking sprite. I didn't notice it till now. What do you call her?"
WEIRD LOOKING? Nikki yelled. She turned to Destiny. HOW ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH HER? DIDN'T NOTICE ME! I'll show the little brat...
"Nikki!" Destiny scolded.
"What's she saying?" Sophia asked. "It seems like you can understand her. I thought they only taught sprite to master theurgists."
"She's saying that its nice to meet you," Destiny replied.
My my my my, you are a bad interpreter, Nikki scolded.
"SHUT UP!" Destiny said. She turned to Sophia. "Where'd you sell the locket to?"
"I sold it to the Bazaar," Sophia said. "Geez, if you just wanted the amulet, then why did you just tell me?"
"Hard to explain!" Destiny said, already rushing off to the Bazaar. But Destiny and Nikki had ran too far to hear Sophia cry to them:
"Wait, is it the thingy inside you needed?"
Cause it had sure seemed like it.
Sophia opened her pouch and looked at the shard. What could possibly be so special about it? In Krokotopia she had asked Destiny if it had any value. She said no. Now a month later she was after it!
What wasn't she telling her? 
Sophia sighed. Something was wrong. But she soon forgot about it, seeing as how a voice cry, "UGH!" 
She turned around to see a boy about twelve years old with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He had pale skin and appeared to look twelve years old, not much older then Sophia and Destiny. He was banging his head against the wall of the Wizard City Athame Shop. Sophia walked over to him. "What's the matter?" Sophia consoled. 
The boy stopped banging his head and turned to look at her, gritting his teeth. "Lets just say cousins can be a pain," He finally gritted. 
Sophia laughed silently. "Why's that?" She asked. "I have a friend who adores her cousin." 
"Lucky friend, then," The boy envied. "She doesn't know that she has it good. Mine is a pain. Constantly harasses and torments me. I can't get away from him because I have to live with him!" 
Sophia tilted her head in sympathy. "I'm sorry," She said. "Who's your necromancer cousin?" 
The boy stared at Sophia as if she had just grown a million extra arms. "Necromancer?" He questioned. Then he laughed. "Oh, my cousin is no Death wizard," He finally said. "He's a theurgist, believe it or not." 
"If he's a tormentor, then how did he get into the Life school?" 
The boy shrugged. "I have no clue," He said. "You're right, he does deserve to be in Death. Sometimes the Book of Secrets can take wrong turns, huh?" 
"I don't know," Sophia said. "My friend was really anticipating to be in Fire, you have no dang idea. She was placed in Death. And from what I've seen, it appears to have been her calling all along." 
"But Antonio isn't worthy of a novice theurgist personality," The boy smirked. "I guess they can sometimes." Then he looked shock. "I'm sorry, I believe I've forgotten to introduce myself," He apologized. "I'm Noah Firewielder." Noah offered his hand. 
Sophia accepted it. "I'm Sophia," She said. She stopped shaking. "I'm a thautamerge." 
"As if that's hard to believe," Noah said. "Pyromancer." 
Sophia nodded. "As if that's hard to believe," She countered. 
Noah grinned. "You catch on pretty fast," He complimented. 
Sophia blushed. "Not really, actually," She admitted. 
"Oh, don't be modest," Noah persisted. 
"I'm not!" Sophia said. "I'm just known to be a good counterer." 
Noah grinned. Then his face lit up. "Um, hey, wanna duel? Just to pass time." 
"Sure," Sophia accepted. "What kind?" 
Sophia grinned. "Sounds perfect." 

Breathing heavely, Destiny ran into the Bazaar. She ran up to the merchant. "Have- did you see a girl thautamerge just come in and sell a locket that gave Blizard?" She asked, panting. 
The merchant eyed her, and with that Destiny could tell that he was suspisious. "Why?" He questioned. 
"She's my friend," Destiny explained. "I wanted her locket so bad, and she might have forgot that I wanted it. Can I have the same locket she just sold?" 
"Sure, if you have around two thousand gold," The merchant said simply. 
Destiny looked in her pouch, examining her gold. A little over two thousand. It brought her back to when she was in Mooshu, where she had been barely five minutes ago. She had wanted a ninja pig pet, but didn't have enough gold. A girl had volunteered to help her, and that girl had just happened to be Jessica, descendant of Death. As she paid, she just realized an incredible fact. 
We have all descendants but Balance! 
The merchant handed her the locket. Eagerly Destiny opened it and looked inside. She was incredibly disappointed when she found that there was no shard within. 
She was on the verge of crying. All that gold for nothing! And if it wasn't in the amulet, where was it now? Could it be lost? Could Sophia misplaced it? Could it have been dropped? 
Or could Sophia still have it? 
An eager rush of excietment exited her brain and flowed through her veins as she realized not all hope was all lost. Destiny knew that if she were looking in a mirror, that her eyes would be sparkling. She handed the merchant the amulet and said, "Never mind, I was thinking about a different amulet. Sorry." She handed the amulet back, and the merchant gave her around two thousand gold. Destiny slipped them into her pouch and immediately felt the weight on her hip. Then death logos filled the air. Destiny turned around to see Jessica standing behind her. 
"Sophia has it!" Destiny said, as she began to run out of the Bazaar. 
"Wait," Jessica stopped. "Who's Sophia?" 
"My best friend," Destiny replied. 
"Oh," Jessica lowered her head. She seemed stricken. 
Destiny walked from the doorway and to Jessica. "What is it?" She asked. 
"Well," Jessica said. "I was hoping-What school is your friend?" 
She was about to say something else, Destiny noted. "Primary school Ice and secondary Life." 
Jessica groaned. "Ice and Life?" She whined. "Those are the two worst schools in the whole dang cycle! The only WORSE combanation of schools is primary school Life and secondary Ice!" 
"You take Esmee and Alexis well," Destiny pointed out. "If you can take them, you can handle meeting Sophia." 
Jessica sighed. "I guess you're right," She finally admitted. "I'll meet her."
"And be a good sport," Destiny reminded her, slapping her on the arm gently.
"Watch it," Jessica said. But then before she could speak, Destiny said, "Wait, have you noticed that the only descendant we're missing is Balance?"
Jessica nodded. "That's what I was about to say."
"Right," Destiny replied sarcastically.
"It's true!" Jessica persisted. "Do you think we've come across the descendant?" Then Jessica paled. "Wait," She added. "What about you?"
"What about me?" Destiny inquired.
"I'm a descendant of Death," Jessica started. "And apparently so is this Cody Shadowstrider. Jason's the descendant of Fire. Chris is the descendant of Myth. Alexis is Life, and Esmee's Ice. Ryan and Natalie are both Storm. Who is your lineage?"
Destiny was too stunned to speak. Her? A descendant? She was too busy helping the Order of the Spiral and fighting Vladimir that she had never really taken it into consideration. Sure, she had wondered here and there, but she had never tried to track it down or anything of the sort. "I- I don't know," was all she was able to say.
Jessica thought. "Maybe you could be a descendant of Death," She suggested.
Destiny smirked. "Well, as finding you and Cody, if I were, I think I would have realized that by now."
"A descendant of Balance?" Jessica continued.
"I'm no sorcerer, in case you haven't noticed," Destiny pointed out.
Jessica held her hands in the air innocently. "Hey, just a thought," She said, allowing her arms to drop.
Destiny sighed. "I suppose you're right," She said. "What if I'm of powerful lineage too?"
"I bet you are," Jessica said. "Otherwise, how else would you be caught up in this business?"
Destiny shrugged. "I guess a normal girl stumbles in the paranormal kind of plot," She guessed. 
Jessica shook her head. "I don't think so." 

