Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not Too Sure What To Title This

Okay, today I saw that Kymma got to Master! Good job, and sorry that I haven!t noticed. Well, it made me realize... Destiny's not getting near grand, is she? I've been playing WzRds fr almost two years. Not one grand. It kinda drives you nuts.
It wasn't a problem. I got, like, $50 for my birthday or something among there... Anyways, the original plan was that I was gonna buy Mockingjay, Into the Gauntlet (The 39 Clues CONCLUSION... eeeeeeeeeeek! TWO DAYS. Ya hear me? TWO STINKING DAYS UNTIL MY. FAVORITE BOOK SERIES ENDS!! What is the spiral coming too?! XD) and Amulet 3; The Cloud Searchers. Then buy some crowns. Do whatever with the leftovers.
However, in October, guess WHO is coming to bmy local library for a Book Festival? The one and only SCOTT WESTERFELD!!!! And in case non-Bookworms are wondering, he's only a huge National Bestselling Author of the Uglies series and The Midnighters Trilogy and the new Lanviation (However you spell it) and the lqst looks AMAZING! So am I gettig a signed Scott Westefeld novel? HECK YES!!!!
There's also a hero I LOVE: the Geomancer Terra Markov from the SPECTACULAR Cartoon Network show Teen Titans. She's just so AWESOME! And I want a Terra figure SO BAD! I have since I was little! But since Teen Titans is no longer running, Terra figures are starting to get real rare, so I have to buy one SOON!
And WHY am I making a list of the things I want so badly?
Because if I want both the Terra Figure and the Autographed Book, it means giving up ll those crowns.
No more crowns means no more Crimson Fields. No Crimson means no levelin no more leveling. No more leveling means hardly anything to blog about.
By now you should get the picture. I realize that Cody poured over $60 into this, and I will do my best to make up for that. If I'm lucky and have some leftover money after buyingInto the Gauntlet, Cloud Searchers, Leviathan, a Terra Figure and possibly a Kingdom Hearts game (They seem SOOOOOOOOOOOO Kewl! I read the manga and KH freaking ROCKS!), I will buy crowns to level and possible Headgear of Sylph... ;)
so, yeah.
Da Kinda-Tired Seagem

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mockingjay= Completely and Utter AWESOMESAUCEFULLNESS! School= Not even Awesome. T.T

Title explains all.

I GOT MOCKINGJAY!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooooooooot! :D :D :D

I'm not even into the first 100 pages (shocker, really) and it's already VERY suspenseful! So I am hugely excited to see the look on Ashley, Tyler and Alura's faces! Well, knowing Tyler he's gonna have it... And maybe Alura... (O.O)

(Reads for long time)

Anyways, we all know it... What's happening to all Bloggers... It's coming upon us all... And it goes by a word, a common word, an acursed word... A word that brings unspeakable horrors to us all (or me, at least.) and we are doomed to be bored...


That's right folks. It has come to Cody and Vanessa already, and I will be next! Samantha will have her turn in a couple of weeks!

(Dramatic DUN DUN DUN music cue)

Why must summer go by so fast yet school rolls so dang slow? This is a terrible tragedy (maybe not for some) that has befallen us.

(Breathes deeply)

Let's hope I'll have the strength to walk in the dreaded halls of DMS once more. Also wish me luck on the Reading Competition, please.

Da Sad-That-School's-Coming-But-Happy-I-Can-Read-Mockingjay-Finally Seagem

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Wanna Scream. Not From Anger, Not From School (Surprisingly) but... This.

From Destiny's Library:

Sorry that I haven't blogged on Central for a while. But as most of you know, I hosted the Wizard101Central Photoshoot and special thanks to The Vampire Princess for taking the pictures.
But... You see, just about I was gonna log on Wizard101 to host the Shoot. Then Samantha just has to pick that time to ask if I want to go on the Trampoline with her.
I attempt to refuse, but then my mom lectures me about friggin' excercise (WHICH I DIDN'T NEED!) and I end up having to go for a walk just as the clock dings. I quickly make a post about how I couldn't get on the computer and ask them if they could please wait for me for a bit, but when I return home..... And I was only gone for about 15 minutes at most... I see the shoot went on without me.
I was shocked, heartbroken and angry. I missed my own event... And I had spent so much time in effort into it... For that. All of it just stomped on and crushed. At least, for me it was. Then and there, I wanted to quit Central. I wanted to quit Wizard101! I wanted to take out all my anger on it...
So the next hour or so I made sure to steer clear of it until Jessica asked me if I could RP 39 Clues... And in that time, I looked through the screenshots and the signatures... And they were all good, it's just that... Every time the Shoot has been mentioned or I see a sig or shot based off of it, I feel bad and want to burst into tears. The only exception is sugurmouse's (Otherwise known as Jessica, a Duo of Death Co-Host) sig. All the other sigs when I layed eyes on them I feel a swarm of negative emotions.
I'm wondering if I should host another shoot in turn, but there's school and some may remember the The Last Airbender release in-game party, I missed that. Now I miss the Photoshoot. How do I know that I'm not gonna just miss this and mess it up?
I don't mean to offend anyone whatsoever by this post. I just had to let it out.
And for the record, I've actually been on the verge of crying irl (such as now) a lot of times while writing this.

I'm so sad about this I'm not even gonna do my trademark sig.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Word or Two About School: TAKE THIS, DMS! (Farts in Face)

First things first: I'm back, in case you haven't noticed by now.

