Saturday, May 22, 2010

1) I NEVER thought this day would come! 2) Jessica is gonna KILL meh 3) IOTW Business and 4) Part 8 is SOOOO close to DONE!

1) Holy cow, me and Alia discovered EMPTY BAZAAR!!

I NEVER thought this day would come!

2) Uh oh, maybe I should, maybe I shouldn't post this. Um, lets just say this, Jessica:

And YES, Jessica, W does stand for Willowleaf! VERY sorry to say. (Yells to Rowan, "YOU GET TO THE RAVENWOOD BALL TO MEET JESSICA OR I PWN YOU AND I PWN YOU BAD!
No offense.")

3) I contacted a famous blogger for the second interview of the week, and I've got the interview ready to post on Monday! I hope you're all going YAY!


In addition...

I've already arranged the THIRD IOTW!!!

4) IT IS TRUE! I AM PRACTICALLY DONE! Guess what? Two characters that you haven't seen in a long time and have maybe forgotten about are going to make a comeback! No, not the Thunderslashes.


During the course or parts 8 and 9

You'll meet 11 NEW CHARACTERS!!!

(Gasps everywhere)

That's right folks, five newbees in 8, 6 in 9.


I'll reveal this. And this is sad.

In part 9...




Yup. Someone's gonna die in part 9. And another character dies later on, one you know very well.

And now, I want to post a preview. Here goes:

WARNING: It will not seem like TNM. Destiny is not in this preview. Someone else is.

"What is WRONG with you?" Noah yelled at his cousin, Antonio, when they arrived at the Krokotopian house. As Noah slammed the door, he ran after Antonio, who began running, too.
Antonio grinned wickedly as Noah chased the theurgist. To Noah, Antonio was a diabolical prankster, loving to tease and humiliate Noah with his pranks and his friends: Anthony Spiritwalker, Adam Soulcrafter and Jose Breeze. There had been too many fights between Noah and Antonio to name, both mentally and physically. Same with his pranks. Noah hated his cousin with all he had. He hated the fights and pranks Antonio set. Antonio made his life meserable. Barely a second could he get away from him, because he had to live with Antonio as well.
Noah grittted his teeth as he ran. Antonio might be three years older then him, but he was also quicker, despite his build. Noah gave his legs all he had, because Antonio had gone too far this time! One time Antonio had masterly forged a letter from the headmaster claiming it was dress-up-like-a-tree day. Noah, loving to participate in Ravenwood activities, had made a tree costume that had looked so real. The result for Noah were many gawks, stares and laughter. Worst of all, humiliation. Another time was when Noah had desperately needed a new robe. Antonio had given him a fake gift card for the Krokotopian robe shop. Noah had, again, fallen for it completely, presented it, and the result had been being suspended from the shop for a year. But his latest was out of control.
Noah finally caught up to Anotonio and yanked the collar of his green robe. Noah had a firm grip on Antonio, strong enough to make sure he wouldn't get away. Antonio's tan skin, long brown hair, and mischevous green eyes looked to Noah. Antonio put his hands in the air, then let them fall to his sides as he said, "All right, all right. You caught me. What now?"
"Why?!" Noah yelled. "Sure, the dress-up-day jokes were tolerateable, but framing me for thievery?! Do you even realize how long it took for me to convince them that I didn't do anything? Not even funny! I don't get why the stupid Book of Secrets placed you in Life!"
"But I see why the Book of Secrets placed you in Fire," Antonio mused. "Angry, hotheaded-"
"HOTHEADED?" Noah yelled. "I'm calm most of the time! I'm angry only because you set me off!"
"Which is pretty much-"
"SHUT UP, LIFESPEAR!" Noah snarled.
"Or what, Firewielder?" Antonio snarled back. "Gonna cry to mommy?"
That did it.
Noah screamed in fury and punched Antonio in the face. Hot with anger, Antonio clenched his hands into fists, and punched Noah back, but in the stomach. Noah didn't have air for a second and Antonio seized that oppritunity to kick him. Before Noah could react, Antonio teleported away.
Noah gritted his teeth as he recovered from the blows Antonio had served him. When would Antonio grow up? Noah teleported to him.
Antonio was laughing with his friends in Olde Town. Noah breathed heavly. Then he turned to Antonio's friends. "Why are you guys even with him?" Noah had the nerve to ask.
"We've been friends since who knows," Jose Breeze said, a master diviner in purple Mooshu clothes with purple eyes, pale skin and short brown hair.
"Antonio's cool," Anthony Spiritwalker added, a master pyromancer in red and white Mooshu robes and long red hair and yellow eyes.
"That, and we'd do basically anything or side with anyone if they paid us right," Adam Soulcrafter added, a grandmaster conjurer in yellow dragonspyre robes with long blonde hair and blue eyes.
"Even if it was wrong?" Noah asked. "Even if it would mean destruction?"
Adam shrugged. "Pretty much, if we were able to live."
Jose sighed. "I agree with Adam, mostly." He said. "I wouldn't do it if it meant the end of the spiral as we know it." Jose turned to Noah and snickered. "Like it would actually happen, though!"
Anthony joined Jose by tsk-tsking Noah. "Twelve-year-olds," He said. "When you actually grow up like us, you'll understand that if it benifits you, you do it. There's all that there is to it."
"Aw, don't make fun of him, Anthony," Antonio pretended to sympathize for Noah. "The poor kid's mommy and daddy died."
Anger set Noah off once more, and he swung a fist at Antonio, who in turn quickly ducked, with Noah's fist going by above his head. When anyone talked of his parents that way, Noah got really upset and it always resulted in a physical fight. He knew it was just Antonio trying to set him off, but he couldn't help it.
Antonio quickly rose up, grinning, and rammed his side into Noah, knocking him down into the ground. Antonio, Anthony, Jose and Adam all teleported away with a recovering Noah getting up and calling after them, "Who runs home NOW?"
Gritting his teeth and breathing hard, Noah looked all around him. For some reason, the sight that seemed to have stood out most was a girl in her early teens, either Noah's age or slightly older, with black hair wrapped into a ponytail and pale skin. She was wearing a black and red bandit cap, and another Marleybonian carnival dress the same colors. She held in her hand a sword with a black blade. It was apparent that she was a necromancer. Noah had a feeling that she had witnessed everything. The girl turned around and ran away.
Little did Noah know, she would grow to become a worse enemy then Antonio.


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