Thursday, September 9, 2010

Selena Gomez, a Most-Likely-Coming-Soon Avatar Fan Blog (Plus FanFiction) and more!

Before I begin.... Remember 39 Clues? My one of my two obsessions (A:TLA being the other)? Well, I has got some big news....


Yuppers! I will win this thing officially! And to prove it:

Clue Hunter! Mastermind! Collector of 39! (I made the last myself lol) BOOO YA!

(Ahem) That should be saved for my 39 Clues fan blog, huh? BUT STILL! AHHHHHHHHHH! Book 10 was AWESOMESAUCEFULLNESS! And so was Amulet 3! OH YEAH!


Sooo... you've all heard the news. A bigshot is coming to the spiral. Selena Gomez.
I'm not much of a fan of Disney Channel stars, to be honest, but I definately like Selena Gomez the best. I mean, she is the star of Wizards of Waverly Place, and Round and Round is SOO AWESOME!! It's fast-paced and, yeah.
And when I saw the video, there were a few things in which I couldn't help but take screenshots:

Screenshot 1: Wizard (Pyromancer from looks of it) on a shark, riding through Celestia.
Or at least, that's what I had thought. Apparently it's "Crab Alley". LOAD STUPID TEST REALM!

Screenshot 2: Never-before-seen spell, looking Aztec-ish, against crabs.
I'm thinking that this Aztec spell revolves around the Balance school. Notice the spear and the charm (For your information that's the Egyptian Hyrogliphic Symbol for Life), it just looks like an Aztec version of Judgement. And it could be Life... Like I said, note the Hyrogliphic Symbol for Life. All of a sudden, he looks Egyptian for me... So this is a definate new Life or Balance spell.
And take notice of the crabs... and the scenery. So this might be taking place in Celestia, but yet the scenery looks like Mooshu. So... not too sure of the setting. That's what I've got for this.

Screenshot 3: Selena Gomez.
This has to be the end of that new quest "Round and Round" that's out on Test. But note the walls... what area does that look like to you? And there's crabs (I think) behind her, which makes sense, Crab Alley given and all.

Screenshot 4: Genie spell in Palace or Throne Room of Fire.
This is a Fire spell. Sorry, but Fire takes the freaking cake for this round. What other school could it be? Yeah, that's what I thought. Heh, he reminds me sooo much of Jafar from Aladdin... Maybe that's what Kingsisle based this spell off of. And I don't have to write about the secenrey and the opponents, you all know it already.

So there's my two cents on all that stuffs, K?

And now, since Alia made a fan blog of AtLA and Sam did one off of her AtLA RPG, I'm known across the blogosphere as an Avatar GEEK and FREAK (I SAW THE FRIGGIN' MIDNIGHT SHOWING!!!), so if Alia and Sam can do it, why shouldn't I? I'm also writing an Avatar Fan-Fic... It's been an idea I've had in my head for a while, but I just completely ignored it. Until now. Oh, and I'm now on, look for WritingBookworm (Case sensitive). So this also means TNM is going to be introduced there! Available to readers. Most likely...

Takes place after The Legend of Korra. For some reason, the Earth Kingdom Avatar is nowhere to be found- probably because the Fire Nation and the Air Nomads are fighting the Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdom, and they've done multiple raids and attacks on both elements. Because of this, they're thinking that the Earth Avatar might have died before he or she even begun to realize his or her powers...
But they don't know about two Earth Kingdom twins that are living on the streets, parents and the rest of their family killed in an attack on Kyoshi Island. One night, one of the twins will have an anoymous dream from a past Avatar- and start a journey they wouldn't have imagined possible. One of the twins being the next Avatar, and the other twin being shrouded in jealousy, not even have bending skills, will have to travel across the globe to find teachers for the twin that is the Avatar- without the world starting a resistance or any of the sort. They'll have to face things alone. 

So that's what's up for today...


Da Happy Seagem

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