Yeah yeah yeah, I wasn't nice and not to mention inappropriate with the title, yada yada yada, but hey? Since when is school nice to ME?! In case you haven't heard, my faculty is the WORST! Why? Cause

A) They don't lift a finger about a stolen backpack but do punish me for ducking under this rope-thing because I LITERALLY couldn't breathe!

B) The principal has this freaking addiction to texting (so much it's RABID), so she tells students not to text in class while she herself is texting! Gah! Gahness! Freaking Gah-ness!


Wanna know what ELSE sucks? My freaking schedule! I have ZIP classes with Angela, ZIP classes with Chelsea, one second semester class with Ashley, Savannah's two grades younger then me so we don't go to the same school, and Sophia lives 700 miles away from me. The bright side about this grade is that I have Desktop Publishing abd Guitar 2! :D

Oh, geez. Guess what? Recently my neighbor and friend Patrick (I'll call him that for now) moved away, and I just found out that out OTHER neighbors are moving!!!

Crud, I just lost my freaking medal that has a book on it!

I still haven't beaten my record of last year! Why must I be cursed with my heavy Central addiction? WHY?



(Puts hair back on, attaches it) So you can see that things aren't going so well for me... AT ALL. On the upside, I beat my HP7 record! Not the way I wanted too though... Oh if mom hadn't decided to lecture me for an hour and a half, I might have been able to read it within 24 hours! Ugh! So out of the blue I've been complaining, I know, I know.

Well, I might make a post on Destiny's Library, then I'm gonna freaking READ!

Monday, August 2, 2010

(Packs Bags)

I warned ya guys, did I not? So now you're not gonna see me till Saturday.
I've also decided to finally work in a non-Wizard10- related story that I've been dying to get out for the past few years. I highly doubt I'm gonna post it on here.


Da Excited-For-Camp Seagem

(Scolding Side of me: NOW YOU WILL FINISH THE CURRENT BOOK YOU'RE READING! YOU NEED TO GET WARMED UP TO TRY TO BEAT YOUR RECORD IF READING Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows IN 4 DAYS! Time to get your game back on, Destiny Seagem!)


I now has Central blog! :D It's called Destiny's Library and I'll give the link to you.... AFTER INTERNET EXPLORER STOPS BEING SO DANG CRUDDY!!!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I PREFER GOOGLE CHROME!!


Ah, NOW its being cooperative again. YAY!


My Central Blog: Destiny's Library

Now not much to post about. Oh, wait, yup, just remembered, three things to post about!


You all remember Mage and Warlock, right? One of my stories I'm writing? Well I just sent it into a Central contests and the results are expected to ne announced tomorrow! :D And one of the judges gave me a 9/10 on it! :D :D And I've written a new prologue to it and it's available by the end of this post! :D :D :D


Once more, I'm leaving for overnight camp. It's gonna range from early Tuesday morning to about noon on Saturday. So yeah, I'm packing my bags tomorrow. And yeah, if you went bonkers without me while I was put on the trek (Jk I don't think anyone did... :( ), well, this is about 4 and 1/2 days, so yeah, about twice as long as the trek. And there is no way, no way whatsoever I'll be able to get access to Wizard101 or Blogger or Central or The Necromancer's Matter (Unless it's one of the parts I handwrote in a notebook... For the record Brandon, writing part 4 entirely by hand was a living nightmare....), so fat chance you'll see me on.
And like I said: I'm packing tomorrow.


This a response to a comment: Brandon, choose Death. Not only it attacks, but some spells (Ghoul, Vampire, Wraith, etcetera etcetera.... Ice........... Dunno what to say to that.....)

(Stares into random fire that wasn't there before)

Meh, nevermind. Point is, I'd recommend Death. But honestly, it's your choice. It's your character.

Da Kinda-Tired-But-Happy-I-Has-Central-Blog Seagem

(I promised the new prologue to Mage and Warlock, did I not?)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Once, back when magic still wasn't known by most, there were three siblings: William, Mary and Walter (having no last name). They grew up together and got along well until they all grew up and parted to their separate ways. Then a few years later, they all had a reunion. William was still the imaginative figure he was, Mary continued to study the four elements, and Walter was as aggressive warlike as ever. Despite their continued differences, as adults, they still got along like before. 
At one of their reunions, they were all strolling across a street at night when they came across an old man with a beard laying on the cobblestone. He appeared weak and dying. The man was hurt and needed a remedy fast or he would die. 
The siblings helped him up and took him in. They all nourished him, and the result was that, in a few days, he was well once more. The man stood up and light that nearly blinded the trio formed around him, and it soon faded to reveal the man in dark blue wizard clothes with stars and moons intiractly embroirding them. 
"I am Merlin," He revealed. "Founder of magic. Since magic is little known, I decided to test a few people of their worth for practicing in the arts. You have passed the test and are now awarded one wish, a wish that will teach you it's ways." 
William goes first and wishes for a wand, a wand that can summon what his heart desires with no scientific explaination. Merlin does so, and deems William the first "Wizard". 
Mary is next. She wishes for a way to manipulate the elements in which she had been learning the nature of. So Merlin fashions a staff that will teach her to do as needed. Merlin decides to call her the first "Mage". 
Finally, Walter wishes for a way to use drinks and objects and use them to his advantage when needed. Agreeing, Merlin hands him a ring, a ring that will help him use his surroundings. Walter is then known as the first "Warlock". 
Later on, death takes the three for its own. But their knowledge is know known to all. Some are using it for good, and some are using it for evil purposes. Now three will rise and take the power, with which they will either save the spiral, or reap it.