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EEEEK!!! (Explodes in joy)



Well, I mean, I see everyone with a blog about themselves. Almost every blogger does a blog she/he does it by him/herself. So I guess it was time for me to do that, too. I still don't know what to call it, but I believe I'll be able to get an idea soon.

And I bet you're wondering: "Will Destiny still be active on the Duo of Death now that she's getting a Central blog?" And my answer is: Yes. The Duo of Death will always be my first priority, don't worry. Nothing will change but the fact that now people on Central will also know what I'm thinking.

And since I'm happy, I know what's gonna make mist of you happy too: Part 9! Yes, I will be posting mire of it. I mean, with Destiny, Jason and Ryan in the vortex, Natalie last seen knocked out and the thing basically weighing on Jessica, Chris, Esmee (Who btw Brandon, Esmee is my irl cousin's character... Never made it past apprentice, though) and Alexis, not to mention the Descendants of Balance out there, I mean, you've got to know what's gonna happen next.

But a note before Part 9 begins: Jason and Ryan ask when the Moodah statue was built. Since then I didn't know about the Moodah so the difference they spot is very likely to change.

Well, on with it! In these sections of Part 9, you'll find out what happens to almost all if the characters... Nit to mention meet a few new ones.

Da Very-Happy-I'm-Getting-A-Central-Blog Seagem

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Ugh," Ryan chorused, clutching his head.
He sat up groggily and rubbed his eyes. Ryan looked around. Where was everyone?
Apparently Ryan was back in Mooshu, outside at the Jade Palace.
"Glad to see you're awake," A familier voice behind him said.
Ryan stood up and turned around. It was Jason. "How did we end up in Mooshu?" Ryan asked, baffled.
"I don't know," Jason wondered. "I guess we just ended up here when we woke up."
"Huh," Ryan said. Then he noticed something that hadn't been in the Jade Palace before: It was a statue of a pig monk mediatating.
"I don't remember that being there before," Ryan commented.
"What being where?" Jason asked.
"That," Ryan answered, pointing to the statue.
Jason squinted and saw it. "I don't remember either," He said.
Then the duo saw a goat monk heading their way. "Excuse me," Ryan said. "I don't remember that statue being there. When was it built?"
"Only thirty years ago," The monk replied.
"Oh, you mean 452 A.C.?" Jason asked. A.C. stood for After Creation, the creation referring to after Ravenwood was built.
The monk looked at them as if they had both grown tails. "No, I mean 532 A.C.," The monk finally said.
"But that's ten years into the future!" Ryan protested.
"No, its in the past," The monk persisted.
Jason stared at the monk quizicly. "What year is it now?" He asked the monk.
"Don't be silly," The monk said. "Sheesh, pretending that 498 is in the future and not knowing what year it is. What're you trying to do?"
"We're trying to find out what year it is!" Jason said, angry.
"Fine, fine, no need to get mad," The monk soothed. "562 A.C."
Ryan and Jason looked at each other with the same shocked expression. They knew what had happened.
They were in the future.
"Now, if you would please excuse me, I'd best be on my way," The monk said. He traveled into Hametsu Village.
There was a silence between Ryan and Jason for a couple of moments. Finally Jason burst. "What have you done?" He yelled.
"What have I done?" Ryan asked, confused.
"When you fuse two Shards together outside of the forge," Jason explained. "THIS happens! How're we gonna get out now?"
"Fuse them again?" Ryan suggested, bringing out the Storm Shard.
"No, don't!" Jason warned. "If we do that again, who knows how much trouble its going to be! Congraduations Ryan, you've got us trapped in time! We don't even know where the rest of the Order is!"
"Did you say you got trapped in time?"
Jason and Ryan spun around to see a boy in master clothing behind him. He had long dark brown hair, green eyes, tan skin, had a Valkerie hat and another Dragonspyre robe and a grizzlehiem staff. His clothes were a tan-ish orange, so he appeared to be a master sorcerer.
"Nevermind," Jason quickly muttered.
"No, really," The boy persisted. He appeared to be about fourteen. He smiled. "Because I did too."
"You did?" Ryan questioned.
The teenage sorcerer nodded. "My name's Garrett," He said, offering his hand. Both Jason and Ryan took it. "My brothers and sister and I were just minding our own business when all of a sudden we were in a different area. Well, the area was the same, it looked the same, but we could tell it wasn't the right area. We found out we were stuck in time." Garrett's hand did a come along motion. "We've made camp in Ravenwood. Wanna join us?"
"Sure," Ryan and Jason said simontainiously, accepting. They followed Garrett. Then Jason stopped. "Wait, what's your last name?"
"Dragonblade," Garrett said. "I'm Garrett Dragonblade, master sorcerer. What's yours?"
Jessica had offered for Chris, Alexis and Esmee to stay at her Mooshu house for the night; It was best that they stayed together.
Chris, Alexis and Esmee were also all asleep in a guestroom. In her bedroom though, Jessica was wide awake. She was thinking about the day's events.
The Order of the Spiral had suffered a big loss today. Sure, they had gotten the Life Shard, but that was with Destiny or Ryan. Natalie's whereabouts were unknown. Destiny, Jason and Ryan had fallen into a who-knew-what. And the cottage might have taken some damage. All that remained was herself, Chris, Alexis and Esmee.
What were they going to do now?
The last time they had talked to each other, they had fashioned a new fight. Now there was a radiation of regret surging through Jessica and taking over her whole body.
Jessica sighed and surprised herself by falling asleep.
"Oh, Cody!" Antonio cursed.
"What?" Cody replied.
"Why'd you have to push me down?" Antonio complained.
"Because I wanted you gone! And if I hadn't been taken down with you, it would have been good riddance!"
"Guys!" Anthony tried to break the theurgist and necromancer up. "What is wrong between the two of you? We're apparently trapped in time and you two are still bickering like two little girls fighting over a doll!"
Cody punched Anthony.
"Guys, do you know what's going on?" A new voice asked.
Cody, Anthony and Antonio stopped the fight and spun around. The person appeared to be a girl around their age with long white hair with maroon eyes. She had dark brown skin and appeared to be a master diviner, with a Mooshu hat and a Dragonspyre robe. Her robes were purple with white trim. She was seated on a dragon mount. "I guess we do," Anthony said.
"From what I've seen, we're trapped in time," Antonio helped.
All Cody said was, "Who're you?"
"Sarai Storm," The diviner said. "I was on the Scotland Yard Roof, as we're on now, then I felt this feeling surge through me. I was in the same place, but I could tell the tiny details, like who was there, that kind of thing, had changed. Now apparently, from what I've seen, I'm in the future!"
"You're lucky," Antonio said. "I just had to experience the thrill of being pushed down a vortex." He glared at Cody, who just shrugged.
"That's how you got here?" Sarai asked.
Cody nodded.
"How do you suppose we return to the present?" Sarai said.
"I have no clue," Anthony said.
"Wait," Sarai said. "Who are you guys?"
"Anthony Spiritwalker, Antonio Lifespear, and Cody Shadowstrider," Anthony informed.
"But which is which?" The diviner persisted.
"I'm Cody Shadowstrider," Cody began. "The pyromancer is Anthony. And the theurgist is an idiot."
"Antonio Lifespear," Antonio corrected by gritting his teeth. He gave an I-swear-I'm-gonna-kill-you-someday-just-wait-for-it  look. Cody's glare said in turn, Fat chance, idiot. Antonio surprised the rest of the quartet by demonstrating a low, unearthly growl.
Anthony then ignored the growl and turned his attention back to Sarai. "Maybe we should all team up and look for a way to get out of this kind of time."
Sarai nodded. "You know, as a kid I had always wanted to travel in time," She said. "I had daydreamed of being in it, influencing the past so that the present was better, making revolutions in the future. But now that it's actually happening, all I want to do is return home."

