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Some shtuff... including chilling in test, and an idea

First, check meh out in test!

Now, check out my IDEA! You see, I came up with the Necromancer's Matter CARD GAME! Each decks represents a part. For example: Part 1 = Deck 1. There will not be a deck for part 7 because it is SHORT!

Now Sophia's:

Anyways, is late, am exhausted, I need to go to bed, blah blah blah, so, bye.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

And I'm watching.... and I'm waiting....

Ok, so I just logged on the computer, and am trying so dang hard to get into the freaking test realm, and let me tell you,


Its barely halfway done, and its been loading for almost TEN MINUTES!


(Screams loudly, glass shatters) once more (Lol you should see the post TITLED (Screams loudly glass shatters).








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Da... Time... To... Decide... Is... NOW!

I need to decide my SECONDARY, once and for all!

Will it be Fallon Shadowgem, future star of the Necromancer's Matter and who has been my secondary for months?

Or will I revive Alyssa Thunderslinger, my original primary until Destiny, who was originally my secondary (!!!) caught up to her and Alyssa had to be deleted?

I need help making this decision, so I want you to vote on the poll and tell me whether I keep Fallon or revive Alyssa!

Other things now,


Err, I'm too lazy to create AD for it, so, bye, I guess.

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Ok, so Cody was able to post up pokemon videos, so I thought I might use that thingy as well!

I know, I know, kinda off subject, but I thought I might show you this! And, you know how I don't swear? I found a NEW WAY to swear! Whenever I is VERY angry, I say (Thanks to the video),


Although, due to restrictions in text chat, in Wizards, you'll hear it as LEPRECHAUN PAINT!


I know, I know, it is what EVERYONE is talking about, so why do you blog about it, you ask.


And you say,

Aren't we all, sunshine?!?

And I say,



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Here's the link:

Yup, he started again! I proud of you Cody!

Also, before I go, one other thing: I am running LOW on comments! My usual is around three or four a post. But now, I have only recieved ONE comment (Thanks Malorn) on the music video! Which I worked at least four hours on! 0 comments on the post about my building project, I NEED DA COMMENTS!

(Gets on hands and knees)


And, at this rate, you'd be thinking I'm threatening to quit. NO! NO MORE QUITTING! I'm just encouraging the comments and stuff, I NEED MORE! Also, SO CLOSE TO 20 FOLLOWERS! Lets make that a goal, shall we? 20 followers.

Also, I'm ALMOST done with part 7! The problem is with that part, its so SHORT! Mainly its because its basically a whole bunch of unraveling. AND, IF YOU ARE A FAN, PAY ATTENTION: I WILL NOT POST ANY PREVIEWS OF PART 7, JUST ANY PARAGRAPH CAN GIVE DA WHOLE THING AWAY! So I'm also hoping part 8 will be longer to make up for it

Anyways, more comments, more followers, check out Cody's blog (Or I'll hunt you down, armed with M16! I MEAN it! (And when I say I MEAN it, I mean I really MEAN it!)) and I hope I can post part 7 soon (By the way, PART 2 ON CREATIVE WRITING! WOOT!), so, uh yeah.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


1) Ok, so Ronan Ravenshard (Merlin's Secret Journal) made up a parody on Fireflies. So I decided to show a parody from YouTube and copy the lyrics:

I could not believe my eyes,
When 10 million home supplies,
Appeared and taught me how to live.
I test out every bed,
I'm on a movie set,
You'd think me straight but I can't help but... frolic.

I'd like to make myself believe,
That I could die here, happy
Everything I ever need is right in front of me
I think there's something wrong with this TV

I take a thousand steps,
When do these arrows end?
Either Deja Vu or I've been here before.

These employees are jerks,
These arrows don't freaking work!
Because if they did I wouldn't be asking you
How to get out of here!

I'd like to make myself believe,
These magic arrows help me
With every step I'm lost again
My legs can't walk no more
I don't think they have an exit door
How is this a lamp?!?

I find it kind of hard to believe
That there's a food court right next to me
If i never left how did I get here
I think I saw this in the Twilight Zone once
Nobody inside made it out!
What are you looking at?!

My points of latitude and longitude are
30 north 100 west
I'll be on the couch that's on your left

I like to make myself believe
That somebody will save me

And if you wanna see the video, just copy and paste this link:

Speaking of videos, that brings me to 2...


(Audience cheers)

But, there is a catch. You see, I could not GET how to work Fraps however much I tried. So I had to do it in screenshots. Anyways, here you go: (By the way before watching, you better scroll down and turn off the playlist)

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1) VOTE FOR MEH! 2) Alexis Lifestone 3) Me new building project! 4) Which ones, Bat or Seraph?



2) This is how Alexis looked like:

I KNOW! That's another person, but she looks EXACTLY like how Alexis looked back then! This is how she looks like NOW now that she's grand:


Meh new building project! Some sneak previews (It'll open later):

Why do this building project? Well, A. Cause I felt like it B. I am a BOOKWORM! and C. To show what I could do as student teacher!


I'm gonna get wings soon (Ask Donna) and I need help: Seraph or Bat? I'm gonna post a poll. Bat represents my school, but I REALLY adore seraph! So I need to hear your opinion!

Anyways, BYE!

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             THAT'S ALL I GOT!!

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For the writing contest:

Amber Rosepetal from a Savior of the Spiral = First Place

Alia Lotuspetal from The Wizard101 Addict = Third Place








(Almost screams, but decides not to because is pointless)




I iz maniac.

Congrats Amber, congrats Alia! Good try to the rest of you. I even got 20 FIRE DRAGON CARDS! I expected only 1 or 2, to be honest!
In celebration: PART 6, PEOPLES!

The Necromancer's Matter, Part 6; Valley of Peace
Destiny sighed. "Seriously, do I HAVE to wear these Mooshu robes?" She asked Jason as they entered Mooshu.
Jason nodded. "It would be best," He said. "Cows are very critical on looks."
Destiny sighed again. "Well, at least I can wear my frost-touched cap and onyx studded boots."
"Just be glad you aren't in Marleybonian clothes anymore," Jason pointed out. "You HATED that,"
Destiny shuddered. Jason's words played a recap in her mind of Marleybone: Vladimir, His speech about the connection to Destiny, The legendary wizard Life, Thorn Manor, Cody's blue hair, Alexis's Ordeal, the sweat that had poured down on her forehead as she and Alexis tried to escape the Manor.
Vladimir had reverted Cody Shadowstrider, a desendant of Death, on his side. But Destiny had recieved a dream that could mean another desendant of Death right here in Mooshu.
The name now seared through her brain. She remembered the dream, the guy in the hooded cloak, the brown-haired and blue-eyed girl in black and red Mooshu robes. They had to look for the girl. After that, they had to go and try to search for a desendant of Balance. It was best if they were quick about it.
The name of the girl. It had to be.
Once the rest of the Order of the Spiral came through, Jason cleared his throat. "Okay, we're going to do what we did in Grizzlehiem, if any of you remember that," Natalie, Destiny, Ryan and Chris nodded. "We're going to take areas and search. Alexis, you'll search in Hametsu Village. Esmee, you'll look in the Village of Sorrow. Natalie, to the Tatakai Outpost. Chris, go to The Tree of Life. Ryan, go to the Cave of Solitude. Destiny, you'll remain here at the Jade Palace. I'll cover the Field of Crimson. They aren't all the areas in Mooshu, not even near, but its a start. Again, move out!"
The Order of the Spiral parted seperate directions, leaving Destiny in the dust. This is a really good task for a luitenant, Destiny grumbled in her mind. They just wanted to leave her behind. Of course, because she was the necromancer.
Destiny sighed. There was no chance that this Jessica person could be in the commons. She decided to go for a walk instead.
Maybe I should look in the shops, Destiny mused. See what kind of gear I can get when I become of higher rank.
Instead, Destiny went to the pets shop. I bet they have cool pets there, Destiny thought.
She entered and looked around. Then she saw a ninja pig. She walked up to the shopkeeper and asked, "How much are the ninja pigs?"
The shopkeeper gave her the price.
Destiny looked through her gold. Not even near enough. She sighed.
"I think I can help," Someone suggested.
"Thanks," Destiny said.
The girl looked in her pouch. "Shoot, not enough," She said.
Destiny was so obsessed in the pet thing that at first she didn't realize just who the girl was. She had long brown-black hair, blue eyes, light skin, and wore red and black Mooshu robes.
It was Jessica, descendant of Death.
Destiny breathed hard. She was here, Jason assigned me the right place.
"Um, are you okay?" Jessica asked.
Destiny shook her head rapidly, as if shaking off her momentarily being far off. "Yeah, don't worry," She said.
Jessica smiled. "I'm Jessica," She said, showing a hand.
I think I know that, Destiny thought. But aloud she said. "Pleased to meet you. Destiny Seagem," She said, taking it.
Destiny looked in her pouch, hoping the communication stone was still there. Luckly, it was. Eagerly, she took the stone and silver stick out and wrote, Come here quickly! I found her!
Destiny grabbed Jessica's hand. "Come on, there's someone I need you to meet," She said. Partially true.
As soon as Destiny lead Jessica outside, Jason had appeared. He studied Jessica. "Is this the one?" He asked.
Destiny nodded. "Jessica, meet Jason. Jason, meet Jessica." Jason and Jessica shook hands.
Suddenly Jessica clutched her head. Oh no, Destiny thought. Jessica screamed in pain before passing out.
Jason nodded. They knew why she had passed out. The Ordeal.
"She's the descendant of Death, alright," Jason approved. "Come on, we need to get her to someplace safe, but she can't get the idea that we've kidnapped her into her head."
Destiny nodded. How were they going to keep her safe and look after her without kidnapping her? "Well, we managed Alexis pretty well," She mused.
"Here, lets find a base in Mooshu and get everyone over." Jason said. Destiny nodded. Destiny picked Jessica up and followed Jason to the spiral chamber to hide out. Once they reached the spiral chamber, Jason told Destiny to stay there while he would gather the rest of the Order of the Spiral. An hour passed. Then two hours. It was about to reach three when Jason emerged with the rest of the Order of the Spiral. Jessica still hadn't woken from her Ordeal.
Alexis looked at Jessica in what seemed amazement. "Are you sure this is the descendant of Death?" She asked. "She doesn't really look that, well, you know, Death-like, except for her clothes."
Destiny nodded. "Why else would she appear in a dream?" She questioned.
Alexis threw her hands in the air. "Hey, I was just suggesting," She said.
Natalie ran to Destiny. "Hey Destiny," She said. "I saw this boy as I was patrolling, and as he passed by me, he gave me this note. It's for you." Natalie handed her a folded piece of paper.
Destiny unfolded it and saw neat, red handwriting. She read:

Destiny Seagem:
Meet by the palace tomorrow at evening. Come alone. If you bring the Order of the Spiral, we will see it as a threat and will not take it lightly.

It was not signed.
"That's all?" She asked, after she read it twice, once in to herself, another out loud.
"Apparently they want to negotiate or something," Esmee said.
"But it could be a trap," Ryan reasoned. "It said to come alone."
"Maybe we should hide or something to see if it is a trap," Natalie suggested.
Jason shook his head. "I don't think this person is dumb," He said. "He or she wouldn't easily fall for it."
"I know," Destiny said. "I have the communication stone. If they attack me I can write and you guys can come. I'll go ahead and do it."

