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Duo of Death- 1 YEAR BLOGOVERSARY!!!!

First off, about the last post... Cody did the instance. And he got DQIX off of eBay!

Guess what ELSE?

SUCH EPICNESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 My current sig on Wizard101Central.

I saw it last night! Wish I could have seen it at midnight... yet again, Chelsea said her Drama teacher saw it at 3 in the morning, and as a result she was so tired that she put on mismatched shoes.

Anyways, I saw it last night... IN COSTUME! I brought the book and a HP 20Q ball with me too! It's interesting to see the movie with the book with ya, lemme tell you that. I also noticed small pieces they left out- you know when Ron leaves Harry and Hermione? In the book, it was raining when he did. They also left out the disscussion about the Deathly Hallows. And it was Harry reading Rita Skeeters book, not Hermione.
I know, they're small, and not much to get worked up over, but I can never help pointing out mistakes in movies. I dunno, I guess me with mistakes is one of my fatal flaws, to be honest.

Anyways, like I said, it's....

(Massive drumroll lasts for sunrise and sunsets, wizards get bored and start to leave, when finally it stops wizards come back over)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUO OF DEATH BLOGOVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!



We Have Made Wizard101 Blogging HISTORY!!!

Hello there, you had better be savoring this moment. Why? Do you ask. It's because this is the first post of the awesome blog you're reading now, the Duo of Death, following the awesome tales of two necromancers, one an adept, one a magus, one a girl, one a boy, one called Destiny Seagem, another named Cody Shadowstrider. And the best part? We're siblings! Now, ask me this, how many Wizard101 blogs have you read that's authored by not one but two necromancers who are siblings? None! And if you have, then you'll have to admit it's not going to be as awesome as this! I mean, if it were better, then would we make trading cards of ourselves and hold monthly dueling competitions? If it were better, would it have something greater then stories published on this blog written exclusevly by me, Destiny Seagem? If it were better, then it would have to have something more funny then an upcoming segement I'd like to call 10 Ways to Tell You've Been Playing Too Much Wizard101? Would it? This is going to be a hit, I can smell it! Not to get all weird and all, but that's just me, one weird girl. Anyway, see ya, and don't forget, you have just witnessed exclusive material that will be an upcoming phenominon. Plus, although we really don't know how to film videos, this will be packed with awesome pictures! So, bye!

Man, that was my first post. And here's Cody's first post: 


New blog

Ok, i'm Cody Shadowstrider,the last post was my sister, Destiny. The title page is unproffesianal sorry but im enthusiastic to do this. As Destiny said, we will be hosting monthly dueling competitions. Let me explain, everybody who veiws, we will give them a number. then we will raffle draw two winners, and we will notify them and they will duel each other while we watch. the winner will be the duelmaster of the month. AND whoever wins most duels per year will be dueling champion of the year! the monthly champ will receive a treasure card of choice!The year champ will recieve 2 treasure cards of choice! anyway, follow our blog please!

And Jessica's first post: 



     Ok calming, calming, CALM.
                  OK THAT ALL I GOT BUT

It's been a long time. The Duo of Death has been up and running for over a year. I've been writing TNM for over a year. I've been playing Wizard101 for almost two years. It's hard to believe... 
Heh, the post above said that this was gonna be a hit blog, be so awesome and spectacular. Well, let's tally things up- 

Good, right? Mediocre? Average? 

Definatley not as good as what Shadowthistle School of Wizardry, Wizard101 Addict and Awesome Pyromancer tallyed up in one year. In fact, in about a month Comedy Theurgists got more than what the Duo of Death has now... so I guess instead of being epic and totally famous, that it was pretty much an epic fail in that part. 

But what it WASN'T a fail in- 
A good time for Cody, Jessica and I 
Somewhere to read The Necromancer's Matter 
Where writers won awards (remember Jason Thundershield's writing contest? I won it second to Amber Rosepetal) 
Avatar The Last Airbender crazyness! 
To get good book recomendations 
Watching three necromancers evolve throughout, one a Grandmaster (Cody Shadowstrider, my sibling, he left this blog), a master (Jessica, the new co-author) and a puny magus (Me, yes I'm the lowest leveled) 
Seeing me rant about a variety of things whether it be being low-leveled, the un-fame this blog has had, or the low amount of comments my story had (Okay, maybe that aspect SHOULD have been a fail...) 
All of us trying our best to get noticed and trying to be actively a part in the Blogosphere 
Hosting (And trying to host, remember the Christmas Party we had high hopes about until both Cody and I got grounded, not to mention the A:TLA movie release party?) and blogging about various parties 
An exiting blog to read for those who have taken the time to follow and read this blog. 

