Monday, September 20, 2010

One Letter To Someone I don't Know, 50 Math Problems, Wrapping up Part 9, 1 Physical Fight, Social Problems, Fall Poem, Camera Studying, Failed Test and Much, Much MUCH Stress Later...

I've always been known in the blogosphere as the school hater, but MAN SCHOOL SUCKS FLIPPIN' EGGS!
I've had SOOOOOOOOOO much Homework! Wanna know what's been on? Look at the friggin' title! I've had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much stress on me, it is not funny whatsoever! And I'm also supposed to finish a book very soon so my friend Sharon (FAKE NAME ALREADY!!!) very soon when I'm, surprisingly, not even halfway into it! And I've been at it for almost two weeks! And I'm also expected to blog and all that and... LIFE'S INSANE!!!
And to add to that, I'm facing big time social problems with Angela. In Gym, she has a whole bunch of friends in there. So whenever I approach her while she's hanging out with her friends and try to pick up and act like a nut or whatever they're doing, her friends just give me a glare that says, "Get out of here right now you friggin' looser, run away like a sissy, never bother us again, and we hope you get ran over by a smelly bus." All in one glare! And in this Dance Routine thing we're supposed to do (BLECH!), we have groups, and I was running kinda late because there were locker problems, and when I come back, Angela has "Forgot" about me. So now I'm stuck with her freaking hater friends! The only friend that doesn't hate me is Sarah, and that's only because I've known her for a long while. When I started taking things out on her, Angela confessed that they didn't like my sense of humor. AIN'T THAT THE FRIGGIN' TRUTH!!! She think I haven't noticed by now with those death glares? Honestly? And she hoped that we could all get along in the group I'm in. So for her, yeah, I gave them a chance. Let's just say, they blew it. TOTALLY BLEW IT! So now, not only do I have it up to HERE (Raises hand way above head) with Angela's friends, but Angela herself for starting this brew-haha and setting me up!
And the homework... Oh geez, don't get me STARTED. Let's just say, teachers say, "Oh, only a half hour of homework, no big deal" every period. I have 7, so that totals THREE HOURS OF HOMEWORK! K? Got that, stupid teachers? OKAAAAAAAAY?
And like I said, Fist Fight. Not a debate, not a competition, a PHYSICAL FIGHT. There was this one guy, let's call him Jayden, was literally swearing a mile a minute, I asked him kindly to stop, and he harasses me so bad I lunge at him! Then one of his friends called me a not-very-nice word that starts with a B and has five letters... lets just say things weren't pretty after that. I kept kicking people in the knuts as (Let's call her that) Leah came in and started fighting alongside me. Gradually it ceased, but it will forever be imprinted in our memories. Enough said. And Alan, a friend of mine since Kintergarten, said later that they were getting ticked off too, so I just beat them to it.
So as you can imagine, I'm under a lot of pressure. And I'm sorry, but I need something to take this out on. Once I'm in a better mood, I'll delete this post, probably.


  1. Hey, you know what I think you should do?

    Listen to music you like (classical works best, but it doesn't necessarily have to be classical, it could be a classical instrument), close your eyes, and calm down. You could also imagine the perfect world, or somewhere you like. Maybe somewhere that gives you nostalgia?

    And if you're still angry, punch at your pillows, not the wall. (You'll just hurt yourself)

    Play a little Wizard101 or whatever with friends that are actually friends, and then do your homework.

    Try doing your homework in short segments (per subject, possibly?), giving yourself a few minutes break for stuff. (CHEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!! NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM)

  2. And for this reason I hate karma, ya never know when the universe will fix this.
    "Anger is a killing thing: it kills the man who angers, for each rage leaves him less than he had been before - it takes something from him."
    ~Louis L'Amour
    "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."
    ~Mother Teresa

  3. Hoo boy. I hear these rants on almost every blog around, xD. I must commend you for asking "Jayden" to stop swearing - It's so annoying, and they just say it w/out thinking - I know! Anyways, good luck :)