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I'm Feeling Happy :)

Why? Cause I got 4 COMMENTS ON THE PART 9 PART!!!

(Explodes in joyness)

I mean, I got in 24 what I had to work for in 6 months! Yes, 6 months... that's how much you guys have been slacking in comments. But right now, I don't care! 4 Kawmintz! I feel like I wanna reward you! I feel random! Weesnaw!

Random......... Utterly and most difinately random. Also, long story short, there are two different Wizard101 worlds for me: the Blogosphere and the Central world. On the Central world I am becoming kinda popular and have made new friends. And you know how I've always talked about going solo on a blog but not leaving The Duo of Death at the same time? Well, the thing is: Wuzard101Centrak can host blogs.
Yup. Once I have the forum gold, I'll have two blogs!
The things I need are to create it though, are:

1) More Forum Gold
2) A name for the Central blog. I've been thinking somewhere along the lines of "Destiny the Bookworm"

I know a way to get 50 forum gold though: referring another member. I will need an E-Mail to send a referral to, have that person create an account, post at least 10 tines and then within 7 days I will get 50 forum gold abd that person will get 25. The catch? I need an E-Mail to send a referral to that doesn't reveal anything that reveals about irl things! I need a wizard E-mail.

I will also need a good title for the Central blog. Any suggestions will go into consideration.

So people, I need: A good title and an E-Mail to reffer to. The reward? A heafty amount of TNM! And I know that most of you who reads this blog will want more of part 9 especially after the two cliffhangers I just set! Heck, I'll even throw in the Drakes!

Speaking of which, I need to work on both. They're starting to become hits on Central!

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Woot! I got it!

What's it?

The part of Part 9 I had been meaning to put up! Copy and paste working properly!


Well, that was kinda brief.

