Thursday, December 31, 2009

And 2009 was a good year, and 2010 is yet to come...

Seriously, 2009, I hate to see go, it has been the best year of my LIFE so far! And yet, at the same time, January 2 is special because that is actually the day me and Cody began our Wizard training!
To celebrate 2010, I'll give a HUGE sneak peak at part 3, because it needs to go on Creative Writing, and at the same time am trying to get this blog on the blog list, and, yeah.
Anyways, here you go!

“You ready?”
Destiny wasn’t too sure about how she should answer to Ryan’s question. They were all now at the spiral door, all heading off to Krokotopia in a quest to defeat a teenage necromancer called Vladimir Thorn. One minute, she had been a normal initiate necromancer thriving in her studies, the next she was heading off to a quest that was of utter importance to the spiral.
She recalled the last time she had been in the spiral chamber. At the time her cousin Esmee had been showing her a surprise for her orientation, when she had been positive she would be placed in fire. But, she had been marked as a necromancer, throwing away her big plans for the future. When she heard this, Destiny had done everything she could to revolt. That hadn’t been too long ago, and yet a lot had changed, including the fact she and Sophia were fighting more than ever. Destiny gave a shudder when Sophia had found out she had been placed in the school of Death.
“How did orientation go, my favorite pyromancer?” Sophia had asked.
Destiny fumbled with her fingers as she stuttered. “Well, um, th-the thing is, kinda, well, um,” She had been scratching the back of her hood, her fire robes had been on at the time. “It sorta has to b-be my secondary school.”
Sophia’s expression looked stunned, but her eyes seemed to glimmer. “Really? Did you happen to be placed in, well, I don’t know, the opposite school?”
“No Sophie, I didn’t get placed in Ice.” Apparently Sophia had been hoping they would get put in the same classes. “Well, what school WERE you placed in?”
At the time Destiny couldn’t bring herself to say she was in death. All their lives they had been raised and told not to get too close to necromancer, in fear of being backstabbed. They were taught they were not only backstabbers, but a bad influence, aggressive, cunning, elusive, creatures that had arose from the remains of darkness and doom, cursed to eternally reap themselves and everything around them. And now she was forced to admit she was one of them. Did this mean she would be one of them? Had her fate just been dumped like that? Was her future not a pillar of light, but a tomb of eternal darkness?
Don’t fret, soothed a voice inside her. Change is completely normal.
But why? Argued another. Why this and now, and why does it forcefully cripple me?
Destiny shuffled her feet and nodded over to the death plaque as a part of the circle dug into the gravel.
Sophia gasped. “You don’t mean-“
“I’m afraid so.”
“But how can you be in death? You were so sure?”
“Look, it’s going to be all right. We’re still friends here, and fire will be my second school. We still might have a class together.”
“Like that’ll happen! Fire is the opposite of Ice, and if I take Fire as my secondary school when my primary is Ice, everyone will think I’m a doofus.”
“It doesn’t matter what they think.”
“Then how come you were so nervous about what I thought?”
“I didn’t want to lose you!”
“You can’t lose a friend because of a stupid school!”
Sophia seemed to calm down after that.”How about we go see the teachers in Ravenwood?” She asked. “I still haven’t seen my secondary teacher.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Agreed Destiny. “Where to?”
“Professor Wu.”
“You chose LIFE?” Destiny burst. “That’s the opposite of my school!”
“It’s not too bad-“
“Are you kidding? Those fools are weak! So weak, in fact, they have to rely on spells that heal themselves and never really do much damage! Why? Because they’re sissies!”
Sophia stood in shock to Destiny’s outburst. There was a long silence when Sophia muttered, “I guess you really are a necromancer, Destiny.” She headed toward the Life school.
“I didn’t want to be a necromancer!” Destiny shouted at her. “I didn’t have a choice!”
Before heading into the Life school, Sophia replied, “You do have a choice, Destiny.” Then she disappeared into the Life school.
Destiny turned away from her when she spotted a familier figure standing alone in the snow behind Kelvin, the ice tree.
Esmee had witnessed everything. She then turned and ran behind the Ice school. Destiny was now feeling more alone then ever. Most necromancer’s wouldn’t mind, but she was different.
What was she turning into?

Hope you enjoyed it, and happy 2010!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


You see, for Christmas, me, Cody, and Vanessa (my sister) got Wizard101 gift cards for the first time ever, and I got enough gold to get a cottage! Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, cottages sound LAME compared to the school houses and stuff, but for the time being, I LOVE IT! So I wanna give you a picture tour:

UGH! Why must the pictures go to my Dad's user? WHY?!?! WHY?!?! Oh shoot, I wanted to give you a tour! Oh yeah, I sorta, well, got reported too.

Yeah, yeah, more on that later.

Oh well.

All I was doing was giving this one guy, Anthony SpiritWalker some help in a battle, and he got mad and then reported me! Then, at the Bascilla, I gathered up a rally to get back at him and report Anthony for reporting me for just trying to help! But, in the end, they all went off to battle Malistare and I went to the Grand Chasm, where I last saw him, sure enough, Anthony was there right at the entrence, and I reported him for reporting me for just trying to help, and before he could spot me, fleeing back to my cottage. Oh well, lets end this post already, not much more to say, or type, or write. YES, I'M STALLING!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Wow, soooooooooooo much to catch up on after all this time after being grounded for TWO WEEKS from the computer. First off all, let me and Cody give our SINCERE apologies for the Christmas party postponations, so here is the FINAL time, and I say, it will NOT GET POSTPONED WHATSOEVER! It will be on, well, okay, first I need to work something about that with my parents. I am going to do the best I can to make sure you all have something to look forward to, and if not, than I'm really sorry, I did the best I could, honestly. Anyways, more news. Alia Lotuspetal has her conclusion to her series up, good job, I can't wait to read it! Another thing,

I IZ PUBLISHED?!?!?!?!?!




Another thing, there's someone I'd like to acknoledge: Jessica/Wildrose. If you're wondering about the dueling competition, I am pleased to announce Jessica, level 37 Necromancer, is the first ever duelist of the month! Congradulations, Jessica, I am sorry Fallon, you failed to show up, fair's fair. Fallon, if you wish to try again, you may do so. Jessica, if you'd wish to keep the title, you may do so. If someone new would like to step out, you may do so, because on January 2 the title will be back up for grabs!

Well, that's all I have, computer time's almost up, so I guess I'll have to end this post.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sory! AGAin

so Destiny's mom has grounded her for another week and so the party is postponbed yet again to next saturday same place and same time!

Monday, December 7, 2009


hey guys so this is Destiny sergen's best friend here i have some bad news Destiny and the other person who does this blog where grounded for a week from the computar and so as her friend i decided to be nice and blog this for her.
she says she and the other person say they are sorry and that they know you guys were looking forward to the christmas party!
I quote 'WAAAA!'
Destiny's best friend Natassja

Friday, December 4, 2009


Hey, I played test realm today and dueled with this one guy called Andrew Spritfriend, and now I can't find him or anything! I didn't make friends with him! So if you see an Andrew Spritfriend, level 48 theurgist, please contact me and him! PLEASE! I NEED TO FIND HIM AGAIN SO I CAN MAKE FRIENDS! TREASURE CARD REWARD IF YOU MAKE IT SO I'LL BE ABLE TO FIND HIM AGAIN!!!



Well, me and Destiny installed the test realm last night, but I realized something, HOW DO I GET OFF IT! ITS GETTING ANNOYING! please comment anyone who can help with that, see ya!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, sorry about the duel folks, but Wildrose left a comment saying shes in the UK, so here's the REAL time for the duel of the month: Saturday the fifth, at 8:00 A.M. Mountain time. Wildrose, for you that should be around 4 PM. Sorry I let you all down (probably) with that.
Also, me and Cody have an ancouncement: the Christmas Party. We wanted to announce it early so we could get word around an be the first to do it (hehe)
Here's the info:

Cody hopes that Thomas Lionblood will show for at least the first shift.
And because I'm almost done with Part 3, here's a little sneak preview at Sands of Balance!:

Destiny awoke not to be in the tent, but in an icy glade where snow was covering the field and land, and a frozen lake behind her, and snow was slowely drifting from the sky to the ground. It was a wonderland of ice.


Suddenly a huge lion dashed out of the trees, running on it's paws. A girl was riding it, a girl who Destiny hadn't seen before but yet was very familier.

It was Ice, the first to use ice magic.

Then the lion pricked one paw on a thorn, and roared in pain, blood trickling out of it, Ice trying to calm him down.

The blood that had gushed out of the paw was now making itself a little stream, flowing mindlessly in it, ruining the beauty of the glade, spelling out in letters-

Destiny awoke, and imediately sat up straight, noticing Neela had already woke up.

But that didn't matter. The dream, it mystified her, even scared her a little. But it had really, really, confused her. She couldn't remember what word the blood had spelled out, or what its purpose was. But one thing had been made clear:

Ice had been trying to tell her something.

What do you think? A little short? Confusing? Well, that's what it supposed to be! Oh, and sorry about not posting, these days, me and Cody only get a half hour on the computer! Gonna be a little hard to type up my full story now, and an hour and a half on weekends. Anyways, time's almost up, see ya!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just a Few Random Facts...