In the Krokotopian Arena, Noah could tell that his new friend Sophia was exhausted after the duel. She walked up to him, and he noticed sweat was beading her forehead. "You're good," She said. "How do you get this talent of magic?" 
He shrugged. "My dad had always said I got it from a great grandpa of mine," Noah said. 
Sophia tilted her head to the right in confusion. "Had always?" She inquired. 
"He died of a fever," Noah explained. "And then shortly he brought my mom down with him." 
Sophia was speechless. Noah could tell she hadn't been expecting that. "Sorry," She finally managed. 
Noah nodded, then their conversation was cut short, someone had just teleported to him. He turned around to find Antonio. Before his cousin could say anything Noah said, "Save it for later, Antonio!" 
Antonio shook his head. "It's not what you think," He said. "A rich Marleybonian miser's son called a meeting with Anthony, Adam, Jose, you and me. We're to come now." 
"What's it for?" Noah inquired. Then he squinted his eyes. "Wait, how do I know this isn't a trick of yours?" 
"You just have to trust me," Antonio persisted. 
"Since when am I supposed to trust you?" Noah countered. 
Antonio was speechless. Finally he just said, "Fine, I give up. Not my fault if you miss it." 
"Not my fault if you get in trouble," 
Then suddenly myth marks appeared behind Antonio. Someone teleported to him. Adam came from behind. "Hurry," He said. "You don't want to miss it! Jose and Anthony are already there, I'll bet they're wondering where we are!" 
If Adam was speaking about it, it might be true, Noah thought. Antonio shot Noah a "Take it or leave it" look. Noah sighed. "Alright, I'll come." 
Adam teleported away, with Antonio following him. Noah turned to look at Sophia, waved goodbye, and teleported to Antonio. 
Apparently they were all inside a Marleybonian mansion. Noah looked around. The walls, ceilings and floors were completely draped in black, with some bits of blood red here and there. Noah looked to Antonio. "This is where we're meeting the guy?" 
Antonio nodded. "I think they call this Thorn Manor," Anthony said before Antonio could say further more. 
Then suddenly huge metal doors painted red opened up. Out came three necromancers, two boys and a girl. One boy appeared to have grandmaster clothing on, with long black hair and blue eyes. To his left was the other boy in a black robe with Storm markings, a black Mooshu hat, and a Grizzlehiem staff. It was then when Noah noticed a sprite next to him. Then his attention diverted to the girl on the grandmaster's right. He reconized her as the girl he saw in Olde Town. 
The grandmaster grinned. "Thank you for coming," He greeted. He looked around the five. "I see you may be wondering who I am," 
"Very true," Jose pointed out. 
The grandmaster looked at Jose for a couple of seconds, then shrugged and continued. "Anyways, my name is Vladimir Thorn Jr., son of the Marleybonian ambassador Vladimir Thorn Sr. These," He said, guestering to the black-haired girl and blue-haired boy, "Are Neela Waterpetal and Cody Shadowstrider, my friends." 
"What about the sprite over there?" Anthony asked. 
The sprite chirped something ununderstandable. 
"This is Lily, or so I am told," Vladimir said. "Cody claims to have found her along Unicorn Way and says that she said that one of her bitter rivals are part of a group of enemies. And that's where I am getting to. 
"You see," Vladimir continued. "Cody, Neela and myself are trying to achieve a certain goal. But, however, there is a band of nine people trying to stop us. They call themselves the Order of the Spiral." 
"So what does this have to do with us?" Antonio questioned. 
"I would hope that you might join us in this cause," Vladimir said. "To support us and to help us defeat the Order of the Spiral. We will also pay you." 
This got everyone but Noah interested. "How much?" Adam asked. 
"10,000 gold now, each, and for every month you stay by us it is another 10,000." Vladimir said. 
"How can you give away that much?" Jose asked, dumbfounded. 
Vladimir shrugged. "My dad's rich," He said. 
"Lucky," Jose whined. 
"So are you in or are you out?" Vladimir persisted. 
"In!" Adam said. 
"For this amount of gold?" Anthony asked. "Definitately!"
"Sure," Jose said. 
"Sounds good," Antonio replied. 
Vladimir grinned wickedly. He turned to Noah. "You?" He asked.
Noah was about to say he was in for it, but then hesitated. Sure, the pay was good, excellent, in fact. But there was something about the three of them that just didn't seem right. Noah finally said, "You mentioned that there are people in which you are working against. Who are they?"
"You don't trust me," Vladimir reasoned.
"I just need to confirm who is good and who is bad," Noah said. "You can't fight if you don't know who your enemy is."
Vladimir considered this. "Very good," He said. "That is another option we need to consider."
"And what if this other team is good?" Noah questioned.
"To confirm your alligences," Vladimir offered. "How about I give a description of these opponents."
"That would make me trust you a lot more," Noah accepted.
"There are seven people to the organization of the Order of the Spiral," Vladimir said. "First off, the leader is Jason Stormflame. He is a master pyromancer, he is very near grandmaster. He has blue eyes, long brown hair, kind of tan skin. He used to be one of my best friends, till he turned on me. The second-in-command is the nuisance Ryan Stormcaster. He is an adept diviner, and sister of another member called Natalie Goldenflame, another diviner, magus. They both have colored skin, and Ryan has purple hair and eyes. Natalie has long white hair and gray eyes. Alone, which they rarely are, these two can be dealt with, but together, they are almost undefeatable. 
"And the luitenant," Vladimir was shaking his head. "Destiny Seagem. She's a journeyman necromancer very close to adeptdom. She would have been very useful on our side. But no. She is not to be messed with at all. She may be only third in command, and lowest in rank, but she's most promising out of all of them. She look a lot like Neela over here, black hair usually in a ponytail, green eyes, pale skin. She has a realivite on their side, Esmee Lionblood. Esmee is an adept thautamerge. She has blue eyes and long auburn hair. She may seem like a weakling, being Ice, but don't underestimate her. I'm sure she can beat most of you no sweat.
"Next," Vladimir vontinued. "Is a magus conjurer called Chris Soulhunter. Like Jason, he used to be a dear friend of mine, until he turned. He has short blonde hair and a combo of gray and black for his eyes, like Cody. There's also Alexis Lifestone, an adept theurgist. She can be double dangerous because she can heal herself. She has kind of tan skin, green eyes, and green hair usually wrapped into a ponytail. You can't really tell her hair because she keeps it shrouded in a Grizzleheim hood. She also wears Grizzleheim themed apparel. She is usually sweet and gentle, but don't be fooled.
"The last two," Vladimir said. "One of those is a girl necromancer in which I have barely seen and do not really know about. I think I heard Destiny call her Jessica. Don't know her last name, if she has one. She has blue eyes and long dark brown hair, and wears black and red Mooshu attire. She looked to be in late magusdom. Don't know her characteristics, but if she's on the Order, then she's dangerous. The last one you'd totally underestimate for size. The last member is a sprite. A more- deformed- sprite. Black hair, pale skin, red eyes, purple dress and books, I think her name was Nikki or something."
Noah heard the sprite chirp something ununderstandable.
"Anyways," Vladimir said. "You can never understand sprites, so I never know what she's saying. I'm sure that its not very good. She usually uses Destiny as some sort of shield. Nikki just seems to hang with her. Wherever Destiny goes, Nikki comes, it seems." Vladimir turned to Noah. "Now have you made up your mind?"
Before Noah could say anything, Antonio said, "Really? They're mostly adepts! We can take them down, I'm sure of it!"
Vladimir shook his head. "You don't understand," He said. "They may come in small ranks, without the strongest spells, but their tactics, cunning, and courage is equal to or over a grandmasters!"
Antonio didn't seem convinced. "They don't seem hard at all!" He persisted. "Why, I think they're just as easy to take down as that eleven-year-old over there!" He reffered to the necromancer called Cody.
"Shut up," Cody threatened calmly.
"Make me," Antonio challenged.
Cody grinned. "All right, I've got no problem with that," He said. Cody took out of what Noah reconized as Ashitaka's Staff of Intent, and used Super Nova on Antonio, an Ice type attack.
Antonio smirked. "Is that all you got?" He scoffed.
"I've got a lot more," Cody dramatically walked to Antonio.
"Cody, don't-" Vladimir tried to warn.
But it was too late. Cody had already used wraith on Antonio, who tried to meekly defend himself with a death shield. The wraith already turned back to Cody to grant him health. Cody quickly used Stormzilla before Antonio could finish his spell, who tried to run from the dinosaur. Antonio quickly attempted a seraph, but because he was concentrating on the heat of the moment instead of the spell, it fizzled. After the stormzilla was done with Antonio, Cody himself charged Antonio and kicked him in the stomach, causing Antonio to fall to the floor.
Antonio's friends tried to help him, but Cody swiftly turned around and casted a spell unreconizable to Noah. It seemed to be a mutated form of meteor strike, only the meteors and everything that was supposed to be a firey red was pitch black. It affected Adam, Anthony and Jose so they wouldn't try to help Antonio anymore.
Noah, however, had a different point of view of the fight. Noah was laughing so hard he could barely breathe. After all this time of Antonio beating him up, accusing him of various things, everything he did, it seemed to be coming back to get the theurgist. He could definately use this against Antonio whenever he tried to do something to him! Through it all, Antonio was glaring at him as Noah laughed.
Cody continued to beat up Antonio. He punched Antonio in the face, kicked him in the shin, then used the end of his staff to knock the air out of Antonio. Then Cody pinned Antonio's arms and legs to the ground. Before Cody could make it for the kill, Neela finally took action and rushed to the fight. At first, she tried to separate them using her hands, then unsceathed her sword and poked Cody back with the hilt. As she did, Neela yelled, "STOP!"
Cody was still breathing heavily and tried to charge Antonio once more, but Neela stopped him. Breathing hard, Neela said, "You can't beat up Antonio, Cody!"
"Oh yeah?" Cody challenged. "I just did!"
"But not anymore!" Neela scolded. Then she seemed to relax a little. "Look, Antonio accepted our offer, so apparently you're going to have to learn to live with him. And that doesn't include beating him up!"
Cody grunted and turned away. But before he turned away, he quickly rushed to Antonio and grabbed the front of his robe, leaning his face in close to Antonio's so their noses were touching. "Listen up, and listen up fast," Cody said. "You call me eleven-year-old, weak, or anything whatsoever of the sort ever again I will pwn you triple of the helping you just got!" Cody leaned his face ever so closer, which had kind of seemed impossible to Noah, considering the fact that they were already practically touching. "Is that clear?"
Antonio hurridly nodded.
Cody forcefully let go of his robe, gritting his teeth as he joined Vladimir and Neela once again. Vladimir dismissed the fight and turned to Noah. "So," He said. "Are you in or are you out?"
A thautamerge strolled down Ravenwood, returning home from his Ice lesson. Then he spotted two boys looking suspisious. One appeared to be a diviner in purple and white Mooshu clothing, with short brown hair. The thautamerge couldn't see his eyes. To the diviner's left was a conjurer in Dragonspyre robes with long yellow hair.
"What do you think of the deal?" A voice said. It seemed to be coming from the conjurer.
"I like the fact that he's gonna give us 10,000 gold each month!" The diviner said. As he said it, something seemed to drop from his pouch. The duo didn't seem to notice that it had dropped.
"Still," The conjurer said. "I can't believe that Noah passed Vladimir up! I had always known that he was an idiot, but not that idiotic!"
"He didn't really pass him up," The diviner corrected. "He just said he needed to speak with the Order of the Spiral whatchamacallit."
"Which is kind of passing him up," The conjurer supported.
"Actually Adam," The diviner said. "I do kind of have a bad feeling. But I don't care, the gold is worth it!"
They seemed to be walking away now, considering the fact that they were now harder to hear. The thautamerge rushed to the item they dropped. He observed it carefully. It was a tiny thing- like a shard to something. It was around two inches long but not very wide. It was purple and seemed to be charging with energy, and the energy appeared to be lightning. The thautamerge yelled after them, "Hey! You dropped this!"
