Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not Too Sure What To Title This

Okay, today I saw that Kymma got to Master! Good job, and sorry that I haven!t noticed. Well, it made me realize... Destiny's not getting near grand, is she? I've been playing WzRds fr almost two years. Not one grand. It kinda drives you nuts.
It wasn't a problem. I got, like, $50 for my birthday or something among there... Anyways, the original plan was that I was gonna buy Mockingjay, Into the Gauntlet (The 39 Clues CONCLUSION... eeeeeeeeeeek! TWO DAYS. Ya hear me? TWO STINKING DAYS UNTIL MY. FAVORITE BOOK SERIES ENDS!! What is the spiral coming too?! XD) and Amulet 3; The Cloud Searchers. Then buy some crowns. Do whatever with the leftovers.
However, in October, guess WHO is coming to bmy local library for a Book Festival? The one and only SCOTT WESTERFELD!!!! And in case non-Bookworms are wondering, he's only a huge National Bestselling Author of the Uglies series and The Midnighters Trilogy and the new Lanviation (However you spell it) and the lqst looks AMAZING! So am I gettig a signed Scott Westefeld novel? HECK YES!!!!
There's also a hero I LOVE: the Geomancer Terra Markov from the SPECTACULAR Cartoon Network show Teen Titans. She's just so AWESOME! And I want a Terra figure SO BAD! I have since I was little! But since Teen Titans is no longer running, Terra figures are starting to get real rare, so I have to buy one SOON!
And WHY am I making a list of the things I want so badly?
Because if I want both the Terra Figure and the Autographed Book, it means giving up ll those crowns.
No more crowns means no more Crimson Fields. No Crimson means no levelin no more leveling. No more leveling means hardly anything to blog about.
By now you should get the picture. I realize that Cody poured over $60 into this, and I will do my best to make up for that. If I'm lucky and have some leftover money after buyingInto the Gauntlet, Cloud Searchers, Leviathan, a Terra Figure and possibly a Kingdom Hearts game (They seem SOOOOOOOOOOOO Kewl! I read the manga and KH freaking ROCKS!), I will buy crowns to level and possible Headgear of Sylph... ;)
so, yeah.
Da Kinda-Tired Seagem

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  1. It means you have a life outside of game. Don't apologise. It's a good thing. XD