Da Can't-think-of-what-to-put-here Seagem.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jason and Destiny both looked around them: They had gathered all the members of the Order of the Spiral at Destiny's cottage. The members were Jason, herself, Ryan Stormcaster, a diviner in his early magus, his sister, Natalie Goldenflame, a diviner, like her brother, who just turned level 40, Destiny's cousin Esmee Lionblood, an adept thautamerge very close to magus, Chris Soulhunter, a master conjurer, Alexis Lifestone, a theurgist who just turned magus, Jessica, a necromancer in her middle magus, and Nikki, an exiled sprite princess. 
"Destiny here has just had another prophaphectic dream," Jason started out. "They concern the matter of the descendants of Balance." 
Alexis gasped. "The cycle is almost complete!" 
"Awesome," Esmee added. "But who are they?" 
"Yeah," Ryan joined in. 
"I'm getting there, I'm getting there," Jason tried to calm the members down. "The last names we interpreted were, in order: Dragonsword or Dragonblade; Strongblood; Nightfinder; Ashwielder and, the last one could mean lots of things but, one of the options is," Jason looked at Destiny. "Seagem." 
Instantly all heads swivled towards Destiny. "Knew it!" Jessica said at last, pumping her fist in the air in triumph. Soon the stares were passed on to Jessica, who then blushed. "We had a talk in the Bazaar," She admitted. Shortly, Jessica realized her mistake as she remembered the event that had taken place the day before. "Not that it matters," Jessica grumbled, sinking into her seat. "There are four others anyways."
As Jessica said this, the Stone burned hot. Destiny quickly pulled it out and read, Guys, this is Noah. Urgent! Vladimir, Neela, Cody, Antonio and Anthony are coming to raid your base! 
It's my house, for crying out loud! Destiny wrote. How do they get access? 
Apparently Vladimir has this sort of system where he can hack the security system of houses, Noah explained. He fabricates house keys, equips the house, and you get the picture for now. 
I guess that's how Neela raided one of the times before, Destiny guessed. As she was writing, she yelled, "Guys! Prepare your wands and spell deck! Noah has warned of an ambush coming shortly!" Destiny readied her staff. 
"How shortly?" Natalie asked, urgency clearly audible in her voice. 
"A few minutes shortly! Hurry!" Before she even finished saying that, almost all of the members were readied for battle. 
Quickly prepare, Noah warned. They've already left the manor! 
Before Noah could even finish, the spiral door swiveled open to let out a leprechaun aiming for Jason. But something was unusal about the leprechaun: 
It was black. It seemed like a mutated, twisted form of the move. Death Leprechaun, Destiny named. 
Destiny swiftly wrote Noah back. Hold on, she said. They're already here! 
Wow, they're quicker then I thought! Noah wrote. Good luck holding them off. 
Nikki killed the death leprechaun with one of her own. Natalie attempted a Kracken at Vladimir, who had just emerged. Neela followed with a wraith, the wraith aimed for Jessica. She tried to cast a Kracken to defend herself, but it fizzled. The Adept life wizard (Destiny thought it was Antonio) summoned a Seraph at Alexis, which didn't do too much damage due to her resistance and a life shield. The pyromancer, Anthony, aimed his merciless helephant at Esmee, who conjured a fire shield in order to save herself. She flung it at the firey elephant then quickly ran away. Anthony followed. "Sissy!" He cried out. 
That was enough for Esmee. 
"SISSY?" She shrieked. She cast an Ice Wyvern, Evil Snowman, and Blizzard in that order, all aimed for Anthony. He gulped as he tried to scramble away. 
Esmee nodded her approval. She folded her arms in satisfaction, despite the raging battle. "Run. Run, run, run while you can, sissy," She said, copying the pyromancer. 
Meanwhile, Ryan and Natalie were teaming up against Neela. Neela used Doom and Gloom while Ryan brought up a colossus while a spell of Natalie's fizzled. 
As the colussus boomed after Neela, she yelled to Ryan, "I thought you were a magus diviner, not a master thautamerge!" 
Ryan sighed in exasperation. "Treasure cards, nitwit." He said. 
"Oh. I knew that." Neela said calmly despite avoiding the colossus trying to kill her. 
"Right," Ryan said sarcastically while Natalie summoned lightning bats. 
Jason, Chris and Jessica were ganging up against Vladimir. Jessica attempted a skeletal pirate, not doing much damage due to Vladimir's resistance. Chris tried humongofrog, his smelly belch sticking all over Vladimir. Vladimir looked down at himself, as if he couldn't believe the slimey goo all over him. "Sick," He muttered. 
"I didn't know boys were also concerned about their looks," Jessica said. "Most boys aren't. Wait, does this mean you're... you're a GIRL?" 
"WHAT?" Vladimir shrieked. His rage brought up a wraith, skeletal pirate and a... 
No, it wasn't a firecat. Well, it kinda was. It was a rather twisted form of it, like a firecat, only the cat was black. Black cat? Jessica guessed. Her confusion brought her off-guard, and Vladimir quickly used that chance to summon a Kracken. 
"Treasure card?" Jessica asked. 
Jason shook his head as he tried a meteor strike. It fizzled, due to the lack of concentration. "No, his secondary is Storm," He yelled over the commotion, the sound of spells in the air. "When we were little, we agreed to choose the same secondary. We both chose Storm. Chris wanted to train in Life badly, though." 
"Don't push it," Chris warned, speaking up for the first time in ages. 
In another part of the cottage, Destiny and Alexis were teaming up against Cody and Antonio. For some reason, Cody kept giving Antonio glares. Glares that seemed to read stuff like: Don't try anything or, I will kill you afterwards. She was confused, seeing how they were supposed to be on the same team. 
Alexis casted a seraph at Cody while Destiny took the theurgist with a skeletal pirate. Then Destiny summoned a minion. 
Cody looked at Destiny suspisiously. "You don't learn that till you're thirty!" He said as he used a wraith. 
"Hat," Destiny reminded as the minion attempted a dark sprite at Antonio. Alexis gritted her teeth and decided to go for Antonio instead, drawing a centaur. Despite the resistance, it did heavy damage. But Antonio quickly used Satyr on himself, so the centaur hadn't really done much good. Destiny decided to try to make up for it with a skeletal pirate at Antonio whereas Alexis used Seraph once more on Cody, who easily defended himself with a Life shield, then summoning a minotaur at Alexis. While he did that, Destiny saw a glint of sparkling green hanging from Antonio's belt. Thinking that she knew what it could be, she used another skeletal pirate while the minion used a simple ghoul. Destiny manervered easily through the battle and too the pouch, and quickly drew her athame and cut off the pouch from Antonio's belt. 
That's when Antonio spun around as Destiny ran away. "Hey!" He ran after her, trying to regain his stolen items, therefore leaving Cody and Alexis to duel each other. Antonio tailed after Destiny into the cottage. 
Antonio looked around. Where was she? 
Destiny was hiding behind her Wraith statue that she had recieved from Baron Mordecai. She opened the pouch, at the same time keeping an eye on Antonio, who was searching the house. She rummaged through a few rings and chokers, an athame, and a robe he had forgotten to sell before she found what she was looking for. 
It was green, and in height it was no more then an inch long, but in width it had to be at least four inches. It was a dark green, and tiny little leaves seemed to fall as if it were fall and it were falling from a tree within. She could feel and see the power inside it. 
The Life Shard. 
"Yes," Destiny whispered in triumph. She quickly stuffed the Life Shard into her pouch, then put the rings chockers, athame and robe back in the pouch. She sealed it, and checked on Antonio. He was upstairs, looked behind the dresser. Destiny quickly took advantage of the situation and ran out of the house. But before she did that, she turned around and called after him, "You can keep it!", thrusting the pouch on the floor as she ran out to join the fight again. 
She at first headed to join Alexis, but it seemed that the theurgist was doing pretty well against Cody, with the help of her healing spells. Esmee seemed like she was handling Anthony. Jessica, Chris and Jason were ganged up against Vladimir. But Ryan and Natalie's spells kept fizzling. She rushed to join the siblings in the fight against Neela. As she used Sunbird against Neela, she leaned in and whispered to Ryan, "I got the Life Shard from Antonio!" 
"Can I see it?" Ryan whispered back. Destiny handed him the shard. 
After he was done observing it (And casting storm spells at the same time) he asked,xd "Didn't you say that you had the Storm Shard also?" 
Destiny nodded. She rummaged through her pouch as she tried a vampire that fizzled. She got out the thin piece and handed it to Ryan. Ryan was now glancing back and forth between the two shards, Life in his left palm, Storm in his other. He had dropped his clockwork staff. Slowly, he brought both of the pieces together. Soon they were no more then five inches apart from each other, and Neela had spotted both of the shards. "Hey!" She shouted, lunging for Ryan. Natalie quickly defended her brother by running in front of him and used a Kracken, followed quickly by a banshee, treasure card. 
But Neela wasn't the only one who had spotted Ryan slowly bringing the shards together. Jason had noticed Ryan's actions as he summoned a fire dragon, but as soon as he saw him, he ran from the fight and to Ryan. "Wait, Don't!" He cried. 
But he was too late. Ryan had brought the shards close enough together that lightning kept being exchanged rapidly between the two until a purple portal appeared behind Ryan, swirling as a vortex, and Ryan then fell through the portal. 
"Ryan!" Destiny yelled. Her yell had brought Natalie to attention, who tried to come but was delayed by a scarecrow. Natalie finally couldn't handle it, she passed out.
Destiny wanted to wake Natalie, but Ryan was in even more trouble. She leaned down and soon linked hands with Ryan, and looked down. It seemed to be like a bottomless pit. Destiny struggled to keep her weight balanced, but was on the verge of falling in. 
Destiny turned her attention to Jason. "Jason!" She yelled. 
Jason ran over, trying to help her regain her balance. He looked down and saw Ryan. "If you connect two shards outside of the forge in which it originiated from, bad things happen!" He yelled after Ryan. 
"Yeah, I think I've gotten that message!" Ryan yelled. "Where's Natalie?" 
Jason had the same instinct. She was still unconsious. Jason looked around. "Alexis!" He yelled. "Someone needs your attention!" 
Alexis peered from the seraph she had casted then ran over to Natalie. "What happened?" She asked. 
"I don't know, I guess that battle was too much for her!" Jason yelled. "Try to bring her back to consiousness!"
"You think I don't know that?" Alexis yelled, tending to Natalie.
Meanwhile, Destiny couldn't help it. She would have fallen if not for Jason. 
"We're both slipping!" Destiny yelled. 
"Hold on!" Jason said. "Just don't let go!" 
"Why in the spiral would I let go?" Ryan hollered after them. 
The vortex had now clasped everyone's attention, except Alexis and Natalie. Chris rushed over to the trio trying to handle the vortex. "Why is this here?" He yelled. 
"Ryan allowed the Life and Storm Shards to meet!" Jason replied. 
"Oh, heck," Chris muttered. "I don't think I can be enough for the three of you to hold on, I'll try to find something!" Chris dashed off. 
Jason was now using full power of all of his muscles to hold on to Ryan and Destiny. But then he saw a shadow loom over him. 
It was Cody. "To heck with it," He muttered. He pushed Jason into the vortex. 
Both Antonio and Anthony came over to investigate when they heard the three yells. Antonio looked to Cody. "What'd you do?" 
"Why should you care?" Cody snarled. "Get away before I break your nose!" Then, grinning smugly, he added, "And you know how badly I can make things hurt." Then Cody got an idea. "Actually, I want to get rid of YOU too!" 
Before Antonio could react, Cody went behind him and pushed him into the vortex. "Why'd you do that?" Anthony questioned, joining Cody by leaning in. 
"Simple," Cody shrugged. "I don't like theurgists." 
"Clearly," Anthony muttered. 
But as Anthony had said it, both him and Cody had leaned too far in. 
So far that they accidentally fell in. Then, as if deciding that they were enough, the vortex closed. 
Jessica watched this happen. Breathing heavily, she decided, "We have to flee! Hurry before we're overrun!" 
Chris nodded. "Esmee!" He called. "We have to go!" 
Esmee looked around. "Where's Destiny and Jason and Ryan?" She asked. 
"They fell in some kind of vortex!" Chris yelled. "We need to go." Then he turned to Alexis. "Come on, we need to flee now!" 
"But what about Natalie?" Alexis shouted back. "She still hasn't recovered." 
Chris didn't say anything for a minute. Finally, he decided, "We have no time! I'm sure she'll find her way back!"
"We can't leave without her!" Alexis refused. 
"Alexis, if we don't go now, more then one person will be unconscious! Do you want that?" Chris asked. 
Alexis was too stunned to speak. Finally, she said, "No," 
"Then lets go!" Chris made a hurrying motion with his hand. 
"Can't we just take her with us?" Alexis inquried. 
Chris shook his head. "She has to teleport on her will! Now hurry! We have to go!" 
Alexis reluctantly joined them. 