I also think that there needs to be an acknoledgements in this, to recognize the special people who has helped Cody, Jessica and I throughout. Jessica, I guess you can post your thanks to people later if you wanna, but I'm gonna do one and I'm gonna try to get Cody to post one right here. 

Destiny's Acknowledgements to the Very Special People- 

First off, if your name isn't in here- well, just try not to think about that if it isn't, k? First off, I'd like to thank Alia Lotuspetal- she was the one who inspired me and Cody to start this thing up in the first place after meeting her! Jessica, for volunteering to take over Cody's position when he moved on to his solo blog. Jessica Fairyheart, for being there for me- helping me with the Palace of Fire, and without you I'd STILL be in Krokotopia, still an adept. Samantha and Iridian Drake, fellow Avatar fanatic and Wiz101Central member, you're just plain awesome! Kestrel Shadowthistle- I suppose we didn't start off the best when I though that you hated me, but you really helped lift me up. Heather Raven, remember the elections? Well she's the one who probably supported me most and Heather still does. Ronan Ravenshard and Donna Spellthorn, my fellow Percy Jackson fans! Sierra Winterbreeze, I love your stories you're the one who got me writing FanFictions! This person most likely won't be reading this, but Savannah Swiftsong, your story inspired a major aspect of mine. Fallon Shadowblade- to be honest, I guess I look up a little bit to you. Rowan Willowleaf, you're an awesome pet derby-ist, and thanks for, in a way, encouraging Jessica to start blogging! Amber Rosepetal, you savior of the spiral! 
Now to the Central members- kairi013/Jenna Rosepetal, you're such an amazing writer, and definitely deserve your story to be most famous, and was there for me on Central from the very beginning! Selene/Jenna, thanks for being the first to comment on TNM on Central! Daniel Deathward, you were also there supporting my now-kinda-famous story from the start! Windlilly, you're Sierra Winterbreeze, and well, I've already done my dedication to you, same with The Myth Princess (Samantha) and Leafeon (Rowan). My RPG friends NicoleFirebreeze, Micheal Deathflame and Death Mistress, you all did the Hunger Games with me! The Shadow Master, you were the first to sign up for my very first RPG! 
Now I suppose this will just get a LITTLE personal. I'm grateful for books, notebooks (Especially my worn out red three-subject comprehension notebook that I've been carrying around with me for who-knows-how-long now), pens (pencils are no-nos), Harry Potter, Hunger Games, 39 Clues, Amulet, J.K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan, Jason and Piper and Leo, music (I don't know where I'd be without it quite honestly) and CHEEZCAKE! Oh yeah, not to mention cheese, for making Alia the random blogger she is. 
I'm grateful for Chelsea Emeraldgarden, Angela Lightgarden, Ashley Storyweaver, Savannah Storm, Kimberly and Sophia- if not for these six people, my life would be socially ruined. I'm grateful for little-sister-who-shares-a-birthday-with-me Samantha Firetalon, who, when smiling, always seems to cheer me up. I can't leave out Vanessa Winterblossom for well, just being Vanessa! And lastely, I'm very grateful for my brother Cody Shadowstrider, who always seems to put a light on my day and without him, this blog would have not been possible, long story short. Not to mention for the most part, he shares my type of books and music. :) 

Now, a video tribute to the Duo of Death... meh, another time. It won't stinkin' upload! 

Well, bye guys! Happy Duo-of-Death-Blogoversary-That-Was-Actually-On-the-17th-I-Was-Just-Too-Lazy-To-Post-on-That-Day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"It's Amazing How We Got This Far..."

