Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Drakes, Part 1, A Matter of Life and Death COMIC!!!

I decided that TNM wasn't getting enough attention, so I decided to reduce one of my stories, the Drakes, to comic form, since I know that's easy to read. If wizards read that and like it, I'm hoping they take it to the Necromancer's Matter.

Click to enlarge them:

I'll create more soon, but for now, if you want to know who the visitor is and who their parents are, I've got Part 1, (Not in Comic form) AND a preview of part 2 down:

The Drakes: Part 1, A Matter of Life and Death


My name: Caleb.
My last name: Drake.
Or, at least I think it is.
My Sister: Amy
My Mom and Dad:
I have no idea.
Well, I guess I do have an idea. My twin sister Amy and I have been placed an the chicago orphanage since we were little. Very little. Our mom died when we were little, the caretakers say. As for our father, they have no idea whether he is dead or alive. He abandoned us when we were little then suddenly fell off of the face of the planet, it seems like that.
Our dad didn't just TAKE us here, though. The caretakers claim that they were just tending to the toddlers when all of a sudden, while their backs were turned, two more infants just, appeared. Those two infants were Amy and I.
I think I remember a thing or two about my dad. He had black hair, maybe a goatee. I don't know anything about my mom though. We don't know their names. There was just a note saying who we were, what the situation was, and our names, our ages.
Amy has always been mourning her mom and dad. She's been that way. When we get the newspaper, when she gets to the obituary section, she just bursts in tears. I don't know why. We never even knew those people. So why should we mourn them? I guess I'm the twin who just is a little more serious. I read the obituarys, too. They're entertaining, and some are indeed tragic, but I never really care. Maybe Amy is just a crybaby. Don't tell her I said that! Or, she'll, as told, burst into tears. Man, she's so emotional!
As for me, I guess I'm better at taking things, better at hiding my emotions. Maybe its because I'm a more solitary person. I'm the more knowledgeable type. I read a lot. Its a very good way to escape from the troubles of life. It inspires me to write, too. Stuff like this.
And as for this, it really happened, you know. But I want you to think its fiction.
Well, as for the story, I guess I'd better get on with it.