Did you ever notice that in the Charlie Brown movies that when they're talking to him, they never call him Charlie? Just Charlie Brown? And that Disney Channel only advertises themselves?
Also, (I CRACK UP at this one) if Barbie were a real woman, due to uneven proportions, that she would have to walk on all fours to even get around? You see, her feet are too small to carry the legs, and her waist is just TINY while that chest is GINORMOUS! Therefore, if she were a real woman, the weight for the chest would be too much and she would constantly break it concluding she'd have to walk on all fours unless she wants to go through pain...
I DON'T KNOW! I was a little bored! Oh yeah, I remember what I was here for:). For two reasons, actually.

1) Well, today's the 29th, you know what that means? Yup, we have our duelers! So far we have two duelers, so I guess it's too late to enter now. So, its:

Congradulations Wildrose and Fallon! You will meet at the arena tomorrow November 30th at 5:00 Mountain time in the Dworygn realm, area 1. I, Destiny Seagem, will be there to watch and judge. It will be a 1V1 duel. And again, if one of you can't show up, the other will be automatically be declared winner.

2) I kinda didn't end off with the coming up next thing like promised, huh? Well, here you have it:

Coming up in part 3!
Destiny, Jason, Ryan, Natalie and Chris all head to Krokotopia in search of something invented by Balance himself that will give them a huge head start in the race against Vladimir. Later on, Destiny also has a dream sent by Ice herself, probably concerning her desendant, which puts them in a situation trying at the same time to find the desendant of Ice. But is Vladimir stalking them as usual? Or is he aiming elsewhere? Find out in the Sands of Balance!

And, good news! I am sooooooooooo close to finishing part 3, and I'm telling you, I think personally it's going to be one of the best in the series, let me tell you that, and it's getting really suspensful, and let me tell you this one tip that'll come in handy: PAY ATTENTION TO EVERY LITTLE DETAIL, you may never know what'll come in handy later on.

Gotta go, see ya!

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Necromancer's Matter, Part 2; The Duel

I had originally intended for this to be released TOMORROW, but Wildrose said, cool, it's coming out tomorrow! and so I decided I guess I would post it. First, meet the two new characters, Natalie Goldenflame and Chris Mythflame.
Natalie Goldenflame is a bright and spunky diviner who is the sister or Ryan Stormflame, and also seems to have a thing against Vladimir Thorn. But is it because of his bulling attitude, or something much, much more?
Chris Mythflame is a quiet thautamerge and has some good dueling skills. Well that's all I can say about him, because I'm pretty sure this is the only time he'll appear.
Also, you know that Wizard101 Fansites and Links thing? Well, I decided to submit the Duo of Death on there and I told them about the rising fame this blog has had.
Okay, normally there'd be a cover here, but like I said earlier, something's going on with it, so I'll post it sometime else.
Now on with the feature presentation, hehe.