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A thing or two (Okay, more then that) to blog about....

1. I see the video did not work.

2. I got a comment from a fan who apparently reads TNM on Creative Writing! Somehow he was able to find my blog, I guess like how I found Alia's blog before I was even on the blogosphere, Sierra's blog when I was very new to it still, and fatefully, later I found Dark's! Brandon Winterfinder, let me know that you are awesomesaucefullness for reading TNM. Everyone who does read it is too! If you don't read it, you still are. (Unless you're He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-Because-I-Hate-His-Argentinan-Guts!) XD For you and Alia and other TNM fans who are out there, somewhere in the distance, I'll leave more of part 9. The catch?
Just endure this post. XD

3. While I was gone, apparently Cody (Yeah Brandon, remember Cody Shadowstrider, Descendant of Death and Valkoor? Well, he's sorta my irl brother. Don't ask me, he's the one who wanted to be bad!) leveled me up to level 34 while I was out on the trek. It was sad that I didn't click "Learn" to recieve Phoenix, but, quoted by a random poster in Leadership and Math class, "Great privillages come with great sacrifice" or something among those lines. Don't correct me, frankly, I don't care!
And something awesome: once I ding level 35 in Crimson, looky what I get!


Most people should know by now that Da Seagem and Awesomesaucefullness are my trademarks.

Anyways, it's freaking good! I already has a crowns hat (And you can't buy it anymore), so I'm not ready to part with it that much, but still. These are the stats:

Awesomesaucefullness. I'm gonna get the crowns for it (Currently we has 8 :P), along with that new Dragon Quest IX I just got!


New Wizard101 Central banner! But what I'm really noticing from it: The domes.
I'm one of the only bloggers who hasn't blogged about the upcoming world. But the domes, they really stand out to me. I knew it was underwater and all, but apparently the Commons Celestia thing is going to be a little like that. There's little things connecting them: apparently you go through tunnels to get through to other areas. The tone of course is going to be blue, and once you think of it, if a school had to go along with it (Ex: Fire=Dragonspyre, Life=Mooshu), it'd have to be Ice.

All that coming from a Wizard101 Central banner! XD

5. I did promise TNM, did I not?

Oh, great. Um, currently we're having some technical difficulties.... I guess this sadly means no Part 9. I'll see if I can edit this on iTouch tonight. Sorry folks.

Da Excited-For-Headgear-of-the-Sylph-and-Celestia Seagem

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*In Alvin chipmunk voice* (Chuckles) I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

Yup! One year older now! I'll make this post quick so I can work on TNM though. Like I've said a few times, I need to GET PART 9 OVER WITH! Gah!

Anyways, a little something. I was kinda toying around with Movie Maker. Turn off playlist below before viewing. Also, notice the ending lyrics in Bring Me to Life. It was cut off, so Cody and I found the lyrics that it cut off with real funny.

Anyways, enjoy my project!