I could start from anything in my life, but I prefer to start on Amy and I's twelfth birthday.
I was downright asleep in my bed, just snoring like a train, as Amy claims. She was the one who woke me up with that big nasty horn of hers! I'm the more ruthless one, but she can be really nasty when she needs to. As I was saying:
Amy blew the horn, not only waking me, but about every other kid in the room, with a big smile on her face. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CALEB! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!" She sang in her high-pitched voice.
I groaned. "If its my birthday, my birthday wish is to get more sleep!" I said, closing my eyes and pulling the blanket over my face.
But no, Amy yanked the blanket off and blew the horn again, which was really starting to get on my nerves. That horn was forcing me to look at her light skin, red hair and blue eyes. "Wake up, sleepyhead!" She said. She took my hand and yanked me off the bed. "Come on, I have a surprise!" She didn't even give me a chance to change.
Like I said, she can be nasty.
Still gripping my hand, she yanked me down the staircase and out the door, with a caretaker shouting after us. Amy ignored her and continued to drag me, even when in the city. She continued to do so until we reached an IHOP restraunt, where apparently, our friend who was also an orphan, Jonathan, was patiently sitting at a table, with his tan skin and blonde hair and green eyes. Man, he was a sight.
Amy let go of her firm grip and we sat down. I waved to Jonathan, then hissed to Amy, "How are we going to even pay for this?"
Amy shrugged. "Relax, Jonathan, me and you are all paying for it."
"What do you mean, I am too?"
Amy began to look nervous.
"What did you do?" I yelled, grabbing her shoulders. As always, she began to look frightened. Seriously, girls are so emotional!
"Relax, Caleb," Jonathan soothed. "We kinda smashed your piggy bank and took about ten bucks."
So that explained the black remains I found scattered on the floor a few days ago.
I found Jonathan's voice speaking to me again. "Just relax and order," That's when I found the menus on the table. My hands left Amy's shoulders and to the menu to search for pancakes. I was pretty hungry.
"Oooh," Amy said. "There's this huge chocolate one! I'm getting that!"
Ladies and gentleman, Amy, the chocolate lover. Very carnivorous when chocolate is on the line. And when I say carnivorous, I mean carnivorous.
"I prefer the blueberry ones. I think there's hot chocolate, too. I heard the hot chocolate is good."
"Chocolate?" Amy said, looking from the menu to me. I sighed.
"I think I'll just get some eggs," Jonathan said.
Pretty soon a waiter came to us and we ordered. We waited in silence, because I could tell from the look on her face that Amy was plotting. I had to figure it out before she went nuts.
The waiter came back with the hot chocolate. Amy had something to say, but before she could, he left. We drank in silence again, savoring the taste and thinking of all the poor saps in the orphanage who had to eat oatmeal. Oatmeal was good for the first few days, but then you just get sick of it. You know what I mean?
Ten minutes later the waiter came back with our orders. This time, Amy spoke up. "Wait," She said, then pointed to me. "It's his birthday today!"
I groaned. She was killing me! But if I was going down, I was taking her with me! "Not to mention its hers, too," I said, hoping for payback.
But it backfired. Competely backfired. Instead of nervousness, her face only got brighter. "What he said!" Amy replied joyfully.
"Well, congrats to the both of you," The waiter said as he passed out the pancakes and eggs. I pushed up my black circle glasses to the top of my nose, complementing my blue eyes and dark hair, unlike Amy.
We continued to eat in silence once again. Finally I had the nerve to say, "Did you guys get any presents?"
Jonathan chuckled. "This is what we could afford," He replied. Jonathan looked thoughtful for a moment, then added, "I also have someone I want you to meet. He won't be here for much longer, so hurry up. I think you'll like him. He has a present."
I gasped. Could it be...
"Done!" Amy announced. Jonathan was done as well. I hurried up and finished, and before long we had payed and Jonathan was leading us out the door to meet this mystery dude. I had my hopes up for one person in particular. I knew he most likely wouldn't be there, but wouldn't it be so cool?
Finally Jonathan halted to a little grove of trees. He looked around, then waved to someone I couldn't see. "You can come out now!" He called. "They're here!"
No one came in response. Instead, a snow white owl perked up, seemed to study Jonathan, Amy and I, then fluttered down and perched on Jonathan's shoulder. "Is that your pet owl?" Amy asked.
I was shaking my head. Something had to be wrong. "Owls are nocturnal creatures," I said out loud. "It means they come out at night and sleep in the day. So why isn't this one?" I gestured to the owl.
Jonathan ignored me. "Guys," He said. "I'd like you to meet Gamma."
"And... where's this Gamma?" Amy asked. She didn't understand, like me.
"I am,"
Either I was hallucinating, or the owl had spoken. "Did... did you, just... speak?" Amy asked, stunned as I was.
The owl nodded. This was getting really weird.
But what we didn't know was that things were about to get even weirder.
Suddenly I heard the sound of what seemed wings flapping, getting closer and closer by the second. At the same time I noticed a red speck in the sky. What was that?
Apparently Jonathan noticed it too. He squinted his eyes and then a panicked expression arose on his face: I had never seen him this panicked before. "GET DOWN!" He yelled as the red speck got closer and closer to reveal a...
"What's going on?" I yelled, the flapping was very near, it was beginning to frighten me, too.
"Its... its..." Jonathan stammered.
Gamma yelled something but it was blocked by the dragon suddenly swooping down and knocking Jonathan to the ground. "Jonathan!" Amy screamed. Her scream gave away her presence, and the dragon (Okay, did I just see a green tux?!?!) snarled and came to her. The dragon-human-thing snarled again and slashed through Amy's leg with a talon. She hollored in pain.
"Amy!" I cried. I needed to defeat this thing, I searched for a weapon, the best I could come up with was a thick stick to bash with. "Don't you dare hurt her!" I yelled as I charged the dragon. Then, a miraculous thing happened.
Just as the dragon was about to slash through Amy again, its eyes changed from anger to love and loss. Was Amy's aura of fear working, or what? But I didn't care. I continued to charge, and the dragon turned around, prepared for battle. Then, as it had done with Amy, it lowered its eyes and whimpered like a puppy. Its eyes went back and forth from Amy to me, as if we were two very special beings.
The dragon turned its head to Jonathan and growled before it soared into the air once more. It turned its head back towards Amy and I, then continued to soar as if nothing had happened.
Jonathan rushed to Amy, who was trying to take the pain bravely, but didn't manage to succeed. This Gamma/Owl thing flew over towards her. Jonathan picked her up then handed her too me. Amy now seemed to be unconsious.
"That," Jonathan said. "Was a thing called a draconian. Nasty creatures."
"Kinda sounds like our last name," I pointed out.
"What would that be?" The owl said with interest.
"Um, Drake, sir."
The owl looked stunned, and shook his head gravely. "Oh no," He muttered.
Jonathan turned to me. "The draconian slashed through her leg," He said. "So therefore poison is flowing in her veins. If she isn't treated, she'll die. I happen to know good medics, though. Here's what you need to do: First find West Chicago Middle School. Find the girls's gym locker room. Find locker 259, and in the lock punch in these numbers, 45-36-10. Rush into the locker and once you come across another door, insert this key in the lock and we'll take it from there." He handed me a gold key. "Now go! There isn't much time!"
I nodded and ran as fast as I could to the middle school. It wasn't easy though, carrying ninty pounds. But my sister's life was at stake and I ran as fast as I could, faster then I had in my life. Because of this, in a few minutes I was able to reach the school.
It took me a while to find the gymnasiums. I was desperate, checking every corner. Jonathan had said that if I found the gym and entered a locker, I would be able to cure Amy. And I had known Jonathan for all my life, practically, so just imagine the amount of trust I was laying on him.
I pulled at the locker room door. Locked! Good thing, because this wasn't a problem. Jonathan had taught me to pick locks long ago. I found a hair clip in Amy's hair and I used that to pick the lock and barge in. I quickly switched on the lights and raced for locker 259. Then I found this huge locker that, sure enough, said 259 on a brass plate on the top. I grabbed the lock, which seemed to be very old and rusty, and I wondered if anyone had used this locker in a while. But that didn't matter. I quickly entered the code and the locker swung open. I entered, and saw a gray room before me. I also saw a brass door in what seemed to be the center of the room. I sure hoped this was the door Jonathan had talked about. I ran over and inserted the key in, twisted it, and the door swung open. I entered.
After that I entered a room with such magnificent beauty. It was shaped like a dome, with brown earthy walls and vines covering the rest. I then found another door and rushed over to it. I then saw what surprisingly seemed like civilization, and unlike civilization, also. There was people between the ages of ten and eighteen swarming all around these streets. They wore different clothes from what I've seen, and what would be considered outlandish. Their hair also seemed exotic, some were purple, some were blue and pink, and some regular colors like black and red, like Amy and I. How on earth though, could I find Jonathan.
