Thursday, November 19, 2009

Inside Look!

Hi, Destiny Seagem calling in! I promised a first look, so here I am! I'm going to give you a look at the main characters, the plot, setting, everything!
Okay, so, here are some of the main character's you'll be seeing in part 1:

Destiny Seagem:

This is the main character or heroine of the series. In this part of the series, Destiny is usually a calm girl, but when anything major is occuring, she can get really overexcieted and imaginative. She can tend to get a little agressive at points, but is overall a really nice and passionatite girl. In part 1, she is also very convinced she will be placed in the school of fire, because in my series, you don't really have much of a choice of which school you're placed in. So, she sees herself as a pyromancer, dresses like one, acts like one, but will she get placed in fire? Or something much more ruthless?

Vladimir Thorn:

I completely made this guy up, so he doesn't have a picture. He is the main antagonist of the series, or in other terms, villian or bad guy. He is ruthless, cunning, sneaky, warlike (Very), so I think you can all guess which school he's in: Death. He is a magus very close to becoming a master, and a well-known bully throughout Ravenwood. And with a flick of his cape, vanishes to a complete nowhere. But where does he teleport to? And what is the whole backstory behind this ruthless character? And just who IS Vladimir?

Jason Stormflame:

Like Vladimir, a magus, close behind him. Not a necromancer though, this guy's a pyromancer. From what Destiny sees in part 1, this Vladimir person has two friends who always trail behind him, and Jason is one of them. Unfortunatley, he doesn't know where Vladimir teleports to, even as a close friend. But why doesn't Vladimir even tell Jason where he goes off to? Why would he conceal a secret that big?

Chris Soulhunter:

I said there were TWO guys who were friends with and follow around Vladimir. Jason is one, this guy, Chris Soulhunter, is the other. In the story it says he's dressed in conjuror clothes, I don't know why he switched to Ice all of a sudden. Anyway, this guy is more of the quiet type of person, he doesn't say a single word in part 1 and won't until the end of part 2. He's not really a smiley guy either, so that's really all I can put for him without revealing anything major.


I actually know this girl in real life! But I won't say who, but she is a real close friend of mine. Anyways, Sophia is Destiny's best friend, and like her, is awaiting what school she'll be placed in. Like Destiny, she can be calm, but when something excietings going on, can tend to be hyper.

Esmee Lionblood:

Esmee is a novice thautamerge and Destiny's cousin, and she is actually my cousin in real life! Again, I won't reveal her identity, but I will give her blog address, Anyways, if you look closely in the story, you'll see how her and Destiny are related. She always trys to be calm and act a little smart and wise, but sometimes with her, three strikes, you're out!

Ryan Stormcaster:

Ryan is an initiate diviner who tries to stay strong throughout everything, and once he's set his mind on something, not very likely he'll quit! Also, Ryan is probably one of people who get bullied by Vladimir the most, and only appears for a short time in part 1, like Vladimir and Jason and Chris, and also says he's been rebelling a LOT against him lately. But is it because he's a bully, or something much bigger?

Well, that's all the major characters in part 1, but as you can tell, there's probably a lot you don't know about it, so I just want to let you know it actually takes place BEFORE the storyline in the actual Wiz101 world! Well, that' basically it for setting, so one to the last section of the post, plot! So here's basically the whole summery of the part 1, although it's not really going to by much compared by all the other parts to come:

Destiny Seagem is a girl who wants one simple wish granted: To be a thriving pyromancer at hopefully an early age. But on orientation, she'll stumble upon a trait she never thought she had: cunning, by knocking down a bully who she didn't even know existed. And that's only a starting point in a race of events to come...

Yeah, yeah, I know, not really a good summery. I don't really know how to put this summery, but when part 1 comes out tomorrow, there will be another summery, like a coming up next kind of thing. Because of that, I'd like to give you a little sneak peak of it!

I said I'd LIKE to, not that I can! Why, well, it's coming out tomorrow, I mean, seriously, it'll be arriving in like in only 24 hours time! Don't tell me you can't wait a single day!
Well, that's the inside look at The Necromancer's Matter, Part 1, Orientation! That's all for today, see ya!
Oh, and if you want to know how to make the trading cards, like Alia did in a comment, just copy and paste this link:

Also, for that, just give credit to Jessica Fairyheart of the Awesome Pyromancer's Diary! Okay, NOW see ya!

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