--Secrets, OneRepublic. It's a favorite song of mine. :D

Guess what else is :D worthy? I SAW MEGAMIND! Oh man, that's really funny... Roxanne needs some kind of bodyguard seeing how often she gets kidnapped. Same with most female video game characters, such as Princess Peach. Man, that frilly, pink-dress-wearing, umbrella-as-a-weapon-wielding sucker needs a new job other than being the girl that the dumb-brained Mario always saves. It's the same routine every Mario game- Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser, taken to some scary world or ship, Mario advances a bunch of pointless levels with almost no plot whatsoever, meets Bowser in his big bad scary castle or whatnot, defeats him and saves Peach. There are a lot more that I can name. Heck, Kairi and Namine were ones too! Zelda, nah. Zelda's a popular figure for being captured by Gannondork and stuff, but she has Triforce powers of her own to defend herself and gets better at them every time we see her. Very unfortunately, I heard Xion gets captured by Axel in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

(Turns to Axel (No. 8 in Org. XIII), Keyblade appears in hand out of nowhere, beats him up) TWO TIMING TRAITOR! YOU WERE XION'S FREAKING BEST FRIEND SECOND TO ROXAS!

Ahem. Sorry. Just that I like girls who hold their own against bad guys. Take Samus for example. XION. Oh, and there's Dragon Quest too! I've become ADDICTED to that game, and I've gotten Cody entranced too! He's gonna get his own copy of Dragon Quest IX when he gets the chance, then we'll be able to connect together and play!

Guess what else is :D worthy? The fact that our anniversary is tomorrow! Get that, TOMORROW. Exactly one year ago Cody and I were talking to our parents through the phone, they were vacationing for their anniversary in Hawaii. We asked if we could go through with our a idea- a Wizard101 blog. Authored by not one necromancer, but two. Cody and I then, once we got their approval, started brainstorming a name. We had a lot of interesting names, but the day later, I was thinking of a name in the girl's locker room when I was getting changed into Gym clothes. Come on, it was a duo of necromancers, let's work off of that...
Then it hit me. THE ANSWER WAS OBVIOUS, it was right there!
The Duo of Death!
And that's how the duo blog legacy (Not) was born!

Now to get Cody off of Dragon Quest. MY GAME CODY GIVE IT BACK!

(Looks over Cody's shoulder)



(Turns back to post) Oh yeah... see ya. Blogoversary tomorrow!

(Turns to Cody, drops video camera, yelling "YOU FINISHED THE INSTANCE?!" audible as camera falls down and cracks)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Anyone Who Likes a Good Parody Video, READ THIS POST!!!

I found this and oh my gosh it is so funny! I quickly showed it to Cody and Vanessa and they laughed so hard at it! You're gonna DIE at this! My favorite part is "He needs some sleep... and he needs a nose!" and "He needs a manicure" and "How does that thing hold them up? First time he's touched a girl!"

Oh yeah, more part 9. After this news- Rowan Willowleaf club is down! After one year apparently Wildrose is shutting it down because she thinks its neglected. And the last thing she ended it with was that I would be able to fulfill my lifelong dream to get published. Yeah right. Not gonna happen, never gonna get published, highly doubt it, I'm not too good. She'll still be on HERE though, I guess. And she got a mount! And her birthday is coming up on the 9th! Same with one of my best irl friends Angela, her birthday is on the 9th too! In case I forget later, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELA AND JESSICA!

October 26th (or 27th) Marked the day I've been writing TNM for over a year! Happy 1-Year-Anniversary The Necromancer's Matter!

KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 DAYS for DS is AWESOME!!!! I'm gonna get it in four days with $15 I haven't made yet! :D Anyone who needs a good DS game, GET KINGDOM HEARTS!!! Unless you are a noob, you will not be sorry!

Yeah yeah yeah, more part 9. Fine. I started on Part 10, Thorn and Descendant!