I didn't find Jonathan. But I did find that strange owl. This time, he was wearing glasses like me, a graduate's hat, and some robes with a huge tree on it. This was just getting weirder by the moment. "Follow me," Gamma said. He fluttered above the heads of these kids and into this arch that lead to another section of the city. He then approached this tower/house and went inside. I followed him, having no other choice.
Gamma arrived to another person in the room. He was tall, had a flowing white beard, one eye blue and another one covered by this sphere-thing. The old man was wearing merlin robes.
"Gamma, there you are!" The man said. "Where have you been?"
"Sir," The owl said. "We've found two more, and one of them is in critical condition." The old man then noticed Amy and I. "What happened to the girl?" He asked.
"Her leg was slashed by a draconian," Gamma reported. "She's unconsious, and the venom is flowing through her. We need a medic now!"
"Oh my," The man said. "This is grave indeed. Quickly, fetch some sprites and theurgists, I bet the could handle this."
Gamma saluted and rushed out.
The old man turned to me. "Forgive me," He said. "Your sister is in a dangerous state, so I forgot to introduce myself. I am headmaster Merle Ambrose."
How could he be so calm in a time like this? But instead I said, "Headmaster of what?"
Merle was about to say before Gamma marched in with an army of fairies and kids dressed in green. They rushed over to Amy and carried her away. When they left, I turned to Merle. "How do I know that they won't mess things up?" I asked.
"Relax," Merle said. "These are trained professionals. Life is their school of magic."
"That's right," Merle said with a grin. "Welcome to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, where students learn how to become professional wizards."
"And what does this have to do with Amy and I?" I asked.
"You have potentual for learning to use this magic," He said. "You wil be trained to use one of the seven schools of magic. Now tell me, what is your name?"
"I'm Caleb, and my sister those fairies and kids just carried out is my twin, Amy."
"Nice to meet you, Caleb," Merle said, offering a hand. I took it. That's when someone went in the room, someone I was heavly releaved to see.
"Jonathan!" I said, rushing to him. "How's Amy? Is she doing all right?"
Jonathan nodded. "Don't worry. Just give her an hour or two and she'll be just fine. But if you had arrived even a minute later, I would be saying otherwise."
Then I noticed he was wearing those weird robes, most of it yellow and some blue. "Are you, are you one of these... these... wizards?"
Jonathan nodded. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I was assigned to watch over you. Because, well, as Headmaster should have said, you had potintual."
"Here," The Headmaster inturupted. "I need to tell you about the seven schools of magic. One of these seven schools you will be placed in. You cannot choose. It is determined by your personality."
The Headmaster walked over to his bookshelf and flipped to a page. "The first school of magic in the cycle: Storm. These wizards learn how to use lightning-related spells. They are refered to as diviners and can often be seen in purple and yellow robes. The second school in the cycle: Ice. Thautamerges learn how to use spells with water and ice related subjects. You'll normally see Ice students in blue and white robes. The third school: Fire. These students learn how to use the element of fire in their spells. Pyromancers are often seen in red and yellow.
"The fourth school in the cycle," Merle said, and I could tell he was getting nervous. "Death. The students of the death school learn how to summon the undead and use their spells to an advantage to heal. Necromancers are seen in black and red. The fifth school in the cycle: Myth. Myth wizards learn to summon magical and mythical creatures. Conjurors are seen in yellow and blue."
I turned to Jonathan. He nodded. "I'm a conjuror," He replied. "In fact, my dad is the teacher."
Merle proceeded. "The sixth school: Life. Life wizards are like those who just went to heal your sister. Theurgists learn to use the forces of nature, some of their spells to attack, and the other half to heal themselves, thereby making themselves difficult to defeat. And the last school: Balance. Balance wizards learn to use the subject of sand to their advantage. Sorcerers are seen in tan robes." He shut the book. "Now you must consult the book of secrets, and find out which school you are placed in. Later, your sister will do this, too. You don't have to say anything. Just think of the stuff you like to do, the memories you have, and let your mind flow to the book." He gestured to a pedistool with a book nesting on it.
I knelt in front of the book and rummaged through the memories of my life. I remembered getting my glasses, the way I stood to the draconian, how I preferred to be solitary, how I didn't care about the obituaries, but it was mostly about my dad, what I remembered from him, his longs black hair, his possible goatee, when I heard, "Stop,"
I opened my eyes. Merle looked at me in a concerned state. "Your school is determined," He said. "You have been placed in death."
I guess that explains why I was solitary.
Gamma burst in again. "Sir, sir!" He said. "I forgot about something urgent! His... their... last name!"
Merle looked at me. "What might that be?" He asked.
"Drake," I replied.
Merle closed his eyes, then opened them in shock. "Oh my," He said. "This is troubling indeed!"
"What's troubling?" I asked.
"Caleb," Jonathan said. "This has to do with your father."
I was shocked, and eager at the same time. "My dad?" I asked. "Is he alive?"
Merle nodded. "He is indeed alive and well."
I was smiling for the first time in the day. "Where is he?" I inquired. "Who is he? What's his name? Did he have anything to do with these... wizards? Can I see him?"
Merle nodded, then shook his head. "He has a great deal to do with the wizarding world," He said. "Unfortunately, you cannot see him, and it is forbidden for me to tell you his name, and I have no idea where he is."
Tears struck my eyes. "So... I'm just going to be abandoned? AGAIN? Even when I'm in this paradise, I'm still parentless?"
"It's not like that," Merle began.
"It's EXACTLY like that!" I screamed. "How can you? HOW? I just found out my parent is ALIVE and I can't SEE him? Not even know his NAME?" I ran out of the office and ran into a corner, bursting into tears.
A few minutes later Jonathan found me. "Hey, its okay," He tried to sooth. "Look on the bright side, you'll start you're studies soon, Amy is almost done recovering, and you and Amy can live with me and my parents. I'm an only child, so it'll be pleasant to have you two over."
I wiped my tears with my sleeve. I took off my glasses and as I wiped them I looked Jonathan in the eye and said, "Thank you so much."
"Here," Jonathan gave me a hand. "I want to show you someplace where wizards go in their free time,"
He led me through what he called 'The Commons' and led me into another part of the town. He lead me through gigantic doors with a sign above it: Arena.
"This," Jonathan said as he showed me around. "Is where wizards go, once they are expierenced, they try their hand out a dueling. The best of the best win and recive arena tickets to recieve fabulous prizes." Jonathan and I heard cheering and a rumble, then an announcer's voice called, "Ladies and gentleman, welcome to a duel!" There were many cheers from specktators. Jonathan nudged towards the enterance. "Come on, I think they're starting one." He led me towards the arena, where a crowd took up all the benches, so Jonathan and I had to stand to watch.
"One of our contestants, a grandmaster diviner, she is considered one of the champions of dueling, please welcome, Allison Unicorntail!"
A loud cheer arose as a tall tan girl with long brown hair and green eyes stood forward in purple and green robes. She took a staff out as she prepared to fight.
"And now, we have our challenger, she's the all time champion for over two years, a grandmaster in the school of fire, she has never lost a single duel, she's beautiful, she's dangerous, please welcome, the champion, Scarlett Rubypyre!"
And the crowd went NUTS as a short girl with short red hair and innocent blue eyes appeared on the battlefield, wearing a pink dress. She had no staff as the other girl-Allison- did.
"And now," The announcer said as Allison gripped her staff and Scarlett prepared for battle. "Let the duel BEGIN!"
Immediately Scarlett made a purple shield with a cloud and lightning appear, her gripping it, at the same time Allison casted a spell with a huge dinosaur crushing a city. Quickly Scarlett turned the shield horizantally and flung the shield, which slit the dinosaur's neck. In the same second, the student of fire casted a spell that summoned a dragon, which breathed fire at Allison. In that same split second, she summoned another beast I recongnized; a minotaur. The minotaur swung its ax furiously at Allison, who attempted feebly to use the same defensive tecnique Scarlett had used, to summon a shield and throw it. Instincivly, Allison threw the shield, but it missed by around ten feet, almost ramming into the crowd. As Scarlett's eyes followed it for a second, Allison summoned another creature, one that looked a heck of a lot like Zeus from the Hercules movie back on earth. Scarlett gritted her teeth and awakened a phoenix, which headed to Allison and knocked her down to the ground. The minotaur and god faded as the announcer announced, "We have our winner, Scarlett Rubypyre!" The crowd broke in a cheer as Allison got up and offered Scarlett a hand. Instead Scarlett nodded curtly and walked out.
I nudged Jonathan. "Maybe I could duel her?" I asked. Jonathan laughed. "Really?" He asked. "Dude, that girl could squash you like a bug! She's at the top of Ravenwood while you haven't learned your first spell!"
"Thanks for the encouragement," I muttered.
"I didn't mean it like that-"
"It's okay, really. But I would like to sometime."