The Necromancer's Matter, Part 2; The Duel

When Destiny Seagem heard the words slip out of Mr. Lincoln, she laughed. Hard.
"Good joke, Mr. Lincoln!" She stood straight. "Okay, spill. Admit that I'm destined to be the greatest pyromancer of all time, and you were kidding all along."
Mr. Lincoln used one of his feathered hands to cover his face in exaggeration. "Miss Seagem, I'm not joking or anything. It clearly stats on these papers that your test results have landed in the Death school."
"Well, maybe you misstallied." Destiny said. She could get this resolved within a matter of minutes.
"The Book of Secrets can't 'Misstally'" Mr. Lincoln said. "If it's even a word." Destiny heard him mutter under his breath.
"Well, there has to be some kind of mistake!" Destiny insisted. Then she yanked the papers out of his feathers, and studied them. Mr. Lincoln was right: the results clearly showed Death.
Mr. Lincoln was growing impatient. "Miss Seagem, if you would kindly move along, I have other wizards to attend to!" Mr. Lincoln was clearly getting annoyed by Destiny's presence.
"I'm going to report this to the headmaster!" Shouted Destiny. Before Mr. Lincoln could stop Destiny and punish her with a lecture on you can't just lurch to the headmaster like that without permission, well, she did, carrying the papers for her school with her.
"Headmaster, headmaster!" Shouted Destiny when she barged in the house, where a red haired and mustached man was leaning against his wife, looking down at something, until Destiny rudely interrupted.
"Destiny?" Asked the headmaster. "What are you doing?"
Destiny didn't know why he was too mad, until he saw Headmaster Ambrose's wife, Amber (A pyromancer too), holding a small bundle of blankets like a priceless artifact.
"What can be so important that," The headmaster continued. "You have to interrupt when my wife gets home from the hospital along with our baby boy?"
"Well, I knew you were going to have a baby soon," Destiny said. "But now?" She backed off a few steps. "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to intrude."
"Well, you can't take back a break-in," Reasoned the headmaster. "What's your dialemma now?"
Destiny explained how she needed to become a pyromancer, but had been placed in the wrong school. "Please, headmaster, I'll give anything, anything at all, to become a pyromancer!" Destiny pleaded. "Do you want gold, community service, better behavior?" She was getting on her hands and knees now. "Just switch my school!"
"Destiny, no matter what you offer, the school you're placed in is the school you're placed in." Replied Headmaster Ambrose. Amber was still cuddling her baby. "But, along with your primary school, which is for you, Death, you also choose an elective course." He advised.
"So, this means I can still attend the school of fire?" Destiny asked. This, by chance, could be a little glimmer of hope for her future as a pyromancer!
"You'll be a necromancer, but you'll be able to attend fire school and become a pyromancer, too. So the fact you have been placed in the Death school just opens up another opprutunity." Headmaster Ambrose said.
"Here, I think I might know something that would cheer you up from your plight." Amber spoke for the first time. If voices were edible, hers would be sweet flavored, like honey. "You'll be the first in the public to see him."
Destiny took her offer and walked up to the little boy. In the mass of blankets, he was fidgeting, balling up his little hands, and strands of blonde hair on his head, eyes as blue as the sky completing the mix.
"Awe, he's so cute!" Destiny complemented. "What's his name?"
"I was thinking on the name Merle." Said Amber.
"Merle?" Destiny said. "Isn't that kind of old fashioned?"
"Well, me and my husband think it's a good name." Amber said. "Oh well, if it's Merle you want," Destiny said. "It's what I want."
"Why don't you go see the teacher of Death, Professer Lucyia Drake, for your clothes and book?" Headmaster Ambrose suggested.
"Sure, I might as well get the fact I'm in a different school over with." Destiny said. Destiny went out of the headmaster's house and headed off to Ravenwood. She looked up at Bartleby and remembered when her cousin, Esmee Lionblood, had said hi to him.
Oh Esmee, Destiny thought. How would she be able to explain the fact she was Death to Esmee, to Sophie, to her family. It seemed impossible that they would accept it. And what about Ryan? What would he think?
Ryan Stormcaster was an initiate diviner who had been rebelling against a bully in Ravenwood, Vladimir Thorn, a necromancer that- A necromancer. Jason's words rung in her ears. "And if anyone messes with him, like you just did, he always swears to get revenge, and he always does. And you're lucky if the revenge is getting embarrassed in a classroom. For what you just did, pushed him in front of the whole of Ravenwood, that's got to be bad." Now that Destiny was a necromancer, it would be a whole lot easier for Vladimir Thorn to get back at her. For what she did, it seemed like it was going to be bad, incredibly bad. Vladimir was a necromancer, a magus at the least. And when Destiny saw that he had been giving Ryan a wedgie in front of Ravenwood, Destiny had spoke up in his and pushed him in front of a huge crowd. He had screamed at her, shrieked at her in turn, and teleported somewhere not even his two friends, Jason Stormflame and Chris Soulhunter, could possibly name. Jason had warned her after Vladimir had teleported away that he wasn't a guy to be messed with. Chris had said nothing, and didn't seem like the talkative type. Destiny didn't know much about Vladimir. She hadn't even heard of him until she met him. But as little as she knew, she had picked up a hint from a conversation from Ryan after the incident. That little shove had been the spark of a possible rebellion everyone had been waiting for, and the flames had a chance of spreading. The message had been clear:
Vladimir now wanted revenge more then ever before.
When Destiny found the Death school residing in between the Myth and Fire schools, she was a bit nervous. Necromancers were rude and offensive, forcing you to quake with fear, and their personality was one of the reasons Destiny was so afraid of the school. And now she had been placed on it. She would stand out like a unicorn in a flock of dragons, because, basically, that's what she was. She wondered what the professor would be like as she hesitantly entered the death school.
Destiny saw the professer for the first time. Lucyia Drake had a rectangular face shape, long black hair behind her head, and other two thirds on each of her shoulders, wearing black robes embedded with intricate designs of dragons and death insignias and a red trim. Bangs were covering her right half of her face, also serving as a shroud to her almond colored and shaped right eye. She was consulting with a male death student who looked strangely familier with black hair and pale skin.
"Worthy to become a master, huh?" Professor Drake asked while the student nodded. "If you are indeed worthy, you will have to master every single death spell you have learned so far completely, win at least fifty duels against other necromancers and cast ten perfect wraith spells before you get too far ahead."
"I knew you would say something like that," Flashed the other student. "That's why I planned ahead of time. I have already mastered every death spell I have learned so far and I get perfect results every time. I can preform now or later, whichever you'd prefer."
Wow, the death student is sure to charm the professor, thought Destiny. But she still knew the voice from somewhere.
"How about the duels?" Destiny knew the student was sure flashing a smile at the professor, as if it were a necromancy charm itself.
"Unlike other necromancers, dueling isn't homework or a burden you give in my opinion," Said the necromancer. "I see it as a pastime, a hobby, a profound and interesting way of spell-to-spell combat and express competition. In the past month, I have won a thirty-four duel streak and I have the tickets to prove it." He got thirty-four arena tickets out of a pouch to prove his point, and handed them to the professor.
"You're doing alright, for a magus." The professor tried not to show any signs of impression. "But the question still remains, will you be able to cast wraith?"
"Don't worry, professor, it shall be done, you'll see." Said the necromancer.
"I expect it so." Said Lucyia. "Now cast wraith ten times and win those sixteen more duels." The student simply nodded his head and turned away. Then Destiny realized where that face had been from.
Before Vladimir could see her (Hopefully), Destiny ran to the nearest desk and slipped under it, crouching as Vladimir exited the death school. If he had seen her, he didn't show any sign of it, except for a mutter, "That's it, that's it."
A long silence passed before the death teacher barked, "I know you're here, don't think I'm dumb!" Hesistantly Destiny emerged from under the desk to face the death professor.
"Destiny Seagem, eh?" She asked. "You're the only novice I haven't seen today."
"Yeah, that's me," Destiny said, unsure of what to say or do.
"Well, what are you waiting for?" Cried Professor Drake. "Stop staring at me and get over here!"
Destiny climbed the steps to greet the harsh professor. She spotted a pile of novice clothes and a brown book with an onyx at the center. Destiny guessed those were meant to be for her, and picked them up.
"I've noticed you don't have a wand." Said the professor. That was the nicest thing she's said to me so far, Destiny thought.
"A wand?" Destiny stammered in the sentence. "I never recived one, ma'am."
"Don't be ridiculous!" Snorted Professor Drake. "Mr. Lincoln hands you one after he tells you your school." That's when Destiny remembered that the student before her had gotten a wand after Mr. Lincoln announced he had been placed in balance. Destiny had been so caught up in trying to convince him that she was meant to be a pyromancer, that she never gave him the chance to recive her wand.
Before the professor could say anything, Destiny dashed off with the clothes and book and rushed to Golem Court. Perhaps the wands and Mr. Lincoln are still there, Destiny thought, although it was unlikely. But good luck had overcome this time, because, sure enough, he was still registering a few more kids.
"Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Lincoln!" Destiny called out. Never had she been happy to see his feathery face. Mr. Lincoln turned around to face her. "Oh, what is it this time?" He asked. "Come to give me a little begging to convince the headmaster to place you in fire?"
"No, I already did that." Destiny said as if it were no big deal. "I just came here for my wand."
"I did notice that you never picked it up," Said Mr. Lincoln. As he was talking, Destiny noticed seven separate stacks of wands, each containing novice wands from each school. A plan began to formulate in Destiny's mind as she was approaching closer and closer to them.
"You can have it on one condition," Said the big white bird.
"And what that might be?" Asked Destiny as she inched over to him. "That you return the papers regarding your school to me."
"And why would you need them? The headmaster has it."
"How about I go get them, then? Then after you can have your wand." Said Mr. Lincoln. Destiny was right under his beak now, which was making him both suspisious and nausious.
"It's like you said earlier today," Destiny countered. "You have other students to attend to!"
In a flash, Destiny dived under Mr. Lincoln's beak, aiming for the wands. Mr. Lincoln was rubbing his beak, which seemed to have a little bruise.
"What are you, hey, where are you going?" He yelled. As Mr. Lincoln was talking, Destiny didn't miss her chance to get up and retrive a novice fire wand, and run to the exit of Golem Court. Mr. Lincoln started to go after her, but Destiny simply shouted, "Nope, you have other students to attend to!" And with that, she rushed out of Golem Court, headed to Ravenwood.
The plan had been simple; retrive the novice fire wand, and show it to her as hope to convince Mistress Flamea that she had been placed in fire and would be able to avoid death school and Vladimir.
She barged in the fire school, seeing Mistress Flamea and her long red hair reaching all the way down to her back. Destiny gave a bow, gripping the fire wand tightly. She couldn't mess this up, her future depended on it. Fire being a secondary school wasn't enough.
"Mistress Flamea, I am a new novice and ready to learn the act of fire!" She exclaimed in a loud, cheerful voice.
"Really?" Asked the professor. "I don't recall you being in my list of new novices."
"Sure, I was placed in death," Said Destiny. "But I politely consulted the headmaster and agreed to place me here instead."
"The headmaster can't do such an act," Recalled the professor. "What's the story behind the wand?"
"I just told you," Flashed Destiny. She hoped she would make as good as an impression as Vladimir had with Professor Drake. "I politely consulted the headmaster and he agreed to change my school, and gave me the wand as proof."
"I mean it, Destiny, what's the story?"
"But it's only true!"
"No, it's not! Don't you dare lie to me, Destiny Seagem! No one has ever switched schools!"
Destiny sighed. There was no way out of this. "I ambushed Mr. Lincoln," Destiny said. "Because he wouldn't give me the death wand."
"I know how that feels," Commented Professor Flamea. "I wanted to get placed in the Life school when I was your age. But the book placed me in Fire, and it turns out, Fire was my calling all along. It was just the better path."
"But being self-absorvant, ignorant, and aggressive isn't my calling!"
"I don't know, Destiny." Mistress Flamea said. "You just did show a trait of a necromancer." "Don't be ridiculous!" Said Destiny. "How was I just now like a necromancer?"
"You just displayed the cunning of one," Said Mistress Flamea. "By attempting to steal a fire wand to get yourself in fire is cunning."
Destiny hadn't even thought of that. She had acted like a necromancer all day, come to think of it. She recalled the events that had gone over the day. Boasting she'd be in Fire. Pushing Vladimir. Trying to get the surprise out of Esmee by making offers that would only be benificial to her. Attempting to switch schools. Breaking in the headmaster's house. Ambushing Mr. Lincoln for the fire wand. And just now, lying about it and risking expellation.
"I do have a few novice death wands I've kept in storage." She went to her office and pulled out a death wand from her desk drawers. "I'll give it to you if you'll give me the fire wand," Mistress Flamea said. "Don't bother trying to keep it, it'll know you're a necromancer and won't allow you to cast fire spells properly."
Destiny handed over the fire wand, and as promised, she gave her the death wand. "Don't forget, you can take fire as an elective," Mistress Flamea said.
"I guess there's no other way," Destiny said.
"Speaking of fire classes," Said Mistress Flamea. "I need you to borrow a book from the library. It's called Tales of the Spiral, and it should have a story about fire. You'll need to understand it to become a true pyromancer, elective or not."
"Okay," Destiny said. "I'll go do it now." And she went out of the fire school. First I better change out of these clothes, Destiny thought and headed to her house to change.
"Why are you wearing clothes of a necromancer?" Asked Destiny's mom, Cassandra Rubytail, who was a conjurer.
"Don't ask," Muttered Destiny. "I need to go to the library." Now that her fire robes were off, Destiny's black hair was put up in a ponytail, and it went along well with her green eyes.
Destiny scrolled along the title of the various books in the library, until she finally found the book Mistress Flamea had asked her to borrow, Tales of the Spiral, and then accidently bumped into someone. She had light blue hair and brown skin, wearing purple and yellow robes, and a blue hat that curved at the top and went down in the middle. She was holding a staff with a five pointed star at the top. Another diviner. There was someone with her, a boy wearing blue and white robes holding a blue wand. A thatuamerge.
"Oh, sorry," She said. "I was just looking for a book."
"What is it?" Asked Destiny. "Storm Spells for the Journeyman," Said the girl.
"Diviner, huh?" Destiny said. "You remind me of another diviner I know."
"Who?" Asked the girl. "His name's Ryan Stormcaster."
"He's my brother!"
"What's your name?"
"Natalie Goldenflame,"
"Who's that guy over there?"
The boy spoke up. "Chris Mythflame," He said. Destiny laughed. Natalie and Chris stared. "You're a thatuamerge, and you know, myth." "Never mind that, do you know where the book is?" "Oh, I think I did see it earlier, up there," Said Destiny.
"Thanks," Natalie said, and went to retrieve it. Chris was staring at her, and Destiny knew what he would ask. "Don't ask," She said, but turned out to be usless because Chris already said, "Necromancer, huh?" She nodded. "Didn't want too,"
Natalie got the book. "Got it!" She turned to Destiny. "We need to leave now, okay?"
"Sure," Destiny said. "Tell Ryan I said hi."
Natalie nodded one last time before she and Chris left, and shortly Destiny did too.
Destiny flopped on her bed and got to work on the book, but instead of going to the tale Mistress Flamea instructed her to go to, one tale caught her attention, "The First Wizards" it said. Destiny began reading.
After the war between the giants, dragons and titans, the first Wizards were born.
In a third of a spiral, a tornado was erupting. Then the hot and cold winds parted and returned to its source.
The blizzard the cold air was coming from then gave its creation: a short, blue haired girl who was creative and funny. The blizzard called her Ice, and Ice picked up a rod with a snowflake on top. This was the first Ice wand.
The hot air returned to the flames, which was put out. And from the ashes come another redheaded girl who was intelligent and powerful. The flames called her Fire. A firecat came to Fire, and delivered her what was the first Fire wand.
In another third of the spiral, a mighty storm was brewing, lightning flashing and wind traveling at a fast speed.
The wind was the winds of creativity, and out of the air came a blonde boy who was creative and sometimes dwelled in his own world. The wind called him Myth, and in Myth's hand came the first myth wand.
Out of the lightning came a strong and powerful and purple haired boy, and the lightning called him Storm, and made him a staff of lightning.
In the last third of the spiral, was a field, one half bare, the other thriving.
In the thriving part, out of the grass came a brown-haired girl who was compassionate and caring. The land called her Life. And out of the ground rose a stick, which was the first life wand.
On the other side arose a boy who was aggressive and would do anything for his needs. The field called him Death, and gave him a staff that arose out of the ground.
Eventually these wizards all met, and then all fought for complete control of the magic, even Life. Then out of a large bang came out a boy with auburn hair who sought nothing but peace.
"Who are you?" Questioned Myth.
"I am Balance," The boy said. "The spiral has sent me to maintain order and stop the fight."
The other wizards were angry at this, but Balance managed to sooth them, but it was too late. Out of their anger and hate and quest for power had risen up a huge monster of molten lava who sought nothing but control of the spiral.
Combining all of their strength into one huge blast, they defeated the monster, and later founded Ravenwood.
What they didn't know was in place of the monster, instead of remains of molten rock and lava, was a boy. And now they fight with him, to hopefully maintain order and peace in the spiral.