Destiny clutched the stone as she headed towards the palace. It had been about a day now and Jessica still hadn't woken up. Ryan did point out it could take a while, She pointed out to herself.
Destiny was alone. No one, not even Nikki, was with her. Destiny then missed the sound of her annoying chirps. She came only with the clothes on her back, the stone in her pouch, and her wand hidden in her robe, prepared to fight.
She squinted as she saw a white flag perched on the steps of the green palace of jade. She could make out two people standing on either side of the flag. On the flag's left was a girl. On its right was a boy. Destiny reconized them at once, and immediately dreaded coming in the first place.
Well, Neela and Cody did come with a white flag, She reasoned. White flags usually mean surrender or truce.
Neela grinned as Destiny climbed up the steps. "Hello, Destiny," Neela said.
Destiny grinned sweetly back as she said, "Hi, Traitor,"
Neela's grin faded as she shook her head. "When can we put the past behind us and focus on the present?" She questioned.
"Never," Destiny replied. "The past is one of the things that motivates me."
Destiny heard the sound of footsteps. Neela heard this too, because she turned her head. Cody didn't. He just said, "He's coming,"
Destiny knew exactly who 'He' reffered to. Vladimir.
Vladimir paused when he was in front of the flag and face-to-face with Destiny. "You do realize we're considering this to be a trap?" Destiny questioned him.
Vladimir nodded. "I do indeed," He said. He raised his head up and looked at the white flag looming above them. "But we are under a white flag, no? And surely you realize what a white flag means?"
Destiny nodded. "But how do I know this isn't a ploy?"
Vladimir considered Destiny's statement. "Very true," He said. "But I do come in peace,"
"Something tells me that, knowing you, that's not true," Destiny pointed out.
Vladimir sighed. "You don't trust me."
"I think you need to work on the meaning of trust," Destiny agreed. "I get that for some reason, you think that the word trust refers to the fact that you get to backstab and backstab all you like and yet people still like you. Is that what it is, according to you?" Destiny flicked her head to the left, pretending to be confused.
Vladimir sighed again. "Lets get on with it," He said. He grinned. "Anyways, I come in peace. I want to make a deal, as you would call it."
"What kind of deal?" Destiny asked. She pretended to ponder for a minute, then said, "Oh yeah, the kind of deal where you get everything you want and we are left with nothing."
Vladimir was growing exhausted from Destiny's backtalk. "No, not that kind," He said. "A trade, you might say."
Destiny opened her mouth for a side comment, but no words could escape from her mouth before Vladimir said, "I can give you the Krokodial," He said.
Destiny was interested. They only needed one more descendant, but they had no leads whatsoever on the Descendant of Balance and this could win the battle for them. But at what cost? "What do you need?" She asked.
Vladimir smiled. He had rid Destiny of her backstabbing words. "I'll need the shredded gold you retrived from the patrolkrok," He asked.
Aha! "So that's what Neela came to the base for!" She said.
"Don't push it," Neela grunted.
Destiny smiled evilly. "I can push it all I like," She said. "And right now, there is nothing you can do about it."
Neela looked like she was about to burst.
"Now, now," Vladimir soothed the girls.
"Wait," Destiny said. "Why do I get the feeling that you can do something disasterous with the gold?" She asked. "What's so special about it?"
"That's none of your business," Vladimir said.
"If I currently own it and am considering giving it," She said. "It is perfectly my business. I need to know just what I am giving up, because I know you're losing a lot when you hand over the Krokodial."
Vladimir nodded. "True," He said. He straightened his back. "Think over it. I'll give you three days to do so. Meet in the cavern at noon in three days. We shall see then." He turned to Neela and Cody, then left with them, leaving Destiny with a bunch of unanswered questions.
"Hey!" She called. "You still haven't answered my question! And what cavern?" She gave up when she saw that no one was responding as Vladimir, Neela and Cody left the scene. Destiny left, heading for the spiral chamber.
"What did he want?" Jason asked as she entered the chamber.
"The proper question," Destiny said. "Is what did they want."
"Vladimir and Neela?" Esmee questioned.
Destiny nodded. "Don't forget Cody," She added.
"What did they want, though?" Jason asked.
"They wanted a trade," Destiny said. "They offered the Krokodial."
This got Jason's attention. "The Krokodial?" He asked. "What did they want in exchange?"
"This," Destiny said as she pulled out the jug of gold. She handed it over to Jason, who observed it. "What is it?" He asked, handing it back.
"I have no idea," Destiny said as she shoved the shredded gold back into her pouch. "But if they're willing to forfeit the Krokodial, must be of value,"
"Dump out the contents," Jason suggested. "See what's in it. I think it's what it stores is what they are concerned a
Destiny nodded. Jason led her to a crimson bench. Destiny knelt down and unwinded the cylander cap off. She spilled the gold out, as if shaking a pepper shaker. The gold then left the sphere completly. Destiny shook it rapidly, seeing if anymore pieces remained. She decided that they had as she set it aside to the right of where all the shredded gold sat.
Jason picked each piece, studing it throughly when he decided it was useless. He went through this procedure when he came across a piece that was more bright then the others, and bigger too, about twice their size. It had a little gleam to it, as if it were wanting to be noticed. Jason studied this more then the others, carefully put it down, and backed off from the bench.
"Destiny," He said in a soft tone. "Whatever you do, do NOT give it away. Kick Vladimir's butt instead when he asks for it, include all the pieces except that and trick him, or not show up at all. I don't care what you do. Just don't give that piece to him."
"Why?" Destiny said.
"Trust me, you don't want to know," He said. "If you know, it'll send you off after the other six pieces, searching for an ultimate power."
"Pieces of what?" Destiny persisted.
"I can't tell you," Jason said.
"I'm your luitenant," Destiny said. "There's absolutely no need to keep secrets."
"Please," Jason begged. "Just don't give it to him."

Another night passed before Jessica finally awoke.
Destiny silently calculated the time. It had taken Jessica two days to pass her Ordeal. She looked around the darkened chamber. Jason, Ryan, Chris, Natalie, Esmee and Alexis were all asleep. It was just her and Jessica.
She walked over to Jessica, as she had done with Alexis almost a week before. "The Ordeal?" She asked. Jessica nodded. "Freakiest thing ever," She muttered. After a few minutes of resting her head on her palm, she lifted her head and said, "Apparently I happened to be chosen to get caught up in this whole descendants thing." She sighed. "I didn't even WANT to be in Death. I wanted to be in Storm. But that dang Book of Secrets-" Jessica sighed.
Destiny nodded. "I know how you feel," She said. "I had extreme high hopes of being placed in Fire," She said. "I just knew it was my destiny, my future. And when I did learn I was in Death, I tried everything I had to change it. I wanted to control fate." She shook her head grudgingly. "Little did I know was that there's little you can do to change destiny. Fate has a way of turning out. It seems that whatever you do, it leads up to that certain future. And there's almost nothing you can do to change it."
Jessica nodded. "And here I am, the descendant of Death," She lamented. "I just wish I could be in my favorite color, purple. I wish that it didn't have to be this way. Why does it have to?" She looked up at the ceiling of the chamber longingly.
That's when Destiny remembered the day of her orientation. She remembered way back, almost a year ago, when she was around in her late tens, now eleven going on twelve. She remembered Esmee at the royal playhouse tour, back when she had such high hopes, when Destiny had layed out her future before her. Before everything had gone wrong. Before she could snap out of it, a flashback came to mind.
"So what shall we explore next?" Destiny asked.
In reply, Esmee sat down in a field of magnificent grass, the same patch Destiny had been admiring when she had been staring into the portal view of the castle. "How about looking at the grass?" Asked Esmee. "We need to take some moments out of our lives to appreciate nature."
"You sound like a theurgist." Destiny pointed out.

"You don't have to be a theurgist to see the beauty in the earth." Said Esmee. "You can be a necromancer and see the life in nature."

"It is breathtaking." Agreed Destiny. "But what about in the winter, when the snow is shrouding the grass and the field?"

"Even when the snow has fallen," Esmee told Destiny. "You just know the grass is in there somewhere, deep within. You can still feel the little life even underneath the mass of snow. It may not be visible, but it's still there, living for what seems eternity. The beauty of it can never die."

Destiny then realized what that had meant. Esmee had somehow knew she would be placed in the death school. She hadn't just been talking about grass and snow.
Destiny snapped out of it and turned back to Jessica. She smiled and said, "Maybe we can't control fate. But it doesn't mean that we have to sober about it either. We don't have to slouch around and give up. You can't let fate take complete control of your life." She put a hand on Jessica's shoulder. "And just because you're a necromancer doesn't mean that there isn't a diviner inside. You can still feel that little life. It may not be showing, but it'll still be there. It will never die. And you can't let people tell you who you need to be. You need to keep your head up high. You just need to say, 'So what? I can be who I want to be,' And nothing, not even fate, can control that."

"So, what do you think Vladimir meant by the cavern?"
Jason shrugged. "I know Mooshu, and I don't know what he meant."
"Maybe in a different world?" Ryan suggested.
Jason scratched his chin. "Maybe," He said. "But where?"
"I have no idea," Destiny said.
"That's kinda the point," Jason pointed out. "Is it not?"
"I'll go look around Mooshu," Destiny suggested.
"But can you take on the enemies?" Jason said, concerned.
Destiny stared at him. "You think that I can take on Vladimir and Neela at the same time, spy on Vladimir, but not go around Mooshu?"
Jason looked embarrassed. "Sorry,"
"You'd better."
Destiny first patrolled Hamustu Village. No signs of anything unusual. She looked around the Tatakai Outpost, nothing unusual there to. She looked at the sun. It was around noon now. Exactly one more day to find this cavern and decide what to do about the trade. She had to hurry. If only Vladimir wasn't mysterious!
Destiny sighed. She would need help if she wanted to find the cavern in time. She pulled out the stone and wrote: It's noon now, and I've got precisely one more day to find this cavern. I need major help.
Jason wrote back. On it. I'll write if I find anything unusual. I'll start with Tatakai Outpost.
I already searched Tatakai and Hamustu through and through, She wrote. I'll head over to the Tree of Life next.
Ok, The next message said. I'll begin with The Village of Sorrow.
Thanks, Jason.
No problem. We need to get this deal over with.
I agree.
Jason didn't write after that. She shoved the communication stone back into her pouch and looked onward to the Tree of Life.
A half hour passed when Jason wrote back. I've checked and double-checked the Village of Sorrow, Jason wrote. That area's hopeless.
Don't worry, I think I've found something...
Indeed she had. Destiny was looking at a wall blocked by a smooth round stone that was at least twice her size in heighth. It lacked width, though, only about six inches. She wrote: I'm looking at a round stone thing blocking an entrance. I tried pushing it, and it won't budge. Get Ryan or Natalie, or both. I'm going to need strength to push this thing out of the way. Storm descendants are considerably strong. It's a trait I like about them. For that message, Destiny had to write smaller and smaller.
Seems like a plan, Jason wrote. By any chance do you know exactly where you are?
The main tree, Destiny wrote. It's actually in the main tree.
Interesting, Jason said. Hold on. They're coming.
You're the best.
I know. It's why I was chosen as commander.
Destiny slipped the stone and silver stick back into her pouch. A few minutes she waited for Natalie and Ryan to come when finally, they did.
Ryan studied the stone. "This doesn't look too hard," He said. He walked over to the stone's side, and he pushed it with his bare hands. It barely budged. This time he tried pulling it. No such luck. Now Ryan leaned against the stone with his back and tried pushing it some more. It budged more then the first or second time, but not enough to get a clear opening out of it.
"Lemme try," Natalie volunteered.
Ryan shook his head. "If I can't do it, you can't. Everyone knows that boys are naturally stronger then girls."
"But I'm two years older then you," Natalie pointed out. "Now do you want it to be pushed or not?"
Ryan sighed and made way for Natalie to push. She tried with all her strength, but it had the same result as it had with Ryan. She pulled it, and got nothing out of it. Natalie finally tried the last thing Ryan had tried. Nothing. Natalie walked over soloumly. "Useless," She said.
"Here, maybe you two should try it together," Destiny suggested. "That's the whole reason why I needed the both of you."
Ryan and Natalie understood. They walked over together and tried the same three tequniques. No result.
Destiny sighed. "It's no use," She said. Then she had a crazy thought. "What if I tried it?" She asked the descendants.
Ryan laughed. "We're the descendants of Storm!" He said. "We're the descendants of the most physically strong legendary. If we can't do it, no one can. You can try, but it's not going to work."
"Really good advice from a friend," Destiny muttered.
Ryan looked stricken. "I'm sorry, I didn't-"
"It's okay," Destiny said. "I know what you mean. But it doesn't hurt to try."
Ryan nodded. "I see your point," He said. "Honestly, and no offense, but I doubt it'll work."
Destiny smiled. "I don't care."
She walked over to the stone that was twice her height. She grunted as she tried to push and pull it. She slouched against the rock, feeling depressed. Then she had an idea. "Ryan, Natalie, how do you try to move things?" She questioned.
"I just let my strength flow into the thing I'm trying to push," Ryan said. "I try unite my strength and the object into one."
Destiny nodded. She set her hand to the rock and closed her eyes. Become one, she remembered. Let your strength flow into the rock. After what seemed like an hour, but what did turn out to be a few minutes, Destiny leaned her hand against the rock and let her energy out of her hand and into the rock. She didn't open her eyes until she heard something that sounded like something heavy crashing onto something. At the same time she realized that her hand was no longer connected to the rock. Confused, Destiny opened her eyes and saw that the rock had moved more then enough to reveal an opening.
She turned to the siblings, whose mouths were open with shock. "How in the name of the spiral did you do that?" Ryan finally managed to get out.
"I-I don't know," Destiny stammered. "I-I guess it just came, you know, I guess it was just natural, like I had this power inside of me all along and I didn't know till now." She looked into the passageway. "Let's go," She said. Ryan and Natalie looked at each other and nodded. Ryan stepped aside and said, "Ladies first," Destiny looked at him evilly, gave him a look that said, I'm gonna get you back, and walked inside as Ryan grinned smugly and lagged behind.
The ground gave way as it became steeper and steeper and slid downward. Ryan caught up to the girls and looked around. As the trio walked down the slope, the passageway dimmed and dimmed. The dirt and walls that supported the passageway was a light brown color, like the color of sand.
Finally they came to a torchlit dome-like chamber. On the entry's left was a wooden door painted yellow, but the paint wearing away from the effect of time. Destiny walked over to it, and as she got nearer and nearer, she could make out a faded Myth symbol in the middle. There was a steel doorknob and a keylock underneath. Destiny twisted the lock. It wouldn't budge. Destiny wondered if this was because it was worn out or simply locked. She looked over to Natalie and Ryan, who were coming to investigate. Destiny shook her head. "It's locked or something," She said.
"Well, at least we stumbled what seems to be the cavern," Ryan said. "This is most likely what Vladimir was talking about."
Destiny nodded. "Now that we've found the cavern," She said. "Let's head back."
Natalie groaned. "Really?" She whined. "I'm already tired!"
"I thought Storm descendants were tough," Destiny pointed out, grinning smugly.
Reluctantly Natalie joined Destiny and Ryan as they climbed up the slope, Natalie lagging behind and groaning, occasionally whining something like, "Why this far? Why can't we just teleport?" Destiny sighed as she listened to the groaning. "Natalie," She said. "This is a secret passageway undiscovered for years until we and Vladimir came along, so teleports are going to be closed off for a while. Once we get outside, we can teleport back to the Jade Palace." Natalie groaned again and continued lamenting in response.
They finally emerged from the passageway and into Mooshu, the sunlight blinding them as they walked out. They adjusted and to conceal evidence, they together managed to push the rock back to its normal position. Tired and worn out, they teleported back to the Jade Palace and walked over to the spiral chamber.
Destiny nearly collapsed as she sat on a bench, Jason rushing to her. "Is that the cavern Vladimir mentioned?" Destiny nodded. "It'd better be," She muttered, worn out. She then fell asleep and didn't wake till the next morning, leaving her only two hours to decide what to do on the matter of the trade.

