Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Out of the Fire and Into the Fire Again..." -Miley Cyrus, Start All Over

And just WHY would I choose song lyrics for a title? Well, I guess you get to brace yourself for a very, very shocking thing. Oh well, here goes.


As you are aware, the blog is called The Duo of DEATH.

Death was originally,


Death was actually my secondary school, Destiny, therefore, being my secondary character.

Used to be.

A year ago, when I first started playing, I didn't make Destiny Seagem my original character. She was made second. So, I'm not like a necromancer. When I took the test, I didn't end up with death. (Gasps)

Therefore, since Death wasn't my original school. It's why I'm doing this post, I'm telling you what I really ended up with.

The people in this school are calm:

I am normally calm.

The people in this school are compassionate:

My mom keeps telling me I comfort people.

The people in this school are intelligent:

I qualified for an advanced school. I chose not to go to it on account of friends.

The people in this school are agressive!

If you say the wrong things to me, I AM very agressive.

So my school, if only you'd take a look at the title.

That's why Fire is my secondary.

My original character was in the school of Fire.


I'm going to end this DRAMATIC post with a question:

I deleted my orginal character. I've been thinking of...

reviving her.

Should I do it, or shan't I?

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  1. i say go for it. I've never been anything but storm. (well I have other wizards and i play them but Alyssa is my frist my favorite my best and the farthest)go with who you really are that way you really know the game and BTW you are going to have to learn how to fight all over again to be fire.