Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Really! I already threatened to quit blogging, did I not learn from that? Apparently I didn't. And like I said in the post: I feel bad about that, whenever I iz angry: DON'T LISTEN TO ME! Who IS in their right mind when they are angry?
Apparently I have anger issues.
Nothing CAN stop me from writing. I forgot today that when I write, I don't write for fame: I write because I like doing it. I forgot that today. And no Alia, honestly, I DID NOT see that post.
(Goes on Wizard101 Addict)
Alia? REALLY?!?! You were NOT in your right mind!

Anyways, I am sorry. And I should not have done that, ESPECIALLY on the day that Jessica came to the blog.
I'm really sorry, guys. I lost my head.
But WHAT triggered it, you might say? Maybe its because no one responded when I asked who read the NM. Maybe its because I was simply mad. I don't know.

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