Da one-year-older Seagem.

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Happy Birthday to Meh! (Tomorrow) Happy Birthday to Meh! (Tomorrow) Haaaapy Birthday Dear Destiny Seagem (Tomorrow) Happy Birthday to MEH! (TOMORROW FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!)

Well, where I'm at, it's midnight. So this is the 20th.
One. Freaking. Day. Left.

Is freaky. Insane. Insanely freaky that I'll be a ________ tomorrow!

Calm: Ugh, Phycotic, really? I don't think you should withhold your age anymore. Alia knows know, I think. It slipped to Kestrel. Of course Cody knows. You revealed it to partner Jessica, and it may have slipped to Jessica F. while on Diana when she was helping with Throne Room. Just reveal the dang fact that we're becoming-

Phycotic: DON'T SAY IT! (Clamps hand over Calm's mouth) Listen: those are all trusted people! The blogosphere is big, bigger then you know. What if there are stalkers? More people read this blog then you truly know!

Calm: (Wrenches free) I know how many people read this blog. I keep track of the views, unlike you.

Phycotic: And just how does keeping track of the views help? Hmmm?

Calm: Look, I just think you're stressed about the trek. We shouldn't be blogging at this time! We have to meet at the building at six o'clock in the morning today and lookie here: it's 12:18! Really? And even so, we should be using this time to study the pioneer that was assigned to you! A matter of hours before you leave for the trek and we've barely read a word.

Phycotic: Not true! We've already read it three times tonight! That's plenty for me! You're the one who likes to kick back and get into a book world because you're not man enough to face this one!

(Calm's face is turning red with anger, beats up Phycotic)

Phycotic: (Between beatings) And you were supposed to be the calm one!

Calm: Not when you happen!

(Fighting continues for a few minutes)

(Calm turns calm again)

Calm: Sorry about that. I should have behaved more maturely. Forgive me?

Phycotic: (Inspecting injured body) Sure, I will. I don't know if my bruises will, though.

Calm: Here, let's get some sleep. We're gonna need it heavily at this rate.

Phycotic: Agreed.


Well, that was a firce battle between my infamous two sides. Anyways, even though I won't be back from ze trek till Thursday, you'll see Destiny Seagem on. Why? Cause Cody offered to level Destiny up a bit! Yeah yeah yeah, Sheesh, I didn't know Destiny was so lazy that she couldn't level herself up! Well, what can you expect? You try playing since January 2009 and being at level 32! These are desperate measures for me, wouldn't you?
Although I wouldn't be able to... learn... Phoenix... meself...

Noooooooooz! I won't be there when I learn Phoenix! Abd it's a move if sweetness! Nooooooooooo! Whaaaaa!

Sometimes, make that most of the time, I'm more excited to learn Fire spells then Death. Hey, in case you haven't read The Big Fat Book of Seagem, Shadowstrider and Winterblossom History, on page 27 you'll find that Destiny Seagem was originally supposed to be a freaking secondary, next to Alyssa Thunderslinger who I still haven't revived!
Anyways, time for this post to come to a close. And I need to sleep.



Da Almost-One-Year-Older Seagem

(I think Da Seagem is becoming to become an ending catchphrase, no?)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, I think that on Monday there was Certainly a Friends Reunion, no?

First off, sorry that I haven't been blogging. I'm writing the Drakes and TNM (Which btw got over 1000 views on Central! :D), trying to catch up on my summer reading (Which may not be much of a problem since I have a Barnes and Noble nook... don't ask till I post about it, K?), and most of all, trying to complete a, what do you call it, oh yes, project, the stress of my upcoming age and I CAN'T GET THE GOL-DANGED TREK OUT OF ME HEAD! I'm packing for that and all... you have to be at the building by 6AM! And I usually sleep to 10:30! Cause I stay up REAL late... but that's not the point.

The point is, Cody saw three different people on monday: Jason Storm, Jason Stormtalon,

The last is Jason Stormflame.

His traits were:

  • Savior of the Spiral Badge 
  • Long Brown Hair 
  • Green eyes 
  • Pale Skin  

It was him. Him who taught me Wizard101 without meaning to. He who is called the Descendant of Fire. He who I named "The Stormflame" Era for. The one who took me to fight Malistaire twice.

He is the one. Or was.

Also, we were doing shooting for That's Life! Episode 3 (Which apparently failed so we have to redo... I'm SO lucky that she's not doing it while I'm on the trek!), Guess who appeared?


It was she. She who didn't have a sub nor crowns nor text, but was a good friend to me nontheless. She who just made it to adept diviner. She who I met Chris Mythflame with. She who is a Descendant of Storm.

She was the one. I even got pics of her!

That's all I got of Natalie. And this post.

Well, except for one tiny thing:


Even if I iz dreading the age, well, it's still a birthday.

Da Seagem

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

(Checks Calander) And WHY is the day exactly one week away so important?

My. Birthday.

Not my blog's birthday. MY, Destiny Seagem's birthday. One week. Only a matter of time before I am a year older.

The age I'm turning. Only Cody knows how old (As far as I know) how old I'm turning. But let me tell you: it's INSANE. INSANE that I'm turning this age. I'm kinda dreading it, because thestage I'm going into will change me. I know it. The third most important birthday EVER! Okay, well my mom says that the third most important birthday is 21. So fourth most important, I guess.

BUT THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL! I don't WANT to turn the age I'm turning! Most people are excited for this stage of life. They say it opens up to them. They say it allows them to have more freedom and stuff. And seeing how I just went to my first midnight showing of The Last Airbender, it does. But I DON'T WANNA! By the time I turn this age, I have to act all mature. But I wanna be IMMATURE!

I guess I only have a week to embrace that, huh? I knew that my perfect age wouldn't last, but this has gone by so fast! And once I pass the stage I'll be entering, I'll be an adult.

I'll be turning an adult this decade! I don't want to believe it, but I am. I have to. Unfortunately.

Only one week of pure immatureness and pure kidness left. One. Single. Week. And at the end of this school year, I'll be in HIGH SCHOOL! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Since when is the world changing so fast? It's spiraling out of control!I knew it would someday be upon me indeed, but its HERE! Time goes by fast. So fast. I wish I was able to go back in time so I could experience these days again, but it's already slipping away. But I can't. It's past, it's why they call it the past. So the past is past. It's over. Gone. If only I could go back, like I said.

Dream on, Destiny. Dream on.