Good story, Destiny thought when she closed the book.

3 Months Later

Eventually Destiny became in initiate, having experience in death and fire, and one day, Jason came up to her.
"Vladimir challenges you to a duel," He said. "Three on three. He say's you're the fiftieth he needs to become a master."
Destiny gulped at this. Even though she was an initiate, how was she supposed to beat someone to soon become a master? There was only one person she could explain this to.
"At least it's three on three," Said Ryan.
"Yeah, but he'll have Jason and Chris on his side!" Destiny said. "How will I be able to beat him?"
Natalie then spoke up. "You need to choose two others," She said. "Take me and Chris with you, we can fight effectivly."
"Thanks," Destiny said. You're the fiftieth he needs, Jason had said. Vladimir was going to battle her as the final one.
Over the next few weeks, Ryan, Natalie and Chris trained her for the duel, and when the time came, Natalie, Chris, and Destiny headed out into the arena. Almost everyone in Ravenwood showed up, and as predicted, in front of the trio stood Vladimir, Jason and Chris.
Vladimir started off the fight by casting a vampire, and Destiny defended herself by casting banshee. The two Chris's were fighting, and Natalie was taking on Jason, who casted a Meteor Strike. Both sides kept casting spell after spell, trying to bring the other team down, but the opposing team, Destiny's or not, managed to counter. The battle was getting intense after Natalie cast Kraken, but Jason defended himself with a simple Sunbird. Chris had cast an evil snowman, hurting the other Chris, who managed to surprise everyone by casting Unicorn. "Oh yeah, did I mention Chris is a secondary school is life?" Vladimir said as he casted a Vampire.
No! Destiny thought. That was the ultimate stratagy, Chris would just be able to use Unicorn and heal everyone when they needed it.
I guess its time for a change of plans! Destiny thought.
Destiny cast a Banshee, but this time aimed it at Chris, who at the same time, the other Chris had casted ice wyvern at him, and seeing where the others were getting at, Natalie cast another Kraken at Chris.
They had defeated Chris.
"Bring it on now!" Challenged Destiny to Vladimir.
Vladimir grinned. "Believe me, I will." Then he cast a Skeletal Pirate, and Destiny attacked Jason with a Meteor Strike treasure card. Jason was out.
Vladimir could barely contain it. "Nooooooooooo!" He shrieked, and with that, Krakens, ghouls, and fire elves all rose out of the ground, and began attacking everyone in the arena, even the spectators. "Now everyone shall feel the wrath of Vladimir Thorn!" Screams were rung through the arena, and soon almost the whole ring had been evacuated except for those dueling. They were going to lose. Then a ray of blue light came out from the walls, and so did another red ray. Then across the room, a purple and yellow. And horizontally from the right, a green ray, and the other direction a black one. The rays then were all forming together as one blast, brown, and it was aimed directly at Vladimir, who then, before the blast could hit him, fled and teleported. The blast then hit the wall of the arena, then the building was crumpling to the ground, bricks smashing to bits.
And in the middle of it all, Destiny fainted.
Destiny awoke in a bed with white sheets. The hospital. And standing before her were four visitors, Ryan, Natalie, and surprisingly, Jason and Chris.
"What're you doing here?" Destiny asked Jason and Chris.
"I think you've shown enough potential that you can join us in the fight against him." Ryan said.
"Against who?" Destiny asked.
"I think you know," Natalie said.
"Against Vladimir?" Destiny shook her head. "I already was."
"Maybe, but not for the reason you think." Destiny heard Chris speak up for the first time ever.
"Well, finally the bird comes out of the nest." Muttered Destiny.
"Have you read the tale, the First Wizards?" Jason asked.
"Yeah, why?"
"The story's true," Ryan said. "The boy at the end, Vladimir is his descendant."
"It's true," Said Natalie. "Ryan and I, we're the descendants of Storm."
"And I'm the descendant of fire, and Chris is the descendant of Myth." "So, that means what?"
"We're all united, trying to fight against him. We haven't found the descendants of ice, life, death or balance. We need all on our side if we hope to fight Vladimir."
"He's looking for them too?"
"Yes, to convert as many on his side as possible." Said Natalie. "The more he converts, the more he has a chance of ruling the spiral."
"Would you like to join the fight?" Ryan offered.
"We'll be leaving to Krokotopia shortly, so take it or leave it."
"What'll I tell my family?"
"Say you got an offer to go to Dragonspyre Academy," Jason said. "They'll believe it."
Destiny pondered this for a moment, and then replied, "Fine, I'll go."
"Then off to Krokotopia it is!" Said Natalie.
And so began the fight against Vladimir Thorn.


Well, I finally got that subscription! For anyone who helps me in the ironworks I will do a quest with you! Yeah i need that done and i want to battle malistare with someone! Destiny teleported to some guy and battled malistare, He's overdramatic! (Also low self asteem,) Anyone want to do those with me? just comment this post. Again, anyone who needs help with any quest, if you help me in the ironworks i will help! Also i got the awesomest badge ELEMENTAL DISPELLER! Also Necromancers matter part 2 comes out today! Anyway gotta go, HALP! (In the ironworks!)

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Look where Destiny is NOW!!!

Okay, well I have a little picture prob now, so I'll just tell you...


Yes, we finally got a subscribtion! I can't wait for Krokosphinx! I can't wait for the Tomb of Storms! Then Marleybone, Mooshu, and DRAGONSPYRE and maybe CELESTIA!!!
On that matter, today Cody was playing another character, Alric Seastrider, and there was this guy like Blad Raveneye in Firecat Alley who was concerning Alric on something, but that something doesn't matter, guess what word he said?!?!?!!?! CELESTIA!!! FURTHURMORE PROOF!!!
I guess that confirms it then, Celestia is the upcoming world.

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Info on The Necromancer's Matter

Okay so one of my most recent comments was from Wildrose, when is part 2 going to be up? And I thought, good question! So I've set a release date for part 2. I've got a little chart on release dates for parts right down here:

Part: Title: Date:
1 Orientation 11/20/09
2 The Duel 11/28/09
3 Sands of Balance 12/5/09
4 Desendant of Ice 12/16/09
5 Bones of the Enemy Late December
6 ? ?
7 ? ?

Yes, there's going to be only seven parts, I'm afraid. But they're all supposed to be long, so yippie! NO, I AM NOT RIPPING OFF HARRY POTTER! It's just the way it's going to work out for now. Also, Harry Potter 7 DID come out on my 10th birthday... good memories, goooooooooooooooood memories!
Anyways, the reason Desendant of Ice is over a week after book 3 is that right now I'm only halfway at most through Sands of Balance, and after that gets published, I need a lot of time to get 4 done, and book 5, Bones of the Enemy, Late December is the EARLIEST that's going to be released, I'm actually thinking it might have to wait til 2010! That's only a maybe though. So anyways, that's basically all I've got for today.
Oh, almost forgot! Happy Thanksgiving! And Thanksgiving Break! And Happy Fall! And happy ending of November! Happy Harvest season! Happy It's-Almost-December!
Okay, NOW that's all I've got to write.

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UMMMMMMM, I can't think of one.

Well, Destinys on a sleepover and my dads at late im gettin the sub' later.Also, if you read w101 Addict you will notice that she got to marley! GO ALIA! Gotta go bye!

