Saturday, October 2, 2010

(Freaks Out and Screams)

A good thing- Fall Student Teacher Elections are up and running!
I have to be a moderator and write a guide for my stinkin' school!! WTBARTELBY?!?! You can't expect me to be on DoaW every second of the day, I'm reading! And I have a LIFE! I'm an honors student and I'm trying to balance school with Wizard World! And guess what? I have three birthdays coming up to celebrate, I have three projects for school coming up, have to finish up Fahrenheit 451, work on MORE drafts for Great Mail Race, Halloween is coming, now I'm supposed to become a grand, write a guide, and become a MODERATOR all within a month! And if that isn't enough, guess what? I need to finish Part 9!!!!!! I CAN'T become grand because I need to buy Crimson Fields! AND I CAN'T BUY!! I'm saving up for books like Lost Hero and a Scott Westerfeld book to get signed... And now for a CHANCE at winning for the election, I'm supposed to throw all that away! (FacewallX100) ARE. YOU. KIDDING?!?!?!????!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
And the thing is, all my recent post I've been noticing are rant, rant, rant. And if I'm just gonna keep ranting, then this blog isn't any good. So I need to break.
For a LONG time.

Da VERY-Angry Seagem

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  1. Oh well, the only prize coming w/the elections is satisfaction and bragging rights, think of it that way. Anyways, good luck, and don't worry about becoming Grand right away :)