Groggily, Destiny woke up.
She walked over to the bench where she had layed out the gold pieces. She stuffed them all, even the special piece Jason had warned her about, back into the jug. She twisted the cap back on. Slowly, a plan was forming in mind. A plan to get Vladimir or Jason to tell her about that spepicfic piece. She put it in her pouch and looked outside. Noon was coming.
Quickly she gathered the rest of the Order of the Spiral and with Ryan and Natalie's help, led them to the main tree, and then to the rock, which apparently had already been pushed open. So they're already here, She thought.
As the Order of the Spiral followed Destiny and Ryan and Natalie, Destiny stopped until she found Jessica. She walked over to her. "No matter what Vladimir, Neela or Cody have to say, don't listen to them. They are descended from-"
"Valkoor Thorn," Jessica replied. "I know, I know, The Ordeal basically tells you that kind of stuff. It also pointed out the other descendants." She pointed to Alexis. "For example, that's Alexis Lifestone, descendant of Life," Destiny nodded. Then she had an idea. "Did the Ordeal tell you anything about a descendant of Balance?"
Jessica shook her head. "The descendant of Balance apparently hasn't had his or her Ordeal before, so it was unable to recongize them." Destiny understood.
The Order of the Spiral then climbed down in silence. Then they got near enough that Destiny heard other people talking.
"It's past noon," Destiny heard a female voice persist.
"Relax," Came an unknown voice. "Vladimir told us she'd be here."
Neela and Cody.
"Not just her," They heard Vladimir speak up. "Knowing her, she's going to take precautions and bring the rest of the Order of the Spiral."
Just then, Destiny and the rest of the group came down. Vladimir, Neela and Cody still held the white flag.
Vladimir nodded. "As predicted," He said. Vladimir turned back to Destiny. "Do you have it?" He asked, pulling the Krokodial out.
Destiny nodded. "As promised," She assured. Destiny opened her pouch and pulled out the jug of gold.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Jason yelled.
Destiny grinned smugly. Vladimir eagerly outstretched his hand. Destiny looked down at the jug, then said, "Wait, like I said back at the palace, I need to know what exactly I am trading," Destiny observed the jug, trying to figure things out.
"Just hand it over," Vladimir said.
"I need to know what I'm trading," Destiny persisted. "Because I know that you worked hard to get the Krokodial, and you wouldn't give it up easily. You know what you are trading. So I need to know what I'm trading."
Vladimir sighed in exasperation. "Please, give it to me."
Destiny sighed. She would have to use her plan. "If you don't tell me what this contains," She threatened. "Then I'll smash this bottle and the gold to bits," She said, holding the jar high above her head to prove her point.
Vladimir's face paled. "You wouldn't," He said.
Destiny nodded. "If that is what it takes, I'll do it."
Vladimir laughed. "Okay, okay, hand it over now," He said.
Destiny shook her head. "I'm warning you," She said. "You have until three to tell me what I'm giving up."
"No, please, don't!"
"Please, give it up, not only will I give you the Krokodial, I won't bother you for a long time!"
"Come on, you can't!"
It was too late. Vladimir watched helplessly as Destiny threw down the jug and smashed it with her feet. Vladimir was stunned, and he was getting angry. He turned to Neela and Cody. "We'll have to go with plan B," He said with gritted teeth. "ATTACK!" He shouted.
Instantly the Order of the Spiral prepared for battle as Vladimir, Neela and Cody charged. Neela stopped in front of Alexis and casted the death symbol in front of her, bringing a wraith to life as Alexis casted a seraph to counter. Chris joined Alexis, casting a minotaur to help. Cody went after Jason, making a skeletal pirate to compare to Jason's helephant. Esmee joined Jason and cast an evil snowman. Ryan helped with a kraken, and Natalie came to Chris and Alexis, introducing herself with a storm shark. The Order of the Spiral seemed to be doing well, so Destiny and Jessica weren't sure what to do. But they didn't have to realize what to do. Vladimir's scarecrow realized for them. Jessica quickly cast a death shield for herself, and then cast one for Destiny, so they took less damage. Destiny cast a vampire while Jessica did a skeletal pirate. Vladimir gritted his teeth. He cast a skeletal pirate, aiming for Destiny. As Destiny was distracted, Vladimir ran from the fight and rushed to the remains of the gold pieces, frantically searching for that one piece. And just as he was about to grasp it, Destiny pushed him aside and grabbed the piece as he was stunned. Breathing hard, Destiny ran away from Vladimir and to Jessica. She nudged her. "Distract Vladimir," She said, breathing hard. Jessica nodded.
Destiny ran out of the cavern and into the passageway. Shortly she heard a yell from Vladimir and ran even faster. She could hear Vladimir, Neela, and Cody on their tails. She ran as fast as she could until she was out of the passageway and back into Mooshu. Vladimir, Neela, and Cody arrived shortly after her.
"Give. It. To. Me." Vladimir gritted.
"I really don't know." Destiny smiled. "Go. Now. Before I change my mind and attack you!"
"A journeyman going against two grandmasters and a magus?" Neela scoffed.
"The Order of the Spiral is down there," Destiny reasoned. "I can cry for help."
"I'll bet they've already-" Vladimir stopped. He knew every single member, except for Jessica. None were likely to back down.
"Eight against three," Destiny added. "You're smart. What are the chances of THAT?"
Nor Vladimir or Neela or Cody said anything.
"Now leave," Destiny threatened. "A dummy can tell that the Order of the Spiral has won this round."
Vladimir and Neela looked at each other as Cody teleported out. Then Vladimir and Neela teleported away.
Destiny grinned in triumph.
"I'm going down to find out what the deal is with this piece." She said out loud. Destiny climbed down the sandy passageway.
Destiny finally came down to the cavern, immediately walking over to Jason. She pulled the piece out and handed it to Jason, who accepted it eagerly. "Now, you saw how I almost broke that piece," She said. "Please, tell me what it it!"
Jason sighed. Then he smiled. "I guess there's no stopping you, huh?"
"That's why I'm the luitenant," Destiny replied.
Jason remembered when he had wrote that on the stone. Then he looked at Destiny in the face and said, "That, that piece," He said. "Is Myth's shard."
"The shard to what?" Destiny asked.
"I'm talking about the Blade of Seven."

Friday, April 9, 2010

Wow, a LOT to talk about! (And, if you know me, you should know that when I say A LOT, I MEAN a lot!!!)

A lot to say and do.
Uh, first off, lets start with the music you may be hearing. Yes, I created a playlist for this blog featuring mine and Jessica's favorite songs. So, yeah.
Secondly, Yesterday was an AWESOME day! 1, I got the bandit cap, and, 2, I learned, THESE!


Ok, now for the THIRD thing. You know the elections, right? (Almost everyone nods heads eagerly) Well, I'm running, and I know who I'm running AGAINST, Leesha Darkheart and Fallon Shadowblade, and the King of Death person. Tough challenge, I know. I'm only glad Tomas Lionblood isn't running this semester. Anyways, if you ARE true to the Duo of Death, you KNOW who you must vote for! Also, vote for Jessica as Fire Student teacher! Here, I'll post her poster to get you encouraged:

Jessica, if you want me to take it off because I didn't ask your permission, that's fine.

Now for the FOURTH thing: Da Brave Pyromancer's Writing Contest! I just sent in parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, (Yes, I AM done with it now!) and what I've got with 7. (Oh yeah, 7 is supposed to be short) And Alia and everyone else who submitted a poem or story, good luck. I also sent in the Drakes, if second entries are allowed.
Anyways, to prove that I'm a good candidate for the elections, to celebrate Meteor Strike and Skeletal pirate, I'll post the ENTIRE THING of part 5, Bones of the Enemy! (DON DON DON!)

And speaking of stories as I've got the chance, sorry Jessica, I cannot download part 3 of your story, you'll just have to post it.


