Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 2

Well, first, I would like to aknowledge. Alia Loutuspetal! thats score one for the duo! Well is day 2 and im lovin' having my own W101 blog. Me and destiny are thinking about a goal for 5 followers by Jan 30, so advertise this to your friends. Also you might want to know something. The way you enter raffle for the dueling comp. is just comment us and i will give you your number on your blog. Has anyone heard of the danger hound comp? If you have, sign up for facebook and become a fan! NOW! If you havent, go to this link:

So, yeah. Also, Heres my card.

Yes, novice terminator i love to kill novices in duels. gotta go, bye!


  1. hehe nice welcome to the blog spot for wizard101 I am not blogger but I am a big fan of wizard101 so I be commenting almost everybody blog based on wizard101 and nice card.

  2. Thanks for mentioning me! Great card!

  3. thanks. i think its nice to have 2 followers in 3 days youll be mentioned in my next post.