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You all know Jessica Fairyheart from the Awesome Pyromancer's Diary, right? Well, I'd imagine you do, because, well, who wouldn't know? And my one chance to make friends with her passed, that was the Harvest Fest. I didn't even know which wizards were bloggers! But then I teleported to Alia in her home, the Jessica teleported to her, then I made friends with her! Go Jessica!
Also, I teleported to Alia again, and it seems like she has...

I ain't going to tell! I'll save it for her. AAAAAAANYWAYS, that's all I've got for today!

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10 Ways to Tell You've Been Playing too Much Wizard101!

1) You spot a huge tree, run up to it and hug it and ask, "Can I have your autograph Bartelby?"
2) You run away from pigs fearing that they'll whip up some ninja clothes and attack you!
3) You run in water and then wondering why your clothes are wet: your character's arn't!
4) You drink around a hundred liters of grape juice thinking it'll refill all your health in mana!
5) You wonder why when you go into a pet shop, you don't see any bloodbats flying around!
6) You don't understand that when you go to the top of the tallest building, Malistare isn't there and you don't see the dragon titan staring at you!
7) You go on a rooftop and don't understand why gangster cats aren't roaming around!
8) You wonder why people yell at you for barging into their house: they don't yell at your character.
9) You dig into sand hoping to find the balance school!
10) You NEVER sleep, eat, or wash.

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Okay so me and Cody were a little bored today, so we decided to delete some of the useless wizards and created to novices for us to go on quests with! This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exieting, I'll be able to relive what I did about a year ago! I created a pyromancer and Cody created a diviner, I TOOK PICTURES!

Okay, so meet Fallon Shadowgem!

Now take a look at Alric Seastrider!

Fallon Shadowblade, I did NOT mean to copy you! Cody and I did a little something with combining last names, and I thought Fallon sounded cool with Shadowgem. I'm very grateful you're following our blog.
Another thing: I'd like to thank all the followers so far, Fallon Shadowblade, Alia Lotuspetal, Wildrose and JediRex. And we've got a little more then 150 views in less then a week, keep it up!
Also, about the dueling competition, we now officially have one competitior: Jessica Dreamwave, level 37 Necromancer, our first challenger in the November Dueler contest! So, since she (aka Wildrose) has signed up, if no one else steps up to the challenge, Wildrose will automatically be crowned the dueler of the month. So we need more duelers, people! Keep up the good work with all of this!


Me and Destiny got 5.00! OHHHHH i cant wait! Ill go slaughter MaliS with friendly and KrokP with Alia! AND Igot to work on my Freddy nine lives quest! Also, I see our blog has hit the 100 mark on views! Thank you Alia, WildRose, JediRex, Stingite, Fallon ShadowBlade, Miguel RosePedal, AND the newest person to be looking (Drum Roll,) JESSICA FAIRYHEART! last part Alia and Stingite, Notice the slaughter part BYE!

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MY Harvest Fest!

Well, today Destiny made a surprise meeting with Tomas Lionblood for me, it was the harvest fest all over! I got a thousand pics, house included. Go Tomas and Destiny! Here are the pics:

That was the harvest fest all over. Now, the house:

The Necromancer's Matter, Part 1, Orientation

Oh my gosh, I've been so excited for this day! Finally, people are going to read my work, as in a published kind of thing! I even made a little book cover thing!

Now to the treat! Enjoy the release of the first book of The Necromancer's Matter, Part 1, Orientation!

The Necromancer's Matter, Part 1; Orientation

"Why did I have to be placed in the school of Death?" That's what my little sister, Angie Thunderslash, said. Her face was buried deep in her bed mattress so only her long red hair could be viewed.

"Come on Angie, it can't be that bad." I replied. "It is a pretty good school, and you know it."

"You're just saying that." Angie moped. "You know perfectly well that necromancers feed off of the life of others to satisfy their needs and wants."

"Don't worry." I said. "You'll do great, trust me."

"How do you know?" Questioned Angie. "You're in the school of Storm, the most powerful of all. You're a really good diviner, you know. No wonder, it runs in the family."

That was true. The Thunderslashes were generations of diviners, all skilled and powerful, beating others in duels constantly. My great grandmother, Tara Thunderslash, had even been a storm professor before she passed away.

I could feel my face deepening into a dark crimson at Angie's admiration of my storm spells. "Oh, it was just a few lightning bats, nothing special."

"Don't be modest," Angie said as-a-matter-of-factly. "I saw you duel Wolf yesterday, so don't hide that you demonstrated a perfectly good storm shark."

"I'm only an apprentice."

"Well, you deserve to be an intiate."

I had to hand it to her; she was pretty intelligent for an eight-year-old.

"Don't mind it now." I said. "It's time for bed now." I didn't need to say it though. Angie was already tucked in.

"Alyssa?" She asked. "Do you think Death is going to be everything it says to be? Will it be hard to the core?"

"I don't think it’s any harder then Storm is."

"Don't say that." Angie said. "I hear Malistare Drake is a pretty rough professor."

"He's just a little sullen, that's all." I said. "You can't blame him. He's lost his wife, Sylvia." Then I came up with an idea. "Look to his assistant, Dworgyn, if you're having trouble."

"Are you kidding?" Angie said. "He's crazy! Wouldn't be surprised if he thought Marleybone was in his hunch!"

"Angie!" I scolded. "Don't talk that way."

"Sorry," Angie muttered under her breath, barely audible.

"Good night," I said.

"But you haven't told me a bedtime story yet." Angie said.

"I thought you said long ago that you were too old for those."

"I need one now." She protested.

"All right, all right." I sat down next to her bed. "This story is about how the moon changes its shape."

"No, not that one!" Angie said in turn to my offer. "All it is that the elephant just eats it and spits it out!"

I had really been hoping that she wouldn't have remembered, but just my luck, she did. It was pretty bad, I thought. So I really had to rack my brain to satisfy her. Then I found something that had been old and dusty and starting to fade away to dust in my mind.

"Well, I guess I do have something." I told Angie. "Marleyboneian archeologists have just found it in the runes of Krokotopia. It was written on a slate." I turned from Angie. "But, it's nothing, really."

"Tell me more!" Angie insisted.

I turned back to her, smiling. Then I eyed her closely. "All right, I'll begin." I said. "This is the tale of the Necromancer's Matter..."

Rays of light used the stained glass window as a doorway to shine in Destiny's eyes as she roused from her bed. The rays of light had been coming from the sun, a gigantic flaming ball of fire.


Today was her orientation in Ravenwood. She would be one of the first students of Fire. She quickly threw on an orange robe with a yellow trim, a robe of the advantage, orange and yellow quartermaster's boots, and pulled a hood over her head called a cap of the aggressor, knowing she had to look presentable to Mistress Flamea. So Destiny ran out of her house to set off in the world.

"Guess what?" Destiny asked her friend, Sophia.

"What?" Asked Sophia.

"I'm gonna be a pyromancer!" Destiny bounced at this. "I can't wait for orientation! I can't wait! I just can't wait!"

"You don't know for sure, Destiny." Sophia said. "You never know which school you'll get placed in. My brother, Jayden, was positive that he would be placed in Myth, but what do you know? He got placed in-" Sophia left off for Destiny to finish.

"I know, I know, he got placed in Life." Destiny said in an annoyed tone. Then she perked right back up. "What school do you hope to be placed in?"

"Fire, like you." Said Sophia. "But we won't know until Mr. Lincoln calls us down. And for some reason I get a feeling that I'll be placed in Ice."

"Weird," Replied Destiny. "Why would you get a calling the weakest school?"

"It's not necessarily the weakest," Sophia said. "Ice wizards are almost undefeatable in health."

"Yeah, but why would you want a fairy with a squeaky voice for a professor?" Asked Destiny.

"Don't insult the professors, Destiny." Sophia instructed. "Who knows how much trouble you can get in for it!"

"Relax," Destiny said. "We're not students right now, we shouldn't offend them much."

"I sure hope you know what you're doing." Muttered Sophia.

Suddenly the two heard screaming and yelling.

"What's going on?" Destiny yelled.

"There's a commotion in the commons!" yelled a conjurer.

"What kind of commotion?" Destiny could make out Sophia's voice among the swarm of students.

They received shoving and pushing for an answer.

Finally they managed to make their way through the crowd and look at what was going on. A long, black haired fifteen-year-old-looking necromancer was doing something to a guy with blonde hair in purple robes, a little older then Destiny and Sophie, ten, but younger then the necromancer. There were two other guys behind the necromancer, about his age, one wearing fancy red robes and brown hair. A pyromancer, from the looks of it. Standing next to him was another boy with blonde hair shorter then the other boys in formal yellow clothing. Most likely a conjurer. Destiny burst when she saw what the necromancer was doing to the diviner.

"Stop!" Destiny burst into the area and got a clear view of the wedgie the necromancer was giving, and shoved the necromancer past the other two guys, knocking him down to the cement of the ground. "Leave him alone!" She shouted.

