Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Good Stuff!

YAY! I GOT 2 COMMENTS CONCERNING TNM! Which makes me so happy because, well, let's face it: The Necromancer's Matter is starting to DIE on this blog. No one seems to care about the fact that it took 2nd in a contest. No one seems to care that I work my butt off at writing this and have been for a year. And no one will care that it's a thriving sensation on Central and near 1000 views.
But I didn't come here to rant and state negative things. But before I get to the point: Wildrose, what do you mean by won't give away the spoiler?

(Gasps. Grabs Mr. Chainsaw from Alia and revs it up)

You had better not reveal Connor or the Seagem thing! Or who dies! OR ANYTHING ABOUT THE DESCENDANTS OF BALANCE! Or I will saw off your arms so you're powerless when I saw off you head!

(Clamps hands over mouth)

I gave away too much.
Anyways, I just saw Dispicable Me. Gotta say, best animated movie ever made! I especially liked at the end the minions have a who can go furthest knd of thing, and one minion builds planks to get him farthest, then his opponent gives him a fishing rod to hold, then the opponent attaches himself to the hook, then uses the line to kinda fly ahead while saying, "In your face!" Then the other competitor takes a paddlestick and just whacks him! So funny!
Other good news: MY BIRTHDAY IS LESS THEN TWO WEEKS!:D :D :D Unfortunately I won't be there to celebrate. Why? Well, incase you haven't seen my get to know meh post, I'm going on a stupid trek. Hiking. In the mddle if nowhere. Wearing a skirt. Apron was optional, and I barely managed to get out of wearing a freaking bonnet! Also,Sierra posted part 13 on her blog! :D Which was AWESOMESAUCEFULLNESS! I DEMAND 14 SOON!!!
Guess what else Awesomesaucefullness? I'm next to Angela at my house, blogging, Watching a great movie called Get Smart. Along with Meet Dave, it was me favorite funny movie. Till today, that was. Cause of Dispicable Me. So now I'm in a tie for Sorcerer's Apprentice and Dispicable Me for a birthday movie. I know I already saw DM and sent invitations out saying we were gonna see SA, but you can change.
Also, after this, go on YouTube. Look up, That's Life! Wizard101. Trust me, those videos are so funny! The creator's blog is

See ya! Da Seagem