Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Little to Cover

First off:

I put the picture twice cause I voted TWICE! You see, some students I had trouble picking one over, so I decided to do two rounds.

Round 1:

Storm: Samuel Watercaster
Ice: Sierra Starsong
Fire: Jessica Fairyheart
Death: Leesha Darkheart (Figured she'd kill me if I didn't)
Myth: Heather Raven
Life: Kestrel Shadowthistle
Balance: Cassandra Griffindreamer

Now for Round 2:

Storm: Samuel Watercaster
Ice: Sierra Starsong
Fire: Isaac Mistheart
Death: Cody Deathflame (Cause I met him once or twice)
Myth: Ronan Ravenshard (Now, between him and Heather, THAT was tough!)
Life: Cassandra Lifecaster/Marissa Petal (I voted for Cass, but they running as duo)
Balance: Cassandra Griffindreamer

Now, you know how Ronan has this new Percy Jackson blog? Wait, hold on.



Anyways, I applied for Camp Half Blood as a girl called Skye, daughter of Athena. Well, I was able to make her on noob account! Take a look:

On a sad note, The Survivor season finale is tonight! :'-( And, the TV show Lost is ending, like a SERIES finale! :'-( :'-( NOZ!

I think I'm gonna do both noob and blogger interviews, once you think of it.

Anyways, all I got.

Da Seagem