But the duo didn't seem to hear. They were either too far away to hear or too absorbed in their conversation.
I guess I'll keep it, Chris Mythflame thought.
After Noah teleported away from her, Sophia thought long and hard about the affairs Destiny was having with her shard. Still in the arena, she looked at it again, it was two inches tall in length and another inch in width. It was an ice blue color and there seemed to be little snow falling. She was caught up in observing it until Sophia noticed that someone had teleported to her.
It was Destiny.
She was about to say something until she noticed the shard Sophia had. Then Destiny said, "Yes! You have it!"
"You want this, don't you?" Sophia challenged.
"Not just want it," Destiny corrected. "I need it! You don't know what's at stake!"
"Give me one good reason why I should give this to you," Sophia said.
"It's a long story," Destiny defended.
Sophia was getting ticked off. For the past month or two, Destiny had been hiding something from her, something big. She had to find that out now! "I'm sorry Destiny, but the only way your getting this is if you explain everything to me! And I mean everything!"
Destiny opened her mouth to protest, but then closed it again. Then Sophia saw that she had given in. "Fine, I guess its time you know anyways."
"Um, yeah, it is," Sophia agreeed.
But before Destiny could begin, someone else had teleported to Sophia. He appeared to be a pyromancer, in his late adept. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. "What's up?" Noah asked Sophia.
"One of my other friends is explaining something to me, so I guess you should get out, sorry." Sophia said. Then she leaned her body to face Destiny. "Wait, is it okay if he sticks around?"
"Probably not," Destiny admitted.
"Oh well," Sophia gave in. But before Noah could teleport away, Sophia said, "Wait, Noah, I'd like you to meet one of my friends. Destiny, this is Noah Firewielder. Noah, this is Destiny Seagem."
Noah seemed to freeze. He slowly turned around and gaped at Destiny in awe. "You... you're... you're one of them!" He stammered.
"One of what?" Destiny seemed confused.
"You know what I'm talking about!" Noah persisted. "You fit Vladimir's description! You're a part of the Order of the Spiral!"
"You KNOW?" Sophia yelled at Noah. "Both of you seem to know what's going on, know its time I'm a part of that! You tell me now or else-"
"Honestly, Sophia," Noah interupted. "I don't know either." Noah turned to Destiny. "That's why I was trying to find you guys, the members of the Order of the Spiral thing that Vladimir talked about. I had a feeling that he wasn't telling me everything, even though he gave clear discriptions of you guys. I have a feeling that you guys will explain." 
"Explaining sounds good," Sophia pointed out.
Destiny sighed. Now it was double the excietment. Finally, she said to Sophia, "Do you remember the incident on the day of our orientation? When the necromancer gave the wedgie to the diviner? And I pushed the necromancer down?" 
Sophia nodded. "Yeah." Then she put something together. "Wait... Oh yeah! That's the Vladimir guy you're talking of, isn't it?" 
Destiny nodded. "Well, it has something to do with him..." 
Adam Soulcrafter and Jose Breeze finally returned to Thorn Manor. It had been a nice walk down Ravenwood, but they were both now anxious to see if Vladimir would now explain things to them as promised. They both had wondered what the little purple piece that Vladimir had given them was. He had left them to guard it, but he didn't tell them what it was.
"What do you suppose it is?" Adam asked.
Jose shrugged. "I don't know. Here, let me get it out..." He looked through his pouch. After five minutes of looking, he said, "Uh-oh."
Adam tilted his head in curiosity. "What's wrong?" Adam asked.
"I can't find the dang thing!"  Jose said.
"What're you going to tell Vladimir?" Adam asked, hoping he didn't sound like he was worrying. Worrying was for weaklings, he had always said. Adam had to remain true to his quote.
"Well, he is paying us for our alligences," Jose reasoned. "I guess its best to tell him."
Adam nodded. "You're right." He said. "I bet he'll forgive us."
It was anything but.
"HOW'D YOU LOOSE IT?" Vladimir screamed.
"We don't know!" Jose defended. "We just strolled down Ravenwood and all of a sudden its gone! I'm sorry!"
"No time for sorry!" Vladimir snapped. "Go back to Ravenwood, see if it's there!"
"Actually," Adam stepped in. "I remember overhearing a boy yelling, 'Is this yours?' We thought it was someone elses."
Vladimir seemed to cool down a little. A little. "Who'd you loose the piece to?" He questioned.
"It looked like an adept thautamerge," Adam said. "But it wasn't this Esmee you spoke of. It was a male." Then he grinned smugly. "And, I remember someone teleporting to him. I think he's called Chris Mythflame."
Vladimir nodded. Then he thought something over. "Wait... why does the name sound familier?"
Then he remembered his first duel with Destiny, he was against her, Natalie, and another thautamerge...
Named Chris.
"Oh no," Vladimir muttered. "Congradulations, thanks to your foolhardyness, we've lost the Storm Shard to the Order of the Spiral!" Then he realized the mistake he made.
"Storm Shard?" Jose asked.
"It's nothing," Vladimir said.
"If its nothing," Jose countered. "Then why are you so upset about it?"
"Based on the performance you just gave," Vladimir said. "It doesn't seem like you or Adam deserve an explaination. The best thing you guys can do is get Anthony and Antonio."
"Why?" Adam asked.
"I need a small, elite team now to track Chris down and steal the shard back. I need those two to prove their worth and loyalty. You've already given a good demonsration."
It had taken at least a full hour of explaination, telling the story of the First Wizards, the past events, the Blade of Seven story, the questions, it had been hard for Destiny to explain. Finally, all she could say was, "See now why I need that sliver so much?"
Sophia nodded. She held the Ice Shard to Destiny. "Here you go."
Destiny accepted, slipping the shard into her pouch. "Thank you."
"Hey, I have to do it if the chance of the spiral being led by that mad necromancer is weighing down on it." Sophia pointed out. 
Destiny smiled. Then she turned to Noah. "Now is the time you need to confirm your side," She pressed onto Noah. 
"I think the Order of the Spiral," Noah said. "Mainly because you explained almost everything to me and Vladimir didn't." 
Destiny nodded. "Thanks." She now looked back and forth from Sophia to Noah. "So, the time has come for me to ask the both of you, will you become members of the Order of the Spiral?" 
Sophia shook her head. "I believe you and all of that, and I know for sure that what you're doing is better then Vladimir, but, I don't want to be caught up in this. I just want to go to school, quest, rise up ranks, just lead a normal life. If you're in a troubling situation, you can definately call me for backup, and I'm on your side. But I want to be a normal person." 
Destiny nodded. "I understand. And you're lucky you had a choice to become involved! Natalie, Ryan, Jason and Chris didn't really give me that option, honestly. Well, I guess they did, but it seemed like I was already in it." Destiny turned back to Noah. "Now, what about you? Are you going to try to lead a normal life like Sophia or are you going to join us?" 
Before Noah could respond, Destiny sensed that someone teleported to her. She spun around to see who it was.
It was Chris Mythflame.
Destiny smiled. "Hey!" She greeted. "Haven't seen you in a while!"
"Nevermind that," Chris said. "There are these three people who're after me!"
"What three people?" Destiny asked.
"A pyromancer, a theurgist and the necromancer we fought!" Chris said. "They're after this!" He pulled out a sleek purple piece that seemed to be trying to contain lightning in it. Then Destiny heard a faint humming noise coming from two different sources; the Ice Shard and what Chris now held in his hand.
Destiny gasped at what Chris held up; she could tell at once that it was the Storm Shard.
"Oh, gosh Chris, I need that!" Destiny begged.
"Oh, helephant!" Chris said. "Why is everyone after it?"
Sophia gasped. "Is that the Storm Shard?"
Destiny nodded. "Indeed."
"Okay, what's the big deal with these Shards?" Chris questioned.
Before Destiny could explain, Vladimir and two other boys she couldn't recongnize arrived. One of the boys had green eyes, long brown hair and tan skin, wearing green robes. He also appeared to have a black eye. The other had long red hair and amber eyes, with pale skin in red Mooshu robes.
Vladimir looked from Chris, to Noah, to Destiny. "Well well," He said. "I see you've met Destiny, Noah." He said.
Noah nodded. "Have you chosen sides yet?" Vladimir questioned.
Noah didn't say anything.
"Do I take that as a yes or a no?" Vladimir asked.
"Take that as 'I'm still thinking over it.'" Noah responded.
Vladimir nodded. He turned to Sophia. "Who do we have here?" He asked, guestering to Sophia.
"No one," Destiny said. "She's no threat."
But before Destiny could finish, Vladimir said, "Ah, I remember you." He grinned. "You're Destiny's friend."
Sophia nodded. "You're the guy who bullied the diviner."
"Hey, he was annoying me." Vladimir defended.
"More like you were annoying him," Sophia countered.
"He was rebelling," Vladimir pointed out.
"You seem pretty peaceful right now, Vladimir," Destiny interupted. "What's the catch?"
Vladimir grinned. "I need to talk to Chris," He said.
"He knows," Destiny said. "Like you're going to get it from him!"
Vladimir ignored Destiny and turned to Chris. "I need the thing you picked up," He explained.
"Oh, so NOW you're handleing this peacefully?" Chris questioned. "You could have done that long ago before you started attacking me for it!"
"Well, I guess if you're not going to give it to me voluntarily," Vladimir began. "I guess I need to take it from you forcefully."
With that, Vladimir casted a scarecrow at Destiny, Sophia and Chris. Chris and Sophia both countered with Ice Wyvern while Destiny attempted a vampire. Unfortunately, the vampire fizzled. The redhead Destiny didn't reconize casted a phoenix at Sophia, whereas the theurgist with the black eye summoned a minion, then seraph at Destiny. Destiny used a Fire Dragon treaure card, having a pretty good effect on the trio, except the pyromancer, who had a heavy resistance. Sophia made up for that using seraph, and Chris used Sandstorm. Either it was a treasure card, or his secondary was Balance. Then Destiny noticed that Noah was just standing by watching, apparently not knowing who to side with. She could see the sweat heating up on his forehead through the decision. Vladimir used a skeletal pirate on Sophia.
She was out.
Chris rummaged through Life treasure cards, then found a fairy, healing her a little bit. Sophia immediately used Evil Snowman on Vladimir.
Destiny sighed. They weren't getting anywhere with this. They needed the same tactics as she and Esmee had used in Grizzleheim; flee. The Order of the Spiral needed the Storm Shard, she could't risk Vladimir taking it back. She guestered to Chris, Sophia and Noah to flee. They all did, leaving Vladimir, the theurgist, the pyromancer and the Krokotopian Arena behind.
Breathless, Destiny guestered to Chris for the Storm Shard. He hurridly gave it to her. "I don't know what's happening, but you having it seems better then Vladimir," Chris said. He looked around anxiously. "I need to go, I just don't want those three finding me again!" Chris teleported somewhere.
"Well," Sophia said. "He kinda rushed through it, you know what I mean?"
Destiny nodded. "I guess I see his point."
Sophia shrugged. Then she turned to Noah. "Why didn't you help us?" Sophia questioned.
"I was stuck!" Noah defended.
"Wait," Destiny started. "What do you mean, stuck? Did you know the pyromancer and the theurgist?"
Noah nodded. "The theurgist is my cousin, Antonio Lifespear. The pyromancer is his friend, Anthony Spiritwalker."
"But didn't they bully you?" Sophia questioned.
"The offer to join them is still up in the air," Noah said. "They need a confirmation soon."
Then Destiny got an idea. "Hey!" She said. "I know what you should do?"
Right after that, Destiny pulled out her Communication Stone. You got any more of the stones? She wrote.
Yeah, why? Jason wrote.
I have an idea, Destiny began. But for it I need another one.
Sure, I'll get one over to you. Jason immediately teleported. He handed a stone and stick to Destiny. "Why do you need it?" He asked.
"I'm getting to that," Destiny said. She handed the stone and stick to Noah. "Accept Vladimir's offer," Destiny said. "You're going to spy on them, like Neela did with us!"
"How do I contact you?" Noah asked. "I'll get busted for sure!"
"Not with this," Destiny replied. "Use the stick to write on the stone whatever you need to report, and it'll get to me and Jason. The signal that you get the message is if its burning hot."
Noah nodded. "I understand." He started to teleport away before Sophia stopped him. "Wait, just out of curiosity," Sophia began. "You said you inhereted your fire powers from a great-grandfather. Do you know who he was?"
Noah nodded again. "Yeah, dad told me." He said. "I think his name was Marcus Dawngem."
The Necromancer's Matter, Part 9; A Glitch in Time

