Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We Have Made Wizard101 Blogging HISTORY!!!

Hello there, you had better be savoring this moment. Why? Do you ask. It's because this is the first post of the awesome blog you're reading now, the Duo of Death, following the awesome tales of two necromancers, one an adept, one a magus, one a girl, one a boy, one called Destiny Seagem, another named Cody Shadowstrider. And the best part? We're siblings! Now, ask me this, how many Wizard101 blogs have you read that's authored by not one but two necromancers who are siblings? None! And if you have, then you'll have to admit it's not going to be as awesome as this! I mean, if it were better, then would we make trading cards of ourselves and hold monthly dueling competitions? If it were better, would it have something greater then stories published on this blog written exclusevly by me, Destiny Seagem? If it were better, then it would have to have something more funny then an upcoming segement I'd like to call 10 Ways to Tell You've Been Playing Too Much Wizard101? Would it? This is going to be a hit, I can smell it! Not to get all weird and all, but that's just me, one weird girl. Anyway, see ya, and don't forget, you have just witnessed exclusive material that will be an upcoming phenominon. Plus, although we really don't know how to film videos, this will be packed with awesome pictures! So, bye!

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