Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, sorry about the duel folks, but Wildrose left a comment saying shes in the UK, so here's the REAL time for the duel of the month: Saturday the fifth, at 8:00 A.M. Mountain time. Wildrose, for you that should be around 4 PM. Sorry I let you all down (probably) with that.
Also, me and Cody have an ancouncement: the Christmas Party. We wanted to announce it early so we could get word around an be the first to do it (hehe)
Here's the info:

Cody hopes that Thomas Lionblood will show for at least the first shift.
And because I'm almost done with Part 3, here's a little sneak preview at Sands of Balance!:

Destiny awoke not to be in the tent, but in an icy glade where snow was covering the field and land, and a frozen lake behind her, and snow was slowely drifting from the sky to the ground. It was a wonderland of ice.


Suddenly a huge lion dashed out of the trees, running on it's paws. A girl was riding it, a girl who Destiny hadn't seen before but yet was very familier.

It was Ice, the first to use ice magic.

Then the lion pricked one paw on a thorn, and roared in pain, blood trickling out of it, Ice trying to calm him down.

The blood that had gushed out of the paw was now making itself a little stream, flowing mindlessly in it, ruining the beauty of the glade, spelling out in letters-

Destiny awoke, and imediately sat up straight, noticing Neela had already woke up.

But that didn't matter. The dream, it mystified her, even scared her a little. But it had really, really, confused her. She couldn't remember what word the blood had spelled out, or what its purpose was. But one thing had been made clear:

Ice had been trying to tell her something.

What do you think? A little short? Confusing? Well, that's what it supposed to be! Oh, and sorry about not posting, these days, me and Cody only get a half hour on the computer! Gonna be a little hard to type up my full story now, and an hour and a half on weekends. Anyways, time's almost up, see ya!


  1. yay ty is it still the same relm area and place??? yay yay o well if i'm gonna die i get to make friends with you right?

  2. I'll try to twitter and post this. Need to get as many people as we can!

    By the way,could you, er, make the letters stand out? The background is a little overpowering. (Sorry, big request, you don't have to.)

  3. Cool! Everything I wear is green!

    Outerior? Did you mean Exterior?

    I can't wait though! 3 pm for East, right?

    Maybe I'll get a Santa hat....