"The newspaper archives are right this way," The wizard library volunteer said. 
"Thanks," Destiny said. 
Ever since Noah had revealed that Marcus was his great-granddad, she had been researching him, looking for any hints that could be useful. From Noah's knowledge she had learned that Marcus was an only child and had lived until he was sixteen years old. He was a very advanced student that even Dragonspyre Academy was impressed with, and she knew they were strict when it came to students. His academic level was so high that he constantly made newspapers, them saying how great and dedicated he was. She was mainly scanning for any hints of Legendary Wizards activity. 
Destiny walked through the archieves hall, scanning the newspapers that were printed when Marcus was alive. Destiny chose a few months worth of newspapers and looked until she found something:  

                                       A New Age of Wizards 

Recently, there have been some advanced students making their way towards the highest academic achievement possible. There are some very dedicated students in which have made the honor roll so many time in which they have to be reconized for their strong efforts. 

Destiny leafed through the biographies for dedicated students until she came across Marcus: 

Marcus Dawngem 
Marcus is a fellow fire student who has achieved honors since he was seven. His extrodinary ablities for Fire Magic has allowed him to rise up and up until he has gotten to where he is now: at the top of Dragonspyre Academy. "He always studies hard and tries his best," Says his sister, Cassandra Spellfountain, adept thautamerge. 

Destiny read on the biography and other newspaper articles until she came across a newspaper with an interesting header: 

                                            Dawngem Fades 

Fellow wizards, old and young, grandmaster and novice, are now saddened by the shock of the sudden death of Marcus Dawngem, at the age of sixteen. The high-achieving grandmaster fire student was found in his room, lying on the floor, stone dead. His eyes were wide open along with his mouth, but no one has any idea why this sudden tradgedy has taken its toll. "He was just fine the day before," His family claims. "Then all of a sudden, he goes into his room, and he stays there for hours. We call him to dinner, and when he didn't come, we rushed to investigate. And there he was, just dead. We have no idea why all of a sudden, this, this ordeal for us is taking place!" 
For those who don't know who Marcus is, he was a high-ranked fire student. At novice his professor could see just what Marcus held in store. "He was so bright," Professor Firestone, teacher of Fire, said. "I could instantly tell that he was so capable of many things. It is a great loss to have such a young and brilliant mind lost." 
Marcus reached apprentice soon, then became initiate in a matter of days. In just two months, at the age of nine, Marcus was a grandmaster and unbelievably, still moving. During his lifetime he has achieved countless honors since the age of eight. "I honestly think he had more then the capacity to become a future teacher of Dragonspyre Academy," Shares his friend, Patrick Thundershard, master diviner. "He even tried to create his own spells! Even though we were best buds, I always looked up to him. Even at death, I still do."
We will all mourn the loss of Marcus Dawngem. Funeral services will be conducted at the Dawngem home, next friday starting at 10:00 am. 

Destiny had never realized how much even she was saddened until now. She could tell that everyone had had high expectations of him. Then all of a sudden he was gone. Sighing heavily, she cleaned up the newspaper articles and put them back in place. Destiny picked up her Scavenger's Staff of Sagas and exited the library. She was also now level 23, wore the Initiate's Uniform, was still sticking with the Onyx Studded Boots, and was really proud of her hat, the Animated Tri-Corn. It was a rare item and was no longer sold. 
Nikki fluttered up to her. I read most of the article, She said. Until you put them away. It's kinda sad, isn't it? 
Destiny nodded. "It is indeed,"  
Well, I meant you putting away the articles, actually, Nikki admitted. 
Destiny glared at Nikki. 
Kidding, Nikki muttered. Take a joke, will you? 
"The death of someone that great isn't a joke," Destiny said as she exited the library.

Jessica sneaked behind the houses in the Commons as she eyed her target. 
Her eyes followed the thautamerge around, and when Sophia stopped at Zeke and Eloise, Jessica closed in a little to hear the adept better. 
"What was that again, my dear?" Eloise asked, straining to hear. 
"I need a Cardinals Cap, Rouge's Robe and Jester's Slippers," Sophia ordered. "All purple with a dark green trim. Girl kind." 
"Your reason to purchase them?" Eloise asked. When Sophia raised an eyebrow, Eloise said, "Sorry dear, a student just asked me to ask why wizards purchased things for a survey. My apologies if I seemed suspisous." 
Sophia smiled. "It's okay," She said. "I'm buying the outfit as a birthday present for a friend," Sophia answered.
Eloise turned to another sheet of paper in a notebook and added up the cost total. "That'll be 1980 Gold," She said. 
Sophia looked through her pouch for a while as Eloise bagged the robes. When Eloise turned to Sophia again, Sophia had the appropriate amount of gold. She handed the gold to Eloise. "Kinda costly," Sophia admitted. "I only had 2000 gold in there." 
"Oh well, it is for a friend," Eloise helped. "It'll be worth the smile." 
"Yes, yes it will," Sophia answered. "Thanks Eloise! Nice doing business with you!" 
"Have a nice day!" Eloise waved as Sophia skipped away. 
Jessica calmly stalked Sophia. Then she calmly reached for her wand and aimed it at her. 
Jessica knew that casting spells wasn't tollorated in the Commons. But did Jessica care? No. She didn't. 
Going ahead, Jessica tried a Vampire, to start off easy. 
Her spell succeeded. 
Jessica grinned as the Vampire was set loose. 
Life and Ice, especially Ice, would pay for the misery they had afflicted to her.

The wizards in the Commons, especially novices and apprentices, screamed and ran away from someone or something. Sophia looked around to see what the sudden screaming was about, then she saw the vampire fluttering in the air, delebirately ruining the peace that was meant to be in the Commons. Sophia was surprised when the Vampire went for her. 
Sophia took out her new Krokotopian staff, but then realized that if she casted spells along with the necromancer, she would get in trouble, too. She might not even win. 
All she could do was run. 
So that's what Sophia did. 
Sophia ran around the Commons, trying her best to dodge the vampire. Seeing the success, the necromancer began to cast another spell. 
Sophia looked around earnestly for help, hoping to spot the administration or some brave students. Unfortunately, there weren't. 
Things were in her own hands. She had to act, and act quick. 
Then she remembered something that Professor Icetalon (A fat fairy) had said to his students, "When in a tough spot, use the advantage of your surroundings. This is the Ice Wizard's normal specialty." 
Use your surroundings. 
Right when the necromancer had summoned a skeletal pirate, which lunged for Sophia, the adept rushed through the decision, barely pausing to think. 
Sophia jumped headfirst into the lake. The advantage when Ice Wizards swam in water, they could breathe and their eyes wouldn't sting. Then Sophia froze the surface of the lake, trapping herself in the waters. Nice work Sophia, She complemented. Quick thinking and good defense. You're growing into a successful wizard of Ice.
The encouragement didn't last long, however. The skeletal pirate and vampire were relentless and wouldn't give up. The vampire's claws scratched rapidly at the Ice unsuccessfully. The status didn't discourage him, however. The skeletal used the tip of its sword to  puncture and hack away at the surface. It was actually making some progress. Just a few more moments and the barrier would be penetrated. 
Just as the shield of Ice was about the break away, a familier voice saved her. 
"I heard screaming in the Commons. What's going on?" 
All of a sudden the vampire quit raking as did the pirate with his sword. Sophia swam and pressed her face to see who had stopped them. 
It was Destiny. 
"Jessica, what's going on?" Destiny persisted. Sophia clarified that Jessica was the name of the necromancer. 
"Death spells on the loose," Jessica said. True. "I'm trying to get them under control." False. 
Sophia took a deep breath and used the her staff to break the Ice herself. The look on Destiny's face was inevitable when she saw Sophia clamor out of the lake. Tired, Sophia melted the sheet of Ice spreading the lake, and the skeletal pirate gave way. The vampire resisted and held his own by taking advantage of the fact that he had wings, but then they were too frail and gave way along with the pirate. 
"Sophia?" Destiny asked, unable to hide the shock in her voice. "Wha-what in Merlin's name were you doing in the lake?" 
Sophia ignored Destiny's question and said instead, "I've got them under control now." Sophia turned the necromancer called Jessica. "Now, I need answers. Clearly you were the one who attacked me." 
"You did WHAT?" Destiny shrieked. 
The sprite next to Destiny-Nikki was her name, wasn't it?- chirped something ununderstandable. "No, Nikki, she didn't deserve it!" 
Nikki talked back. 
"That's your opinion!" Destiny protested. She turned back to Jessica, clearly mad. "Why?" 
"I hate Ice and Life," Jessica muttered. "I told you that a long time ago." 
"A long time ago was barely two months!" Destiny said. She started to say something, but before she could, Jessica interrupted her, before she had even begun. "A long time in my standards," Jessica said. 
"So you hate Ice and Life," Destiny said. "That nowhere means that you can rush into the Commons and just attack someone!" Destiny looked around her. "The Commons is empty because of you! Do you know what this means Jessica? Do you?" 
"What?" Jessica snapped. 
"Suspension!" Destiny yelled. "And that's getting off EASY! This is worth EXPELLATION! If the administration were to find out about this, which they will, and find the culprit, you will be expelled!" 
Jessica stared at Destiny. Finally she said, "Expellation is a risk I'm willing to take to exact my revenge on those schools." She said. Then Jessica turned away from Destiny and Sophia. 
When Sophia was sure that Jessica had gone, she nudged Destiny. "It sounded like you knew her," Sophia said. 
Destiny nodded. "I do. She's a friend of mine." 
Silence had fallen between them. "I'm sorry Destiny," Sophia said, beginning to cry. "I really am!" 
Destiny hugged Sophia. "Its not your fault," She soothed. "We all know that Jessica brought this on herself."

