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The part of Part 9 I had been meaning to put up! Copy and paste working properly!


Well, that was kinda brief.

Da Can't-think-of-what-to-put-here Seagem.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jason and Destiny both looked around them: They had gathered all the members of the Order of the Spiral at Destiny's cottage. The members were Jason, herself, Ryan Stormcaster, a diviner in his early magus, his sister, Natalie Goldenflame, a diviner, like her brother, who just turned level 40, Destiny's cousin Esmee Lionblood, an adept thautamerge very close to magus, Chris Soulhunter, a master conjurer, Alexis Lifestone, a theurgist who just turned magus, Jessica, a necromancer in her middle magus, and Nikki, an exiled sprite princess. 
"Destiny here has just had another prophaphectic dream," Jason started out. "They concern the matter of the descendants of Balance." 
Alexis gasped. "The cycle is almost complete!" 
"Awesome," Esmee added. "But who are they?" 
"Yeah," Ryan joined in. 
"I'm getting there, I'm getting there," Jason tried to calm the members down. "The last names we interpreted were, in order: Dragonsword or Dragonblade; Strongblood; Nightfinder; Ashwielder and, the last one could mean lots of things but, one of the options is," Jason looked at Destiny. "Seagem." 
Instantly all heads swivled towards Destiny. "Knew it!" Jessica said at last, pumping her fist in the air in triumph. Soon the stares were passed on to Jessica, who then blushed. "We had a talk in the Bazaar," She admitted. Shortly, Jessica realized her mistake as she remembered the event that had taken place the day before. "Not that it matters," Jessica grumbled, sinking into her seat. "There are four others anyways."
As Jessica said this, the Stone burned hot. Destiny quickly pulled it out and read, Guys, this is Noah. Urgent! Vladimir, Neela, Cody, Antonio and Anthony are coming to raid your base! 
It's my house, for crying out loud! Destiny wrote. How do they get access? 
Apparently Vladimir has this sort of system where he can hack the security system of houses, Noah explained. He fabricates house keys, equips the house, and you get the picture for now. 
I guess that's how Neela raided one of the times before, Destiny guessed. As she was writing, she yelled, "Guys! Prepare your wands and spell deck! Noah has warned of an ambush coming shortly!" Destiny readied her staff. 
"How shortly?" Natalie asked, urgency clearly audible in her voice. 
"A few minutes shortly! Hurry!" Before she even finished saying that, almost all of the members were readied for battle. 
Quickly prepare, Noah warned. They've already left the manor! 
Before Noah could even finish, the spiral door swiveled open to let out a leprechaun aiming for Jason. But something was unusal about the leprechaun: 
It was black. It seemed like a mutated, twisted form of the move. Death Leprechaun, Destiny named. 
Destiny swiftly wrote Noah back. Hold on, she said. They're already here! 
Wow, they're quicker then I thought! Noah wrote. Good luck holding them off. 
Nikki killed the death leprechaun with one of her own. Natalie attempted a Kracken at Vladimir, who had just emerged. Neela followed with a wraith, the wraith aimed for Jessica. She tried to cast a Kracken to defend herself, but it fizzled. The Adept life wizard (Destiny thought it was Antonio) summoned a Seraph at Alexis, which didn't do too much damage due to her resistance and a life shield. The pyromancer, Anthony, aimed his merciless helephant at Esmee, who conjured a fire shield in order to save herself. She flung it at the firey elephant then quickly ran away. Anthony followed. "Sissy!" He cried out. 
That was enough for Esmee. 
"SISSY?" She shrieked. She cast an Ice Wyvern, Evil Snowman, and Blizzard in that order, all aimed for Anthony. He gulped as he tried to scramble away. 
Esmee nodded her approval. She folded her arms in satisfaction, despite the raging battle. "Run. Run, run, run while you can, sissy," She said, copying the pyromancer. 
Meanwhile, Ryan and Natalie were teaming up against Neela. Neela used Doom and Gloom while Ryan brought up a colossus while a spell of Natalie's fizzled. 
As the colussus boomed after Neela, she yelled to Ryan, "I thought you were a magus diviner, not a master thautamerge!" 
Ryan sighed in exasperation. "Treasure cards, nitwit." He said. 
"Oh. I knew that." Neela said calmly despite avoiding the colossus trying to kill her. 
"Right," Ryan said sarcastically while Natalie summoned lightning bats. 