Destiny had been so obsessed in the incident that she didn't look at the expressions of the crowd. Their mouths left a hole where the lips should have been, and it seemed their eyes were going to pop out of their sockets. Why's everyone like that? Destiny wondered. Her attention turned back to the necromancer, who's right hand was gripping his left elbow. He was flashing his all his white teeth, bent over, and gave an eye to eye look to Destiny that gave her a clear message, "I shall take my revenge!" What came out of his mouth was a little more frightening. "No one," he gritted, and stumbled, but managed to go on. "No one messes with Vladimir Thorn!" He was now shrieking. "Who are you? Who?" Vladimir shrieked at Destiny.

"The one and only Destiny Seagem." Destiny proudly boasted. "What's it to you?"

"What's it to me?" Vladimir was getting very angry. "What's it to me?" Then he quit screaming and smiled one of those grins when you know that person is just up to no good. "Well, then, Destiny, mark my words, you will pay!" He turned to the other two boys. "Chris, Jason, come." And with that, Vladimir gave a flick of a cloak and instantly vanished. Teleportation was the first thing that came to Destiny's mind.

"Where'd he go?" She asked the other two.

"No one, not even us," the pyromancer said. "Knows where he goes. I try teleporting to him from time to time, but I never can, because it's like something's blocking me and Chris from doing it.” So the pyromancer was Jason and the Chris was apparently the conjurer. Destiny noticed then he hadn't spoken a word.

"What's wrong with him?" She asked.

"Oh, he's just a little shy for a conjurer, that's all." Jason replied.

"This Vladimir guy talked to me like he was some lord." Destiny realized. "But I didn't even know he existed, let alone attempt to worship him."

"He's just one of those guys." Jason said. "A bully, really. Has been since his enrollment at Ravenwood. He wanted to be in the Death school, always has been since he took his first breath of life. Chris and I have been friends with him ever since I could remember. And if anyone messes with him, like you just did, he always swears to get revenge, and he always does. And you're lucky if the revenge is getting embarrassed in a classroom. For what you just did, pushed him in front of the whole of Ravenwood, that's got to be bad." Jason turned to Chris, who nodded at him.

"We need to go now. I'll just warn you, don't mess with Vladimir Thorn from now on." And with that, Jason teleported, fire insignias roaming the air. Chris just walked away into the shopping district.

"Awesome!" Called out a voice. Destiny recognized it as the blonde haired diviner. "Now not only we have embarrassment, but history to use against him in another blow! Time someone stood up to the guy once and for all."

"What's your name?" Destiny asked the diviner.

"Ryan," the boy said. "Ryan Stormcaster."

"Ryan," Destiny said. "You wouldn't want a repeat of the wedgie, would you?"

"Relax," Ryan said. "He's been taunting me quite a while now, so the wedgie isn't the worst he's done to me. That's because I've really been rebelling him lately."

"Are you a novice or an apprentice?" Destiny asked.

"Don't be ridiculous!" Ryan said. "I'm an initiate."

"So you're ridiculing the apprentices and novices in turn, just like Vladimir?" asked a voice. It belonged to a girl slightly younger than him in blue clothing, with long brown hair, and blue eyes that brightened any day, no matter what happened.

"Esmee!" Destiny called out. She ran to Esmee, hugging her. Ryan saw that Esmee was at least a head taller.

"Ooookay, what's the relation here that I'm missing out on?" He asked.

"Esmee is my cousin." Destiny said. "Can't you see the resemblance?"

"Er... no." Ryan commented. "You don't look alike at all."

"Not in looks," Said Destiny. "But in, you know, personality."

"No, not really." Ryan said. "Anyway, I need to get to class, so I guess I'll see you around?"

"Yeah, sure, I guess." Destiny replied.

"Anyway, see ya." Said Ryan, and he walked away towards Ravenwood.

"Cool guy," Esmee said. "Is he your boyfriend?"

"What? No! No, we just, um, we just, err..." Destiny stammered.

"Destiny and Ryan, sitting in a tree," Sang Esmee, "K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

That was torture enough, Destiny thought. Maybe she'll stop now. But no. Esmee went on, "First comes love, then com-"

Before Esmee could get to the M word, Sophia ambushed Esmee and clamped her hand over her mouth so she'd stop singing. Finally after a minute, Sophie let go. "All right, all right, I'll surrender."

"Good," Sophia said.

"Yeah," Said Destiny. "Not cool! We only just met!"

"But you saved him from Vladimir's grip." Esmee remarked.

"True," Destiny said. "But he just said that he had been facing that kind of stuff forever and is attempting to backfire and has been for who knows how long."

"Anyway, I tried to find you because I wanted to show you something." Esmee said. "It's in the shopping district."

"Cool!" Destiny literally jumped at this. "Let's go!"

"Okay," Said Sophia. "It's almost time for my school to be revealed anyway, so I'll catch you guys later." Sophia headed to Golem Court.

Esmee and Destiny reached the shopping district soon after. "What is it? What is it?" Destiny ran ahead of Esmee and exclaimed in her face, "What is it, what is it, just tell me what it is!"

Esmee grinned. "If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise!"

"So?" Destiny said. "If you tell me, I'll have been prepared for it and know what it is and stuff!"

"No, it'll ruin the whole fun of it!"

"Maybe for you!" Destiny continued. "It's just that, when have you known me to be a patient person?"

"Never," Esmee admitted.

"But like you said, the surprise will be fun for me!"

"Here, I'll strike a deal," Destiny offered. "If you tell me what it is right here, right now, I'll act surprised when I get it!"

"Um, Destiny," Said Esmee. "There isn't anyone on this except for me. So how is that a good deal?"

"It's a good deal because I'll know what it is, and I'll be surprised when you show me! It's a win-win."

"There isn't anyone on this except for me, so how can that be a good deal?"

"It'll be a good deal on my watch."

"And how is that good?"

"Apparently you don't care for anyone but yourself!"

"If I didn't care about anyone, would I be having this conversation with you?" They were on Elik's Edge now.

"No," Destiny admitted. "But you only care for yourself when it comes to surprises!"

Esmee ignored the comment and went inside a shop.

"Where are-" Destiny looked above her to see what store it was. It was the housing and furniture one, apparently.

"Okay, I think I know what it is!" Destiny burst when she went inside the shop.

"What?" "Fire flowers to plant in my yard!"

Esmee giggled. "Honestly Destiny, not even close."

"Well, what then?"

"You're about to find out, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I guess." Destiny straightened her hood. "Okay, at least tell me this; what's the surprise even for?"

"I thought you'd know that one," Esmee said. "It's a good-luck-on-your-first-day kind of thing."

"Okay, spill." Destiny said. "This is the time to do it, anyway."

"I suppose you're right." Esmee replied. "Here, this should give a pretty clear hint." She handed Destiny a brochure.

"A brochure?" Destiny said. "That's it?" She knew Esmee, and Esmee was not the kind of person to do something so little.

"No, silly!" Look inside." Destiny opened it up and peered. "A quite a bit of furniture?"

"Why would I be giving you all that furniture if you didn't have any space to put it in?"

"What do you mean?" But then she saw just where Esmee was getting at. "Oh! You're giving me all this space!"

"Exactly my point."

"But why would you be giving it all to me unless you were buying me a cottage or a royal playhouse?"

Esmee was trying hard not to laugh.

"Oh, that's precisely what. You were, trying to. Say."

"All along." Esmee said.

"Would you like a tour?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

The shopkeeper handed them a key.

"Oh so it's the key to the house?"

"Yeah. But we have to leave quick, okay?"

"Sure, whatever." Destiny replied.

They headed up Ravenwood, and Esmee was looking up at Bartleby, a great tree. "Good morning!" Esmee called up.

"Hello, Esmee Lionblood." The tree replied in his booming voice. Then he opened a part of him that revealed some stairs and lead to somewhere, apparently. Esmee headed up the stairs, seeming to go exactly where she was going, while Destiny didn't have a clue what she was doing. Must be part of the surprise, thought Destiny, so she joined Esmee.

The stairs led to a huge, magnificent, gleaming room. Little trees seemed to be sprouting, vines covering the bark walls, leaves falling everywhere in a room with a circular perimeter. In the center of it all was a door, edged by what seemed twigs, and a center light shining down on it. Although she had never been there before, Destiny knew at sight what it was.

"The wizard city spiral chamber!" She looked at Esmee. "But how did you know about this?"

Esmee looked straight ahead of her, a long silence fitting in with it. Finally she just replied, "I have my ways." She lead Destiny to the spiral door and fitted the key in, fumbling with the lock for a moment.

"No way," Destiny breathed. "You go by using the spiral?" She was astounded at the idea, as if it had never been thought of until she mentioned it.

"That's the whole idea!" Esmee winked. "Now do you want to see your future house or not?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Then be my guest and go through the door?"

"After you?"



Esmee opened the door, and held her hand out, saying to Destiny to go through. She saw in the door an area with two massive buildings, and grass so green a life wizard couldn't be able to see any mistakes or any signs of withering. So it worked like a portal, Destiny thought. Interesting.

Destiny stepped to the other side, and Esmee quickly joined her.

"Okay, so what's even in this massive place, anyway?" Asked Destiny, her cape seeming to float in the wind.

"I'll show you. Destiny, Destiny?" She was nowhere to be found. Oh, where to begin looking for her? Esmee thought. Then she heard a shout coming from somewhere. "All right! You can go under a bridge! Nice touch!"