I would like to say that on that certain night, that Destiny had a peaceful and dreamless sleep. But, I can't, seeing how that dream is vital to the story and this part particurally. That, and it just wouldn't make sense to say that she had due to the amount of stress she currently had pressed on her.
After the long day in the library and the stress from the newly erected fight between the two necromancers, Destiny went to bed, after settling Nikki in. As she faded into sleep, she thought of the great loss of Marcus, and hopefully not Jessica. 

Destiny was surrounded by sand.
Krokotopia. She was back at the Oasis. 
Before she could open her eyes, she spotted a familier figure. 
Destiny walked up to him. Balance was smiling. He looked around as if they were sharing a secret and everyone was going to hear it, there was no one around. Then, out of thin air, he pulled out a sword. The steel blade appeared to be attatched to an unusual hilt: It appeared to be made of a dragon's talon. 
Balance then turned the sword around and cut himself on the arm. A few drips of blood came seething out of the wound and onto the sand. It seemed to form as a solid. 
Balance picked up the now-solid form of the blood up. Destiny turned her attention to the wound for a split second, it was already healed. She figured, because, 

1) It was a dream 
2) Destiny figured that those kind of things would happen to a Legendary 

It seemed that Balance was now trying to puncture the solid form of the blood with the sword. It couldn't cut through, it seemed to be inpenitrable, strong. 
Destiny could now hear a rustle in the sand, another boy was here. And above him, the sky seemed to darken, as if night were approaching. The boy pointed to it with his right index finger, and seemed to be giddy, as if he had found it. Then the boy dissolved into sand along with the night sky directly above him, but his giddyness remained. 
But in his place was another boy. He picked something off from the ground. He seemed to be holding ashes. He fashioned the ashes into many things: first a staff, then a book, a stuffed animal, a firecat, and so on until he, like the privious boy, turned into sand, the ashes with it. 
Destiny turned to Balance once more. He stepped closer to the Oasis water and rummaged through it for something, the ripples evidence of it. Finally he pulled out an aqua-colored jewel, water still dripping from it. 

She woke up. But not just on instinct: there was a red-hot burning at her hip. She quickly felt around it, and was almost half-surprised that it was the Communication Stone. She peered at it. She wondered if it were Jason or Noah. The message answered for her. 
I finally reached grandmaster! Jason said. 
Really? Destiny wrote. That's great! Congradulations, commander. You're the first member of the Order of the Spiral to reach that rank. 
And not just that, He added. Dragonspyre is thinking of accepting me! 
Okay, now that's great! Destiny said. Then, thinking of the recent event, Destiny wrote, But the battle still rages on. 
Uh oh, Jason wrote. What is it now? 
I had a dream, Destiny replied. It's not like the one I had in Krokotopia or the one after the mission in Marleybone pointing to Jessica. It was a variety of things. And guess who's in it? 
Who? Jason inquired. 
Oh, gosh. Jason said. This is GREAT! It could be leading to the descendant of balance
Actually, Destiny corrected. Descedants. More then one. 
Nice, Jason complemented. So, what happened first? 
First off, Destiny started. Balance had this sword appear. It had a steel blade and the hilt was a dragon's claw or talon, however you want to put it. 
Oh, that's easy, Jason wrote. Either Dragonsword or Dragonblade. 
That seems about right, Destiny approved. The next one was this; Balance cut himself. Blood came out, then it transformed into a solid. He tried to use the sword to penitrate it, but it seemed kinda, kinda strong. 
A little harder, Jason admitted. I'm thinking Strongblood. 
Okay, these next two are tricky, Destiny said. This boy appeared, and there was night around him, even though the rest of the sky was in the tone of light blue. He was pointing to it and seemed happy that he had spotted it. 
There was silence from Jason. That one he had to figure out, apparently. Finally the stone burned. Keywords are night and spotted. Nightfinder? He tried. 
You're good at this, Destiny said. But, there's something familier about the last two names. 
Nightfinder and Strongblood? 
Yeah, Destiny said. Where have I heard those two before? 
Once you mention it, Jason said. I think I've heard them before, too. But this isn't a trip to memoryland, if there's such a place. Is there any more of them? 
Yes, Destiny wrote. The next one is when a boy picked up ash and molded it into a variety of items. 
You said that that this would be hard, Jason pointed out. That's easy! Ashwielder, no duh. 
Okay, there's one more, Destiny replied. Balance kneeled down and picked up this jewel from the Oasis lake. 
There was no reply from Jason for at least ten minutes. That could mean a whole bunch of last names. But one of them, oh gosh. 
What's one of the last names? Destiny questioned. 
Um, one of the options is Seagem. 

