Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Meh! (Tomorrow) Happy Birthday to Meh! (Tomorrow) Haaaapy Birthday Dear Destiny Seagem (Tomorrow) Happy Birthday to MEH! (TOMORROW FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!)

Well, where I'm at, it's midnight. So this is the 20th.
One. Freaking. Day. Left.

Is freaky. Insane. Insanely freaky that I'll be a ________ tomorrow!

Calm: Ugh, Phycotic, really? I don't think you should withhold your age anymore. Alia knows know, I think. It slipped to Kestrel. Of course Cody knows. You revealed it to partner Jessica, and it may have slipped to Jessica F. while on Diana when she was helping with Throne Room. Just reveal the dang fact that we're becoming-

Phycotic: DON'T SAY IT! (Clamps hand over Calm's mouth) Listen: those are all trusted people! The blogosphere is big, bigger then you know. What if there are stalkers? More people read this blog then you truly know!

Calm: (Wrenches free) I know how many people read this blog. I keep track of the views, unlike you.

Phycotic: And just how does keeping track of the views help? Hmmm?

Calm: Look, I just think you're stressed about the trek. We shouldn't be blogging at this time! We have to meet at the building at six o'clock in the morning today and lookie here: it's 12:18! Really? And even so, we should be using this time to study the pioneer that was assigned to you! A matter of hours before you leave for the trek and we've barely read a word.

Phycotic: Not true! We've already read it three times tonight! That's plenty for me! You're the one who likes to kick back and get into a book world because you're not man enough to face this one!

(Calm's face is turning red with anger, beats up Phycotic)

Phycotic: (Between beatings) And you were supposed to be the calm one!

Calm: Not when you happen!

(Fighting continues for a few minutes)

(Calm turns calm again)

Calm: Sorry about that. I should have behaved more maturely. Forgive me?

Phycotic: (Inspecting injured body) Sure, I will. I don't know if my bruises will, though.

Calm: Here, let's get some sleep. We're gonna need it heavily at this rate.

Phycotic: Agreed.


Well, that was a firce battle between my infamous two sides. Anyways, even though I won't be back from ze trek till Thursday, you'll see Destiny Seagem on. Why? Cause Cody offered to level Destiny up a bit! Yeah yeah yeah, Sheesh, I didn't know Destiny was so lazy that she couldn't level herself up! Well, what can you expect? You try playing since January 2009 and being at level 32! These are desperate measures for me, wouldn't you?
Although I wouldn't be able to... learn... Phoenix... meself...

Noooooooooz! I won't be there when I learn Phoenix! Abd it's a move if sweetness! Nooooooooooo! Whaaaaa!

Sometimes, make that most of the time, I'm more excited to learn Fire spells then Death. Hey, in case you haven't read The Big Fat Book of Seagem, Shadowstrider and Winterblossom History, on page 27 you'll find that Destiny Seagem was originally supposed to be a freaking secondary, next to Alyssa Thunderslinger who I still haven't revived!
Anyways, time for this post to come to a close. And I need to sleep.



Da Almost-One-Year-Older Seagem

(I think Da Seagem is becoming to become an ending catchphrase, no?)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (sorry this is a little belated.) I hope you had an awesome one! :)