Sunday, October 17, 2010


Why facewall?

1) I've been having TOO many negative posts. Period.
2) I might have offended Jessica Fairyheart with my last post... In case you didn't hear, I already had a close call with her when Ryan Stormcaster came back from the dead. Cody and I aren't allowed to say this in our house, but CRAP.
3) I may have offended my partner with the good ol' days thing. DOUBLE crap.
4) I missed Alia's birthday. TRIPLE crap.
5) I can't go to Celestia. Quadrupal- oh, you get the point.
6) Part 9 STILL isn't done!!! I've been working on it since MAY dude!
7) I have been doing SUCKY at my reading. Haven't been able to finish a book in two weeks. That. Is. Just. Plain. Nasty.
8) Since my posts have been growing less frequent and I'm just wrecking myself apart in the Wizarding World... Don't consider me a drama queen when I say this, but there is actually a chance I may quit. I MAY QUIT. There's just too much to juggle and I'm just a burden here, K? You may not want to admit it or anything, but it's the truth. I'm. Just. A. Burden. What of TNM? Right now that's not exactly thought through. I may finish it, but at the rate I'm going... It's gonna take a while to get the series done. Because I still have 6 parts to write! LONG parts. And I'm up to my eyes in problems right now, wizard and real life. There is a less likely chance of me quitting TNM than the Duo of Death, though. Another reason- I CAN'T GET TO STINKIN' GRAND. And for all non-grand wizards out there, get this- I can't level ONE LEVEL.
However, I said might. I'll think more about this when my mind isn't as foggy, jumbled, busy and tired. When I'm more relaxed and mellow. That's when I'll give a clear answer on if I'm leaving the Wizard101 Blogosphere or not- for good.

Destiny Out.


  1. You're not a burden! I love reading blogs :D

  2. S-T-A-Y
    Bad times happen to everyone. So good times will always make up for them.