Jason and Destiny both looked around them: They had gathered all the members of the Order of the Spiral at Destiny's cottage. The members were Jason, herself, Ryan Stormcaster, a diviner in his early magus, his sister, Natalie Goldenflame, a diviner, like her brother, who just turned level 40, Destiny's cousin Esmee Lionblood, an adept thautamerge very close to magus, Chris Soulhunter, a master conjurer, Alexis Lifestone, a theurgist who just turned magus, Jessica, a necromancer in her middle magus, and Nikki, an exiled sprite princess. 
"Destiny here has just had another prophaphectic dream," Jason started out. "They concern the matter of the descendants of Balance." 
Alexis gasped. "The cycle is almost complete!" 
"Awesome," Esmee added. "But who are they?" 
"Yeah," Ryan joined in. 
"I'm getting there, I'm getting there," Jason tried to calm the members down. "The last names we interpreted were, in order: Dragonsword or Dragonblade; Strongblood; Nightfinder; Ashwielder and, the last one could mean lots of things but, one of the options is," Jason looked at Destiny. "Seagem." 
Instantly all heads swivled towards Destiny. "Knew it!" Jessica said at last, pumping her fist in the air in triumph. Soon the stares were passed on to Jessica, who then blushed. "We had a talk in the Bazaar," She admitted. Shortly, Jessica realized her mistake as she remembered the event that had taken place the day before. "Not that it matters," Jessica grumbled, sinking into her seat. "There are four others anyways."
As Jessica said this, the Stone burned hot. Destiny quickly pulled it out and read, Guys, this is Noah. Urgent! Vladimir, Neela, Cody, Antonio and Anthony are coming to raid your base! 
It's my house, for crying out loud! Destiny wrote. How do they get access? 
Apparently Vladimir has this sort of system where he can hack the security system of houses, Noah explained. He fabricates house keys, equips the house, and you get the picture for now. 
I guess that's how Neela raided one of the times before, Destiny guessed. As she was writing, she yelled, "Guys! Prepare your wands and spell deck! Noah has warned of an ambush coming shortly!" Destiny readied her staff. 
"How shortly?" Natalie asked, urgency clearly audible in her voice. 
"A few minutes shortly! Hurry!" Before she even finished saying that, almost all of the members were readied for battle. 
Quickly prepare, Noah warned. They've already left the manor! 
Before Noah could even finish, the spiral door swiveled open to let out a leprechaun aiming for Jason. But something was unusal about the leprechaun: 
It was black. It seemed like a mutated, twisted form of the move. Death Leprechaun, Destiny named. 
Destiny swiftly wrote Noah back. Hold on, she said. They're already here! 
Wow, they're quicker then I thought! Noah wrote. Good luck holding them off. 
Nikki killed the death leprechaun with one of her own. Natalie attempted a Kracken at Vladimir, who had just emerged. Neela followed with a wraith, the wraith aimed for Jessica. She tried to cast a Kracken to defend herself, but it fizzled. The Adept life wizard (Destiny thought it was Antonio) summoned a Seraph at Alexis, which didn't do too much damage due to her resistance and a life shield. The pyromancer, Anthony, aimed his merciless helephant at Esmee, who conjured a fire shield in order to save herself. She flung it at the firey elephant then quickly ran away. Anthony followed. "Sissy!" He cried out. 
That was enough for Esmee. 
"SISSY?" She shrieked. She cast an Ice Wyvern, Evil Snowman, and Blizzard in that order, all aimed for Anthony. He gulped as he tried to scramble away. 
Esmee nodded her approval. She folded her arms in satisfaction, despite the raging battle. "Run. Run, run, run while you can, sissy," She said, copying the pyromancer. 
Meanwhile, Ryan and Natalie were teaming up against Neela. Neela used Doom and Gloom while Ryan brought up a colossus while a spell of Natalie's fizzled. 
As the colussus boomed after Neela, she yelled to Ryan, "I thought you were a magus diviner, not a master thautamerge!" 
Ryan sighed in exasperation. "Treasure cards, nitwit." He said. 
"Oh. I knew that." Neela said calmly despite avoiding the colossus trying to kill her. 
"Right," Ryan said sarcastically while Natalie summoned lightning bats. 
Jason, Chris and Jessica were ganging up against Vladimir. Jessica attempted a skeletal pirate, not doing much damage due to Vladimir's resistance. Chris tried humongofrog, his smelly belch sticking all over Vladimir. Vladimir looked down at himself, as if he couldn't believe the slimey goo all over him. "Sick," He muttered. 
"I didn't know boys were also concerned about their looks," Jessica said. "Most boys aren't. Wait, does this mean you're... you're a GIRL?" 
"WHAT?" Vladimir shrieked. His rage brought up a wraith, skeletal pirate and a... 
No, it wasn't a firecat. Well, it kinda was. It was a rather twisted form of it, like a firecat, only the cat was black. Black cat? Jessica guessed. Her confusion brought her off-guard, and Vladimir quickly used that chance to summon a Kracken. 
"Treasure card?" Jessica asked. 
Jason shook his head as he tried a meteor strike. It fizzled, due to the lack of concentration. "No, his secondary is Storm," He yelled over the commotion, the sound of spells in the air. "When we were little, we agreed to choose the same secondary. We both chose Storm. Chris wanted to train in Life badly, though." 
"Don't push it," Chris warned, speaking up for the first time in ages. 
In another part of the cottage, Destiny and Alexis were teaming up against Cody and Antonio. For some reason, Cody kept giving Antonio glares. Glares that seemed to read stuff like: Don't try anything or, I will kill you afterwards. She was confused, seeing how they were supposed to be on the same team. 
Alexis casted a seraph at Cody while Destiny took the theurgist with a skeletal pirate. Then Destiny summoned a minion. 
Cody looked at Destiny suspisiously. "You don't learn that till you're thirty!" He said as he used a wraith. 
"Hat," Destiny reminded as the minion attempted a dark sprite at Antonio. Alexis gritted her teeth and decided to go for Antonio instead, drawing a centaur. Despite the resistance, it did heavy damage. But Antonio quickly used Satyr on himself, so the centaur hadn't really done much good. Destiny decided to try to make up for it with a skeletal pirate at Antonio whereas Alexis used Seraph once more on Cody, who easily defended himself with a Life shield, then summoning a minotaur at Alexis. While he did that, Destiny saw a glint of sparkling green hanging from Antonio's belt. Thinking that she knew what it could be, she used another skeletal pirate while the minion used a simple ghoul. Destiny manervered easily through the battle and too the pouch, and quickly drew her athame and cut off the pouch from Antonio's belt. 
That's when Antonio spun around as Destiny ran away. "Hey!" He ran after her, trying to regain his stolen items, therefore leaving Cody and Alexis to duel each other. Antonio tailed after Destiny into the cottage. 
Antonio looked around. Where was she? 
Destiny was hiding behind her Wraith statue that she had recieved from Baron Mordecai. She opened the pouch, at the same time keeping an eye on Antonio, who was searching the house. She rummaged through a few rings and chokers, an athame, and a robe he had forgotten to sell before she found what she was looking for. 
It was green, and in height it was no more then an inch long, but in width it had to be at least four inches. It was a dark green, and tiny little leaves seemed to fall as if it were fall and it were falling from a tree within. She could feel and see the power inside it. 
The Life Shard. 
"Yes," Destiny whispered in triumph. She quickly stuffed the Life Shard into her pouch, then put the rings chockers, athame and robe back in the pouch. She sealed it, and checked on Antonio. He was upstairs, looked behind the dresser. Destiny quickly took advantage of the situation and ran out of the house. But before she did that, she turned around and called after him, "You can keep it!", thrusting the pouch on the floor as she ran out to join the fight again. 
She at first headed to join Alexis, but it seemed that the theurgist was doing pretty well against Cody, with the help of her healing spells. Esmee seemed like she was handling Anthony. Jessica, Chris and Jason were ganged up against Vladimir. But Ryan and Natalie's spells kept fizzling. She rushed to join the siblings in the fight against Neela. As she used Sunbird against Neela, she leaned in and whispered to Ryan, "I got the Life Shard from Antonio!" 
"Can I see it?" Ryan whispered back. Destiny handed him the shard. 
After he was done observing it (And casting storm spells at the same time) he asked,xd "Didn't you say that you had the Storm Shard also?" 
Destiny nodded. She rummaged through her pouch as she tried a vampire that fizzled. She got out the thin piece and handed it to Ryan. Ryan was now glancing back and forth between the two shards, Life in his left palm, Storm in his other. He had dropped his clockwork staff. Slowly, he brought both of the pieces together. Soon they were no more then five inches apart from each other, and Neela had spotted both of the shards. "Hey!" She shouted, lunging for Ryan. Natalie quickly defended her brother by running in front of him and used a Kracken, followed quickly by a banshee, treasure card. 
But Neela wasn't the only one who had spotted Ryan slowly bringing the shards together. Jason had noticed Ryan's actions as he summoned a fire dragon, but as soon as he saw him, he ran from the fight and to Ryan. "Wait, Don't!" He cried. 
But he was too late. Ryan had brought the shards close enough together that lightning kept being exchanged rapidly between the two until a purple portal appeared behind Ryan, swirling as a vortex, and Ryan then fell through the portal. 
"Ryan!" Destiny yelled. Her yell had brought Natalie to attention, who tried to come but was delayed by a scarecrow. Natalie finally couldn't handle it, she passed out.
Destiny wanted to wake Natalie, but Ryan was in even more trouble. She leaned down and soon linked hands with Ryan, and looked down. It seemed to be like a bottomless pit. Destiny struggled to keep her weight balanced, but was on the verge of falling in. 
Destiny turned her attention to Jason. "Jason!" She yelled. 
Jason ran over, trying to help her regain her balance. He looked down and saw Ryan. "If you connect two shards outside of the forge in which it originiated from, bad things happen!" He yelled after Ryan. 
"Yeah, I think I've gotten that message!" Ryan yelled. "Where's Natalie?" 
Jason had the same instinct. She was still unconsious. Jason looked around. "Alexis!" He yelled. "Someone needs your attention!" 
Alexis peered from the seraph she had casted then ran over to Natalie. "What happened?" She asked. 
"I don't know, I guess that battle was too much for her!" Jason yelled. "Try to bring her back to consiousness!"
"You think I don't know that?" Alexis yelled, tending to Natalie.
Meanwhile, Destiny couldn't help it. She would have fallen if not for Jason. 
"We're both slipping!" Destiny yelled. 
"Hold on!" Jason said. "Just don't let go!" 
"Why in the spiral would I let go?" Ryan hollered after them. 
The vortex had now clasped everyone's attention, except Alexis and Natalie. Chris rushed over to the trio trying to handle the vortex. "Why is this here?" He yelled. 
"Ryan allowed the Life and Storm Shards to meet!" Jason replied. 
"Oh, heck," Chris muttered. "I don't think I can be enough for the three of you to hold on, I'll try to find something!" Chris dashed off. 
Jason was now using full power of all of his muscles to hold on to Ryan and Destiny. But then he saw a shadow loom over him. 
It was Cody. "To heck with it," He muttered. He pushed Jason into the vortex. 
Both Antonio and Anthony came over to investigate when they heard the three yells. Antonio looked to Cody. "What'd you do?" 
"Why should you care?" Cody snarled. "Get away before I break your nose!" Then, grinning smugly, he added, "And you know how badly I can make things hurt." Then Cody got an idea. "Actually, I want to get rid of YOU too!" 
Before Antonio could react, Cody went behind him and pushed him into the vortex. "Why'd you do that?" Anthony questioned, joining Cody by leaning in. 
"Simple," Cody shrugged. "I don't like theurgists." 
"Clearly," Anthony muttered. 
But as Anthony had said it, both him and Cody had leaned too far in. 
So far that they accidentally fell in. Then, as if deciding that they were enough, the vortex closed. 
Jessica watched this happen. Breathing heavily, she decided, "We have to flee! Hurry before we're overrun!" 
Chris nodded. "Esmee!" He called. "We have to go!" 
Esmee looked around. "Where's Destiny and Jason and Ryan?" She asked. 
"They fell in some kind of vortex!" Chris yelled. "We need to go." Then he turned to Alexis. "Come on, we need to flee now!" 
"But what about Natalie?" Alexis shouted back. "She still hasn't recovered." 
Chris didn't say anything for a minute. Finally, he decided, "We have no time! I'm sure she'll find her way back!"
"We can't leave without her!" Alexis refused. 
"Alexis, if we don't go now, more then one person will be unconscious! Do you want that?" Chris asked. 
Alexis was too stunned to speak. Finally, she said, "No," 
"Then lets go!" Chris made a hurrying motion with his hand. 
"Can't we just take her with us?" Alexis inquried. 
Chris shook his head. "She has to teleport on her will! Now hurry! We have to go!" 
Alexis reluctantly joined them. 

"Ugh," Ryan chorused, clutching his head. 
He sat up groggily and rubbed his eyes. Ryan looked around. Where was everyone? 
Apparently Ryan was back in Mooshu, outside at the Jade Palace. 
"Glad to see you're awake," A familier voice behind him said. 
Ryan stood up and turned around. It was Jason. "How did we end up in Mooshu?" Ryan asked, baffled. 
"I don't know," Jason wondered. "I guess we just ended up here when we woke up." 
"Huh," Ryan said. Then he noticed something that hadn't been in the Jade Palace before: It was a statue of a pig monk mediatating. 
"I don't remember that being there before," Ryan commented. 
"What being where?" Jason asked. 
"That," Ryan answered, pointing to the statue. 
Jason squinted and saw it. "I don't remember either," He said. 
Then the duo saw a goat monk heading their way. "Excuse me," Ryan said. "I don't remember that statue being there. When was it built?" 
"Only thirty years ago," The monk replied. 
"Oh, you mean 452 A.C.?" Jason asked. A.C. stood for After Creation, the creation referring to after Ravenwood was built. 
The monk looked at them as if they had both grown tails. "No, I mean 532 A.C.," The monk finally said. 
"But that's ten years into the future!" Ryan protested. 
"No, its in the past," The monk persisted. 
Jason stared at the monk quizicly. "What year is it now?" He asked the monk. 
"Don't be silly," The monk said. "Sheesh, pretending that 498 is in the future and not knowing what year it is. What're you trying to do?" 
"We're trying to find out what year it is!" Jason said, angry. 
"Fine, fine, no need to get mad," The monk soothed. "562 A.C." 
Ryan and Jason looked at each other with the same shocked expression. They knew what had happened. 
They were in the future. 
"Now, if you would please excuse me, I'd best be on my way," The monk said. He traveled into Hametsu Village. 
There was a silence between Ryan and Jason for a couple of moments. Finally Jason burst. "What have you done?" He yelled. 
"What have I done?" Ryan asked, confused. 
"When you fuse two Shards together outside of the forge," Jason explained. "THIS happens! How're we gonna get out now?" 
"Fuse them again?" Ryan suggested, bringing out the Storm Shard. 
"No, don't!" Jason warned. "If we do that again, who knows how much trouble its going to be! Congraduations Ryan, you've got us trapped in time! We don't even know where the rest of the Order is!" 
"Did you say you got trapped in time?" 
Jason and Ryan spun around to see a boy in master clothing behind him. He had long dark brown hair, green eyes, tan skin, had a Valkerie hat and another Dragonspyre robe and a grizzlehiem staff. His clothes were a tan-ish orange, so he appeared to be a master sorcerer. 
"Nevermind," Jason quickly muttered. 
"No, really," The boy persisted. He appeared to be about fourteen. He smiled. "Because I did too." 
"You did?" Ryan questioned. 
The teenage sorcerer nodded. "My name's Garrett," He said, offering his hand. Both Jason and Ryan took it. "My brothers and sister and I were just minding our own business when all of a sudden we were in a different area. Well, the area was the same, it looked the same, but we could tell it wasn't the right area. We found out we were stuck in time." Garrett's hand did a come along motion. "We've made camp in Ravenwood. Wanna join us?" 
"Sure," Ryan and Jason said simontainiously, accepting. They followed Garrett. Then Jason stopped. "Wait, what's your last name?" 
"Dragonblade," Garrett said. "I'm Garrett Dragonblade, master sorcerer. What's yours?" 