Amy rised out of her unconsious state and awoke, with Merle sending for her to see what school she was placed in. Jonathan then took us to his house, and our training would begin the following day.
"What is your school?" I asked Amy.
"I'm a theurgist!" She said exietedly.
"So you're in..." I asked.
"She's in Life," Jonathan said.
I was stunned. She was my sister and she was in the opposite school as me? Now I wasn't sure what to say to her as she persisted, "What's yours?"
I hesitated. Should I answer?
But I didn't have to. Jonathan did for me. "Death," He replied.
Amy stared at me. Then she said, "Cool," She had taken it better then I had.
Jonathan's house was what he called a royal playhouse. It had a decent amount of rooms; enough space for me and Amy to finally have our own rooms since never.
Jonathan took us to a tall, bald man. "Caleb, Amy, meet my dad and teacher, Cyrus Drake. Dad, meet Caleb and Amy."
Cyrus stared at us, then shrugged. But I noticed how he said the last name was 'Drake'.
Apparently Amy noticed it too. "Drake?" She asked. "Your last name is Drake too?"
Jonathan Drake nodded. "Cool!" Amy cheered. "We have the same last names!"
"Not just that," Jonathan said. "We're cousins."
"Wait," I said. "So, your dad is our dad's BROTHER?"
Jonathan nodded.
I looked around, then led Amy and Jonathan to my room. They settled in as I confronted, "All right, Jonathan. The truth. Who is our dad?"
Jonathan sighed. "Fine. Let me begin."
Jonathan told us everything. When he finished, Amy and I were just shocked about our father.
I'd like to write about it, but its something Amy wants to share.