And I like the Glee version of the song better.

Da almost-one-year-older and very sad Seagem.

And I realize that this turned out to be a personal post. And dramatic, some of you are probably thinking. But I guess I just had to let out my confused feelings and thoughts. And isn't it ironic that the poll automatically chose to close on the 21st, huh?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Good Stuff!

YAY! I GOT 2 COMMENTS CONCERNING TNM! Which makes me so happy because, well, let's face it: The Necromancer's Matter is starting to DIE on this blog. No one seems to care about the fact that it took 2nd in a contest. No one seems to care that I work my butt off at writing this and have been for a year. And no one will care that it's a thriving sensation on Central and near 1000 views.
But I didn't come here to rant and state negative things. But before I get to the point: Wildrose, what do you mean by won't give away the spoiler?

(Gasps. Grabs Mr. Chainsaw from Alia and revs it up)

You had better not reveal Connor or the Seagem thing! Or who dies! OR ANYTHING ABOUT THE DESCENDANTS OF BALANCE! Or I will saw off your arms so you're powerless when I saw off you head!

(Clamps hands over mouth)

I gave away too much.
Anyways, I just saw Dispicable Me. Gotta say, best animated movie ever made! I especially liked at the end the minions have a who can go furthest knd of thing, and one minion builds planks to get him farthest, then his opponent gives him a fishing rod to hold, then the opponent attaches himself to the hook, then uses the line to kinda fly ahead while saying, "In your face!" Then the other competitor takes a paddlestick and just whacks him! So funny!
Other good news: MY BIRTHDAY IS LESS THEN TWO WEEKS!:D :D :D Unfortunately I won't be there to celebrate. Why? Well, incase you haven't seen my get to know meh post, I'm going on a stupid trek. Hiking. In the mddle if nowhere. Wearing a skirt. Apron was optional, and I barely managed to get out of wearing a freaking bonnet! Also,Sierra posted part 13 on her blog! :D Which was AWESOMESAUCEFULLNESS! I DEMAND 14 SOON!!!
Guess what else Awesomesaucefullness? I'm next to Angela at my house, blogging, Watching a great movie called Get Smart. Along with Meet Dave, it was me favorite funny movie. Till today, that was. Cause of Dispicable Me. So now I'm in a tie for Sorcerer's Apprentice and Dispicable Me for a birthday movie. I know I already saw DM and sent invitations out saying we were gonna see SA, but you can change.
Also, after this, go on YouTube. Look up, That's Life! Wizard101. Trust me, those videos are so funny! The creator's blog is

See ya! Da Seagem

Thursday, July 8, 2010

(Types more of Part 9) (Still types Part 9) (Getting sick of writing Part 9)

Well? I am!
So far, A Glitch in Time is turning out to be VERY long! When I post the whole thing, I had BETTER get some serious comments because this past month I've been working my butt off at that, editing, adding, hatching ideas, writing, yeah, you get the picture. This is the biggest TNM project yet! And remember part 4? And how long it took me to write that? Well so far, this is AT LEAST double part 4!
And because I'm in the mood for it, I'll give you a sneak peak of it. And to all the readers:






The end of the preview. Which is on about... Now.