Jessica had offered for Chris, Alexis and Esmee to stay at her Mooshu house for the night; It was best that they stayed together. 
Chris, Alexis and Esmee were also all asleep in a guestroom. In her bedroom though, Jessica was wide awake. She was thinking about the day's events. 
The Order of the Spiral had suffered a big loss today. Sure, they had gotten the Life Shard, but that was with Destiny or Ryan. Natalie's whereabouts were unknown. Destiny, Jason and Ryan had fallen into a who-knew-what. And the cottage might have taken some damage. All that remained was herself, Chris, Alexis and Esmee. 
What were they going to do now? 
The last time they had talked to each other, they had fashioned a new fight. Now there was a radiation of regret surging through Jessica and taking over her whole body.
Jessica sighed and surprised herself by falling asleep

"Oh, Cody!" Antonio cursed. 
"What?" Cody replied. 
"Why'd you have to push me down?" Antonio complained. 
"Because I wanted you gone! And if I hadn't been taken down with you, it would have been good riddance!" 
"Guys!" Anthony tried to break the theurgist and necromancer up. "What is wrong between the two of you? We're apparently trapped in time and you two are still bickering like two little girls fighting over a doll!"
Cody punched Anthony. 
"Guys, do you know what's going on?" A new voice asked. 
Cody, Anthony and Antonio stopped the fight and spun around. The person appeared to be a girl around their age with long white hair with maroon eyes. She had dark brown skin and appeared to be a master diviner, with a Mooshu hat and a Dragonspyre robe. Her robes were purple with white trim. She was seated on a dragon mount. "I guess we do," Anthony said. 
"From what I've seen, we're trapped in time," Antonio helped. 
All Cody said was, "Who're you?" 
"Sarai Storm," The diviner said. "I was on the Scotland Yard Roof, as we're on now, then I felt this feeling surge through me. I was in the same place, but I could tell the tiny details, like who was there, that kind of thing, had changed. Now apparently, from what I've seen, I'm in the future!" 
"You're lucky," Antonio said. "I just had to experience the thrill of being pushed down a vortex." He glared at Cody, who just shrugged. 
"That's how you got here?" Sarai asked. 
Cody nodded. 
"How do you suppose we return to the present?" Sarai said. 
"I have no clue," Anthony said. 
"Wait," Sarai said. "Who are you guys?" 
"Anthony Spiritwalker, Antonio Lifespear, and Cody Shadowstrider," Anthony informed. 
"But which is which?" The diviner persisted. 
"I'm Cody Shadowstrider," Cody began. "The pyromancer is Anthony. And the theurgist is an idiot." 
"Antonio Lifespear," Antonio corrected by gritting his teeth. He gave an I-swear-I'm-gonna-kill-you-someday-just-wait-for-it  look. Cody's glare said in turn, Fat chance, idiot. Antonio surprised the rest of the quartet by demonstrating a low, unearthly growl. 
Anthony then ignored the growl and turned his attention back to Sarai. "Maybe we should all team up and look for a way to get out of this kind of time." 
Sarai nodded. "You know, as a kid I had always wanted to travel in time," She said. "I had daydreamed of being in it, influencing the past so that the present was better, making revolutions in the future. But now that it's actually happening, all I want to do is return home." 

Destiny awoke leaning on the side of the trunk of Bartleby, facing the Ice school. Groggily, she stood up and looked around as she recalled the events that had just taken place. 
She looked around. Where were Jason and Ryan? They had all been pushed into the vortex together, but she couldn't find them anywhere. 
Destiny had read in books that normally when people like her fell and went through portals, they went to a different dimension of the spiral or something. But things just appeared how they normally would be. She decided to first look around Wizard City for Jason or Ryan or somebody. 
As she was strolling in the Commons, she found the Headmaster's office. The Headmaster! He'd know what to do! Eagerly, Destiny went inside. 
She had been expected to find a lean man with red hair and beard. But instead, what she found was an old man with a blue monicle with Merlin clothing on. Students were swarming him. 
"Woah," Destiny muttered. "Someone seems to have aged in the past year," 
But then she noticed the sky-blue eyes. 
Wait... Merle? 
"Merle?" She repeated out loud. She walked over to the old man. "Is that you?" 
The old man turned around. "Of course its me," He said. "Why wouldn't it?" 
"Its... its just that, the last time I saw you you were a baby, for crying out loud!" Destiny said. 
"Baby?" Merle said. "Young wizard, I'm afraid you must be mistaken. I was born in 481. I'm eighty-one years old, how could you have seen me as a baby?"
Just as Destiny was about to reply, someone said, "Destiny?" 
She spun around, hoping that the voice belonged to someone she knew. It didn't. It belonged to a girl looking around twelve years old with short red hair and blue eyes. She looked to be an apprentice pyromancer, judging from the way she was dressed. 
"Who are you?" Destiny asked the apprentice. 
The pyromancer seemed stunned. "It's me," She said. "You know, Fallon Shadowgem?" It sounded more like a question then an answer. Fallon studied Destiny. "And why're you dressed like an adept?" 
"Because I am one!" Destiny said. This Fallon chick was insane. 
Fallon shook her head. "No, you're a master." Then a thautamerge arrived behind Fallon. She had light brown skin, long black hair that seemed jagged at the end and was wearing blue and white Krokotopian clothes. She looked to be around nine. "Hi, Fallon! Hi Destiny!" The Ice wizard chimed. 
"Somethings wrong with Destiny Vanessa," Fallon said. "And I don't know why." Fallon made a come on guester. "Come on Vanessa, lets do some questing with Alric." With that Fallon and Vanessa left. 
Destiny was baffled. Fallon, Vanessa, maybe this Alric person, all seemed to know her. They said she was a master! How did they know her? What was wrong with them? Fallon especially. She needed a good place to think things through. 
The Death School. 
Destiny exited the Headmaster's-now Merle's- house and back into Ravenwood. She was thinking that things couldn't get much worse until she saw the death school. 
Or at least, what was left of it. 
Her school had seemed to have been torned from Ravenwood! The death classroom was nowhere to be found, and in the cycle of where it should have been, all that was left was a gaping chasm of remnants of the street floating in the air. 
What had happened? 
"What're you doing here?" A vaguley familier voice asked behind her. 
Destiny turned around to see an apprentice sorcerer with pale skin, blue eyes, and long light brown hair. She could tell that the sorcerer was nine. Destiny remembered seeing her back in the balance school in Krokotopia
"Hi!" Emma chorused. Then she repeated, "What're you doing here?" 
"Trapped in time," Destiny replied. "You?" 
Emma nodded. "Same here," Then Emma spotted a boy with very dark skin and purely white clothes, complementing short white hair. He had dark brown eyes and looked to be an initiate. Destiny couldn't decide if he was a necromancer or a sorcerer. He looked to be about eleven.
"Hey, Dylan, come over here!" Emma called. "I've found another one!" 
The boy called Dylan soon joined Destiny and Emma. "What's up?" He asked. 
"She's trapped in time too!" Emma pointed to Destiny. 
Dylan nodded as a sign of understanding. "I see." He said. Dylan gave out his hand. "I'm Dylan Nightfinder." 
Strongblood and Nightfinder. 
Emma Strongblood and Dylan Nightfinder. 
Of course! 
Destiny accepted. "Destiny Seagem," She introduced. 
"You should meet our other brothers!" Emma chimed. "We've all made camp! One of our brothers, Garrett, also found a grandmaster pyromancer and a magus diviner." 
Destiny gasped. "Jason Stormflame and Ryan Stormcaster?" 
"Yeah, how do you know them?" Dylan asked. 
"They're both great friends of mine!" Destiny said. "I've been looking for them for a long time!" 
"They did mention something about an adept necromancer," Dylan mused. "I guess you could be it. Come on, we camped in the Wizard City Spiral Chamber." The trio hurridly ran down to the spiral chamber. 
"You should also meet our three other brothers," Emma pointed out cheerfully as they all went inside the spiral chamber. 
Right when they did, Destiny spotted Jason and Ryan. "Jason! Ryan!" She shouted. 
They both spun around just in time to see Destiny arrive. "Where were you?" She asked. 
"We woke up in Mooshu for some reason," Ryan said. 
"What about you?" Jason asked. 
"Ravenwood," Destiny said. She turned back to Emma, who was right behind her. "So who are these brothers of yours?" She asked.  
"Come on, I'll show you!" Emma said. Emma led Destiny to a boy in tan robes, a Mooshu hat and Dragonspyre robe. He looked to be in his early teens and had purple eyes, long brown hair, and slightly tan skin. "Garrett," The sorcerer introduced. "Garrett Dragonblade." 
"Now you need to meet Nicholas!" Emma pulled Destiny along before she could say any more to Garrett. Soon she was looking at an eleven-year-old boy with white skin, amber eyes, long light brown hair and was in initiate sorcerer robes. He smiled. "I'm Nicholas Ashwielder," He said. 
Before Emma could pull her along again, Destiny introduced herself too. Then she allowed Emma to drag her to the final person. He looked to be the eldest, being around fifteen. He had slightly long black hair and light tan skin. He had kind of purple eyes and wore grandmaster clothing, which were tan and white. He smiled. "My name's Connor," He said. "What's yours?" 
"Destiny," She said, offering her hand. Connor took it. "What's your last name?" 
Connor sighed in frustration. "I don't like revealing my surname, honestly," He said. "It makes me sound like a wimp with Strongblood and Dragonblade around. Heck, Nightfinder and Ashwielder are more manly then mine! And I'm supposed to be the eldest!" 
"I won't laugh," Destiny promised. 
"No, people don't normally laugh," Connor explained. "It just makes me look like a sissy." 
"It's true," Jason commented. "He hasn't revealed it to me or Ryan yet, either. Don't know why." 
"Oh come on," Destiny said. "It can't be that bad. I've seen last names like Lifepetal." 
Connor laughed. "Okay, now that's girly!" He said. "Oh fine. It's Seagem." 

