Sunday, April 18, 2010


Here's the link:

Yup, he started again! I proud of you Cody!

Also, before I go, one other thing: I am running LOW on comments! My usual is around three or four a post. But now, I have only recieved ONE comment (Thanks Malorn) on the music video! Which I worked at least four hours on! 0 comments on the post about my building project, I NEED DA COMMENTS!

(Gets on hands and knees)


And, at this rate, you'd be thinking I'm threatening to quit. NO! NO MORE QUITTING! I'm just encouraging the comments and stuff, I NEED MORE! Also, SO CLOSE TO 20 FOLLOWERS! Lets make that a goal, shall we? 20 followers.

Also, I'm ALMOST done with part 7! The problem is with that part, its so SHORT! Mainly its because its basically a whole bunch of unraveling. AND, IF YOU ARE A FAN, PAY ATTENTION: I WILL NOT POST ANY PREVIEWS OF PART 7, JUST ANY PARAGRAPH CAN GIVE DA WHOLE THING AWAY! So I'm also hoping part 8 will be longer to make up for it

Anyways, more comments, more followers, check out Cody's blog (Or I'll hunt you down, armed with M16! I MEAN it! (And when I say I MEAN it, I mean I really MEAN it!)) and I hope I can post part 7 soon (By the way, PART 2 ON CREATIVE WRITING! WOOT!), so, uh yeah.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. No I need comments,
    I ain't got one on anything and I think I write an awesome blog:(
    -That Pyromancer

  2. My bad I have one comment from a mystery person and I thanked them today.
    I probably should put this on my blog...

  3. Your welcome glad Cody is back in da house!