Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"It's Amazing How We Got This Far..."

--Secrets, OneRepublic. It's a favorite song of mine. :D

Guess what else is :D worthy? I SAW MEGAMIND! Oh man, that's really funny... Roxanne needs some kind of bodyguard seeing how often she gets kidnapped. Same with most female video game characters, such as Princess Peach. Man, that frilly, pink-dress-wearing, umbrella-as-a-weapon-wielding sucker needs a new job other than being the girl that the dumb-brained Mario always saves. It's the same routine every Mario game- Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser, taken to some scary world or ship, Mario advances a bunch of pointless levels with almost no plot whatsoever, meets Bowser in his big bad scary castle or whatnot, defeats him and saves Peach. There are a lot more that I can name. Heck, Kairi and Namine were ones too! Zelda, nah. Zelda's a popular figure for being captured by Gannondork and stuff, but she has Triforce powers of her own to defend herself and gets better at them every time we see her. Very unfortunately, I heard Xion gets captured by Axel in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

(Turns to Axel (No. 8 in Org. XIII), Keyblade appears in hand out of nowhere, beats him up) TWO TIMING TRAITOR! YOU WERE XION'S FREAKING BEST FRIEND SECOND TO ROXAS!

Ahem. Sorry. Just that I like girls who hold their own against bad guys. Take Samus for example. XION. Oh, and there's Dragon Quest too! I've become ADDICTED to that game, and I've gotten Cody entranced too! He's gonna get his own copy of Dragon Quest IX when he gets the chance, then we'll be able to connect together and play!

Guess what else is :D worthy? The fact that our anniversary is tomorrow! Get that, TOMORROW. Exactly one year ago Cody and I were talking to our parents through the phone, they were vacationing for their anniversary in Hawaii. We asked if we could go through with our a idea- a Wizard101 blog. Authored by not one necromancer, but two. Cody and I then, once we got their approval, started brainstorming a name. We had a lot of interesting names, but the day later, I was thinking of a name in the girl's locker room when I was getting changed into Gym clothes. Come on, it was a duo of necromancers, let's work off of that...
Then it hit me. THE ANSWER WAS OBVIOUS, it was right there!
The Duo of Death!
And that's how the duo blog legacy (Not) was born!

Now to get Cody off of Dragon Quest. MY GAME CODY GIVE IT BACK!

(Looks over Cody's shoulder)



(Turns back to post) Oh yeah... see ya. Blogoversary tomorrow!

(Turns to Cody, drops video camera, yelling "YOU FINISHED THE INSTANCE?!" audible as camera falls down and cracks)

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  1. Congratulations on your blog! :D
    I've just started reading your story, and what I've read of TNM so far is absolutely amazing! I can't wait for more!