Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Spotlight's on Destiny Seagem Now!

So here, I want to tell you a little more about my character, Destiny Seagem. She is an Adept, a Level 20 Necromancer, a writer, a skillful dueler, and can be very competitive, and a SAVIOR OF THE SPIRAL, B-U-R-N! How do you get a savior of the spiral badge? All you do is sorta beat Malistare Drake. But how I beat him is a waaaaaaaay different story. Right now, like the title says, the spotlight's on Destiny! Here, to prove just HOW deadly she is, here's a trading card of her (Many thanks to Jessica Fairyheart of the Awesome Pyromancer's Diary for showing me how!)
Well here you go:

Threatening, huh? Well you better believe it, because although people think that an adept is just so wimpy, I can really be formidable opponet, even against a team against two masters and a grandmaster with my partners an initiate and an apprentice, (Curse that grandmaster conjuror) but like the deal with Malistare, I iz gonna save that as another story on another day! I want to show off Cody's card too, but I'll save that bragging for him. Anyway, if you've read Cody's first post, you'll know what the whole deal with the dueler of the month hubba-hubba is. So, I'm going to repeat the rules. Okay so, if you think you seem pretty threatening, you're a high enough level to kick a lot of people hinney's, you're considered a legendary dueler from where you come from, and can rise up all the way to the top, then come and compete in the DUELER OF THE MONTH! competition. Just leave a comment on this blog saying you'd like to participate, state what your name, level, and school is, and if you don't want it to be shown, just say so and we'll keep it private, and post them by November 30th, because that's when we'll be announcing the winners on our blog. Then we'll give you an assignment on when to show up, and then if you don't show up, we'll automatically declare the other duelist winner, no excuses, I don't care if your competitor is a novice and you're a grandmaster or whatever! The winner will recive a treasure card of choice as long as it's withen one of the two schools and withen their level. So anywaaaaaaaaaay, not much more to say, so I guess,


P.S. I kinda like the title picture we formed. Sure, the words and letters were a little cruddy, but other then that I thought it turned out great, we worked on it for 2 freaking days!


  1. Hi Destiny! Love your blog... It's awesome! One thing... How DO you make those trading cards? That would be so cool... And how did you get that gadget at the bottom that shows your views? I've been looking everywhere for one. Good luck, and have fun blogging about Wiz101.

  2. hiya 'gratz on the blog : D I have blog too. I'm your friend in the game Alyssa Silverheart. I'd goin the dualing thing but I don't dual. Just not that fond of it. dunno hope to see you soon