Hi! I'm Amy! Amy Drake. That's my last name, and Caleb and I never thought it would someday be so important. But still, wanna know something sad? We're orphans. Th only family I had was my twin Caleb and a friend of ours called Jonathan. Our parents? Well, before this incident, we knew little of our parents. Our mom died, and our dad abandoned us. Honestly, I don't remember my dad at all. But I can vaguely picture my mom. She had short red hair, green eyes, I think. And lucky me, I inhereted her traits! But not Caleb. He has black hair and brown eyes so brown they're almost black. I'd assumed he got that from our dad.
But, as people say, on with it! I'll begin where Caleb began (He's writing a narritive about this, so he's making me write one, too!), with our twelfth birthday.
I crept out of bed to where Caleb was sleeping, with a horn in my hands no need to get Jonathan, he was already up. I pushed the button and woke up Caleb. "It's our birthday!" I yelled, followed by a happy birthday song. Caleb muttered something about birthdays and sleep as he pulled the blankets back up. I yanked the blankets off and dragged him out, leaving him barely enough time to get his circle glasses. He was stuffing them on as we ran out of the orphanage and to the nearest IHOP I could find to meet Jonathan there.
We entered IHOP, where Jonathan was waiting, sitting at a table and I let go of Caleb. "Who's even going to pay for this?" He hissed to us.
I shrugged. "Relax. Jonathan, you and me are all paying for it."
I shouldn't have said that. Why? I found out when Caleb asked, "What do you mean, I am paying for it."
I began to become nervous. Caleb spotted it and gripped my shoulders. "What did you do?!" He yelled, shaking me. I could tell I was expressing fear in my eyes. Why did Caleb have to do this? Did he have a heart at all?
Jonathan saved me. "Relax, Caleb," He said. "We kinda smashed your piggy bank." As Jonathan said this, Caleb let go. Whew. "Just relax and order," Jonathan said again to Caleb.
I looked through the menu, and found chocolate flavored pancakes. "Oooh," I said. "Chocolate pancakes!"
For those of you who haven't read Caleb's thingy, I am a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG fan of CHOCOLATE! Sweet, sweet, chocolatey goodness! As I was lost in my thoughts, I heard the word chocolate. "Chocolate?" I inquired. Caleb sighed.
Then I heard Jonathan say, "I'll get some eggs."
A waiter came to pick up our orders. We ordered the hot chocolate and pancakes. We waited in silence as I formed a plot in my mind. I wanted Caleb to enjoy his birthday as much as possible. As the waiter came by, he passed out the hot chocolate, but before I could say anything, he left. I would have to do it when he came around next time.
The waiter came again and before he could leave, I pointed to Caleb. "Its his birthday today!" I said.
Caleb groaned. Then he said, "It's hers too."
I was really happy now. Thank you, Caleb! "What he said!" I said cheerfully.
"Well, congrats to both of you," The waiter said as he passed out the pancakes and eggs.
As we were eating, Caleb asked, "Did you get any presents?"
Jonathan chuckled. "No," He said. "But I have someone I want you guys to meet. He has a present."
Hearing this, I finished up quickly and cried, "Done!"
After that, after he payed, Jonathan took us to see that person who had a surprise for us, so just imagine my exietment! He led us to a tree where a white owl perched. Caleb looked suspisous. "Owls are supposed to be nocturnal," He said. "That means they are awake at night and sleep in the day. So why isn't this one?" Caleb geustured to the owl.
Jonathan inturrupted and said, "Guys, I'd like you to meet Gamma."
"And... where's this Gamma?" I asked. Jonathan was confusing me!
"I am," Came a voice. I looked around. And, was it just me, or was that owl TALKING? "Did... you... just... speak?" I stammered.
The owl seemed to nod. I am an imaginaitive person, but wasn't this supposed to happen in Harry Potter stuff? Harry Potter stuff only?
Caleb moved his eyes to the sky. I followed him, and looked at a red speck. I heard the sound of heavy wings flapping, too.
Jonathan was then in a panic. "GET DOWN!" He cried as the speck turned out to be a dragon and knocked Jonathan to the ground. What was the dragon doing? Jonathan was my friend, and I wasn't about to let him get hurt! "Jonathan!" I screamed. The dragon's head towards me, and I was just as panicked as Jonathan.
Things were about to get even worse.
The dragon snarled and charged towards me. I tried to dodge it and get to Jonathan, but the dragon wasn't stupid. Next thing I knew, the dragon knocked me down and a claw of his slashed into my right calf. My leg was searing with pain: like a fire rushing through my legs. I screamed as the pain seemed to flow from my leg to my whole body.
Things were hazy after that. I remember Caleb screaming my name and heaving a stick. And weirdly,
I saw compassion in the dragon's eyes.
I blacked out.

