Saturday, November 20, 2010

Duo of Death- 1 YEAR BLOGOVERSARY!!!!

First off, about the last post... Cody did the instance. And he got DQIX off of eBay!

Guess what ELSE?

SUCH EPICNESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 My current sig on Wizard101Central.

I saw it last night! Wish I could have seen it at midnight... yet again, Chelsea said her Drama teacher saw it at 3 in the morning, and as a result she was so tired that she put on mismatched shoes.

Anyways, I saw it last night... IN COSTUME! I brought the book and a HP 20Q ball with me too! It's interesting to see the movie with the book with ya, lemme tell you that. I also noticed small pieces they left out- you know when Ron leaves Harry and Hermione? In the book, it was raining when he did. They also left out the disscussion about the Deathly Hallows. And it was Harry reading Rita Skeeters book, not Hermione.
I know, they're small, and not much to get worked up over, but I can never help pointing out mistakes in movies. I dunno, I guess me with mistakes is one of my fatal flaws, to be honest.

Anyways, like I said, it's....

(Massive drumroll lasts for sunrise and sunsets, wizards get bored and start to leave, when finally it stops wizards come back over)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUO OF DEATH BLOGOVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!



We Have Made Wizard101 Blogging HISTORY!!!

Hello there, you had better be savoring this moment. Why? Do you ask. It's because this is the first post of the awesome blog you're reading now, the Duo of Death, following the awesome tales of two necromancers, one an adept, one a magus, one a girl, one a boy, one called Destiny Seagem, another named Cody Shadowstrider. And the best part? We're siblings! Now, ask me this, how many Wizard101 blogs have you read that's authored by not one but two necromancers who are siblings? None! And if you have, then you'll have to admit it's not going to be as awesome as this! I mean, if it were better, then would we make trading cards of ourselves and hold monthly dueling competitions? If it were better, would it have something greater then stories published on this blog written exclusevly by me, Destiny Seagem? If it were better, then it would have to have something more funny then an upcoming segement I'd like to call 10 Ways to Tell You've Been Playing Too Much Wizard101? Would it? This is going to be a hit, I can smell it! Not to get all weird and all, but that's just me, one weird girl. Anyway, see ya, and don't forget, you have just witnessed exclusive material that will be an upcoming phenominon. Plus, although we really don't know how to film videos, this will be packed with awesome pictures! So, bye!

Man, that was my first post. And here's Cody's first post: 


New blog

Ok, i'm Cody Shadowstrider,the last post was my sister, Destiny. The title page is unproffesianal sorry but im enthusiastic to do this. As Destiny said, we will be hosting monthly dueling competitions. Let me explain, everybody who veiws, we will give them a number. then we will raffle draw two winners, and we will notify them and they will duel each other while we watch. the winner will be the duelmaster of the month. AND whoever wins most duels per year will be dueling champion of the year! the monthly champ will receive a treasure card of choice!The year champ will recieve 2 treasure cards of choice! anyway, follow our blog please!

And Jessica's first post: 



     Ok calming, calming, CALM.
                  OK THAT ALL I GOT BUT

It's been a long time. The Duo of Death has been up and running for over a year. I've been writing TNM for over a year. I've been playing Wizard101 for almost two years. It's hard to believe... 
Heh, the post above said that this was gonna be a hit blog, be so awesome and spectacular. Well, let's tally things up- 

Good, right? Mediocre? Average? 

Definatley not as good as what Shadowthistle School of Wizardry, Wizard101 Addict and Awesome Pyromancer tallyed up in one year. In fact, in about a month Comedy Theurgists got more than what the Duo of Death has now... so I guess instead of being epic and totally famous, that it was pretty much an epic fail in that part. 

But what it WASN'T a fail in- 
A good time for Cody, Jessica and I 
Somewhere to read The Necromancer's Matter 
Where writers won awards (remember Jason Thundershield's writing contest? I won it second to Amber Rosepetal) 
Avatar The Last Airbender crazyness! 
To get good book recomendations 
Watching three necromancers evolve throughout, one a Grandmaster (Cody Shadowstrider, my sibling, he left this blog), a master (Jessica, the new co-author) and a puny magus (Me, yes I'm the lowest leveled) 
Seeing me rant about a variety of things whether it be being low-leveled, the un-fame this blog has had, or the low amount of comments my story had (Okay, maybe that aspect SHOULD have been a fail...) 
All of us trying our best to get noticed and trying to be actively a part in the Blogosphere 
Hosting (And trying to host, remember the Christmas Party we had high hopes about until both Cody and I got grounded, not to mention the A:TLA movie release party?) and blogging about various parties 
An exiting blog to read for those who have taken the time to follow and read this blog. 