Da Loving-Kingdom-Hearts-And-LITERAL-Harry-Potter-7-Parody-Trailer-And-Wishing-Jessica-And-Angela-Happy-Birthdays Seagem

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Natalie finally opened her eyes to find herself staring at a stone ceiling. She tried to get up, almost unable. 
She looked around. Apparently she was in a kind of prison cell. She tried to sit up again. That's when she realized that her hands were tied behind her. She used the wall for support and finally brought herself to a standing position. 
How had she gotten here? Then she remembered Ryan falling in the vortex and she had fainted. She hoped Ryan was okay. 
She heard footsteps in the hall and braced for impact, expecting it to be Vladimir or Neela or someone like that. Who really entered was a boy about twelve years old with black clothing on and a hood shrouding his head. A necromancer, most likely. 
"Who are you?" Natalie asked. 
"My name's Noah Firewielder," He said, pulling the hood down, revealing short blonde hair and blue eyes. "I'm with the Order of the Spiral, so relax." He pulled out an athame and managed to cut through the bonds. 
"Thanks," Natalie said, rubbing her wrists. "Man, I've read about people getting tied up in books and stuff, but man, rope really does dig through skin!" She looked around. "You know where the keys are?"
"Sorry, but I don't," Noah said, pulling his hood back up. "I've been looking for them everywhere." Then he grinned smugly. "But, I did manage to find your spellbook and staff." 
"Can you go get it?" Natalie inquired. 
"Sure," Noah said, hurridly leaving the room. 
It was only a few minutes before Noah returned with a Mooshu staff and spellbook with cards littered among the pages. "Here you go," Noah said, handing the equipment to Natalie through the bars. "Now I have to get out of here before anyone realizes you've escaped with my help." Noah hurridly can out. 
It was only a matter of minutes before Natalie had casted a Kracken and he helped Natalie destroy the bars and blasted her way out. The Kracken chased people within the manor while Natalie ran the other direction. 
This is good, she thought. Really good. Natalie grinned like a madwoman as she ran away and casted spells. 

"How do you think we got here in the first place?" Anthony asked Cody and Antonio. 
Antonio shrugged while Cody replied, "I think Ronan or whatever his name is fused the Shards. So all we have to do is find him and track down the Shards and use them to get out of here," 
"How do you think we're going to find these Shards you speak of?" Sarai asked. 
"We need to track down someone, or a group, that possesses them," Cody informed. "They'll try to withhold the Shards from us, though, so we're gonna have to fight." 
"Why would they withhold them?" Sarai wondered. 
"They're bad poeple," Antonio answered. "Simple," 
"Any idea where they're at?" Anthony asked. 
"I guess we'll have to search the worlds," Cody said. "Here, Sarai, you patrol Wizard City. If you hear a grandmaster pyromancer, magus diviner, or adept necromancer looking suspsious, attack them. They'll most likely be in a group together." 
"Got it," Sarai said, nodding. 
"What do I do?" Anthony asked. 
"How about you patrol Krokotopia?" Antonio suggested. 
"Sure, I guess he'll do that," Cody approved. 
"What'll you do, Cody?" Sarai asked. 
"I think I'll stay and look in Marleybone," Cody said. 
"What about me?" Antonio asked. "Let me guess, I look in Mooshu?" 
"Actually," Cody started. "I kinda have other ideas. Marleybone is a big place, so why don't you stay with me and help me look?" 
Before Antonio could protest, Sarai said, "Marleybone being a big place... that's true. I think Antonio should stick with Cody." 
"Same here," Anthony supported. 
Cody nodded as they reached the Marleybonian Spiral Chamber. Sarai was now without her dragon mount. She went to Wizard City after saying her farewell to Cody, Antonio and Anthony. Then Anthony left for Krokotopia. 
Cody turned to Antonio and grinned wickedly. "We are alone now," He said, as if Antonio was blind. "Nowhere to run now." 