I woke up in an area I had never seen before. I saw a fairy in an orange dress in front of me. At first, I wondered if I was stuck in my imagination, but I figured if a dragon injured me and met a talking owl in the same day, then I could be seeing a fairy.
"Relax," The fairy said in a high pitched voice. "The draconian venom was spreading quickly, so you are a very lucky girl?"
"Draconian?" I asked.
"The thing that attacked you," The sprite explained. She turned around. "Oh, someone's here to see you!" She fluttered away.
It was Jonathan. "Hi Jon," I greeted.
Jon smiled. "Hey," He said. He looked around. "I bet you're wondering about all this."
I nodded.
He explained everything to me. He got me up and took me to the book of secrets. As Merle instructed me, I let my thoughts flow. I remembered my imagination, the way I was bright, and most of all, my mother. Merle told me to stop and announced I was in life.
Jon took me and Caleb to his house afterwards.
"What's your school?" Caleb asked me.
"I'm a theurgist!" I exclaimed excitedly.
Caleb was confused. "So you're in..."
"She's in Life," Jonathan finished.
"What's yours?" I asked Caleb.
Caleb hesitated. Things were looking bad.
Jonathan answered instead of Caleb. "Death,"
Really? In the opposite school as me? I put up a fake smile and said, "Cool,"
Jonathan introduced us to his dad, Cyrus Drake, which bothered me because we had the same last name. "Drake?" I asked. "Your last name is Drake too?"
Jonathan nodded as he then explained we were cousins when Caleb took us into his room and demanded an explanation. Jon agreed and began.
"You're father's name was Malistare Drake," He said. "Your mother was called Sylvia. Sylvia was the former life professer, and Malistare was the former Death professor. Sylvia died of a disease, shortly after she bore you guys. Malistare was in greef for a year or two, then he just threw an outburst. He drove fear into the hearts of all wizards and tore out the death school from the cycle. Merle didn't want you to know about him, that's why he couldn't tell Caleb."
I sighed. Was this my father? An evil man?
But I shook it off. It was time to forget the past and look to the future.