Chris shook Jessica awake. By splashing water in her face. 
"Hey, what was that for?" Jessica protested. 
"Well, I couldn't wake you up with a dang horn, what else was I supposed to do?" Chris asked. Then Jessica noticed Alexis and Esmee in the backround, laughing. Jessica growled. 
"Anyways," Chris said. "Using Communication Stones-" 
"Communication Stones?" Jessica cut Chris off. 
"You write on special stones and send messages," Chris replied. 
"Oh yeah, I remember Destiny and Jason having them," Jessica said. "Wait, you have one too?" 
"When Jason first found them, he gave one to me to communicate," Chris said, clearly exasperated. "Anyways, I got word from Jason, Destiny and Ryan." 
"Really?" Jessica leaped out of her bed. "What did they say?" 
"Get this," Chris started. "They say that they've been trapped in time." 
Jessica's hopes dropped by almost a mile. "Is that where the vortex took them?" 
"Apparently so." Esmee said, startling Jessica. 
"How far or back?" Jessica asked. 
"I read over Chris's shoulder as he was messaging Jason," Esmee continued. "Right now its 482 A.C., and there its 562 A.C., so," She cut off purposefully so that Jessica could do the math. 
But Alexis did it before her. "That makes it eighty years into the future," She answered. "Almost a whole century!" 
Jessica sighed. "Ugh, why do those three always get the good stuff?" 
"Maybe its because they're the head of the Order of the Spiral?" Esmee suggested. 
"That kind of thing doesn't matter right now," Chris interrupted. "Basically, what we need to focus on is how they're gonna get out." 
"Well, what was it caused by?" Jessica asked. 
"Ryan put two of the Shards together, I think," Alexis said. "They were the Storm Shard and the Life Shard, weren't they?" 
Esmee nodded as an answer to Alexis's question. 
"Anyways," Chris said. "Here's another part you'll be interested in. Our spy among the Thorns, Noah Firewielder, has given word that Vladimir and Neela are currently holding Natalie." 
"I knew we shouldn't have left her," Alexis muttered. 
"Where?" Jessica asked. 
"My guess would be Thorn Manor," Esmee said. "That's their headquarters. I remember because Destiny was assigned to spy on them once before we found you, disguised as Neela." 
"I guess we need to get her, then," Jessica said. Then her face fell. "But what about Ryan, Destiny and Jason?" 
"They're smart, they'll be able to find their own way," Chris said. "But we're going to need a plan to rescue Natalie." 
"I guess you and I will have to go there and find our way to her, get her, and get out as fast as possible," Jessica said. "Seems good." 
"Only one problem," Esmee said. "You left out Alexis and I." 
"Exactly," Jessica said. "We don't need you." 
"You just don't like Life and Ice, huh?" Alexis asked. 
Jessica nodded. 
"Well, like it or not Jessica," Chris said. "It's Thorn Manor. We'll need all the help we can get."

Natalie finally opened her eyes to find herself staring at a stone ceiling. She tried to get up, almost unable. 
She looked around. Apparently she was in a kind of prison cell. She tried to sit up again. That's when she realized that her hands were tied behind her. She used the wall for support and finally brought herself to a standing position. 
How had she gotten here? Then she remembered Ryan falling in the vortex and she had fainted. She hoped Ryan was okay. 
She heard footsteps in the hall and braced for impact, expecting it to be Vladimir or Neela or someone like that. Who really entered was a boy about twelve years old with black clothing on and a hood shrouding his head. A necromancer, most likely. 
"Who are you?" Natalie asked. 
"My name's Noah Firewielder," He said, pulling the hood down, revealing short blonde hair and blue eyes. "I'm with the Order of the Spiral, so relax." He pulled out an athame and managed to cut through the bonds. 
"Thanks," Natalie said, rubbing her wrists. "Man, I've read about people getting tied up in books and stuff, but man, rope really does dig through skin!" She looked around. "You know where the keys are?"
"Sorry, but I don't," Noah said, pulling his hood back up. "I've been looking for them everywhere." Then he grinned smugly. "But, I did manage to find your spellbook and staff." 
"Can you go get it?" Natalie inquired. 
"Sure," Noah said, hurridly leaving the room. 
It was only a few minutes before Noah returned with a Mooshu staff and spellbook with cards littered among the pages. "Here you go," Noah said, handing the equipment to Natalie through the bars. "Now I have to get out of here before anyone realizes you've escaped with my help." Noah hurridly can out. 
It was only a matter of minutes before Natalie had casted a Kracken and he helped Natalie destroy the bars and blasted her way out. The Kracken chased people within the manor while Natalie ran the other direction. 
This is good, she thought. Really good. Natalie grinned like a madwoman as she ran away and casted spells. 

"How do you think we got here in the first place?" Anthony asked Cody and Antonio. 
Antonio shrugged while Cody replied, "I think Ronan or whatever his name is fused the Shards. So all we have to do is find him and track down the Shards and use them to get out of here," 
"How do you think we're going to find these Shards you speak of?" Sarai asked. 
"We need to track down someone, or a group, that possesses them," Cody informed. "They'll try to withhold the Shards from us, though, so we're gonna have to fight." 
"Why would they withhold them?" Sarai wondered. 
"They're bad poeple," Antonio answered. "Simple," 
"Any idea where they're at?" Anthony asked. 
"I guess we'll have to search the worlds," Cody said. "Here, Sarai, you patrol Wizard City. If you hear a grandmaster pyromancer, magus diviner, or adept necromancer looking suspsious, attack them. They'll most likely be in a group together." 
"Got it," Sarai said, nodding. 
"What do I do?" Anthony asked. 
"How about you patrol Krokotopia?" Antonio suggested. 
"Sure, I guess he'll do that," Cody approved. 
"What'll you do, Cody?" Sarai asked. 
"I think I'll stay and look in Marleybone," Cody said. 
"What about me?" Antonio asked. "Let me guess, I look in Mooshu?" 
"Actually," Cody started. "I kinda have other ideas. Marleybone is a big place, so why don't you stay with me and help me look?" 
Before Antonio could protest, Sarai said, "Marleybone being a big place... that's true. I think Antonio should stick with Cody." 
"Same here," Anthony supported. 
Cody nodded as they reached the Marleybonian Spiral Chamber. Sarai was now without her dragon mount. She went to Wizard City after saying her farewell to Cody, Antonio and Anthony. Then Anthony left for Krokotopia. 
Cody turned to Antonio and grinned wickedly. "We are alone now," He said, as if Antonio was blind. "Nowhere to run now." 

The shock Destiny felt rushing through her body and viens when she heard Connor say her own last name was intense, gripping her and never letting her go. 
I'm not the descendant of Balance, She realized. It's Connor. Connor Seagem. 
She now lay on her back, it being night. All of a sudden she wondered how much time she had spent here. Not that it mattered. Time was fuzzy now. 
"Hey, what's up?" 
Destiny stood and turned around. It was Nicholas. "Oh, hey," She said. 
"You seemed upset when Connor said his last name was Seagem," Nicholas said. "Why?" 
"Because Seagem's my last name, too," Destiny grumbled. 
"So what?" Nicholas shrugged. "Shouldn't you admire the fact that you two have the same last name?" 
"It's not that," Destiny admitted. "Its that I was hoping to be something, and apparently its Connor." 
"How do you know?" Nicholas asked. 
"Lets just say it has to do something with being a sorcerer," Destiny answered. "And I'm no sorcerer, Connor is, so lets face it, I've got no chance of being that person." 
"How do you know?" Nicholas questioned. "And by the way, there is always a chance of something happening or someone being something. Sometimes it may not be very great, but there's always a chance. The choice is whether or not to expand that chance." 
Destiny had nothing to say to that. Nicholas was right. There was always a chance of something. 
"Well, I guess that chance of me being that someone is low then," Destiny finally said. "And no, I can't expand it. It's impossible." 
"Impossible is a word only found in a fools dictionary," Nicholas countered. "As one of my favorite figures from the past had said. And he's right. Impossible can become possible. We just don't how to transform it that way. You just don't know how to expand that chance." 
"Wise guy," Destiny muttered. 
Nicholas shrugged. "I try to be," He said. "I might be younger then Garrett and Connor, but they look down to me. I can tell." 
"How?" Destiny questioned. 
"I've had a lot of experience here and there," He said. "You live and you learn. I've experienced a lot, so I've learned a lot. I guess that's what makes people so wise. Just plain experience." 
"I thought you become wiser from knowledge," Destiny said. But before she had even finished Nicholas was shaking his head. 
"You don't," He said. 
Before he could say any more, a new voice said, "Destiny! You need to hear this!" 
She turned around again to find Ryan and Jason. "I went out again tonight," Ryan continued. "I found this!" He held up a piece of withered parchment with a few lines of words in cursive with red ink. It was only until she saw the red ink that Destiny reconized what it was. 
"The Prophecy of Fire!" She said, smiling as she clamored up to them. "The next few lines, huh?" 
Jason nodded. "But they're pretty grim, to be honest." 
Destiny's smile faded. "Here, lemme read," She said, taking away the parchment from Ryan, careful not to do any damage to it. She read the next five lines. 

Five of Balance will be found in the glitch in time; 
Five to start; 
But one shall not pass the test; 
Another will turn to the enemy; 
And in the end only three shall remain. 

"Oh no," Destiny muttered. "We're going to loose two of them!" 
"Two of what?" Nicholas asked, looking over Destiny's shoulder. 
Destiny yanked the parchment from out of Nicholas's sight. "Nothing, nothing," She said. "We're just talking about stuff, that's all." 
"Stuff isn't nothing," Nicholas countered. "But oh well." Nicholas walked away. 
After she was sure that Nicholas couldn't hear, Destiny hissed almost under her breath, "What does the test refer to, though?" 
Jason and Ryan glared at her. "I think you know," Jason said. 
She did. Destiny didn't want to admit it. Her face paled. "The Ordeal," She said. 
"And you know what the consequence of not passing the Ordeal is?" Ryan questioned. 
"What?" Destiny asked. 
"Oh no," Destiny muttered. 
Jason nodded. "I'm sorry. One of the descendants will die." 
Destiny looked around the spiral chamber, with the inhabitants the descendants, who were siblings. Who would die? Would it be Emma, who Destiny had met in the Balance school? Would it be Dylan, who was told to be a treasure card ripoff? Would it be Nicholas, who was so kind as to try to comfort Destiny? Would it be Garrett, who was nice enough to take Jason and Ryan under their wing? Or would it be Connor, the bearer of her surname? 
None of them deserved to die. 
Then the next line bothered her too. Another will turn to the enemy. The enemy had to refer to the Thorns. None of them seemed to be bad enough to turn to them, either. Well, Dylan had a chance, from what she was told. But not great enough to become one of them. 
Before she knew it, tears stung her eyes. 
And crying was something that she did on very rare occasions.