Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, I think that on Monday there was Certainly a Friends Reunion, no?

First off, sorry that I haven't been blogging. I'm writing the Drakes and TNM (Which btw got over 1000 views on Central! :D), trying to catch up on my summer reading (Which may not be much of a problem since I have a Barnes and Noble nook... don't ask till I post about it, K?), and most of all, trying to complete a, what do you call it, oh yes, project, the stress of my upcoming age and I CAN'T GET THE GOL-DANGED TREK OUT OF ME HEAD! I'm packing for that and all... you have to be at the building by 6AM! And I usually sleep to 10:30! Cause I stay up REAL late... but that's not the point.

The point is, Cody saw three different people on monday: Jason Storm, Jason Stormtalon,

The last is Jason Stormflame.

His traits were:

  • Savior of the Spiral Badge 
  • Long Brown Hair 
  • Green eyes 
  • Pale Skin  

It was him. Him who taught me Wizard101 without meaning to. He who is called the Descendant of Fire. He who I named "The Stormflame" Era for. The one who took me to fight Malistaire twice.

He is the one. Or was.

Also, we were doing shooting for That's Life! Episode 3 (Which apparently failed so we have to redo... I'm SO lucky that she's not doing it while I'm on the trek!), Guess who appeared?


It was she. She who didn't have a sub nor crowns nor text, but was a good friend to me nontheless. She who just made it to adept diviner. She who I met Chris Mythflame with. She who is a Descendant of Storm.

She was the one. I even got pics of her!

That's all I got of Natalie. And this post.

Well, except for one tiny thing:


Even if I iz dreading the age, well, it's still a birthday.

Da Seagem


  1. That's awesome have a happy birthday! xD

  2. Happy birthday, the last airbender was fantastic, wished it did all books though...