"The newspaper archives are right this way," The wizard library volunteer said.
"Thanks," Destiny said.
Ever since Noah had revealed that Marcus was his great-granddad, she had been researching him, looking for any hints that could be useful. From Noah's knowledge she had learned that Marcus was an only child and had lived until he was sixteen years old. He was a very advanced student that even Dragonspyre Academy was impressed with, and she knew they were strict when it came to students. His academic level was so high that he constantly made newspapers, them saying how great and dedicated he was. She was mainly scanning for any hints of Legendary Wizards activity.
Destiny walked through the archieves hall, scanning the newspapers that were printed when Marcus was alive. Destiny chose a few months worth of newspapers and looked until she found something: 
                                       A New Age of Wizards
Recently, there have been some advanced students making their way towards the highest academic achievement possible. There are some very dedicated students in which have made the honor roll so many time in which they have to be reconized for their strong efforts.
Destiny leafed through the biographies for dedicated students until she came across Marcus:
Marcus Dawngem
Marcus is a fellow fire student who has achieved honors since he was seven. His extrodinary ablities for Fire Magic has allowed him to rise up and up until he has gotten to where he is now: at the top of Dragonspyre Academy. "He always studies hard and tries his best," Says his sister, Cassandra Spellfountain, adept thautamerge.
Destiny read on the biography and other newspaper articles until she came across a newspaper with an interesting header:
                                            Dawngem Fades
Fellow wizards, old and young, grandmaster and novice, are now saddened by the shock of the sudden death of Marcus Dawngem, at the age of sixteen. The high-achieving grandmaster fire student was found in his room, lying on the floor, stone dead. His eyes were wide open along with his mouth, but no one has any idea why this sudden tradgedy has taken its toll. "He was just fine the day before," His family claims. "Then all of a sudden, he goes into his room, and he stays there for hours. We call him to dinner, and when he didn't come, we rushed to investigate. And there he was, just dead. We have no idea why all of a sudden, this, this ordeal for us is taking place!"
For those who don't know who Marcus is, he was a high-ranked fire student. At novice his professor could see just what Marcus held in store. "He was so bright," Professor Firestone, teacher of Fire, said. "I could instantly tell that he was so capable of many things. It is a great loss to have such a young and brilliant mind lost."
Marcus reached apprentice soon, then became initiate in a matter of days. In just two months, at the age of nine, Marcus was a grandmaster and unbelievably, still moving. During his lifetime he has achieved countless honors since the age of eight. "I honestly think he had more then the capacity to become a future teacher of Dragonspyre Academy," Shares his friend, Patrick Thundershard, master diviner. "He even tried to create his own spells! Even though we were best buds, I always looked up to him. Even at death, I still do."
We will all mourn the loss of Marcus Dawngem. Funeral services will be conducted at the Dawngem home, next friday starting at 10:00 am.
Destiny had never realized how much even she was saddened until now. She could tell that everyone had had high expectations of him. Then all of a sudden he was gone. Sighing heavily, she cleaned up the newspaper articles and put them back in place. Destiny picked up her Scavenger's Staff of Sagas and exited the library. She was also now level 23, wore the Initiate's Uniform, was still sticking with the Onyx Studded Boots, and was really proud of her hat, the Animated Tri-Corn. It was a rare item and was no longer sold.
Nikki fluttered up to her. I read most of the article, She said. Until you put them away. It's kinda sad, isn't it?
Destiny nodded. "It is indeed," 
Well, I meant you putting away the articles, actually, Nikki admitted.
Destiny glared at Nikki.
Kidding, Nikki muttered. Take a joke, will you?
"The death of someone that great isn't a joke," Destiny said as she exited the library.
Jessica sneaked behind the houses in the Commons as she eyed her target.
Her eyes followed the thautamerge around, and when Sophia stopped at Zeke and Eloise, Jessica closed in a little to hear the adept better.
"What was that again, my dear?" Eloise asked, straining to hear.
"I need a Cardinals Cap, Rouge's Robe and Jester's Slippers," Sophia ordered. "All purple with a dark green trim. Girl kind."
"Your reason to purchase them?" Eloise asked. When Sophia raised an eyebrow, Eloise said, "Sorry dear, a student just asked me to ask why wizards purchased things for a survey. My apologies if I seemed suspisous."
Sophia smiled. "It's okay," She said. "I'm buying the outfit as a birthday present for a friend," Sophia answered.
Eloise turned to another sheet of paper in a notebook and added up the cost total. "That'll be 1980 Gold," She said.
Sophia looked through her pouch for a while as Eloise bagged the robes. When Eloise turned to Sophia again, Sophia had the appropriate amount of gold. She handed the gold to Eloise. "Kinda costly," Sophia admitted. "I only had 2000 gold in there."
"Oh well, it is for a friend," Eloise helped. "It'll be worth the smile."
"Yes, yes it will," Sophia answered. "Thanks Eloise! Nice doing business with you!"
"Have a nice day!" Eloise waved as Sophia skipped away.
Jessica calmly stalked Sophia. Then she calmly reached for her wand and aimed it at her.
Jessica knew that casting spells wasn't tollorated in the Commons. But did Jessica care? No. She didn't.
Going ahead, Jessica tried a Vampire, to start off easy.
Her spell succeeded.
Jessica grinned as the Vampire was set loose.
Life and Ice, especially Ice, would pay for the misery they had afflicted to her.
The wizards in the Commons, especially novices and apprentices, screamed and ran away from someone or something. Sophia looked around to see what the sudden screaming was about, then she saw the vampire fluttering in the air, delebirately ruining the peace that was meant to be in the Commons. Sophia was surprised when the Vampire went for her.
Sophia took out her new Krokotopian staff, but then realized that if she casted spells along with the necromancer, she would get in trouble, too. She might not even win.
All she could do was run.
So that's what Sophia did.
Sophia ran around the Commons, trying her best to dodge the vampire. Seeing the success, the necromancer began to cast another spell.
Sophia looked around earnestly for help, hoping to spot the administration or some brave students. Unfortunately, there weren't.
Things were in her own hands. She had to act, and act quick.
Then she remembered something that Professor Icetalon (A fat fairy) had said to his students, "When in a tough spot, use the advantage of your surroundings. This is the Ice Wizard's normal specialty."
Use your surroundings.
Right when the necromancer had summoned a skeletal pirate, which lunged for Sophia, the adept rushed through the decision, barely pausing to think.
Sophia jumped headfirst into the lake. The advantage when Ice Wizards swam in water, they could breathe and their eyes wouldn't sting. Then Sophia froze the surface of the lake, trapping herself in the waters. Nice work Sophia, She complemented. Quick thinking and good defense. You're growing into a successful wizard of Ice.
The encouragement didn't last long, however. The skeletal pirate and vampire were relentless and wouldn't give up. The vampire's claws scratched rapidly at the Ice unsuccessfully. The status didn't discourage him, however. The skeletal used the tip of its sword to  puncture and hack away at the surface. It was actually making some progress. Just a few more moments and the barrier would be penetrated.
Just as the shield of Ice was about the break away, a familier voice saved her.
"I heard screaming in the Commons. What's going on?"
All of a sudden the vampire quit raking as did the pirate with his sword. Sophia swam and pressed her face to see who had stopped them.
It was Destiny.
"Jessica, what's going on?" Destiny persisted. Sophia clarified that Jessica was the name of the necromancer.
"Death spells on the loose," Jessica said. True. "I'm trying to get them under control." False.
Sophia took a deep breath and used the her staff to break the Ice herself. The look on Destiny's face was inevitable when she saw Sophia clamor out of the lake. Tired, Sophia melted the sheet of Ice spreading the lake, and the skeletal pirate gave way. The vampire resisted and held his own by taking advantage of the fact that he had wings, but then they were too frail and gave way along with the pirate.
"Sophia?" Destiny asked, unable to hide the shock in her voice. "Wha-what in Merlin's name were you doing in the lake?"
Sophia ignored Destiny's question and said instead, "I've got them under control now." Sophia turned the necromancer called Jessica. "Now, I need answers. Clearly you were the one who attacked me."
"You did WHAT?" Destiny shrieked.
The sprite next to Destiny-Nikki was her name, wasn't it?- chirped something ununderstandable. "No, Nikki, she didn't deserve it!"
Nikki talked back.
"That's your opinion!" Destiny protested. She turned back to Jessica, clearly mad. "Why?"
"I hate Ice and Life," Jessica muttered. "I told you that a long time ago."
"A long time ago was barely two months!" Destiny said. She started to say something, but before she could, Jessica interrupted her, before she had even begun. "A long time in my standards," Jessica said.
"So you hate Ice and Life," Destiny said. "That nowhere means that you can rush into the Commons and just attack someone!" Destiny looked around her. "The Commons is empty because of you! Do you know what this means Jessica? Do you?"
"What?" Jessica snapped.
"Suspension!" Destiny yelled. "And that's getting off EASY! This is worth EXPELLATION! If the administration were to find out about this, which they will, and find the culprit, you will be expelled!"
Jessica stared at Destiny. Finally she said, "Expellation is a risk I'm willing to take to exact my revenge on those schools." She said. Then Jessica turned away from Destiny and Sophia.
When Sophia was sure that Jessica had gone, she nudged Destiny. "It sounded like you knew her," Sophia said.
Destiny nodded. "I do. She's a friend of mine."
Silence had fallen between them. "I'm sorry Destiny," Sophia said, beginning to cry. "I really am!"
Destiny hugged Sophia. "Its not your fault," She soothed. "We all know that Jessica brought this on herself."
I would like to say that on that certain night, that Destiny had a peaceful and dreamless sleep. But, I can't, seeing how that dream is vital to the story and this part particurally. That, and it just wouldn't make sense to say that she had due to the amount of stress she currently had pressed on her.
After the long day in the library and the stress from the newly erected fight between the two necromancers, Destiny went to bed, after settling Nikki in. As she faded into sleep, she thought of the great loss of Marcus, and hopefully not Jessica.
Destiny was surrounded by sand.
Krokotopia. She was back at the Oasis.
Before she could open her eyes, she spotted a familier figure.
Destiny walked up to him. Balance was smiling. He looked around as if they were sharing a secret and everyone was going to hear it, there was no one around. Then, out of thin air, he pulled out a sword. The steel blade appeared to be attatched to an unusual hilt: It appeared to be made of a dragon's talon.
Balance then turned the sword around and cut himself on the arm. A few drips of blood came seething out of the wound and onto the sand. It seemed to form as a solid.
Balance picked up the now-solid form of the blood up. Destiny turned her attention to the wound for a split second, it was already healed. She figured, because,
1) It was a dream
2) Destiny figured that those kind of things would happen to a Legendary
It seemed that Balance was now trying to puncture the solid form of the blood with the sword. It couldn't cut through, it seemed to be inpenitrable, strong.
Destiny could now hear a rustle in the sand, another boy was here. And above him, the sky seemed to darken, as if night were approaching. The boy pointed to it with his right index finger, and seemed to be giddy, as if he had found it. Then the boy dissolved into sand along with the night sky directly above him, but his giddyness remained.
But in his place was another boy. He picked something off from the ground. He seemed to be holding ashes. He fashioned the ashes into many things: first a staff, then a book, a stuffed animal, a firecat, and so on until he, like the privious boy, turned into sand, the ashes with it.
Destiny turned to Balance once more. He stepped closer to the Oasis water and rummaged through it for something, the ripples evidence of it. Finally he pulled out an aqua-colored jewel, water still dripping from it.
She woke up. But not just on instinct: there was a red-hot burning at her hip. She quickly felt around it, and was almost half-surprised that it was the Communication Stone. She peered at it. She wondered if it were Jason or Noah. The message answered for her.
I finally reached grandmaster! Jason said.
Really? Destiny wrote. That's great! Congradulations, commander. You're the first member of the Order of the Spiral to reach that rank.
And not just that, He added. Dragonspyre is thinking of accepting me!
Okay, now that's great! Destiny said. Then, thinking of the recent event, Destiny wrote, But the battle still rages on.
Uh oh, Jason wrote. What is it now?
I had a dream, Destiny replied. It's not like the one I had in Krokotopia or the one after the mission in Marleybone pointing to Jessica. It was a variety of things. And guess who's in it?
Who? Jason inquired.
Oh, gosh. Jason said. This is GREAT! It could be leading to the descendant of balance!
Actually, Destiny corrected. Descedants. More then one.
Nice, Jason complemented. So, what happened first?
First off, Destiny started. Balance had this sword appear. It had a steel blade and the hilt was a dragon's claw or talon, however you want to put it.
Oh, that's easy, Jason wrote. Either Dragonsword or Dragonblade.
That seems about right, Destiny approved. The next one was this; Balance cut himself. Blood came out, then it transformed into a solid. He tried to use the sword to penitrate it, but it seemed kinda, kinda strong.
A little harder, Jason admitted. I'm thinking Strongblood.
Okay, these next two are tricky, Destiny said. This boy appeared, and there was night around him, even though the rest of the sky was in the tone of light blue. He was pointing to it and seemed happy that he had spotted it.
There was silence from Jason. That one he had to figure out, apparently. Finally the stone burned. Keywords are night and spotted. Nightfinder? He tried.
You're good at this, Destiny said. But, there's something familier about the last two names.
Nightfinder and Strongblood?
Yeah, Destiny said. Where have I heard those two before?
Once you mention it, Jason said. I think I've heard them before, too. But this isn't a trip to memoryland, if there's such a place. Is there any more of them?
Yes, Destiny wrote. The next one is when a boy picked up ash and molded it into a variety of items.
You said that that this would be hard, Jason pointed out. That's easy! Ashwielder, no duh.
Okay, there's one more, Destiny replied. Balance kneeled down and picked up this jewel from the Oasis lake.
There was no reply from Jason for at least ten minutes. That could mean a whole bunch of last names. But one of them, oh gosh.
What's one of the last names?
There are a whole buch of options, Jason wrote. But one of them, the one that stands out the most, is Seagem.