Now, preview time!

The Drakes; Part 2; The Chosen


My first day was AWESOME!
First off, well, ok, I'll admit, I was pretty nervous. I mean, who could blame me? Not only was I at a new school in a new place, I was in a place that most people on Earth would never even think to exist. I didn't know anyone, except for Caleb and Jonathan, of course. And even then, they were in different schools then me, and me and Caleb still hadn't picked our secondary, whatever that was (Jonathan said he would explain it later). And not only that, I was nervous about how people would think of me. I mean, I was the daughter of apparently this evil man! You'd more or less expect people to AVOID you! But I did consider the fact that at the same time my mom was the previous Life professor at my school, so I guess that was pretty cool, too.
So, what was more, I walked into the green school, both the color and plants, and the first thing I saw was a big fat COW in chinese robes! I almost fainted at the sight. But then I was taken aback by her smile. "Class," She said. (Okay, I had seen a talking owl, a talking fairy, now a talking cow, WHAT WAS NEXT?) "We have a new student in our class! Her name is Amy Drake. I want you guys to make her feel welcome, but considering that we are theurgists, I don't think you guys will have a problem with that at all." She looked from the class to me. "I'm sorry if the sight of me being, well, a cow frights you. I am Moolinda Wu."
I relaxed. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all. "Just take any empty seat," Moolinda offered.
I looked around. There was only one in the left back corner, next to a girl like Jonathan, tan skin and long blonde hair. She had green eyes. She noticed me as I was walking towards her and made a friendly guesture to sit next to her. I pulled the chair back, sat down, and moved the chair to the desk. The girl smiled at me. "Hey," She said. "Welcome to Life! I hope you'll have a good time!"
I smiled. I was most likely making my first friend already. I started to tell my name, but the girl inturupted me and said, "Um, Professor Wu did just say your name, so no need for introductions. I'm Ellie Frogrunner." She offered a hand. I took it. "Pleased to meet you," I replied.
I was wrong about my first day. Instead of starting bad, I started completely good.

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