Saturday, October 16, 2010

Need to start posting more...

So... I honestly think this blog has been neglected recently. Just has, you know? So I'm not too surprised if no one knows that the Duo of Death 1 Year Anniversary is coming up.
Why in a sad mood? Well, I read Amber's post... Amber of Savior of Spiral. And she made a point... I've spent almost a year on this thing. There are sooooo many who diss it, to be honest. A LOT. I'm not pointing fingers or anything... you know? I've worked at this for almost a year... no Grand. And she's right- some bloggers just get that gol-danged house for free while others have to work their butts off for it. Kapeesh?
Well... that's what I've got. Bright side: I think I'm gonna work on a new music video now.. (Wink)

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