Thursday, December 31, 2009

And 2009 was a good year, and 2010 is yet to come...

Seriously, 2009, I hate to see go, it has been the best year of my LIFE so far! And yet, at the same time, January 2 is special because that is actually the day me and Cody began our Wizard training!
To celebrate 2010, I'll give a HUGE sneak peak at part 3, because it needs to go on Creative Writing, and at the same time am trying to get this blog on the blog list, and, yeah.
Anyways, here you go!

“You ready?”
Destiny wasn’t too sure about how she should answer to Ryan’s question. They were all now at the spiral door, all heading off to Krokotopia in a quest to defeat a teenage necromancer called Vladimir Thorn. One minute, she had been a normal initiate necromancer thriving in her studies, the next she was heading off to a quest that was of utter importance to the spiral.
She recalled the last time she had been in the spiral chamber. At the time her cousin Esmee had been showing her a surprise for her orientation, when she had been positive she would be placed in fire. But, she had been marked as a necromancer, throwing away her big plans for the future. When she heard this, Destiny had done everything she could to revolt. That hadn’t been too long ago, and yet a lot had changed, including the fact she and Sophia were fighting more than ever. Destiny gave a shudder when Sophia had found out she had been placed in the school of Death.
“How did orientation go, my favorite pyromancer?” Sophia had asked.
Destiny fumbled with her fingers as she stuttered. “Well, um, th-the thing is, kinda, well, um,” She had been scratching the back of her hood, her fire robes had been on at the time. “It sorta has to b-be my secondary school.”
Sophia’s expression looked stunned, but her eyes seemed to glimmer. “Really? Did you happen to be placed in, well, I don’t know, the opposite school?”
“No Sophie, I didn’t get placed in Ice.” Apparently Sophia had been hoping they would get put in the same classes. “Well, what school WERE you placed in?”
At the time Destiny couldn’t bring herself to say she was in death. All their lives they had been raised and told not to get too close to necromancer, in fear of being backstabbed. They were taught they were not only backstabbers, but a bad influence, aggressive, cunning, elusive, creatures that had arose from the remains of darkness and doom, cursed to eternally reap themselves and everything around them. And now she was forced to admit she was one of them. Did this mean she would be one of them? Had her fate just been dumped like that? Was her future not a pillar of light, but a tomb of eternal darkness?
Don’t fret, soothed a voice inside her. Change is completely normal.
But why? Argued another. Why this and now, and why does it forcefully cripple me?
Destiny shuffled her feet and nodded over to the death plaque as a part of the circle dug into the gravel.
Sophia gasped. “You don’t mean-“
“I’m afraid so.”
“But how can you be in death? You were so sure?”
“Look, it’s going to be all right. We’re still friends here, and fire will be my second school. We still might have a class together.”
“Like that’ll happen! Fire is the opposite of Ice, and if I take Fire as my secondary school when my primary is Ice, everyone will think I’m a doofus.”
“It doesn’t matter what they think.”
“Then how come you were so nervous about what I thought?”
“I didn’t want to lose you!”
“You can’t lose a friend because of a stupid school!”
Sophia seemed to calm down after that.”How about we go see the teachers in Ravenwood?” She asked. “I still haven’t seen my secondary teacher.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Agreed Destiny. “Where to?”
“Professor Wu.”
“You chose LIFE?” Destiny burst. “That’s the opposite of my school!”
“It’s not too bad-“
“Are you kidding? Those fools are weak! So weak, in fact, they have to rely on spells that heal themselves and never really do much damage! Why? Because they’re sissies!”
Sophia stood in shock to Destiny’s outburst. There was a long silence when Sophia muttered, “I guess you really are a necromancer, Destiny.” She headed toward the Life school.
“I didn’t want to be a necromancer!” Destiny shouted at her. “I didn’t have a choice!”
Before heading into the Life school, Sophia replied, “You do have a choice, Destiny.” Then she disappeared into the Life school.
Destiny turned away from her when she spotted a familier figure standing alone in the snow behind Kelvin, the ice tree.
Esmee had witnessed everything. She then turned and ran behind the Ice school. Destiny was now feeling more alone then ever. Most necromancer’s wouldn’t mind, but she was different.
What was she turning into?

Hope you enjoyed it, and happy 2010!

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