The Necromancer's Matter, Part 5; Bones of the Enemy
Destiny, now halfway through her journeyman lessons, lay down on the beach of her sunny cottage as she recalled the events that had taken action about a month ago.
She was the luitenant of the Order of the Spiral, along with Jason Stormflame, Ryan Stormcaster, Natalie Goldenflame, Chris Soulhunter and her own cousin, Esmee Lionblood. Formerlly of the group was Neela Waterpetal.
Destiny winced when she thought of Neela. Don't even THINK about her!
Then a voice came up. You're thinking about Neela, huh?
Destiny turned her head to the right to see Nikki, an exiled sprite that now lived with her. She nodded.
Neela had acted as a friend to everyone, then turned and backstabbed them. Then she recalled something Neela had said, about Death Bandits, a group of necromancers that committed crime in Krokotopia. Neela had then sent out a Krokotpian patrolman and framed Destiny for being one. That's when she realized that she forgotten that she hade a little tiny jug of gold that she had stolen from the patrol krok when it had been knocked out from a huge sandstorm, later soothed by Balance himself.
Destiny pulled out the jug of gold. It was tiny, a sphere of little shredded gold pieces, only about five centimeters wide and tall. There was a black cap at the top in the shape of a cylander. Destiny turned it around a few times, carefully observing it. She then saw a fingerprint on the jar. She recongnized it immediately.
The gold belonged to Neela.
If it was Neela's, it would most likely be important to them. The gold might be able to be used as a bargaining tool. Destiny then stuffed the gold back in her pouch and resumed to what she had been thinking about before. The Death Bandits. She was certain one of them was Vladimir Thorn, a kniving master necromancer. And, now that Neela had reveled to be a traitor, Destiny was convinced that she was the girl Death Bandit. But Neela had mentioned THREE Death Bandits.
There was someone else.
Vladimir Neela, and who else? Neela mentioned it being a male.
But she had to warn the Order of the Spiral! Ryan was in his adept studies, but Jason's wouldn't start for another few minutes. Destiny got Nikki, and teleported to Jason.
"Jason! Jason!" Destiny shouted as she spotted the pyromancer in his red master robes. Jason turned around. "What is it?" He asked.
Destiny leaned forward to Jason, cautious of the people surrounding. "There's another thorn," She whispered. "It's not just Vladimir and Neela. There's another person with them, we just haven't encountered him."
Jason eyed Destiny, a suspsious look on his face. "How do you know this?" He asked.
"Well, do you remember how I was blamed for being a Death Bandit?" Jason nodded. "Well, Neela mentioned two boys and a girl. Vladimir, Neela, and someone else."
Suddenly, Jason had a bright look on his face. "Oh yeah! That reminds me, remember the day we first met? When you pushed Vladimir? I found out where he teleported to! He constantly teleported to his base!"
"Which is where?" Destiny asked.
"Marleybone," Jason breathed. "Don't you see? We need to gather the Order of the Spiral and infiltrate his base!"

Destiny came out third after Jason, then Ryan. She looked around, seeing a cathedral-looking place. So this was Marleybone.
The six walked in a single-file line out of the chamber and looked around the blackish world. No wonder the Throns created their base here.
She observed Marleybone closely. It was more of a civilized world then any other of the worlds, even Wizard City. More civilized, but infested with dogs. Dogs everywhere! And standing on their hind legs, too! She knew that this would come, but as of seeing it for the first time, it seemed downright paranormal.
Suddenly they were all taken aback by a sudden swarm of dogs, which really sent a shiver down Destiny's spine. But not Natalie. Natalie rushed up to them. "What's going on?" She asked.
A brown male dog stopped. "Why, the richest miser in Marleybone's son has just completed his Ravenwood School of Magical Arts studies einterlly! And he's so good at it, that Dragonspyre Academy is considering taking him in for advanced necromancy!" He head swiveled, and Destiny joined him, to see a huge carriage pulling up to a mansion. "Oh, I think that's him and his friends!" The dog joined the crowd, eager to take a look at this rich kid.
Destiny arrieved just in time to see that the carriage had stopped and a butler-looking person (Destiny was soooooooo releaved that is was a human, not a dog!), came up to open it. The first to come out was a teenage boy in grandmaster clothes and a black bandit cap on top of his head, shrowding his shoulder-length black hair and complementing his pale skin. His very presence put Destiny in rage.
Vladimir Thorn.
Natalie gaped. "He's a grandmaster now?"
Ryan sighed. "Had to happen sooner of later," He grimaced.
Nikki nudged Destiny. Hey, isn't he that bufoon whose butt we kicked back in Ravenscar a month or two ago? Destiny nodded.
Vladimir stopped and turned around, expecting the next person. The next one was a girl in her early teens with long black hair tightened up into a ponytail. She wore a black Marleybonian dress with red trimming and also wore a black and red bandit cap. The sight of her enraged Destiny too.
Neela Waterpetal.
The butler offered her a hand as she came down, but Neela took it as a personal offense and slapped him. "Filthy traitor," She heard Jason mutter.
The last person who came out was unfamilier to Destiny. He was a boy with short aqua hair and a bandit hat like Neela and Vladimir. He had pale skin and wore a robe with symbols of the storm school stiched, yet showing necromancy by the rest being black. Unlike the other two, who carried their swords, he held a clockwork staff with blue crystals embedded. When he joined Vladimir and Neela, she noticed he was shorter then them. Because of this, he looked to be ten or eleven, not much younger then Destiny, who was on the brink of the age of twelve.
Vladimir, Neela, and the other blue-haired boy all asended a grand marble staircase leading to the doors of the black mansion. Throns outlined the doors and windows, appearing to be used for securtiy. But Destiny knew the truth. It wasn't an alarm. It was their insignia. Destiny spotted something on the silver doors, a black coat of arms with a red 'V' in the middle. Again, thorns outlined the coat of arms and the sections, the thorns painted the same bloodred as the 'V'. Destiny was impressed with the mansion. In Wizard City they were students, a gang of bandits in Krokotopia, and now celebrities in Marleybone. What would be next?
Destiny nudged the dog. "Mr uh, dog, sir, but just who is the richest miser in Marleybone?" She asked politely, but anxious.
"Why, the great Vladimir Thorn Sr.," The dog advised. "That over there, the one in the lead is Vladimir Thorn Jr., and those are his friends Neela Woodpetal, I think?"
"Waterpetal," Jason grimaced.
"Right," The dog went back on track. "As I was saying, that is his son Vladimir Thorn Jr., Neela Waterpetal, and, according to the news, he just befriended a magus necromancer called Cody Shadowstrider."
Destiny assumed right on the bat that Cody Shadowstrider was the blue-haired guy. She needed to tell that to Nikki. That's when she noticed Nikki was gone.
Right when Destiny noticed she was gone, Nikki fluttered back. Quick! She warned. To the cottage! Now!
Destiny kneeled to Nikki. "What is it?"
Just come! Now!
She nudged Jason. "I need to get back to the cottage. I'm getting hungry, and I need to write all these interesting facts down."
Jason nodded his approval. "We'll be right here if you need us."
Destiny ran to the spiral door. She wondered what Nikki could have meant.
Destiny fumbled with the lock in the spiral door, and quickly took the portal to her cottage. She really was hoping that Nikki was just toying with her imagination and nothing at all was urgent.
When Destiny stepped through, Nikki came after her quickly and fluttered to the cottage, although the yard and gazebo and beach appeared to be just fine. Nikki flew past Destiny at an alarmingly fast pace and turned around. Hurry! She called. Taking Nikki's advice, Destiny ran as hard as she could, and entered the cottage. She could not believe her eyes.
Because Neela Waterpetal was looking around, apparently looking for something. How did Neela know? Destiny quickly hid behind her collective wraith statue, watching her every move. Destiny then organized a plan. She bent down to Nikki. "Nikki," She whispered. "Get Jason, now. Tell him and the Order of the Spiral to come over here now! Also, tell one of them to buy a jail cell."
Why a jail cell? Nikki asked, doing the same thing as Destiny, keeping her voice low.
"Just tell them to buy a jail cell and to get over here as quickly as possible! Now!" Destiny said.
What about you?
"I'll be fine! I have a plan, so don't worry. Just get the Order of the Spiral, tell them to buy a jail cell, and get back over here as fast as possible!"
Nikki nodded. She looked around, and when Neela's back was turned, she quickly fluttered over to the door and exited. Now it was up to Destiny. She readied her spells and and headed out. "HEY!" She shouted. Neela turned around and fled through the door. Destiny followed Neela and casted a vampire at her. As the vampire raked her, Neela grinned. "Well well," She grinned smugly. "I see you have improvised."
"That's right, you idiot," Destiny shot back. "You? Oh, wait, that's right, you're too lazy to improve because you and Vladimir think you're so great!"
"Watch it there, Seagem!" Neela said.
Destiny laughed. "Really? I thought you were the insulting, kniving, and betraying one, Waterpetal!" Destiny hissed as she cast a sunbird.
Neela blocked with a skeletal pirate. As she was busying herself watching the pirate fight the sunbird, she was taken aback by a phoenix. Quickly, Neela turned around to see Jason. "YOU!" He shouted as the phoenix swooped to take care of Neela, carrying her high in the sky.
"You got the cell?" Destiny asked.
"Yeah, why?"
"Give it to me!"
"Give as in useage, or give as in own?"
Jason gave her the cell and Destiny set it up, opening the doors. "Command the phoenix to come in here!" She said.
Jason whistled for the phoenix. Instantly, it swooped down, with Neela clinging for her life. The phoenix entered the cell and dumped Neela in, then quickly retreated as Destiny shut the door and locked it, trapping Neela inside. "Hey!" She shouted. "I can get you in federal trouble for this!"
"Huh, that's funny," Destiny said. "I don't recall Vladimir considering the law when he tried to kill me, once in a duel and again in Ravenscar." She walked up to Neela. "Now tell us," Destiny interrogated. "You wouldn't be here for nothing! Why are you here?"
"That's none of your business!" Neela hissed.
"Considering that you break in my home, I think it is perfectly my business," Destiny said.
"Well, too bad!" Neela said.
Destiny sighed. "We've got no use for her," She said as she turned to Jason. "She's too hard to interrogate."
"Ah," Jason said. "That may be true, but I've got another use for her in mind,"
"What is it?" Destiny asked.
Jason guestered for her to come. "I'll leave Chris here to guard Neela."

