Wednesday, July 14, 2010

(Checks Calander) And WHY is the day exactly one week away so important?

My. Birthday.

Not my blog's birthday. MY, Destiny Seagem's birthday. One week. Only a matter of time before I am a year older.

The age I'm turning. Only Cody knows how old (As far as I know) how old I'm turning. But let me tell you: it's INSANE. INSANE that I'm turning this age. I'm kinda dreading it, because thestage I'm going into will change me. I know it. The third most important birthday EVER! Okay, well my mom says that the third most important birthday is 21. So fourth most important, I guess.

BUT THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL! I don't WANT to turn the age I'm turning! Most people are excited for this stage of life. They say it opens up to them. They say it allows them to have more freedom and stuff. And seeing how I just went to my first midnight showing of The Last Airbender, it does. But I DON'T WANNA! By the time I turn this age, I have to act all mature. But I wanna be IMMATURE!

I guess I only have a week to embrace that, huh? I knew that my perfect age wouldn't last, but this has gone by so fast! And once I pass the stage I'll be entering, I'll be an adult.

I'll be turning an adult this decade! I don't want to believe it, but I am. I have to. Unfortunately.

Only one week of pure immatureness and pure kidness left. One. Single. Week. And at the end of this school year, I'll be in HIGH SCHOOL! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Since when is the world changing so fast? It's spiraling out of control!I knew it would someday be upon me indeed, but its HERE! Time goes by fast. So fast. I wish I was able to go back in time so I could experience these days again, but it's already slipping away. But I can't. It's past, it's why they call it the past. So the past is past. It's over. Gone. If only I could go back, like I said.

Dream on, Destiny. Dream on.

And I like the Glee version of the song better.

Da almost-one-year-older and very sad Seagem.

And I realize that this turned out to be a personal post. And dramatic, some of you are probably thinking. But I guess I just had to let out my confused feelings and thoughts. And isn't it ironic that the poll automatically chose to close on the 21st, huh?


  1. Hey at the end of the school year that starts this september I will be starting high school :) well tecnecly I already am I am taking 4 high school corses so ...

  2. Once you get far in enough, YOU CAN BE TOTALLY ROUGE!! XD

  3. Well Destiny, I know lots of people that age who are totally immature. So don't sweat it. Just be yourself. :)

  4. Happy Birthday in a couple days!

  5. I dreadeed it to! It's ok when it come though!
    BTW I figured it out.