Ah, the lake and stream.

Esmee followed a trail of sand to a nice, shallow area of water to wade in. "You gotta try this, Esmee!" Shouted Destiny. That proved she was there, all right.

"Come on, Destiny." Said Esmee. Her back was turned to Destiny. "We don't have a lot of time, so we need to get through the res-" Esmee was cut off by a cold, wet feel douching her entire backside, head to toe. Seemed like Destiny splashed her.

She was already drying off, though. While she was meditating, the water on her either evaporated or dripped back to the source.

"Ah, haha, ah haha!" Destiny laughed. She was bent over, pointing at Esmee. She then saw Esmee meditating.

"Oh no you didn't!" Destiny shouted, and flicked her cape to the side and pushed it, sending even more water to Esmee, not only interrupting her meditating but wetting her once again.

This time, Esmee didn't even bother drying off. She was smiling. "I guess that's how you want to play it!" Then a water wave of massive size sprouted behind Esmee, and in turn Esmee jumped on top, and the wave lurched forward at Destiny, who scurried quickly under the bridge.

"I thought you were an ice wizard, not a water wizard!" Destiny shouted.

"Ice is just a solid form of water, so it doesn't matter!" Esmee shouted back. She then jumped, did a backflip, landed on her feet in the lake, and lurched both of her arms forward, sending the wave towards Destiny, splashing her hugely, and was now covered head to toe in freshwater.

"Okay, okay, let's see the rest of the royal playhouse, how about that?" Destiny offered, bringing her hood up, because the water had put a lot of weight on it, forcing the hood to sag in front of Destiny's face, covering it.

"Not so fast!" Said Esmee. "You did two splashes, so I need another turn." But this splash wasn't nearly as massive as the previous one. The second splash barely sprinkled on a finger.

"I can't wait until I'm a pyromancer," Moaned Destiny as they were climbing up the sandy hill that had led to the water fight. "Then I can heat myself up to make it so I'm not wet anymore and all dry and clean instead."

Esmee had already dried off from the splashes. "Here, I'll dry you off," Esmee offered. "Don't think I can dry myself but not others."

"You don't know how good that would be." Destiny muttered. Esmee placed a hand on Destiny's left shoulder, and closed her eyes. In less than a minute, Destiny was as dry as she had been wet, once again either evaporating the water or sending it in a water made stream back to its source. , perking Destiny back to her old self. "So what shall we explore next?" Destiny asked.

In reply, Esmee sat down in a field of magnificent grass, the same patch Destiny had been admiring when she had been staring into the portal view of the castle. "How about looking at the grass?" Asked Esmee. "We need to take some moments out of our lives to appreciate nature."

"You sound like a theurgist." Destiny pointed out.

"You don't have to be a theurgist to see the beauty in the earth." Said Esmee. "You can be a necromancer and see the life in nature."

"It is breathtaking." Agreed Destiny. "But what about in the winter, when the snow is shrouding the grass and the field?"

"Even when the snow has fallen," Esmee told Destiny. "You just know the grass is in there somewhere, deep within. You can still feel the little life even underneath the mass of snow. It may not be visible, but it's still there, living for what seems eternity. The beauty of it can never die." There was a stunned silence for a moment.

"I guess you're right." Said Destiny. "But where should we go next?"

"How about a theater?"

"Really?" Brightened Destiny. "Are you serious? A theater? How great is this place?"

"I don't know, you tell me."

Esmee lead Destiny to a place big in both width and height, and a checkered floor. There were two places above the ground that ensured you with a good view of the play or whatever was going on. There were seats and steps that lead to the stage, which had a scene, a wooden floor, red velvet curtains, and blue curtains with stars behind the sides of the stage, leading to backstage. Destiny ran straight to the stage, and climbed on it.

"Isn't this cool or what?" She asked Esmee, who was climbing the stairs to the stage. "I can see it now," Destiny continued. "When I finish my fire studies and become Destiny Seagem the Great, and become the most beloved pyromancer of all time, this whole place will be the most visited place in the spiral, set like a museum, to see just what it was like in the day to day life of me, and one of the main events is showing the story of my life on this stage! And the play will be called, The Tales and Mishaps of Destiny Seagem the Great!" Destiny turned to Esmee. "I know it's a long title, but I'm working on it."

"Well, Destiny, the thing is, I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know? This is my future and you know it. I shall go down all the way back in history!" Destiny jumped at the fact.

"You may not be a pyromancer. You may get placed in a different school. You may get placed in death, for all I know." Destiny flinched at the thought of becoming a necromancer. "Who are you to judge?" Destiny asked. "I was born to be the greatest student of fire of all time."

"Destiny, you don't know for sure!" Esmee responded in a cruel tone. Then she felt pained and said again in a softer tone that sounded more like her, more cheerful. "But you'll find out today, won't you?" She placed a hand on Destiny's shoulders, giving her a reassuring look. Destiny nodded in turn.

"Speaking of that," Esmee said. "We need to hurry through this so we don't miss when Mr. Lincoln calls you down so you know you're school." Destiny agreed.

"There's only one more part of the tour," Esmee said. "We haven't even seen the actual house and space you'll be roaming around in." But all Esmee was talking to was surrounding air and landscape. Esmee ran over to the entryway to the house, and sure enough, the door was flung wide open. When Esmee entered, Destiny was roaming a small space under stairs.

"Hey Esmee," She called out. "This is gonna be where my bed is in the future!" Destiny popped open her hands and arms when she said future, as if she was already roaming the streets and pavement of the distant tomorrow.

But she wasn't. She was trotting up the stairs already and called down.

"Oh, and that big space there downstairs will be my glorious library!" Again Destiny spread out her arms as if she were to soar the air, and then went up the stairs. Destiny had lead herself into a room with another wooden floor then the usual red and white checkered pattern. She waited till Esmee caught up to her and then said, "This is where my crafting station will be!" Destiny then dashed to a wide space of the checkered floor pattern and quickly made up her mind that this is where she would place all of the artifacts she collected throughout her adventures in the spiral. You can't be going down in history for doing nothing, Destiny thought.

"This is where I'll place stuff I collect in the spiral!" Destiny quickly said, and then noticed the stairs leading somewhere else, probably of gleaming magnificence. So that's where Destiny headed next.

She climbed up the stairs, and loved the sight held before her in her eyes. A stained glass window like the one she had in her room held gleaming rays of light shining down on the floor, almost as magical as fire magic itself.

Esmee finally caught up with Destiny, out of breath, but Destiny could tell that she thought the interior of the tower was worth the climb. "Nice view, isn't it?" Esmee asked Destiny.

"Absolutely breathtaking!" Was the response.

"You know, I can't pay for this all at once." Esmee said.

"Where are you getting at?" Destiny asked.

"I don't have enough money to pay for this fully, so I reserved this for you and when I have all the money, I'll be able to pay for it and you'll be granted access." Esmee said.

"So what I'm hearing is that you haven't paid for this yet, so I can't use it until you've paid for it?"

"Sadly, yes." Esmee said. "And we need to go soon for your orientation."

"Yeah, I know." Destiny replied. She touched the stained glass window. "Not a better place for a study, don't you agree?" Destiny asked. "No, there isn't." Esmee said. "I think we need to go now."

"I guess you're right." Destiny said. So they together headed down the long winding spiral staircase back to the spiral door platform. Esmee used the key on the door, opened it up, and the portal back to Elik's Edge opened back up. And looking back, Destiny stepped through. She was shocked at who she found after both her and Esmee stepped through. Sophia was standing there, panting.

"Destiny," she breathed. "Last I checked, Mr. Lincoln was on the last names beginning with P! Seagem isn't far behind!"

"Wait, what school did you get placed in?" Destiny asked.

"Turns out, Ice." Sophia said. "I'll tell you more later, there's no time to waist!" Destiny turned to Esmee, who just nodded and said, "Well, you better take her advice and run."

Destiny then scrambled out of the shop, leaving Sophia and Esmee behind.

Finally Destiny made it to Golem Court, where she could hear Mr. Lincoln going around saying, "Mr. Seafountain, you have been placed in the school of balance." Mr. Lincoln handed a boy a novice balance wand.

When the boy leaved Golem Court, Mr. Lincoln called out, "Miss Seagem, Miss Seagem!" Destiny pushed her way through a crowd of students. She might make it in time!

"Miss Seagem! Does anybody know where Miss Destiny Seagem is?"

"Right here sir, right here!" Destiny called out, and passed future novices, bumping into some, finally coming front and center. She could hear the whispers of the fact that she had stood up to this Vladimir Thorn guy. "I'm sorry Mr. Lincoln, I really am!" She said, hoping to make up for the fact that she had almost missed her school calling.

"Well, now that you're right here, right now, I guess the headmaster would like me to say that it's all right." Destiny straightened out her hood, robe, even boots. This was the moment she had been waiting for her whole life, the moment of truth. She then stood up, back straight, in a good posture.

"What school have I been placed in?" Exceitment was rushing through Destiny's brains. This is it! Destiny thought. When he reveals my school, the almighty, the all-powerful, wise school of fire, where I'll be able to become a pyromancer and be taken under Mistress Flamea's wing as a student, it will set the course of my future! Overall, this would set Destiny on her path, and change her life. Then she heard the words slip out of Mr. Lincoln's beak.