Walking out of the Marleybonian clothes shop, Destiny felt stiff. How could Neela wear this all the time?
Instead of her comfortable Initiates Uniform, Frost touched cap and onyx studded boots, Destiny was now clad in a carnival dress and bandit hat, like Neela.
"So, let me get this straight," Destiny said to Jason. "You want me to dress as Neela, go to Thorn Manor, and pretend to be Neela?" She shook her head. "Jason, Vladimir's not stupid, and you know it. He'll reconize me in an instant."
"Relax," Jason said. "Vladimir may be smart, but not as much as he is when overconfident. From what I've seen, hearing from a fake Neela that the raid had been successful AND him have completed his studies, he's going to be overconfident."
Destiny nodded. It made sense. Jason handed her a stone and a little silver stick. "Here, take this," He said.
"What does it do?" Destiny questioned. She looked at the stone.
"It allows us to communicate," Jason replied. "Here, watch," Destiny watched as Jason took the silver stick and wrote on the stone. Instantly Destiny's stone temperature increased and became very hot. She took it out and she saw scrawled on the stone, in Jason's handwriting, Hi!
Destiny smiled. She thought of something. Quickly, she scrawled, Who'll watch Nikki while I'm gone?
Jason read the message, scrawled something, then her stone vibrated. She looked at it then read, We all will. Sure, the rest of the Order of the Spiral doesn't understand her, but we can figure something out.
Destiny looked up. "Thanks," Destiny said. She then heard the sound of wheels. Jason did too.
Jason turned his head. Destiny followed him, and saw a coach coming up. "I think that's Neela's private coach," Jason said. He patted Destiny on the back. "Good luck," He said.
Destiny inhaled, and exhaled. She could do this. This would be successful. It would be hugely benaficial to the Order of the Spiral. She walked up to the coach and the door was opened for her. Destiny pulled up the skirt of the stuffy dress and walked to steps into the black coach. She sat down on a built in couch with black leather. "Thorn Manor," She requested.
The dog driver nodded. "As you wish," He said. Destiny gave a shiver. Would she ever be used to talking dogs?
The coach bumped a few times from the gravel paved into the streets. Finally after what seemed like an hour, the coach finally pulled to a stop at Thorn Manor. As expected, coming down the steps was Vladimir. Destiny hoped she could desgiuse her voice. As she stepped out of the coach, Vladimir smiled. The driver spoke before she could step out. "By the way," He said. "Your guests are coming," Destiny nodded and, hoping to sound like an evil mastermind, she replied, "Excellent,"
As the coach drove away into the city, Vladimir greeted, "How was the raid, my Waterpetal?" He asked.
Jason was right, Destiny thought. He is dumb when he's overconfident. She smiled and said, "No one discovered me, but I didn't get what we were looking for. Apparently they have either hid it or its on themselves."
Vladimir shrugged. "Oh well," He said. "No matter, we'll get it another time."
Then Destiny remembered the coachdog's message. "Our guests are arriving shortly," She said.
"Great," Vladimir said. "We've got ourself another one,"
Destiny didn't know what the another one reffered too, but she would find out in due time. She followed Vladimir to a room guarded by ten-foot-tall black doors, a foot thick. Suddenly Destiny understood why those doors were so hard to open.
The doors opened a grand throne room, with a red asile flowing to a set of thrones, the one on the middle was the biggest and had to climb a few steps. The one to its right was the second highest, and had to climb a few steps to reach that too. The throne to the middle's left was the shortest. Vladimir climbed to the middle throne, and sat, crossing his right leg on his left knee. Destiny followed him as Vladimir guestered to the throne on the right. Must be where Neela plotted. Destiny took notice that the blue-haired boy wasn't there. As Destiny sat, Vladimir asked, "Are you sure no one caught you?"
Tiny balls of sweat dripped down Destiny's forehead underneath the bandit cap. "No one," She said, hoping her voice was steady.
Vladimir looked away set his left fist balled up under his chin, pondering. "I don't know," Vladimir finally said. "One member of that group is quite resourceful."
"Who?" Destiny questioned.
"Destiny," Vladimir said, and for a minute Destiny was afraid that Vladimir had suddenly caught her. She relaxed when she heard him say, "Destiny's the one. She is very formidable. She won't give up easily, and holds her ground. She is very aggressive, clever, brave, she fights valiently for her cause, and competitive. Qualities I admire. Qualities of a true Thorn."
Vladimir's last remark scared her. Destiny laughed, trying to intimidate Neela. "She is but an initiate, a journeyman, maybe." She said, putting in that she was an initiate to support evidence she was Neela.
"Maybe of low rank," Vladimir admitted. "But I can sense she is getting stronger by the second, not just in rank, but in spirit." He turned to Destiny. "And what's odd," He continued. "Is that I feel a sort of-connection- to her."
"Connection?" Destiny questioned. Things were getting interesting.
"A connection," Vladimir confirmed. "And not just and rivalry and all that war stuff. I feel in in my mind, I feel a connection flowing through my veins. Like, its as if we were connected by blood. I highly doubt its that way, but I just have this unusual feeling nagging through me about her. Something about her, I just can't quite put my finger on it." Vladimir was cut off by the thick doors opening again, letting the blue-haired boy enter down the asile.
Vladimir smiled. "Cody," He greeted. "Cody Shadowstrider, desendant of both Valkoor Thorn and the legendary wizard Death."
Destiny breathed, trying not to show her shock. Vladimir and Neela had found the desendant of Death? Oh, no. Note to self, She thought. Make it a mission to revert this Cody Shadowstrider to our side.
Before sittting on his throne, Cody pulled out a sleek, smooth, black onyx and presented it to Vladimir. Vladimir eagerly accepted it and stood up, holding the onyx in triumph. "Behold," He announced. "The Onyx of Darkness! First the Helm of Power, now the Onyx, all we need now is the blade," He sat back down clutching the onyx, grinning evilly.
Destiny peered at Vladimir quickly as Cody sat down on his seat. She pulled back quickly. It doesn't really seem like he needs the desendants, She thought. So, if he's not after the desendants, what could he be after? He mentioned a blade.
Her thoughts were cut off by the doors opening again, and a butler emerging. "Your guests are here," He said. He pulled back to make way for two girls in green. One had hair covered by a hood with an eagle's beak poking out. She was in grizzleheim attir. She looked to be in late adeptdom. She had green eyes and her hair was covered. Next to her was a girl that had short, green hair complemented by a crown of branches. She wore green and brown Mooshu-ian robes, and her eyes were a mix of brown and green. She looked to be a magus.
"Vladimir Thorn," The magus said, and nodded her head towards him. "What a good surprise."
"What might your names be?" Vladimir inquired.
The magus hesistated, as if needing to rethink. "Lindsay," She decided. "Lindsay the theurgist. And the adept next to me is Alexis, Alexis Lifestone."
"Pleased to meet you," Vladimir said, getting up from his seat and walking up to greet them. He shook hands with Lindsay, then Alexis. "Over here are Neela Waterpetal and Cody Shadowstrider." He made a geusture, and Cody walked over. Destiny did the same. Cody shook hands and Destiny followed.
"We'll have dinner in a half hour," Vladimir said. "For now, I welcome you to your guestrooms."
Lindsay nodded, and she and Alexis departed. Alexis whispered something to Lindsay, and Destiny leaned over to hear.
"I don't have a good feeling, Lindsay," Alexis said in a high-pitched voice. "This Vladimir guy just seems... evil."
"I think its just because he's a necromancer," Lindsay said.
"I hope you're right," Alexis said.
Destiny needed to tell them. She could sense a strong aura on Alexis, and a stronger one on Lindsay. Then she gasped in realization:
What business would Vladimir have with theurgists unless...
Unless one of them was the desendant of Life!
She had to warn them!
Quickly she rushed to Lindsay's chamber, and entered. Lindsay looked over at her, surprised. "Neela," She said. "What now?"
Destiny rushed over to Lindsay. "You and Alexis, you both need to get out of here!" She said urgently.
Lindsay nodded. "I realize that, Destiny."
Destiny gasped, searching for words. Then she realized who they were. "Alexis is the desendant," She breathed. "Your desendant."
Lindsay nodded. "Even more clever then Fire told me."
Destiny blushed.
Life looked around. "Quick, I can just teleport away, but you're going to have to escape the manor with Alexis."
"Wait," Destiny said. "Do you know what the Onyx of Darkness might be, by any chance?"
Life nodded again. "The Onyx of Darkness is a deadly stone. I'm familier with it because Death created it. He poured a lot of magic in it."
"But what does it do?" Destiny inquired.
"It can bring someone back from the dead," Life said.
That settles things a little bit, Destiny thought. "But what about the Helm of Power?"
Life paled. "Why must you know about that?" She asked.
"I just need to," Destiny said.
"Vladimir has it, huh?" Life guessed.
Destiny nodded.
Life sighed. "The Helm of Power is Valkoor Thorn's helmet," She said. "Like the Onyx of Darkness, he poured his soul, his strength, and his cunning into that headpiece. Anyone who wears it will therefore destroy themselves."
"Also, Vladimir mentioned something about a blade," She said. "Any idea of that?"
Life shook her head. "I don't, but I have a feeling I'll find out very soon." She looked around. "Before Vladimir suspects anything, I need to go. I hope you and Alexis will make it out safely." Then a green light her height came up, like it had done with Fire and Storm and Ice. She waved goodbye as the light engulfed her, then she disappeared.
Right when she left to her time, Destiny's stone vibrated. She pulled it out, and read the message, Hurry! You need to get out of there QUICK!
Destiny scrawled, Why?
Neela escaped! Jason wrote. She distracted Chris, grabbed the key, and escaped! She's already in Marleybone! Hurry!
I have news, too, Destiny wrote. The desendant of Life is here. Her name is Alexis Lifestone.
Great! Jason said. Now grab the desendant of Life and get your butts out of there!
Clear, The luitenant wrote. Destiny put the stone back in her pocket and ran to Alexis.
Destiny barged in Alexis's room and slammed the door. Destiny grabbed Alexis. "What are you doing?" Alexis asked, in a panic.
Destiny let go and turned to her. "My name is not Neela Waterpetal," She said. "I'm Destiny Seagem, Luitenant of the Order of the Spiral. You're right, Vladimir is a bad person. I came here to orignally spy on him, and now I need to get out of here, and you need to come with me," Destiny said.
"But like I said, N-Destiny," Alexis said. "What is going on?"
"I'll explain everything later," Destiny soothed. "But right now, we need to get you out of here."
"What about Lindsay?" Alexis asked. "She's my best friend!"
"Lindsay's already out," Destiny said. "Come on, we need to go! We're burning daylight!"
Alexis nodded and followed Destiny out the door. "Now, just act natural," Destiny instructed. "I don't think they know that I'm a spy yet." Then, all of a sudden, a skeletal pirate came out and charged at the duo. "WHOA!" Alexis screamed. "WHAT WAS THAT?"
"More likely," Destiny said as she knocked down the pirate with her feet. The skeleton struggled. "WHO was that?"
Destiny and Alexis looked around, but couldn't find anyone. Then Alexis nudged Destiny. "I think I saw some aqua over there," She said, pointing north.
Cody! Destiny realized. He overheard everything! "Cody!" She yelled. "I know you're here! Please, join us, in our cause. Do you want terror on the spiral?" She asked.
But no reply came. Then, all of a sudden, dog guards came. "Imposter!" One of them yelled as he charged.
Destiny threw a sunbird at them while Alexis cast a seraph. Stunned by the spells, the guards forfitted time for Destiny and Alexis to run. They ran in ends and corners, veraciously searching for the exit. "This is scary!" Alexis said.
Destiny sighed. "Trust me, it'll get scarier," She said as they turned a corner.
The corner they turned into had Vladimir waiting. "Cody has reported to me," He said. "Thank's for revealing that you're a spy and Alexis is the desendant of Life,"
"Desendant of WHAT?" Alexis screamed. Vladimir took the advantage and casted a scarecrow, draining a lot of strength from Alexis and Destiny. Alexis's hood fell off to reveal green hair in a ponytail. "Teleport away," Destiny said to Alexis.
Vladimir overheard and shook his head. "Sorry, teleportation off limits," He said. "Got to get out manually,"
Destiny nudged Alexis and they broke off into a run, away from Vladimir and right back into a face familier to Destiny: Neela.
"What did I miss?" Neela asked, pretending to be confused. She turned to Destiny. "How DARE you!" She screamed. She casted the death symbol, but just before the spell came to life, Destiny and Alexis ran around her and ran away, barely in time to miss a wraith. Confused, it headed for Vladimir, and Neela struggled to prevent it and get the message across that Destiny was its target, not Vladimir.
Destiny and Alexis finally saw the exit. "YES!" Destiny said as she and Alexis ran out of the manor. They ran some more out of the boundrys, and, when they were positive it was safe, clutching Alexis's hand, Destiny had Jason in mind and teleported to him, with the sound of guards chasing after them.
Destiny and Alexis appeared at her house, with Jason, Ryan, and the rest of the Order of the Spiral there. "Whew," Natalie breathed. "We thought that you would be captured!"
"More like you thought Destiny was going to be taken," Esmee corrected.
Destiny sighed. "Actually, it was a close call," She said. "If Alexis or I hadn't ran from them at the last second, we probably would have been defeated."
"I take it that Alexis is the theurgist?" Ryan piped.
"I see," Chris said. "The desendant of Life,"
Destiny nodded.
"Seriously, why is everyone here acting so strange?" Alexis said. Then, she clutched her head. "OW!" She screamed as she fell to the grass, clearly passing out.
Destiny ran up to her. "What happened?" She asked.
"We all know," Jason said. "Its what happens to us all. The Ordeal." Natalie gave a shiver.
"The Ordeal?" Destiny asked.
"It's what happens to desendants," Jason said. "Its how we find out that we're desendants. It strengthens us all, it sharpens our wits, everything. It's also the worst, most freaky rollar coaster you'll ever ride. It takes what you fear most and throws it at you, making it your worst nightmare. Ever. Some desendants even die facing it. Deaths are rare, but its happened."
Destiny gave a shiver. Alexis screamed, but her eyes didn't open. She could only imagine what Alexis was going through. Everything she feared. She hoped Alexis didn't lose the fight. "Is there anything we can do?" Destiny asked, eagerly hoping to help Alexis.
Esmee shook her head. "You have to face it alone," She said. "I remember my Ordeal as clear as day. It was the scariest thing that happened to me. Take what happened in Ravenscar, then times that by around a billion. That's what the Ordeal is like."
Destiny sighed. "How long will it take?" She asked.
Ryan shrugged. "It depends. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes a day, one time it took a full week," He said. Destiny could tell he was remembering his Ordeal, and he shivered. Then he manned up. "All we can do is hope that Alexis will have the strength to pass."

