Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where oh where has my Danger Hound gone?!?!?

I'm like Sierra Winterbreeze now... NO DANGER HOUND AND GOLD! Where the heck is it? I've been checking both of my E-Mails for the past couple of days, nothing! I've seen them everywhere, so I get really jealous. Alia got it, Cody got it, I'll bet Jessica and Thomas have it, where's mine and Sierra's? DAT is ze question! Oh well, I guess I'll send them an E-Mail about it. Even if I don't get one, I should be grateful because I have a new cottage, a new look, (YUP! New Robes!) and a few pets from redeeming codes and stuff.
Anyways, on a quest for the bookworm badge, so, gotta go!

Oh yeah, at about 9 AM on January 2 2009, that is the day I became a novice in death! And now, a year later, I am a level 20, and I have almost all of it!


  1. Guess what? I sent Wizard101 Central a message through the Contact Us thing at the bottom of the page, and they told me I was "Not a member"! What the heck do they mean? I'm a member of Central, subscribed to Wizard101 - what are they talking about?