Monday, May 17, 2010

Introducing... First Interview of the Week!

Well, I was able to contact a well-known blogger to be the first person to be interviewed on the Duo of Death, and now I've got the very first IOTW right here!

But who am I interviewing, you might ask.

Ladies and Gentleman, Novices and Grandmasters, humans and wizards alike,

She's a Magus,

She's a pyromancer,

She has an official Wizard101 fansite,

She's Awesome,

I give you:


Now, for the interview.

Destiny Seagem: What do you like most about Wizard101?
Jessica Fairyheart: I like the people and the interesting graphics, suck as something you have to look to notice.

DS: You're running for Fire Student Teacher, what do you hope to accomplish if you win?
JF: I want to inspire others to become, or play as a pyromancer, I hope to make the community more noticed, the school more noticed, make Anna Flamewright notice that she is not the only pyromancer around, and most importantly, improve the elections so that they're not a popularity contest.

DS: You're an official fansite, so what do you think the secret to becoming a great fansite and a successful blogger is?
JF: Be yourself, and be creative, funny, random etc. Those are the building blocks to a successful blog.

DS: Is there any blogger in paticular that you look up to or have looked up to?
JF: The Friendly Necromancer.

DS: How did you hear of Wizard101?
JF: My friend, well, enemy.

DS: Any advice you have for not only future bloggers, but future players as well?
JF: Don't quit and keep on going, blog, and stay connected.

DS: What did it feel like to be the lowest leveled blogger around till I came around? (I bet I can personally relate to this)
JF: Left out, original, sad, boring, and annoying.

DS: Do you have expectations of the upcoming world of Celestia? If so, what are they?
JF: I wanna swim!

DS: How long did it take for you to get this well-known?
JF: Um, almost a year! Which, basically the entire time I've been playing I've been blogging as well.

DS: Who was your first blogging Wizard101 friend?
JF: Let me check... on game?
DS: Doesn't matter.
JF: I think it was Alyssa Silverheart. She was the first one to comment on a post.

DS: Anything you'd like to change about Wizard101?
JF: Max friends 1,000, being able to create seven wizards.

DS: How long do you think it will take for you to reach Grandmaster?
JF: Oh, if I'm lucky, one more year. Just kidding, depends on how many contests I win.

DS: Thanks for your time Jessica, I hope you enjoyed this!
JF: Thanks for the interview
DS: No prob

And that's the Jessica Fairyheart, the Awesome Pyromancer and the first wizard to get interviewed! Remember, she's also in the elections!

Da Seagem

(Pssst almost a HUNDRED POSTS! YEEE!)