Sunday, October 17, 2010


Why facewall?

1) I've been having TOO many negative posts. Period.
2) I might have offended Jessica Fairyheart with my last post... In case you didn't hear, I already had a close call with her when Ryan Stormcaster came back from the dead. Cody and I aren't allowed to say this in our house, but CRAP.
3) I may have offended my partner with the good ol' days thing. DOUBLE crap.
4) I missed Alia's birthday. TRIPLE crap.
5) I can't go to Celestia. Quadrupal- oh, you get the point.
6) Part 9 STILL isn't done!!! I've been working on it since MAY dude!
7) I have been doing SUCKY at my reading. Haven't been able to finish a book in two weeks. That. Is. Just. Plain. Nasty.
8) Since my posts have been growing less frequent and I'm just wrecking myself apart in the Wizarding World... Don't consider me a drama queen when I say this, but there is actually a chance I may quit. I MAY QUIT. There's just too much to juggle and I'm just a burden here, K? You may not want to admit it or anything, but it's the truth. I'm. Just. A. Burden. What of TNM? Right now that's not exactly thought through. I may finish it, but at the rate I'm going... It's gonna take a while to get the series done. Because I still have 6 parts to write! LONG parts. And I'm up to my eyes in problems right now, wizard and real life. There is a less likely chance of me quitting TNM than the Duo of Death, though. Another reason- I CAN'T GET TO STINKIN' GRAND. And for all non-grand wizards out there, get this- I can't level ONE LEVEL.
However, I said might. I'll think more about this when my mind isn't as foggy, jumbled, busy and tired. When I'm more relaxed and mellow. That's when I'll give a clear answer on if I'm leaving the Wizard101 Blogosphere or not- for good.

Destiny Out.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Need to start posting more...

So... I honestly think this blog has been neglected recently. Just has, you know? So I'm not too surprised if no one knows that the Duo of Death 1 Year Anniversary is coming up.
Why in a sad mood? Well, I read Amber's post... Amber of Savior of Spiral. And she made a point... I've spent almost a year on this thing. There are sooooo many who diss it, to be honest. A LOT. I'm not pointing fingers or anything... you know? I've worked at this for almost a year... no Grand. And she's right- some bloggers just get that gol-danged house for free while others have to work their butts off for it. Kapeesh?
Well... that's what I've got. Bright side: I think I'm gonna work on a new music video now.. (Wink)

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Bit of Good News For Once

So, you know that I've been ranting on here a lot lately, huh? Well, I'm gonna shed some light now!

1) CELESTIA'S OUT ON TEST!!! OH MY BARTLEBY!!!! And I can't go on, we has no sub or anything and I'm saving mola! Well, I'm gonna wait till it's live. Then I can port and hopefully see CELESTIA!!! Because it's apparent that even over almost two years now I'm getting nowhere near Grand...
3) I PROMISE, Part 9's almost done!
4) On the 1st it was my Dad's birthday and on the sixth it was Vanessa's! Oh man, sis is growing up... I need to post a picture of the adept Ice Wizard sometime soon.
5) I'm starting to recollect old times by watching a bunch of Terra (someone from a KEWL show) stuff on YouTube, and I might buy a figure of her, even if I'm not exactly young enough to be playing with action figures anymore... But still I think she's really cool and yeah.
TRAILER! COPY AND PASTE LINK! (Cocks M-16 with plasma bullets) Or die...

7) Halloween's coming round the corner but I STILL haven't decided who I wanna be! Either

1) Terra the Geomancer from Teen Titans (No costume I can buy but will be easy to make... Just concerned about recognition. You don't know who she is... Look her up. And I wanna be TV show kind, not comic.)
2) Luna Lovegood the Ravenclaw Student in Harry Potter (Found Ravenclaw robe at this random costumr site I found on Google and it's surprisingly cheap for a rare costume and I will be recognized. However, for the past two years I went as Harry Potter Quidditch Uniform... DON'T JUDGE ME ON THE ACCOUNT THAT IT WAS A BOY COSTUME!!! Girl costumes are so hard to come by these days because not only are most frilly, have skirts and are pointless altogether, but they're so immodest!! Gah! I don't see the point of the world thinking that boys are attracted to females if they show immodest clothing! Seriously, what us WITH our generation? Plus, do I see many revealing stuff for men going around? Hmmm? Yeah, that's what I thought! Yeah... I got off-topic... As usual...)

9) Jenna Rosepetal FINALLY posted her next Heart Guardians chapter on Central! It was sooooo awesome, even if I did have to wait two stinkin' months for it, thanks to the genius who invented the idea of SCHOOL. Oh yeah, and not to mention it's the most viewed story on Central now! To experience the awesomeness of Heart Guardians, click here. You will NOT regret it. Come on, at least read SOME!
10) Guess what's in November? BESIDES Thanksgiving? HINT- What did Alia and Sierra just celebrate?
11) I posted two new polls. XD

Well, see ya!
Da Not-Ranting-For-Once Seagem

Saturday, October 2, 2010

(Freaks Out and Screams)

A good thing- Fall Student Teacher Elections are up and running!
I have to be a moderator and write a guide for my stinkin' school!! WTBARTELBY?!?! You can't expect me to be on DoaW every second of the day, I'm reading! And I have a LIFE! I'm an honors student and I'm trying to balance school with Wizard World! And guess what? I have three birthdays coming up to celebrate, I have three projects for school coming up, have to finish up Fahrenheit 451, work on MORE drafts for Great Mail Race, Halloween is coming, now I'm supposed to become a grand, write a guide, and become a MODERATOR all within a month! And if that isn't enough, guess what? I need to finish Part 9!!!!!! I CAN'T become grand because I need to buy Crimson Fields! AND I CAN'T BUY!! I'm saving up for books like Lost Hero and a Scott Westerfeld book to get signed... And now for a CHANCE at winning for the election, I'm supposed to throw all that away! (FacewallX100) ARE. YOU. KIDDING?!?!?!????!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
And the thing is, all my recent post I've been noticing are rant, rant, rant. And if I'm just gonna keep ranting, then this blog isn't any good. So I need to break.
For a LONG time.

Da VERY-Angry Seagem