Jason, Chris and Jessica were ganging up against Vladimir. Jessica attempted a skeletal pirate, not doing much damage due to Vladimir's resistance. Chris tried humongofrog, his smelly belch sticking all over Vladimir. Vladimir looked down at himself, as if he couldn't believe the slimey goo all over him. "Sick," He muttered. 
"I didn't know boys were also concerned about their looks," Jessica said. "Most boys aren't. Wait, does this mean you're... you're a GIRL?" 
"WHAT?" Vladimir shrieked. His rage brought up a wraith, skeletal pirate and a... 
No, it wasn't a firecat. Well, it kinda was. It was a rather twisted form of it, like a firecat, only the cat was black. Black cat? Jessica guessed. Her confusion brought her off-guard, and Vladimir quickly used that chance to summon a Kracken. 
"Treasure card?" Jessica asked. 
Jason shook his head as he tried a meteor strike. It fizzled, due to the lack of concentration. "No, his secondary is Storm," He yelled over the commotion, the sound of spells in the air. "When we were little, we agreed to choose the same secondary. We both chose Storm. Chris wanted to train in Life badly, though." 
"Don't push it," Chris warned, speaking up for the first time in ages. 
In another part of the cottage, Destiny and Alexis were teaming up against Cody and Antonio. For some reason, Cody kept giving Antonio glares. Glares that seemed to read stuff like: Don't try anything or, I will kill you afterwards. She was confused, seeing how they were supposed to be on the same team. 
Alexis casted a seraph at Cody while Destiny took the theurgist with a skeletal pirate. Then Destiny summoned a minion. 
Cody looked at Destiny suspisiously. "You don't learn that till you're thirty!" He said as he used a wraith. 
"Hat," Destiny reminded as the minion attempted a dark sprite at Antonio. Alexis gritted her teeth and decided to go for Antonio instead, drawing a centaur. Despite the resistance, it did heavy damage. But Antonio quickly used Satyr on himself, so the centaur hadn't really done much good. Destiny decided to try to make up for it with a skeletal pirate at Antonio whereas Alexis used Seraph once more on Cody, who easily defended himself with a Life shield, then summoning a minotaur at Alexis. While he did that, Destiny saw a glint of sparkling green hanging from Antonio's belt. Thinking that she knew what it could be, she used another skeletal pirate while the minion used a simple ghoul. Destiny manervered easily through the battle and too the pouch, and quickly drew her athame and cut off the pouch from Antonio's belt. 
That's when Antonio spun around as Destiny ran away. "Hey!" He ran after her, trying to regain his stolen items, therefore leaving Cody and Alexis to duel each other. Antonio tailed after Destiny into the cottage. 
Antonio looked around. Where was she? 
Destiny was hiding behind her Wraith statue that she had recieved from Baron Mordecai. She opened the pouch, at the same time keeping an eye on Antonio, who was searching the house. She rummaged through a few rings and chokers, an athame, and a robe he had forgotten to sell before she found what she was looking for. 
It was green, and in height it was no more then an inch long, but in width it had to be at least four inches. It was a dark green, and tiny little leaves seemed to fall as if it were fall and it were falling from a tree within. She could feel and see the power inside it. 
The Life Shard. 
"Yes," Destiny whispered in triumph. She quickly stuffed the Life Shard into her pouch, then put the rings chockers, athame and robe back in the pouch. She sealed it, and checked on Antonio. He was upstairs, looked behind the dresser. Destiny quickly took advantage of the situation and ran out of the house. But before she did that, she turned around and called after him, "You can keep it!", thrusting the pouch on the floor as she ran out to join the fight again. 
She at first headed to join Alexis, but it seemed that the theurgist was doing pretty well against Cody, with the help of her healing spells. Esmee seemed like she was handling Anthony. Jessica, Chris and Jason were ganged up against Vladimir. But Ryan and Natalie's spells kept fizzling. She rushed to join the siblings in the fight against Neela. As she used Sunbird against Neela, she leaned in and whispered to Ryan, "I got the Life Shard from Antonio!" 
"Can I see it?" Ryan whispered back. Destiny handed him the shard. 
After he was done observing it (And casting storm spells at the same time) he asked,xd "Didn't you say that you had the Storm Shard also?" 
Destiny nodded. She rummaged through her pouch as she tried a vampire that fizzled. She got out the thin piece and handed it to Ryan. Ryan was now glancing back and forth between the two shards, Life in his left palm, Storm in his other. He had dropped his clockwork staff. Slowly, he brought both of the pieces together. Soon they were no more then five inches apart from each other, and Neela had spotted both of the shards. "Hey!" She shouted, lunging for Ryan. Natalie quickly defended her brother by running in front of him and used a Kracken, followed quickly by a banshee, treasure card. 