Well, there you go. Just needed to let some of it out, I guess.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Here, Glitchy Glitchy Glitchy Glitch!

Okay, check this out!

Holy Cows in Mooshu indeed. One day me, Sierra, her sister Rowan, Alia, Seth and another dude were all in the Pet Pavillion racing and stuffs. Then I see that Seth goes way over there! I port to him, and end up here. Then, apparently in the test realm, I ended there yet again! It's so awesome!

Another thing: You know the Life Tower glitch? Where you can go on the shelf above Wu's desk? Well, apparently its the same thing in the Fire Tower. Take a look:

Yes, cool indeed.

Well, see ya!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Something about the party...

Samantha from Diary of a Sorceress, this is where you step in and save the party.

You see, due to minor inconvieniances, I might not be able to be there. If I'm not there by 3:30 Mountain Time, Well, its gonna have to be postponed until tomorrow, unless Sam can save the day.

Guys, I'm really sorry. I'll do my best to be there.

(Growls, then sighs)

I told ya all that I was going to a midnight showing, no?

Look, guys, going to The Last Airbender was a big deal to me. And it was my first time going to a midnight premiere of a movie, so it was a dang huge deal for me. So imagine what it was like for me to see no comments on that.

Look, I know what most of you are thinking, like "I don't have time to comment". Honestly, I do understand that. But going to that movie at that time was a freaking big deal to me. And when I saw no comments, it really discouraged me, like no one cared. Comments really give us bloggers assurance that people are indeed reading our blogs. So imagine what it feels like, excluding the noob rally post, over the past two weeks, only one or two people have commented. By the end of the summer, I had hoped to average about 5 comments a post. Now, at this rate, I'll be lucky if I average 2 comments.

(Looks at time)

Well, I can tell I need to mainly get ready for the Avi party.

And even though I'm preparing for it, why do I get the feeling that not very many will show?