Destiny changed from her Marleybone attir back into her Frost-touched cap, her initiates uniform, and her onyx studded boots. It was like wearing silk to the Marleybone garb.
Nightime arose, and Alexis was still going through her Ordeal when they all needed sleep. Destiny tried to keep her eyes open, hoping that her presence would give Alexis some comfort, but she found out that she couldn't keep her eyes open.
That night, Destiny dreamed.
She was alone in Mooshu. Everything was blurry, the setting, the goats and pig warriors walking around. Destiny looked around, trying to get a clear image of something or someone.
She did.
The only person who wasn't blurry was a girl with long brown hair, pale skin, and blue eyes in black and red Mooshu robes. Destiny could tell she was a necromancer, but from the way she acted, friendly. Then she found one more person who wasn't blurry.
The other person was a cross between a teenager, a 50-year-old man, and a grim reaper. He was as tall as a teenager, and had salt-and-pepper hair standing on end. She couldn't tell what color his eyes were. He had a black shirt and pants on, with a black hooded cloak, and black boots. All he needed was the ax.
The hooded person nudged towards the girl, and said something, but Destiny couldn't hear. She looked at him and cupped her hands over her left ear. The hooded man nodded and repeated. Destiny still couldn't hear, but she could read his mouth, and could make out one word:
Destiny awoke, to find Alexis coming back from her Ordeal. "You now don't have to explain anything, I now know."
Destiny nodded. "What was it like?" She asked. "You know, the Ordeal?"
Alexis breathed a few times before saying, "It was scary, you can say that."
"What did you have to go through?" Destiny asked.
"One of the rules of the Ordeal is that if you survive, all you can say is how freaky it was. The rest, like what you experience, is forbidden to be told."
Destiny noticed that sunlight was creeping its way out of the window and into the house. Alexis's eyes flew over there. "Is it still daytime?" She asked. Destiny shook her head. "Here, lets get you up," Destiny stood and offered Alexis a hand. Gladly, Alexis took it, and struggled to stand at first, but then her balance increased and increased until she could stand just fine. Destiny let go of her hand. "Here, I need to talk to Jason." She turned to go away, but stopped and turned back to Alexis and said, "By the way, welcome to the Order of the Spiral." Destiny offered to shake Alexis's hand. She took it, then Destiny said, "Come, we need to gather all the members of the Order of the Spiral. It's urgent." Alexis nodded and set off.
Destiny came back outside with Ryan, Esmee and Jason. Alexis came with Chris and Natalie. Destiny cleared her throat and said, "When I spied on Vladimir, I found out a lot. One of them was that Cody, the blue-haired boy we saw when we first arrived in Marleybone, was not only a desendant of Valkoor, but a desendant of Death himself."
"Oh, no!" Jason moaned. "If we hope to succeed, we need Cody!"
"Don't worry," Destiny soothed. "Remember when I had that propectic dream of Esmee being the desendant of Ice? Well, I just had another, only this time-"
"Wait," Jason said. "You get prophectic dreams? I'm the desendant of Fire, Fire was a seer, I should be getting dreams. So why are you instead of me?"
Destiny shrugged. "I don't know." She admitted. "So far, I haven't gotten a dream on why I get dreams instead of you," For Natalie, this cracked a joke.
"Anyways," Destiny proceeded. "Like the dream I had of Esmee, I had a dream of someone, who could be, another desendant of Death. She lies in Mooshu."

And YES, its Cody Shadowstrider of the Duo of Death Cody! WHAT?! HE'S the one who wanted to be the bad guy! Don't judge me! And yes, Jessica from the CURRENT Duo of Death! Now yes, I WAS the one to decide to put her in THAT time!
And, for more great stories, check out Alia for her Most Powerful Spells of All, Sierra Winterbreeze's Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze, Jessica's story, Blaze's The Dark Crusader, and look on creative writing for The Tale of Savannah Swiftsong. She deserves to be on profilic writers. Heather doesn't. (WHAT? It just isn't good!) So, yeah, highly recommend those. (Which, by the way, all those stories makes my story look like a blues clues ABC board book! (No offense to the blues clues fans out there))

For FIFTH thing, a joke Cody made up using the Super Smash Bros Brawl Sound thing:

The Snake Food Rap

"Mwa mwa mwa"
"Good good good"
"Tasty tasty tasty"
"Mwa Mwa Mwa"
"Good good good"
"Tasty tasty tasty"

And the moral of that is Snake (From the Metal Gear Solid games) following a trail of food to his DOOM!


All I got.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Whats's so SMARTNESS
         ME OF COURSE
  I know what your thinking (I.E. SHE'S OUT OF HER MIND!)
           But I'm not i'm just not well In my mind. :)

                    CAUSE I LIKE GOT AN IDEA!!!!!
                                      WHITCH IS........ DUN DUN DUN
                                                 MIGHT RUN FOR DEATH STUDENT PRESSIE,
                        BUT DESTINY WILL GET ANNOYED,
                                          WAIT MY CAP'S BUTTON BROKED NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
                                                         HMM IF I PRESS SHIFT  it goes small again YAYAYAY
                                                                               (SHIFT)  I'm as smart as smarties
             MMMM SMARTIES

YUM YUM what's you fav coulor smartie!?


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A few TOTALLY blog worthy things!

You know how I mentioned in one of my recent posts that I got one comment on the story? Well, little did I know, I got TWO! Here's one:

From Alia Lotuspetal:

That was AWESOME!

I can't wait for Part 6.

~The LotusPetal

And this is from a dude I have never heard of:

Hi, I'm a 40 year old Male, and for the last 2 years I have been loosing alot of my hair on my front, and its really embaressing, I have tried so many oils and shampoos, please advice me and tell me a way to prevent this severe hair loss. Hope you'll be able to advice me

Um, dude, sorry, but this is a blog about two girls playing an MMO. You think we know much about hair loss?

No offense.

Anyways, did you see the memoir I made for Cody? In case you, for some reason can't see it, I'll post it.

Also, I want to post a sneak peak of part 5, Bones of the Enemy (And Part 6 is making VERY good progress) :

The Necromancer's Matter, Part 5; Bones of the Enemy
Destiny, now halfway through her journeyman lessons, lay down on the beach of her sunny cottage as she recalled the events that had taken action about a month ago.
She was the luitenant of the Order of the Spiral, along with Jason Stormflame, Ryan Stormcaster, Natalie Goldenflame, Chris Soulhunter and her own cousin, Esmee Lionblood. Formerlly of the group was Neela Waterpetal.
Destiny winced when she thought of Neela. Don't even THINK about her!
Then a voice came up. You're thinking about Neela, huh?
Destiny turned her head to the right to see Nikki, an exiled sprite that now lived with her. She nodded.
Neela had acted as a friend to everyone, then turned and backstabbed them. Then she recalled something Neela had said, about Death Bandits, a group of necromancers that committed crime in Krokotopia. Neela had then sent out a Krokotpian patrolman and framed Destiny for being one. That's when she realized that she forgotten that she hade a little tiny jug of gold that she had stolen from the patrol krok when it had been knocked out from a huge sandstorm, later soothed by Balance himself.
Destiny pulled out the jug of gold. It was tiny, a sphere of little shredded gold pieces, only about five centimeters wide and tall. There was a black cap at the top in the shape of a cylander. Destiny turned it around a few times, carefully observing it. She then saw a fingerprint on the jar. She recongnized it immediately.
The gold belonged to Neela.
If it was Neela's, it would most likely be important to them. The gold might be able to be used as a bargaining tool. Destiny then stuffed the gold back in her pouch and resumed to what she had been thinking about before. The Death Bandits. She was certain one of them was Vladimir Thorn, a kniving master necromancer. And, now that Neela had reveled to be a traitor, Destiny was convinced that she was the girl Death Bandit. But Neela had mentioned THREE Death Bandits.
There was someone else.
Vladimir Neela, and who else? Neela mentioned it being a male.
But she had to warn the Order of the Spiral! Ryan was in his adept studies, but Jason's wouldn't start for another few minutes. Destiny got Nikki, and teleported to Jason.
"Jason! Jason!" Destiny shouted as she spotted the pyromancer in his red master robes. Jason turned around. "What is it?" He asked.
Destiny leaned forward to Jason, cautious of the people surrounding. "There's another thorn," She whispered. "It's not just Vladimir and Neela. There's another person with them, we just haven't encountered him."
Jason eyed Destiny, a suspsious look on his face. "How do you know this?" He asked.
"Well, do you remember how I was blamed for being a Death Bandit?" Jason nodded. "Well, Neela mentioned two boys and a girl. Vladimir, Neela, and someone else."
Suddenly, Jason had a bright look on his face. "Oh yeah! That reminds me, remember the day we first met? When you pushed Vladimir? I found out where he teleported to! He constantly teleported to his base!"
"Which is where?" Destiny asked.
"Marleybone," Jason breathed. "Don't you see? We need to gather the Order of the Spiral and infiltrate his base!"

Cliffhanger! DON DON DON!
Also, you know that second series? Well, as a bonus, I'll post THAT, too!

The Drakes: Part 1, A Matter of Life and Death


My name: Caleb.
My last name: Drake.
Or, at least I think it is.
My Sister: Amy
My Mom and Dad:
I have no idea.
Well, I guess I do have an idea. My twin sister Amy and I have been placed an the chicago orphanage since we were little. Very little. Our mom died when we were little, the caretakers say. As for our father, they have no idea whether he is dead or alive. He abandoned us when we were little then suddenly fell off of the face of the planet, it seems like that.
Our dad didn't just TAKE us here, though. The caretakers claim that they were just tending to the toddlers when all of a sudden, while their backs were turned, two more infants just, appeared. Those two infants were Amy and I.
I think I remember a thing or two about my dad. He had black hair, maybe a goatee. I don't know anything about my mom though. We don't know their names. There was just a note saying who we were, what the situation was, and our names, our ages.
Amy has always been mourning her mom and dad. She's been that way. When we get the newspaper, when she gets to the obituary section, she just bursts in tears. I don't know why. We never even knew those people. So why should we mourn them? I guess I'm the twin who just is a little more serious. I read the obituarys, too. They're entertaining, and some are indeed tragic, but I never really care. Maybe Amy is just a crybaby. Don't tell her I said that! Or, she'll, as told, burst into tears. Man, she's so emotional!
As for me, I guess I'm better at taking things, better at hiding my emotions. Maybe its because I'm a more solitary person. I'm the more knowledgeable type. I read a lot. Its a very good way to escape from the troubles of life. It inspires me to write, too. Stuff like this.
And as for this, it really happened, you know. But I want you to think its fiction.
Well, as for the story, I guess I'd better get on with it.