The shock Destiny felt rushing through her body and viens when she heard Connor say her own last name was intense, gripping her and never letting her go. 
I'm not the descendant of Balance, She realized. It's Connor. Connor Seagem. 
She now lay on her back, it being night. All of a sudden she wondered how much time she had spent here. Not that it mattered. Time was fuzzy now. 
"Hey, what's up?" 
Destiny stood and turned around. It was Nicholas. "Oh, hey," She said. 
"You seemed upset when Connor said his last name was Seagem," Nicholas said. "Why?" 
"Because Seagem's my last name, too," Destiny grumbled. 
"So what?" Nicholas shrugged. "Shouldn't you admire the fact that you two have the same last name?" 
"It's not that," Destiny admitted. "Its that I was hoping to be something, and apparently its Connor." 
"How do you know?" Nicholas asked. 
"Lets just say it has to do something with being a sorcerer," Destiny answered. "And I'm no sorcerer, Connor is, so lets face it, I've got no chance of being that person." 
"How do you know?" Nicholas questioned. "And by the way, there is always a chance of something happening or someone being something. Sometimes it may not be very great, but there's always a chance. The choice is whether or not to expand that chance." 
Destiny had nothing to say to that. Nicholas was right. There was always a chance of something. 
"Well, I guess that chance of me being that someone is low then," Destiny finally said. "And no, I can't expand it. It's impossible." 
"Impossible is a word only found in a fools dictionary," Nicholas countered. "As one of my favorite figures from the past had said. And he's right. Impossible can become possible. We just don't how to transform it that way. You just don't know how to expand that chance." 
"Wise guy," Destiny muttered. 
Nicholas shrugged. "I try to be," He said. "I might be younger then Garrett and Connor, but they look down to me. I can tell." 
"How?" Destiny questioned. 
"I've had a lot of experience here and there," He said. "You live and you learn. I've experienced a lot, so I've learned a lot. I guess that's what makes people so wise. Just plain experience." 
"I thought you become wiser from knowledge," Destiny said. But before she had even finished Nicholas was shaking his head. 
"You don't," He said. 
Before he could say any more, a new voice said, "Destiny! You need to hear this!" 
She turned around again to find Ryan and Jason. "I went out again tonight," Ryan continued. "I found this!" He held up a piece of withered parchment with a few lines of words in cursive with red ink. It was only until she saw the red ink that Destiny reconized what it was. 
"The Prophecy of Fire!" She said, smiling as she clamored up to them. "The next few lines, huh?" 
Jason nodded. "But they're pretty grim, to be honest." 
Destiny's smile faded. "Here, lemme read," She said, taking away the parchment from Ryan, careful not to do any damage to it. She read the next five lines. 

Five of Balance will be found in the glitch in time; 
Five to start; 
But one shall not pass the test; 
Another will turn to the enemy; 
And in the end only three shall remain. 

"Oh no," Destiny muttered. "We're going to loose two of them!" 
"Two of what?" Nicholas asked, looking over Destiny's shoulder. 
Destiny yanked the parchment from out of Nicholas's sight. "Nothing, nothing," She said. "We're just talking about stuff, that's all." 
"Stuff isn't nothing," Nicholas countered. "But oh well." Nicholas walked away. 
After she was sure that Nicholas couldn't hear, Destiny hissed almost under her breath, "What does the test refer to, though?" 
Jason and Ryan glared at her. "I think you know," Jason said. 
She did. Destiny didn't want to admit it. Her face paled. "The Ordeal," She said. 
"And you know what the consequence of not passing the Ordeal is?" Ryan questioned. 
"What?" Destiny asked. 
"Oh no," Destiny muttered. 
Jason nodded. "I'm sorry. One of the descendants will die." 
Destiny looked around the spiral chamber, with the inhabitants the descendants, who were siblings. Who would die? Would it be Emma, who Destiny had met in the Balance school? Would it be Dylan, who was told to be a treasure card ripoff? Would it be Nicholas, who was so kind as to try to comfort Destiny? Would it be Garrett, who was nice enough to take Jason and Ryan under their wing? Or would it be Connor, the bearer of her surname? 
None of them deserved to die. 
Then the next line bothered her too. Another will turn to the enemy. The enemy had to refer to the Thorns. None of them seemed to be bad enough to turn to them, either. Well, Dylan had a chance, from what she was told. But not great enough to become one of them. 
Before she knew it, tears stung her eyes. 
And crying was something that she did on very rare occasions.  

Monday, November 1, 2010

PART... 9... DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not to mention I haven't posted in two weeks)



I think I've made my point.