But Neela wasn't the only one who had spotted Ryan slowly bringing the shards together. Jason had noticed Ryan's actions as he summoned a fire dragon, but as soon as he saw him, he ran from the fight and to Ryan. "Wait, Don't!" He cried. 
But he was too late. Ryan had brought the shards close enough together that lightning kept being exchanged rapidly between the two until a purple portal appeared behind Ryan, swirling as a vortex, and Ryan then fell through the portal. 
"Ryan!" Destiny yelled. Her yell had brought Natalie to attention, who tried to come but was delayed by a scarecrow. Natalie finally couldn't handle it, she passed out.
Destiny wanted to wake Natalie, but Ryan was in even more trouble. She leaned down and soon linked hands with Ryan, and looked down. It seemed to be like a bottomless pit. Destiny struggled to keep her weight balanced, but was on the verge of falling in. 
Destiny turned her attention to Jason. "Jason!" She yelled. 
Jason ran over, trying to help her regain her balance. He looked down and saw Ryan. "If you connect two shards outside of the forge in which it originiated from, bad things happen!" He yelled after Ryan. 
"Yeah, I think I've gotten that message!" Ryan yelled. "Where's Natalie?" 
Jason had the same instinct. She was still unconsious. Jason looked around. "Alexis!" He yelled. "Someone needs your attention!" 
Alexis peered from the seraph she had casted then ran over to Natalie. "What happened?" She asked. 
"I don't know, I guess that battle was too much for her!" Jason yelled. "Try to bring her back to consiousness!"
"You think I don't know that?" Alexis yelled, tending to Natalie.
Meanwhile, Destiny couldn't help it. She would have fallen if not for Jason. 
"We're both slipping!" Destiny yelled. 
"Hold on!" Jason said. "Just don't let go!" 
"Why in the spiral would I let go?" Ryan hollered after them. 
The vortex had now clasped everyone's attention, except Alexis and Natalie. Chris rushed over to the trio trying to handle the vortex. "Why is this here?" He yelled. 
"Ryan allowed the Life and Storm Shards to meet!" Jason replied. 
"Oh, heck," Chris muttered. "I don't think I can be enough for the three of you to hold on, I'll try to find something!" Chris dashed off. 
Jason was now using full power of all of his muscles to hold on to Ryan and Destiny. But then he saw a shadow loom over him. 
It was Cody. "To heck with it," He muttered. He pushed Jason into the vortex. 
Both Antonio and Anthony came over to investigate when they heard the three yells. Antonio looked to Cody. "What'd you do?" 
"Why should you care?" Cody snarled. "Get away before I break your nose!" Then, grinning smugly, he added, "And you know how badly I can make things hurt." Then Cody got an idea. "Actually, I want to get rid of YOU too!" 
Before Antonio could react, Cody went behind him and pushed him into the vortex. "Why'd you do that?" Anthony questioned, joining Cody by leaning in. 
"Simple," Cody shrugged. "I don't like theurgists." 
"Clearly," Anthony muttered. 
But as Anthony had said it, both him and Cody had leaned too far in. 
So far that they accidentally fell in. Then, as if deciding that they were enough, the vortex closed. 
Jessica watched this happen. Breathing heavily, she decided, "We have to flee! Hurry before we're overrun!" 
Chris nodded. "Esmee!" He called. "We have to go!" 
Esmee looked around. "Where's Destiny and Jason and Ryan?" She asked. 
"They fell in some kind of vortex!" Chris yelled. "We need to go." Then he turned to Alexis. "Come on, we need to flee now!" 
"But what about Natalie?" Alexis shouted back. "She still hasn't recovered." 
Chris didn't say anything for a minute. Finally, he decided, "We have no time! I'm sure she'll find her way back!"
"We can't leave without her!" Alexis refused. 
"Alexis, if we don't go now, more then one person will be unconscious! Do you want that?" Chris asked. 
Alexis was too stunned to speak. Finally, she said, "No," 
"Then lets go!" Chris made a hurrying motion with his hand. 
"Can't we just take her with us?" Alexis inquried. 
Chris shook his head. "She has to teleport on her will! Now hurry! We have to go!" 
Alexis reluctantly joined them. 


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