I could start from anything in my life, but I prefer to start on Amy and I's twelfth birthday.
I was downright asleep in my bed, just snoring like a train, as Amy claims. She was the one who woke me up with that big nasty horn of hers! I'm the more ruthless one, but she can be really nasty when she needs to. As I was saying:
Amy blew the horn, not only waking me, but about every other kid in the room, with a big smile on her face. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CALEB! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!" She sang in her high-pitched voice.
I groaned. "If its my birthday, my birthday wish is to get more sleep!" I said, closing my eyes and pulling the blanket over my face.
But no, Amy yanked the blanket off and blew the horn again, which was really starting to get on my nerves. That horn was forcing me to look at her light skin, red hair and blue eyes. "Wake up, sleepyhead!" She said. She took my hand and yanked me off the bed. "Come on, I have a surprise!" She didn't even give me a chance to change.
Like I said, she can be nasty.
Still gripping my hand, she yanked me down the staircase and out the door, with a caretaker shouting after us. Amy ignored her and continued to drag me, even when in the city. She continued to do so until we reached an IHOP restraunt, where apparently, our friend who was also an orphan, Jonathan, was patiently sitting at a table, with his tan skin and blonde hair and green eyes. Man, he was a sight.
Amy let go of her firm grip and we sat down. I waved to Jonathan, then hissed to Amy, "How are we going to even pay for this?"
Amy shrugged. "Relax, Jonathan, me and you are all paying for it."
"What do you mean, I am too?"
Amy began to look nervous.
"What did you do?" I yelled, grabbing her shoulders. As always, she began to look frightened. Seriously, girls are so emotional!
"Relax, Caleb," Jonathan soothed. "We kinda smashed your piggy bank and took about ten bucks."
So that explained the black remains I found scattered on the floor a few days ago.
I found Jonathan's voice speaking to me again. "Just relax and order," That's when I found the menus on the table. My hands left Amy's shoulders and to the menu to search for pancakes. I was pretty hungry.
"Oooh," Amy said. "There's this huge chocolate one! I'm getting that!"
Ladies and gentleman, Amy, the chocolate lover. Very carnivorous when chocolate is on the line. And when I say carnivorous, I mean carnivorous.
"I prefer the blueberry ones. I think there's hot chocolate, too. I heard the hot chocolate is good."
"Chocolate?" Amy said, looking from the menu to me. I sighed.
"I think I'll just get some eggs," Jonathan said.
Pretty soon a waiter came to us and we ordered. We waited in silence, because I could tell from the look on her face that Amy was plotting. I had to figure it out before she went nuts.
The waiter came back with the hot chocolate. Amy had something to say, but before she could, he left. We drank in silence again, savoring the taste and thinking of all the poor saps in the orphanage who had to eat oatmeal. Oatmeal was good for the first few days, but then you just get sick of it. You know what I mean?
Ten minutes later the waiter came back with our orders. This time, Amy spoke up. "Wait," She said, then pointed to me. "It's his birthday today!"
I groaned. She was killing me! But if I was going down, I was taking her with me! "Not to mention its hers, too," I said, hoping for payback.
But it backfired. Competely backfired. Instead of nervousness, her face only got brighter. "What he said!" Amy replied joyfully.
"Well, congrats to the both of you," The waiter said as he passed out the pancakes and eggs. I pushed up my black circle glasses to the top of my nose, complementing my blue eyes and dark hair, unlike Amy.
We continued to eat in silence once again. Finally I had the nerve to say, "Did you guys get any presents?"
Jonathan chuckled. "This is what we could afford," He replied. Jonathan looked thoughtful for a moment, then added, "I also have someone I want you to meet. He won't be here for much longer, so hurry up. I think you'll like him. He has a present."
I gasped. Could it be...
"Done!" Amy announced. Jonathan was done as well. I hurried up and finished, and before long we had payed and Jonathan was leading us out the door to meet this mystery dude. I had my hopes up for one person in particular. I knew he most likely wouldn't be there, but wouldn't it be so cool?
Finally Jonathan halted to a little grove of trees. He looked around, then waved to someone I couldn't see. "You can come out now!" He called. "They're here!"
No one came in response. Instead, a snow white owl perked up, seemed to study Jonathan, Amy and I, then fluttered down and perched on Jonathan's shoulder. "Is that your pet owl?" Amy asked.
I was shaking my head. Something had to be wrong. "Owls are nocturnal creatures," I said out loud. "It means they come out at night and sleep in the day. So why isn't this one?" I gestured to the owl.
Jonathan ignored me. "Guys," He said. "I'd like you to meet Gamma."
"And... where's this Gamma?" Amy asked. She didn't understand, like me.
"I am,"
Either I was hallucinating, or the owl had spoken. "Did... did you, just... speak?" Amy asked, stunned as I was.
The owl nodded. This was getting really weird.
But what we didn't know was that things were about to get even weirder.
Suddenly I heard the sound of what seemed wings flapping, getting closer and closer by the second. At the same time I noticed a red speck in the sky. What was that?
Apparently Jonathan noticed it too. He squinted his eyes and then a panicked expression arose on his face: I had never seen him this panicked before. "GET DOWN!" He yelled as the red speck got closer and closer to reveal a...
"What's going on?" I yelled, the flapping was very near, it was beginning to frighten me, too.
"Its... its..." Jonathan stammered.
Gamma yelled something but it was blocked by the dragon suddenly swooping down and knocking Jonathan to the ground. "Jonathan!" Amy screamed. Her scream gave away her presence, and the dragon (Okay, did I just see a green tux?!?!) snarled and came to her. The dragon-human-thing snarled again and slashed through Amy's leg with a talon. She hollored in pain.
"Amy!" I cried. I needed to defeat this thing, I searched for a weapon, the best I could come up with was a thick stick to bash with. "Don't you dare hurt her!" I yelled as I charged the dragon. Then, a miraculous thing happened.
Just as the dragon was about to slash through Amy again, its eyes changed from anger to love and loss. Was Amy's aura of fear working, or what? But I didn't care. I continued to charge, and the dragon turned around, prepared for battle. Then, as it had done with Amy, it lowered its eyes and whimpered like a puppy. Its eyes went back and forth from Amy to me, as if we were two very special beings.
The dragon turned its head to Jonathan and growled before it soared into the air once more. It turned its head back towards Amy and I, then continued to soar as if nothing had happened.
Jonathan rushed to Amy, who was trying to take the pain bravely, but didn't manage to succeed. This Gamma/Owl thing flew over towards her. Jonathan picked her up then handed her too me. Amy now seemed to be unconsious.
"That," Jonathan said. "Was a thing called a draconian. Nasty creatures."
"Kinda sounds like our last name," I pointed out.
"What would that be?" The owl said with interest.
"Um, Drake, sir."
The owl looked stunned, and shook his head gravely. "Oh no," He muttered.
Jonathan turned to me. "The draconian slashed through her leg," He said. "So therefore poison is flowing in her veins. If she isn't treated, she'll die. I happen to know good medics, though. Here's what you need to do: First find West Chicago Middle School. Find the girls's gym locker room. Find locker 259, and in the lock punch in these numbers, 45-36-10. Rush into the locker and once you come across another door, insert this key in the lock and we'll take it from there." He handed me a gold key. "Now go! There isn't much time!"
I nodded and ran as fast as I could to the middle school. It wasn't easy though, carrying ninty pounds. But my sister's life was at stake and I ran as fast as I could, faster then I had in my life. Because of this, in a few minutes I was able to reach the school.
It took me a while to find the gymnasiums. I was desperate, checking every corner. Jonathan had said that if I found the gym and entered a locker, I would be able to cure Amy. And I had known Jonathan for all my life, practically, so just imagine the amount of trust I was laying on him.
I pulled at the locker room door. Locked! Good thing, because this wasn't a problem. Jonathan had taught me to pick locks long ago. I found a hair clip in Amy's hair and I used that to pick the lock and barge in. I quickly switched on the lights and raced for locker 259. Then I found this huge locker that, sure enough, said 259 on a brass plate on the top. I grabbed the lock, which seemed to be very old and rusty, and I wondered if anyone had used this locker in a while. But that didn't matter. I quickly entered the code and the locker swung open. I entered, and saw a gray room before me. I also saw a brass door in what seemed to be the center of the room. I sure hoped this was the door Jonathan had talked about. I ran over and inserted the key in, twisted it, and the door swung open. I entered.
After that I entered a room with such magnificent beauty. It was shaped like a dome, with brown earthy walls and vines covering the rest. I then found another door and rushed over to it. I then saw what surprisingly seemed like civilization, and unlike civilization, also. There was people between the ages of ten and eighteen swarming all around these streets. They wore different clothes from what I've seen, and what would be considered outlandish. Their hair also seemed exotic, some were purple, some were blue and pink, and some regular colors like black and red, like Amy and I. How on earth though, could I find Jonathan.
I didn't find Jonathan. But I did find that strange owl. This time, he was wearing glasses like me, a graduate's hat, and some robes with a huge tree on it. This was just getting weirder by the moment. "Follow me," Gamma said. He fluttered above the heads of these kids and into this arch that lead to another section of the city. He then approached this tower/house and went inside. I followed him, having no other choice.
Gamma arrived to another person in the room. He was tall, had a flowing white beard, one eye blue and another one covered by this sphere-thing. The old man was wearing merlin robes.
"Gamma, there you are!" The man said. "Where have you been?"
"Sir," The owl said. "We've found two more, and one of them is in critical condition." The old man then noticed Amy and I. "What happened to the girl?" He asked.
"Her leg was slashed by a draconian," Gamma reported. "She's unconsious, and the venom is flowing through her. We need a medic now!"
"Oh my," The man said. "This is grave indeed. Quickly, fetch some sprites and theurgists, I bet the could handle this."
Gamma saluted and rushed out.
The old man turned to me. "Forgive me," He said. "Your sister is in a dangerous state, so I forgot to introduce myself. I am headmaster Merle Ambrose."
How could he be so calm in a time like this? But instead I said, "Headmaster of what?"
Merle was about to say before Gamma marched in with an army of fairies and kids dressed in green. They rushed over to Amy and carried her away. When they left, I turned to Merle. "How do I know that they won't mess things up?" I asked.
"Relax," Merle said. "These are trained professionals. Life is their school of magic."
"That's right," Merle said with a grin. "Welcome to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, where students learn how to become professional wizards."
"And what does this have to do with Amy and I?" I asked.
"You have potentual for learning to use this magic," He said. "You wil be trained to use one of the seven schools of magic. Now tell me, what is your name?"
"I'm Caleb, and my sister those fairies and kids just carried out is my twin, Amy."
"Nice to meet you, Caleb," Merle said, offering a hand. I took it. That's when someone went in the room, someone I was heavly releaved to see.
"Jonathan!" I said, rushing to him. "How's Amy? Is she doing all right?"
Jonathan nodded. "Don't worry. Just give her an hour or two and she'll be just fine. But if you had arrived even a minute later, I would be saying otherwise."
Then I noticed he was wearing those weird robes, most of it yellow and some blue. "Are you, are you one of these... these... wizards?"
Jonathan nodded. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I was assigned to watch over you. Because, well, as Headmaster should have said, you had potintual."
"Here," The Headmaster inturupted. "I need to tell you about the seven schools of magic. One of these seven schools you will be placed in. You cannot choose. It is determined by your personality."
The Headmaster walked over to his bookshelf and flipped to a page. "The first school of magic in the cycle: Storm. These wizards learn how to use lightning-related spells. They are refered to as diviners and can often be seen in purple and yellow robes. The second school in the cycle: Ice. Thautamerges learn how to use spells with water and ice related subjects. You'll normally see Ice students in blue and white robes. The third school: Fire. These students learn how to use the element of fire in their spells. Pyromancers are often seen in red and yellow.
"The fourth school in the cycle," Merle said, and I could tell he was getting nervous. "Death. The students of the death school learn how to summon the undead and use their spells to an advantage to heal. Necromancers are seen in black and red. The fifth school in the cycle: Myth. Myth wizards learn to summon magical and mythical creatures. Conjurors are seen in yellow and blue."
I turned to Jonathan. He nodded. "I'm a conjuror," He replied. "In fact, my dad is the teacher."
Merle proceeded. "The sixth school: Life. Life wizards are like those who just went to heal your sister. Theurgists learn to use the forces of nature, some of their spells to attack, and the other half to heal themselves, thereby making themselves difficult to defeat. And the last school: Balance. Balance wizards learn to use the subject of sand to their advantage. Sorcerers are seen in tan robes." He shut the book. "Now you must consult the book of secrets, and find out which school you are placed in. Later, your sister will do this, too. You don't have to say anything. Just think of the stuff you like to do, the memories you have, and let your mind flow to the book." He gestured to a pedistool with a book nesting on it.
I knelt in front of the book and rummaged through the memories of my life. I remembered getting my glasses, the way I stood to the draconian, how I preferred to be solitary, how I didn't care about the obituaries, but it was mostly about my dad, what I remembered from him, his longs black hair, his possible goatee, when I heard, "Stop,"
I opened my eyes. Merle looked at me in a concerned state. "Your school is determined," He said. "You have been placed in death."
I guess that explains why I was solitary.
Gamma burst in again. "Sir, sir!" He said. "I forgot about something urgent! His... their... last name!"
Merle looked at me. "What might that be?" He asked.
"Drake," I replied.
Merle closed his eyes, then opened them in shock. "Oh my," He said. "This is troubling indeed!"
"What's troubling?" I asked.
"Caleb," Jonathan said. "This has to do with your father."
I was shocked, and eager at the same time. "My dad?" I asked. "Is he alive?"
Merle nodded. "He is indeed alive and well."
I was smiling for the first time in the day. "Where is he?" I inquired. "Who is he? What's his name? Did he have anything to do with these... wizards? Can I see him?"
Merle nodded, then shook his head. "He has a great deal to do with the wizarding world," He said. "Unfortunately, you cannot see him, and it is forbidden for me to tell you his name, and I have no idea where he is."
Tears struck my eyes. "So... I'm just going to be abandoned? AGAIN? Even when I'm in this paradise, I'm still parentless?"
"It's not like that," Merle began.
"It's EXACTLY like that!" I screamed. "How can you? HOW? I just found out my parent is ALIVE and I can't SEE him? Not even know his NAME?" I ran out of the office and ran into a corner, bursting into tears.
A few minutes later Jonathan found me. "Hey, its okay," He tried to sooth. "Look on the bright side, you'll start you're studies soon, Amy is almost done recovering, and you and Amy can live with me and my parents. I'm an only child, so it'll be pleasant to have you two over."
I wiped my tears with my sleeve. I took off my glasses and as I wiped them I looked Jonathan in the eye and said, "Thank you so much."
"Here," Jonathan gave me a hand. "I want to show you someplace where wizards go in their free time,"
He led me through what he called 'The Commons' and led me into another part of the town. He lead me through gigantic doors with a sign above it: Arena.
"This," Jonathan said as he showed me around. "Is where wizards go, once they are expierenced, they try their hand out a dueling. The best of the best win and recive arena tickets to recieve fabulous prizes." Jonathan and I heard cheering and a rumble, then an announcer's voice called, "Ladies and gentleman, welcome to a duel!" There were many cheers from specktators. Jonathan nudged towards the enterance. "Come on, I think they're starting one." He led me towards the arena, where a crowd took up all the benches, so Jonathan and I had to stand to watch.
"One of our contestants, a grandmaster diviner, she is considered one of the champions of dueling, please welcome, Allison Unicorntail!"
A loud cheer arose as a tall tan girl with long brown hair and green eyes stood forward in purple and green robes. She took a staff out as she prepared to fight.
"And now, we have our challenger, she's the all time champion for over two years, a grandmaster in the school of fire, she has never lost a single duel, she's beautiful, she's dangerous, please welcome, the champion, Scarlett Rubypyre!"
And the crowd went NUTS as a short girl with short red hair and innocent blue eyes appeared on the battlefield, wearing a pink dress. She had no staff as the other girl-Allison- did.
"And now," The announcer said as Allison gripped her staff and Scarlett prepared for battle. "Let the duel BEGIN!"
Immediately Scarlett made a purple shield with a cloud and lightning appear, her gripping it, at the same time Allison casted a spell with a huge dinosaur crushing a city. Quickly Scarlett turned the shield horizantally and flung the shield, which slit the dinosaur's neck. In the same second, the student of fire casted a spell that summoned a dragon, which breathed fire at Allison. In that same split second, she summoned another beast I recongnized; a minotaur. The minotaur swung its ax furiously at Allison, who attempted feebly to use the same defensive tecnique Scarlett had used, to summon a shield and throw it. Instincivly, Allison threw the shield, but it missed by around ten feet, almost ramming into the crowd. As Scarlett's eyes followed it for a second, Allison summoned another creature, one that looked a heck of a lot like Zeus from the Hercules movie back on earth. Scarlett gritted her teeth and awakened a phoenix, which headed to Allison and knocked her down to the ground. The minotaur and god faded as the announcer announced, "We have our winner, Scarlett Rubypyre!" The crowd broke in a cheer as Allison got up and offered Scarlett a hand. Instead Scarlett nodded curtly and walked out.
I nudged Jonathan. "Maybe I could duel her?" I asked. Jonathan laughed. "Really?" He asked. "Dude, that girl could squash you like a bug! She's at the top of Ravenwood while you haven't learned your first spell!"
"Thanks for the encouragement," I muttered.
"I didn't mean it like that-"
"It's okay, really. But I would like to sometime."