Well, it's been two weeks ever since I made that threat to quit. And, I'm forced to admit sadly, that it is still up in the air due to business. The last two weeks have given me a chance to settle down, enjoy real life, calm my mind, and I got taught some life lessons. So you might put it as that during the two weeks I was gone, I've evolved in a sense. I worked so hard for the running race that I got a PARTICIPANT ribbon for (Less than 20th place) and my worst time this year, and a friend of mine gave me her 12th place ribbon because she didn't want it and said I deserved it at heart. Term 1 ended, it's the start of Term 2. I got to go to a lodge in the mountains, a yearly neighboorhood event for people around my age, my second time being there out of... six times, I believe? Remember the event I talked about with Scott Westerfeld as the host? Well that was last saturday, and it was REALLY fun. Even if the Secret Hour didn't come in time, courtesy to my Desktop Publishing teacher, I still got a signed Scott Westerfeld book and met a person I'm gonna E-Mail right after this. The Duo of Death anniversary is coming up, and in its almost-year it has collected (Looks down at notebook) 26 followers while my buddy Alia collected 80. A bit more than a fourth of hers. A few weeks ago, I would have gone insane and hit myself for not doing a good enough job. Now I look at it, still envious of Alia, but I'm not hitting myself for it. I'm further than most 10 million players in the game (even if I'm not even 35 yet). I got a lot of signed books, and I'm starting to get back in the saddle with my reading reputaion. Right now I'm reading the Book Without Words by Avi, and yes, it DOES have words! Harry Potter 7 Part 1 is gonna come out real soon, and even if we didn't get tickets in time for the Midnight Showing, we still get to go on the first day, just Cody, my dad and I, and that's usually the way I like it, quite honestly. Vanessa and Samantha make a dramatic scene out of everything and pester Dad for everything. Mom I wish would come, but she's usually down in bed due to headaches and the only fantasy movie she's been able to sit through willingly is Twilight, which I think kinda sucks nowadays cause of the romance. MY DOG IS SO FLUFFY!
And you think that this would have bummed me out big time- I CAN'T GO TO CELESTIA. We don't have the crowns and I'm not a high enough level anyways. I thought that I'd be tearing myself apart of it, and when Celestia came out- to be honest, when I saw the news, guess what I did? I SHRUGGED. Shrugged at the fact that a world that I've been waiting for for about a year was coming out. Shrugged at the fact that the biggest Wizard101 update EVER was done. Shrugged at it's underwaterfulness.
So I guess I know that Wizards isn't real life. And for those who spend 24/7 on it... you need to learn that too. If you're upset that someone broke up with you in the game- GET OVER IT. You didn't even know the person's real name. I'm not saying you shouldn't be upset- you have good reason to be upset. Just don't let it hang over you like a rainy cloud.
Don't let Wizard101 overpower you.

Enough with the psycoligist talk- LETS GET DIS PARTAI STARTED!! :D


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :DDDDD


Oh, guess what? I have decided to create... A TNM SOUNDTRACK!!!! Not just get a random Playlist or Mixpod player, but a VIDEO with songs I choose compiled into one! Is gonna be SWEETNESS! PWNSOMENESS!



(Low Jazz player voice) Ooooooh yeaaaah. 


(Bounds everywhere fastly around the room. Vases shatter, chandiliers fall, chairs knocked over) 

(Dusts off shirt, everything instantly repairs) Who wants part 9? 