I also think that there needs to be an acknoledgements in this, to recognize the special people who has helped Cody, Jessica and I throughout. Jessica, I guess you can post your thanks to people later if you wanna, but I'm gonna do one and I'm gonna try to get Cody to post one right here. 

Destiny's Acknowledgements to the Very Special People- 

First off, if your name isn't in here- well, just try not to think about that if it isn't, k? First off, I'd like to thank Alia Lotuspetal- she was the one who inspired me and Cody to start this thing up in the first place after meeting her! Jessica, for volunteering to take over Cody's position when he moved on to his solo blog. Jessica Fairyheart, for being there for me- helping me with the Palace of Fire, and without you I'd STILL be in Krokotopia, still an adept. Samantha and Iridian Drake, fellow Avatar fanatic and Wiz101Central member, you're just plain awesome! Kestrel Shadowthistle- I suppose we didn't start off the best when I though that you hated me, but you really helped lift me up. Heather Raven, remember the elections? Well she's the one who probably supported me most and Heather still does. Ronan Ravenshard and Donna Spellthorn, my fellow Percy Jackson fans! Sierra Winterbreeze, I love your stories you're the one who got me writing FanFictions! This person most likely won't be reading this, but Savannah Swiftsong, your story inspired a major aspect of mine. Fallon Shadowblade- to be honest, I guess I look up a little bit to you. Rowan Willowleaf, you're an awesome pet derby-ist, and thanks for, in a way, encouraging Jessica to start blogging! Amber Rosepetal, you savior of the spiral! 
Now to the Central members- kairi013/Jenna Rosepetal, you're such an amazing writer, and definitely deserve your story to be most famous, and was there for me on Central from the very beginning! Selene/Jenna, thanks for being the first to comment on TNM on Central! Daniel Deathward, you were also there supporting my now-kinda-famous story from the start! Windlilly, you're Sierra Winterbreeze, and well, I've already done my dedication to you, same with The Myth Princess (Samantha) and Leafeon (Rowan). My RPG friends NicoleFirebreeze, Micheal Deathflame and Death Mistress, you all did the Hunger Games with me! The Shadow Master, you were the first to sign up for my very first RPG! 
Now I suppose this will just get a LITTLE personal. I'm grateful for books, notebooks (Especially my worn out red three-subject comprehension notebook that I've been carrying around with me for who-knows-how-long now), pens (pencils are no-nos), Harry Potter, Hunger Games, 39 Clues, Amulet, J.K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan, Jason and Piper and Leo, music (I don't know where I'd be without it quite honestly) and CHEEZCAKE! Oh yeah, not to mention cheese, for making Alia the random blogger she is. 
I'm grateful for Chelsea Emeraldgarden, Angela Lightgarden, Ashley Storyweaver, Savannah Storm, Kimberly and Sophia- if not for these six people, my life would be socially ruined. I'm grateful for little-sister-who-shares-a-birthday-with-me Samantha Firetalon, who, when smiling, always seems to cheer me up. I can't leave out Vanessa Winterblossom for well, just being Vanessa! And lastely, I'm very grateful for my brother Cody Shadowstrider, who always seems to put a light on my day and without him, this blog would have not been possible, long story short. Not to mention for the most part, he shares my type of books and music. :) 

Now, a video tribute to the Duo of Death... meh, another time. It won't stinkin' upload! 

Well, bye guys! Happy Duo-of-Death-Blogoversary-That-Was-Actually-On-the-17th-I-Was-Just-Too-Lazy-To-Post-on-That-Day!


  1. well i wanted to wish you a happy blogoversay but i couldnt find the comment link on that post :P so Happy BLogoversay :D Also I have been wanting to know for sometime now what is the name of your cool death pirate hat and who drops it?

  2. CONGRATS :D I actually saw the midnight showing of The Deathly Hallows on Thursday night... It was SO EPIC!

    ~The LotusPetal