Sunday, November 22, 2009

10 Ways to Tell You've Been Playing too Much Wizard101!

1) You spot a huge tree, run up to it and hug it and ask, "Can I have your autograph Bartelby?"
2) You run away from pigs fearing that they'll whip up some ninja clothes and attack you!
3) You run in water and then wondering why your clothes are wet: your character's arn't!
4) You drink around a hundred liters of grape juice thinking it'll refill all your health in mana!
5) You wonder why when you go into a pet shop, you don't see any bloodbats flying around!
6) You don't understand that when you go to the top of the tallest building, Malistare isn't there and you don't see the dragon titan staring at you!
7) You go on a rooftop and don't understand why gangster cats aren't roaming around!
8) You wonder why people yell at you for barging into their house: they don't yell at your character.
9) You dig into sand hoping to find the balance school!
10) You NEVER sleep, eat, or wash.

1 comment:

  1. Love the list! #2 is so true! Those ninja pigs are sneaky =)