Amy rised out of her unconsious state and awoke, with Merle sending for her to see what school she was placed in. Jonathan then took us to his house, and our training would begin the following day.
"What is your school?" I asked Amy.
"I'm a theurgist!" She said exietedly.
"So you're in..." I asked.
"She's in Life," Jonathan said.
I was stunned. She was my sister and she was in the opposite school as me? Now I wasn't sure what to say to her as she persisted, "What's yours?"
I hesitated. Should I answer?
But I didn't have to. Jonathan did for me. "Death," He replied.
Amy stared at me. Then she said, "Cool," She had taken it better then I had.
Jonathan's house was what he called a royal playhouse. It had a decent amount of rooms; enough space for me and Amy to finally have our own rooms since never.
Jonathan took us to a tall, bald man. "Caleb, Amy, meet my dad and teacher, Cyrus Drake. Dad, meet Caleb and Amy."
Cyrus stared at us, then shrugged. But I noticed how he said the last name was 'Drake'.
Apparently Amy noticed it too. "Drake?" She asked. "Your last name is Drake too?"
Jonathan Drake nodded. "Cool!" Amy cheered. "We have the same last names!"
"Not just that," Jonathan said. "We're cousins."
"Wait," I said. "So, your dad is our dad's BROTHER?"
Jonathan nodded.
I looked around, then led Amy and Jonathan to my room. They settled in as I confronted, "All right, Jonathan. The truth. Who is our dad?"
Jonathan sighed. "Fine. Let me begin."
Jonathan told us everything. When he finished, Amy and I were just shocked about our father.
I'd like to write about it, but its something Amy wants to share.


Hi! I'm Amy! Amy Drake. That's my last name, and Caleb and I never thought it would someday be so important. But still, wanna know something sad? We're orphans. Th only family I had was my twin Caleb and a friend of ours called Jonathan. Our parents? Well, before this incident, we knew little of our parents. Our mom died, and our dad abandoned us. Honestly, I don't remember my dad at all. But I can vaguely picture my mom. She had short red hair, green eyes, I think. And lucky me, I inhereted her traits! But not Caleb. He has black hair and brown eyes so brown they're almost black. I'd assumed he got that from our dad.
But, as people say, on with it! I'll begin where Caleb began (He's writing a narritive about this, so he's making me write one, too!), with our twelfth birthday.
I crept out of bed to where Caleb was sleeping, with a horn in my hands no need to get Jonathan, he was already up. I pushed the button and woke up Caleb. "It's our birthday!" I yelled, followed by a happy birthday song. Caleb muttered something about birthdays and sleep as he pulled the blankets back up. I yanked the blankets off and dragged him out, leaving him barely enough time to get his circle glasses. He was stuffing them on as we ran out of the orphanage and to the nearest IHOP I could find to meet Jonathan there.
We entered IHOP, where Jonathan was waiting, sitting at a table and I let go of Caleb. "Who's even going to pay for this?" He hissed to us.
I shrugged. "Relax. Jonathan, you and me are all paying for it."
I shouldn't have said that. Why? I found out when Caleb asked, "What do you mean, I am paying for it."
I began to become nervous. Caleb spotted it and gripped my shoulders. "What did you do?!" He yelled, shaking me. I could tell I was expressing fear in my eyes. Why did Caleb have to do this? Did he have a heart at all?
Jonathan saved me. "Relax, Caleb," He said. "We kinda smashed your piggy bank." As Jonathan said this, Caleb let go. Whew. "Just relax and order," Jonathan said again to Caleb.
I looked through the menu, and found chocolate flavored pancakes. "Oooh," I said. "Chocolate pancakes!"
For those of you who haven't read Caleb's thingy, I am a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG fan of CHOCOLATE! Sweet, sweet, chocolatey goodness! As I was lost in my thoughts, I heard the word chocolate. "Chocolate?" I inquired. Caleb sighed.
Then I heard Jonathan say, "I'll get some eggs."
A waiter came to pick up our orders. We ordered the hot chocolate and pancakes. We waited in silence as I formed a plot in my mind. I wanted Caleb to enjoy his birthday as much as possible. As the waiter came by, he passed out the hot chocolate, but before I could say anything, he left. I would have to do it when he came around next time.
The waiter came again and before he could leave, I pointed to Caleb. "Its his birthday today!" I said.
Caleb groaned. Then he said, "It's hers too."
I was really happy now. Thank you, Caleb! "What he said!" I said cheerfully.
"Well, congrats to both of you," The waiter said as he passed out the pancakes and eggs.
As we were eating, Caleb asked, "Did you get any presents?"
Jonathan chuckled. "No," He said. "But I have someone I want you guys to meet. He has a present."
Hearing this, I finished up quickly and cried, "Done!"
After that, after he payed, Jonathan took us to see that person who had a surprise for us, so just imagine my exietment! He led us to a tree where a white owl perched. Caleb looked suspisous. "Owls are supposed to be nocturnal," He said. "That means they are awake at night and sleep in the day. So why isn't this one?" Caleb geustured to the owl.
Jonathan inturrupted and said, "Guys, I'd like you to meet Gamma."
"And... where's this Gamma?" I asked. Jonathan was confusing me!
"I am," Came a voice. I looked around. And, was it just me, or was that owl TALKING? "Did... you... just... speak?" I stammered.
The owl seemed to nod. I am an imaginaitive person, but wasn't this supposed to happen in Harry Potter stuff? Harry Potter stuff only?
Caleb moved his eyes to the sky. I followed him, and looked at a red speck. I heard the sound of heavy wings flapping, too.
Jonathan was then in a panic. "GET DOWN!" He cried as the speck turned out to be a dragon and knocked Jonathan to the ground. What was the dragon doing? Jonathan was my friend, and I wasn't about to let him get hurt! "Jonathan!" I screamed. The dragon's head towards me, and I was just as panicked as Jonathan.
Things were about to get even worse.
The dragon snarled and charged towards me. I tried to dodge it and get to Jonathan, but the dragon wasn't stupid. Next thing I knew, the dragon knocked me down and a claw of his slashed into my right calf. My leg was searing with pain: like a fire rushing through my legs. I screamed as the pain seemed to flow from my leg to my whole body.
Things were hazy after that. I remember Caleb screaming my name and heaving a stick. And weirdly,
I saw compassion in the dragon's eyes.
I blacked out.

I woke up in an area I had never seen before. I saw a fairy in an orange dress in front of me. At first, I wondered if I was stuck in my imagination, but I figured if a dragon injured me and met a talking owl in the same day, then I could be seeing a fairy.
"Relax," The fairy said in a high pitched voice. "The draconian venom was spreading quickly, so you are a very lucky girl?"
"Draconian?" I asked.
"The thing that attacked you," The sprite explained. She turned around. "Oh, someone's here to see you!" She fluttered away.
It was Jonathan. "Hi Jon," I greeted.
Jon smiled. "Hey," He said. He looked around. "I bet you're wondering about all this."
I nodded.
He explained everything to me. He got me up and took me to the book of secrets. As Merle instructed me, I let my thoughts flow. I remembered my imagination, the way I was bright, and most of all, my mother. Merle told me to stop and announced I was in life.
Jon took me and Caleb to his house afterwards.
"What's your school?" Caleb asked me.
"I'm a theurgist!" I exclaimed excitedly.
Caleb was confused. "So you're in..."
"She's in Life," Jonathan finished.
"What's yours?" I asked Caleb.
Caleb hesitated. Things were looking bad.
Jonathan answered instead of Caleb. "Death,"
Really? In the opposite school as me? I put up a fake smile and said, "Cool,"
Jonathan introduced us to his dad, Cyrus Drake, which bothered me because we had the same last name. "Drake?" I asked. "Your last name is Drake too?"
Jonathan nodded as he then explained we were cousins when Caleb took us into his room and demanded an explanation. Jon agreed and began.
"You're father's name was Malistare Drake," He said. "Your mother was called Sylvia. Sylvia was the former life professer, and Malistare was the former Death professor. Sylvia died of a disease, shortly after she bore you guys. Malistare was in greef for a year or two, then he just threw an outburst. He drove fear into the hearts of all wizards and tore out the death school from the cycle. Merle didn't want you to know about him, that's why he couldn't tell Caleb."
I sighed. Was this my father? An evil man?
But I shook it off. It was time to forget the past and look to the future.