Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Info on The Necromancer's Matter

Okay so one of my most recent comments was from Wildrose, when is part 2 going to be up? And I thought, good question! So I've set a release date for part 2. I've got a little chart on release dates for parts right down here:

Part: Title: Date:
1 Orientation 11/20/09
2 The Duel 11/28/09
3 Sands of Balance 12/5/09
4 Desendant of Ice 12/16/09
5 Bones of the Enemy Late December
6 ? ?
7 ? ?

Yes, there's going to be only seven parts, I'm afraid. But they're all supposed to be long, so yippie! NO, I AM NOT RIPPING OFF HARRY POTTER! It's just the way it's going to work out for now. Also, Harry Potter 7 DID come out on my 10th birthday... good memories, goooooooooooooooood memories!
Anyways, the reason Desendant of Ice is over a week after book 3 is that right now I'm only halfway at most through Sands of Balance, and after that gets published, I need a lot of time to get 4 done, and book 5, Bones of the Enemy, Late December is the EARLIEST that's going to be released, I'm actually thinking it might have to wait til 2010! That's only a maybe though. So anyways, that's basically all I've got for today.
Oh, almost forgot! Happy Thanksgiving! And Thanksgiving Break! And Happy Fall! And happy ending of November! Happy Harvest season! Happy It's-Almost-December!
Okay, NOW that's all I've got to write.