Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Finally, after being VERY busy, I am able to do this! Over the past three days, these are the things that I has done:

Go to Esmee's (Which is a three-hour drive, UGH!)

Try to make it in Honors English for next year

Try to build my IRL blog back (I kinda drew away from Life of a Bookworm when I started posting on this blog. And btw don't even try to go there... I have to invite people.)

Go to my friend's house

Guitar Recital

Softball practice and game

READ READ AND READ (Oh yeah, today in English we totaled how many books we read over the year... one of my friends achieved 48, another one of my friends rose up to 88, but I got to 91!!!)

So, uh, yeah. Busy.

Annnnnnnnyways, time for


Now, this person Is....

This person is a grandmaster,

She's a Necromancer,

She's a featured Wizard101 Fansite,

And, she, which I find strange, she doesn't do homework at her house like we commonly do, she does it in a graveyard,

She's Autumn Duskhunter from HOMEWORK IN A GRAVEYARD!

Now, the interview!

Destiny Seagem:  What inspired you to build a site about Wizard101?

Autumn Duskhunter:  Friendly.  Pure and simple. Thomas Lionblood/Stingite/Friendly is, to me, the “Greatfather” of w101 blogging, and to him, I will be forever grateful. To me, Friendly is #1- always has been, always will be. I would dare say that the w101 blogosphere would not be the same. He's like the hub of the wheel. Sure, I like to play 'Robbie Rotten' to his 'Sporticus', but that just adds to the fun of it all. And that's what it's supposed to be about, right? F is for friends , that do things together....

DS: When I first came to the blogging world, I saw that you had quit. Why? What convinced you to make a comeback?

AD:  It was my own fault, really. “Burnout”. I played too much, too fast. Ever since I left WoW, I had envisioned myself on some sort of “MMO Pilgrimage”, transversing the web, looking for my “MMO Home”. Little did I know, that I was “walking over dollars, looking for dimes”. I had even tried blogging for another, unreleased game. I found it odd that I could suffer “burnout” from a game that wasn't even available, so I had to look internally at the problem, instead of “blaming the game”. There's an old saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, and hands down, the w101 community has the best collection of players around.  It's the people that make the game.

DS: What are your expectations of Celestia?

AD:  I expect to get wet and sunburned. (ha, ha). Well from the clues we've all scoured, a “Roman Empire run by crabs” sees to be “on the menu”, but I'm still holding out for a “steampunk”/ neo-Victorian flavor. Like, the w101 version of 20,000 leagues under the Sea. (Jules Verne). I also believe there are plenty of surprises left that KI is not telling us about, yet. “Time is the revealer of all truths”

DS:  Who was your first Wizard101 blogging friend? (You didn't have to meet her/him in game)

AD:  Honestly, I can't even remember. Although I can tell you, the w101 blogosphere was a much smaller place, back then. 

DS:  How long have you been playing Wizard101?

AD:  Since mid-May of '09 (which brings me to the 'wizaversary' point. And “Homework” celebrates it's Anniversary on June 6th. Although, with my 8 month 'hiatus', I don't feel it is a true 'anniversary', so now it's just another day in BloggyWoodLand.

DS: You're a grandmaster, you're a featured Wizard101 fansite, but is there anything else you wish for?

AD: Yes. “TENURE FOR DWORGYN!”. (Sorry, couldn't resist it). Actually there's plenty of stuff, (usually filed under 'theorycrafting'), but KI is doing so well, that I almost feel bad to ask for more...almost.
Personal accolades are not what I'm about, really. I have not desire to be “#1”, at anything, but I do appreciate the efforts of all my fellow bloggers. I just love the w101 community, and want to see those bonds ever strengthened.

DS: What inspired you to write the apparently-famous Penny Dreadfull story?

AD:  Actually, “Penny” started out as a way to combat 'burnout', and fill blog space. However, once started, it sparked a creative fire that took on a life of it's own. Even after I “quit” the game, the story kept unfolding, in my head. I have been remiss in getting Chapter 2 going, and shall tend to it, soon enough.

DS: What do you like most about Wizard101?

AD: Community. The feel of “Family”, which is so lacking in many, many other MMO's. Sure, there will always be 'bad apples' that try to spoil it for everyone, but those types usually don't last long. 

DS:  What advice do you have for future bloggers?

AD: First, and foremost: do it for the love of it. Don't do it for “fame”. Otherwise, it'd be like collecting comic books, and never reading them. If you don't do it because you like doing it, you're not doing yourself any favors.

Second, “put some you in your blog”  We all scour the 'net , looking for something to write about. There's just so finite a number of things one can write in regards to w101. Take the Celestia posters, for instance...*everybody* has them posted, right? What makes the post on your blog stand out? The “you” factor.

DS: Anything you'd like to change about Wizard101?

AD: Yeah, I'd like a un-ruined portrait of Malistaire. Seriously, if you look at the “bigger picture”, the poor guy was a well-played puppet. What he did, he did for love. He's kind of like the Darth Vader of the Spiral.. and we all know how that turned out.

That being said, taking the 'long view', I think KI is 'on track', and the constant evolution of our little game is refining a gem that, although not the 'biggest', is certainly, (imo) The Best.

DS:  Thank you for your time.
AD: And thank you for this opportunity! Be well! 

That folks, is Autumn Duskhunter from Homework in a Graveyard!

(Also, why was I all of a sudden do stuff professionally? Cause I got blogger in draft! Woot, peoples!


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  1. Very nice interview! (and I bet you'll make it into honors English, miss bookworm!)