Da Too-Lazy-To-Do-Italics-On-Some-of-Part-9 Seagem 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Destiny awoke leaning on the side of the trunk of Bartleby, facing the Ice school. Groggily, she stood up and looked around as she recalled the events that had just taken place. 
She looked around. Where were Jason and Ryan? They had all been pushed into the vortex together, but she couldn't find them anywhere. 
Destiny had read in books that normally when people like her fell and went through portals, they went to a different dimension of the spiral or something. But things just appeared how they normally would be. She decided to first look around Wizard City for Jason or Ryan or somebody. 
As she was strolling in the Commons, she found the Headmaster's office. The Headmaster! He'd know what to do! Eagerly, Destiny went inside. 
She had been expected to find a lean man with red hair and beard. But instead, what she found was an old man with a blue monicle with Merlin clothing on. Students were swarming him. 
"Woah," Destiny muttered. "Someone seems to have aged in the past year," 
But then she noticed the sky-blue eyes. 
Wait... Merle? 
"Merle?" She repeated out loud. She walked over to the old man. "Is that you?" 
The old man turned around. "Of course its me," He said. "Why wouldn't it?" 
"Its... its just that, the last time I saw you you were a baby, for crying out loud!" Destiny said. 
"Baby?" Merle said. "Young wizard, I'm afraid you must be mistaken. I was born in 481. I'm eighty-one years old, how could you have seen me as a baby?"
Just as Destiny was about to reply, someone said, "Destiny?" 
She spun around, hoping that the voice belonged to someone she knew. It didn't. It belonged to a girl looking around twelve years old with short red hair and blue eyes. She looked to be an apprentice pyromancer, judging from the way she was dressed. 
"Who are you?" Destiny asked the apprentice. 
The pyromancer seemed stunned. "It's me," She said. "You know, Fallon Shadowgem?" It sounded more like a question then an answer. Fallon studied Destiny. "And why're you dressed like an adept?" 
"Because I am one!" Destiny said. This Fallon chick was insane. 
Fallon shook her head. "No, you're a master." Then a thautamerge arrived behind Fallon. She had light brown skin, long black hair that seemed jagged at the end and was wearing blue and white Krokotopian clothes. She looked to be around nine. "Hi, Fallon! Hi Destiny!" The Ice wizard chimed. 
"Somethings wrong with Destiny Vanessa," Fallon said. "And I don't know why." Fallon made a come on guester. "Come on Vanessa, lets do some questing with Alric." With that Fallon and Vanessa left. 
Destiny was baffled. Fallon, Vanessa, maybe this Alric person, all seemed to know her. They said she was a master! How did they know her? What was wrong with them? Fallon especially. She needed a good place to think things through. 
The Death School. 
Destiny exited the Headmaster's-now Merle's- house and back into Ravenwood. She was thinking that things couldn't get much worse until she saw the death school. 
Or at least, what was left of it. 
Her school had seemed to have been torned from Ravenwood! The death classroom was nowhere to be found, and in the cycle of where it should have been, all that was left was a gaping chasm of remnants of the street floating in the air. 
What had happened? 
"What're you doing here?" A vaguley familier voice asked behind her. 
Destiny turned around to see an apprentice sorcerer with pale skin, blue eyes, and long light brown hair. She could tell that the sorcerer was nine. Destiny remembered seeing her back in the balance school in Krokotopia
"Hi!" Emma chorused. Then she repeated, "What're you doing here?" 
"Trapped in time," Destiny replied. "You?" 
Emma nodded. "Same here," Then Emma spotted a boy with very dark skin and purely white clothes, complementing short white hair. He had dark brown eyes and looked to be an initiate. Destiny couldn't decide if he was a necromancer or a sorcerer. He looked to be about eleven.
"Hey, Dylan, come over here!" Emma called. "I've found another one!" 
The boy called Dylan soon joined Destiny and Emma. "What's up?" He asked. 
"She's trapped in time too!" Emma pointed to Destiny. 
Dylan nodded as a sign of understanding. "I see." He said. Dylan gave out his hand. "I'm Dylan Nightfinder." 
Strongblood and Nightfinder. 
Emma Strongblood and Dylan Nightfinder. 
Of course! 
Destiny accepted. "Destiny Seagem," She introduced. 
"You should meet our other brothers!" Emma chimed. "We've all made camp! One of our brothers, Garrett, also found a grandmaster pyromancer and a magus diviner." 
Destiny gasped. "Jason Stormflame and Ryan Stormcaster?" 
"Yeah, how do you know them?" Dylan asked. 
"They're both great friends of mine!" Destiny said. "I've been looking for them for a long time!" 
"They did mention something about an adept necromancer," Dylan mused. "I guess you could be it. Come on, we camped in the Wizard City Spiral Chamber." The trio hurridly ran down to the spiral chamber. 
"You should also meet our three other brothers," Emma pointed out cheerfully as they all went inside the spiral chamber. 
Right when they did, Destiny spotted Jason and Ryan. "Jason! Ryan!" She shouted. 
They both spun around just in time to see Destiny arrive. "Where were you?" She asked. 
"We woke up in Mooshu for some reason," Ryan said. 
"What about you?" Jason asked. 
"Ravenwood," Destiny said. She turned back to Emma, who was right behind her. "So who are these brothers of yours?" She asked.  
"Come on, I'll show you!" Emma said. Emma led Destiny to a boy in tan robes, a Mooshu hat and Dragonspyre robe. He looked to be in his early teens and had purple eyes, long brown hair, and slightly tan skin. "Garrett," The sorcerer introduced. "Garrett Dragonblade." 
"Now you need to meet Nicholas!" Emma pulled Destiny along before she could say any more to Garrett. Soon she was looking at an eleven-year-old boy with white skin, amber eyes, long light brown hair and was in initiate sorcerer robes. He smiled. "I'm Nicholas Ashwielder," He said. 
Before Emma could pull her along again, Destiny introduced herself too. Then she allowed Emma to drag her to the final person. He looked to be the eldest, being around fifteen. He had slightly long black hair and light tan skin. He had kind of purple eyes and wore grandmaster clothing, which were tan and white. He smiled. "My name's Connor," He said. "What's yours?" 
"Destiny," She said, offering her hand. Connor took it. "What's your last name?" 
Connor sighed in frustration. "I don't like revealing my surname, honestly," He said. "It makes me sound like a wimp with Strongblood and Dragonblade around. Heck, Nightfinder and Ashwielder are more manly then mine! And I'm supposed to be the eldest!" 
"I won't laugh," Destiny promised. 
"No, people don't normally laugh," Connor explained. "It just makes me look like a sissy." 
"It's true," Jason commented. "He hasn't revealed it to me or Ryan yet, either. Don't know why." 
"Oh come on," Destiny said. "It can't be that bad. I've seen last names like Lifepetal." 
Connor laughed. "Okay, now that's girly!" He said. "Oh fine. It's Seagem." 