"Miss Seagem, you have been placed in the school of....


Coming in Part 2! After hearing this shock, Destiny gives it everything she has to get placed in the school of fire, and then realizes there is no way out! Later, she meets who appears to be Ryan’s sister at the library and her friend. And after becoming of higher ranks of the Death school, Vladimir challenges Destiny to a three on three duel! Who will win? Find out in the Duel!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 3

Well, I want to acknowledge our second follower, WildRose, go WildRose! Well, This is day 3 and I think that this blog is a real success. I mean with so many views and such, anyone who follows this blog should now be notified that the Necromancers Matter comes out tomorrow! NO! YOU WONT GET ANY INSIDE INFO OUT OF ME!!!!! Ultimate alliance rules! sorry, that was random I just beat #2 on ledgendary! gotta go bye!

PS stay tune for the necromancers matter!

Inside Look!

Hi, Destiny Seagem calling in! I promised a first look, so here I am! I'm going to give you a look at the main characters, the plot, setting, everything!
Okay, so, here are some of the main character's you'll be seeing in part 1:

Destiny Seagem:

This is the main character or heroine of the series. In this part of the series, Destiny is usually a calm girl, but when anything major is occuring, she can get really overexcieted and imaginative. She can tend to get a little agressive at points, but is overall a really nice and passionatite girl. In part 1, she is also very convinced she will be placed in the school of fire, because in my series, you don't really have much of a choice of which school you're placed in. So, she sees herself as a pyromancer, dresses like one, acts like one, but will she get placed in fire? Or something much more ruthless?

Vladimir Thorn:

I completely made this guy up, so he doesn't have a picture. He is the main antagonist of the series, or in other terms, villian or bad guy. He is ruthless, cunning, sneaky, warlike (Very), so I think you can all guess which school he's in: Death. He is a magus very close to becoming a master, and a well-known bully throughout Ravenwood. And with a flick of his cape, vanishes to a complete nowhere. But where does he teleport to? And what is the whole backstory behind this ruthless character? And just who IS Vladimir?

Jason Stormflame:

Like Vladimir, a magus, close behind him. Not a necromancer though, this guy's a pyromancer. From what Destiny sees in part 1, this Vladimir person has two friends who always trail behind him, and Jason is one of them. Unfortunatley, he doesn't know where Vladimir teleports to, even as a close friend. But why doesn't Vladimir even tell Jason where he goes off to? Why would he conceal a secret that big?

Chris Soulhunter:

I said there were TWO guys who were friends with and follow around Vladimir. Jason is one, this guy, Chris Soulhunter, is the other. In the story it says he's dressed in conjuror clothes, I don't know why he switched to Ice all of a sudden. Anyway, this guy is more of the quiet type of person, he doesn't say a single word in part 1 and won't until the end of part 2. He's not really a smiley guy either, so that's really all I can put for him without revealing anything major.


I actually know this girl in real life! But I won't say who, but she is a real close friend of mine. Anyways, Sophia is Destiny's best friend, and like her, is awaiting what school she'll be placed in. Like Destiny, she can be calm, but when something excietings going on, can tend to be hyper.

Esmee Lionblood:

Esmee is a novice thautamerge and Destiny's cousin, and she is actually my cousin in real life! Again, I won't reveal her identity, but I will give her blog address, Anyways, if you look closely in the story, you'll see how her and Destiny are related. She always trys to be calm and act a little smart and wise, but sometimes with her, three strikes, you're out!

Ryan Stormcaster:

Ryan is an initiate diviner who tries to stay strong throughout everything, and once he's set his mind on something, not very likely he'll quit! Also, Ryan is probably one of people who get bullied by Vladimir the most, and only appears for a short time in part 1, like Vladimir and Jason and Chris, and also says he's been rebelling a LOT against him lately. But is it because he's a bully, or something much bigger?

Well, that's all the major characters in part 1, but as you can tell, there's probably a lot you don't know about it, so I just want to let you know it actually takes place BEFORE the storyline in the actual Wiz101 world! Well, that' basically it for setting, so one to the last section of the post, plot! So here's basically the whole summery of the part 1, although it's not really going to by much compared by all the other parts to come:

Destiny Seagem is a girl who wants one simple wish granted: To be a thriving pyromancer at hopefully an early age. But on orientation, she'll stumble upon a trait she never thought she had: cunning, by knocking down a bully who she didn't even know existed. And that's only a starting point in a race of events to come...

Yeah, yeah, I know, not really a good summery. I don't really know how to put this summery, but when part 1 comes out tomorrow, there will be another summery, like a coming up next kind of thing. Because of that, I'd like to give you a little sneak peak of it!

I said I'd LIKE to, not that I can! Why, well, it's coming out tomorrow, I mean, seriously, it'll be arriving in like in only 24 hours time! Don't tell me you can't wait a single day!
Well, that's the inside look at The Necromancer's Matter, Part 1, Orientation! That's all for today, see ya!
Oh, and if you want to know how to make the trading cards, like Alia did in a comment, just copy and paste this link:

Also, for that, just give credit to Jessica Fairyheart of the Awesome Pyromancer's Diary! Okay, NOW see ya!

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Day 2

Well, first, I would like to aknowledge. Alia Loutuspetal! thats score one for the duo! Well is day 2 and im lovin' having my own W101 blog. Me and destiny are thinking about a goal for 5 followers by Jan 30, so advertise this to your friends. Also you might want to know something. The way you enter raffle for the dueling comp. is just comment us and i will give you your number on your blog. Has anyone heard of the danger hound comp? If you have, sign up for facebook and become a fan! NOW! If you havent, go to this link:

So, yeah. Also, Heres my card.

Yes, novice terminator i love to kill novices in duels. gotta go, bye!


It's an honor to introduce on this blog, the one and only, ALIA LOTUSPETAL, author of the blog The Wizard101 Addict (It's in both mine and Cody's blog lists), THE FIRST FOLLOWER of the blog, and writer of the Most Powerful Spells of All series featured on Creative Writing! To view it, just copy and paste this link right here:

Anyways, I took some pictures of the duel that me and Alia fought together.

This is when we were starting out, BOYS vs. Girls!

Ooooooooooooooooooooh, the battle just got even more INTENSE!


So anyways, that's what I took of the duel. Unfortunatly, the boys won. But it was fun, because the last two attempts to have a duel with Alia, once Mom called a meeting, and another when Tally (Our dog) got out and we had to chase her around for about ten minutes. You wouldn't BELIEVE how fast she runs! Faster then triple the whole family combined!
Anyway, I have also posted an Upcoming Events widget, and as you can see, along with the due date for entries of the dueler of the month, there is a release date for The Necromancer's Matter, you're probably all wondering what that is. It's a series of stories written by me about my character, Destiny Seagem. Anyways, Part 1, Orientation, will be released this Friday as part of a celebration of the arrival of this blog. I'm posting it on here because the Creative Writing Forums seemed to have rejected it just because it takes place before the set of the time the virtual world does. I'll give you a special inside look at part 1 and the characters and plot, so stay tuned on this blog, The Duo of Death!

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The Spotlight's on Destiny Seagem Now!

So here, I want to tell you a little more about my character, Destiny Seagem. She is an Adept, a Level 20 Necromancer, a writer, a skillful dueler, and can be very competitive, and a SAVIOR OF THE SPIRAL, B-U-R-N! How do you get a savior of the spiral badge? All you do is sorta beat Malistare Drake. But how I beat him is a waaaaaaaay different story. Right now, like the title says, the spotlight's on Destiny! Here, to prove just HOW deadly she is, here's a trading card of her (Many thanks to Jessica Fairyheart of the Awesome Pyromancer's Diary for showing me how!)
Well here you go:

Threatening, huh? Well you better believe it, because although people think that an adept is just so wimpy, I can really be formidable opponet, even against a team against two masters and a grandmaster with my partners an initiate and an apprentice, (Curse that grandmaster conjuror) but like the deal with Malistare, I iz gonna save that as another story on another day! I want to show off Cody's card too, but I'll save that bragging for him. Anyway, if you've read Cody's first post, you'll know what the whole deal with the dueler of the month hubba-hubba is. So, I'm going to repeat the rules. Okay so, if you think you seem pretty threatening, you're a high enough level to kick a lot of people hinney's, you're considered a legendary dueler from where you come from, and can rise up all the way to the top, then come and compete in the DUELER OF THE MONTH! competition. Just leave a comment on this blog saying you'd like to participate, state what your name, level, and school is, and if you don't want it to be shown, just say so and we'll keep it private, and post them by November 30th, because that's when we'll be announcing the winners on our blog. Then we'll give you an assignment on when to show up, and then if you don't show up, we'll automatically declare the other duelist winner, no excuses, I don't care if your competitor is a novice and you're a grandmaster or whatever! The winner will recive a treasure card of choice as long as it's withen one of the two schools and withen their level. So anywaaaaaaaaaay, not much more to say, so I guess,


P.S. I kinda like the title picture we formed. Sure, the words and letters were a little cruddy, but other then that I thought it turned out great, we worked on it for 2 freaking days!