Chris shook Jessica awake. By splashing water in her face. 
"Hey, what was that for?" Jessica protested. 
"Well, I couldn't wake you up with a dang horn, what else was I supposed to do?" Chris asked. Then Jessica noticed Alexis and Esmee in the backround, laughing. Jessica growled. 
"Anyways," Chris said. "Using Communication Stones-" 
"Communication Stones?" Jessica cut Chris off. 
"You write on special stones and send messages," Chris replied. 
"Oh yeah, I remember Destiny and Jason having them," Jessica said. "Wait, you have one too?" 
"When Jason first found them, he gave one to me to communicate," Chris said, clearly exasperated. "Anyways, I got word from Jason, Destiny and Ryan." 
"Really?" Jessica leaped out of her bed. "What did they say?" 
"Get this," Chris started. "They say that they've been trapped in time." 
Jessica's hopes dropped by almost a mile. "Is that where the vortex took them?" 
"Apparently so." Esmee said, startling Jessica. 
"How far or back?" Jessica asked. 
"I read over Chris's shoulder as he was messaging Jason," Esmee continued. "Right now its 482 A.C., and there its 562 A.C., so," She cut off purposefully so that Jessica could do the math. 
But Alexis did it before her. "That makes it eighty years into the future," She answered. "Almost a whole century!" 
Jessica sighed. "Ugh, why do those three always get the good stuff?" 
"Maybe its because they're the head of the Order of the Spiral?" Esmee suggested. 
"That kind of thing doesn't matter right now," Chris interrupted. "Basically, what we need to focus on is how they're gonna get out." 
"Well, what was it caused by?" Jessica asked. 
"Ryan put two of the Shards together, I think," Alexis said. "They were the Storm Shard and the Life Shard, weren't they?" 
Esmee nodded as an answer to Alexis's question. 
"Anyways," Chris said. "Here's another part you'll be interested in. Our spy among the Thorns, Noah Firewielder, has given word that Vladimir and Neela are currently holding Natalie." 
"I knew we shouldn't have left her," Alexis muttered. 
"Where?" Jessica asked. 
"My guess would be Thorn Manor," Esmee said. "That's their headquarters. I remember because Destiny was assigned to spy on them once before we found you, disguised as Neela." 
"I guess we need to get her, then," Jessica said. Then her face fell. "But what about Ryan, Destiny and Jason?" 
"They're smart, they'll be able to find their own way," Chris said. "But we're going to need a plan to rescue Natalie." 
"I guess you and I will have to go there and find our way to her, get her, and get out as fast as possible," Jessica said. "Seems good." 
"Only one problem," Esmee said. "You left out Alexis and I." 
"Exactly," Jessica said. "We don't need you." 
"You just don't like Life and Ice, huh?" Alexis asked. 
Jessica nodded. 
"Well, like it or not Jessica," Chris said. "It's Thorn Manor. We'll need all the help we can get."