Saturday, July 31, 2010

EEEEK!!! (Explodes in joy)



Well, I mean, I see everyone with a blog about themselves. Almost every blogger does a blog she/he does it by him/herself. So I guess it was time for me to do that, too. I still don't know what to call it, but I believe I'll be able to get an idea soon.

And I bet you're wondering: "Will Destiny still be active on the Duo of Death now that she's getting a Central blog?" And my answer is: Yes. The Duo of Death will always be my first priority, don't worry. Nothing will change but the fact that now people on Central will also know what I'm thinking.

And since I'm happy, I know what's gonna make mist of you happy too: Part 9! Yes, I will be posting mire of it. I mean, with Destiny, Jason and Ryan in the vortex, Natalie last seen knocked out and the thing basically weighing on Jessica, Chris, Esmee (Who btw Brandon, Esmee is my irl cousin's character... Never made it past apprentice, though) and Alexis, not to mention the Descendants of Balance out there, I mean, you've got to know what's gonna happen next.

But a note before Part 9 begins: Jason and Ryan ask when the Moodah statue was built. Since then I didn't know about the Moodah so the difference they spot is very likely to change.

Well, on with it! In these sections of Part 9, you'll find out what happens to almost all if the characters... Nit to mention meet a few new ones.

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Ugh," Ryan chorused, clutching his head.
He sat up groggily and rubbed his eyes. Ryan looked around. Where was everyone?
Apparently Ryan was back in Mooshu, outside at the Jade Palace.
"Glad to see you're awake," A familier voice behind him said.
Ryan stood up and turned around. It was Jason. "How did we end up in Mooshu?" Ryan asked, baffled.
"I don't know," Jason wondered. "I guess we just ended up here when we woke up."
"Huh," Ryan said. Then he noticed something that hadn't been in the Jade Palace before: It was a statue of a pig monk mediatating.
"I don't remember that being there before," Ryan commented.
"What being where?" Jason asked.
"That," Ryan answered, pointing to the statue.
Jason squinted and saw it. "I don't remember either," He said.
Then the duo saw a goat monk heading their way. "Excuse me," Ryan said. "I don't remember that statue being there. When was it built?"
"Only thirty years ago," The monk replied.
"Oh, you mean 452 A.C.?" Jason asked. A.C. stood for After Creation, the creation referring to after Ravenwood was built.
The monk looked at them as if they had both grown tails. "No, I mean 532 A.C.," The monk finally said.
"But that's ten years into the future!" Ryan protested.
"No, its in the past," The monk persisted.
Jason stared at the monk quizicly. "What year is it now?" He asked the monk.
"Don't be silly," The monk said. "Sheesh, pretending that 498 is in the future and not knowing what year it is. What're you trying to do?"
"We're trying to find out what year it is!" Jason said, angry.
"Fine, fine, no need to get mad," The monk soothed. "562 A.C."
Ryan and Jason looked at each other with the same shocked expression. They knew what had happened.
They were in the future.
"Now, if you would please excuse me, I'd best be on my way," The monk said. He traveled into Hametsu Village.
There was a silence between Ryan and Jason for a couple of moments. Finally Jason burst. "What have you done?" He yelled.
"What have I done?" Ryan asked, confused.
"When you fuse two Shards together outside of the forge," Jason explained. "THIS happens! How're we gonna get out now?"
"Fuse them again?" Ryan suggested, bringing out the Storm Shard.
"No, don't!" Jason warned. "If we do that again, who knows how much trouble its going to be! Congraduations Ryan, you've got us trapped in time! We don't even know where the rest of the Order is!"
"Did you say you got trapped in time?"
Jason and Ryan spun around to see a boy in master clothing behind him. He had long dark brown hair, green eyes, tan skin, had a Valkerie hat and another Dragonspyre robe and a grizzlehiem staff. His clothes were a tan-ish orange, so he appeared to be a master sorcerer.
"Nevermind," Jason quickly muttered.
"No, really," The boy persisted. He appeared to be about fourteen. He smiled. "Because I did too."
"You did?" Ryan questioned.
The teenage sorcerer nodded. "My name's Garrett," He said, offering his hand. Both Jason and Ryan took it. "My brothers and sister and I were just minding our own business when all of a sudden we were in a different area. Well, the area was the same, it looked the same, but we could tell it wasn't the right area. We found out we were stuck in time." Garrett's hand did a come along motion. "We've made camp in Ravenwood. Wanna join us?"
"Sure," Ryan and Jason said simontainiously, accepting. They followed Garrett. Then Jason stopped. "Wait, what's your last name?"
"Dragonblade," Garrett said. "I'm Garrett Dragonblade, master sorcerer. What's yours?"
Jessica had offered for Chris, Alexis and Esmee to stay at her Mooshu house for the night; It was best that they stayed together.
Chris, Alexis and Esmee were also all asleep in a guestroom. In her bedroom though, Jessica was wide awake. She was thinking about the day's events.
The Order of the Spiral had suffered a big loss today. Sure, they had gotten the Life Shard, but that was with Destiny or Ryan. Natalie's whereabouts were unknown. Destiny, Jason and Ryan had fallen into a who-knew-what. And the cottage might have taken some damage. All that remained was herself, Chris, Alexis and Esmee.
What were they going to do now?
The last time they had talked to each other, they had fashioned a new fight. Now there was a radiation of regret surging through Jessica and taking over her whole body.
Jessica sighed and surprised herself by falling asleep.
"Oh, Cody!" Antonio cursed.
"What?" Cody replied.
"Why'd you have to push me down?" Antonio complained.
"Because I wanted you gone! And if I hadn't been taken down with you, it would have been good riddance!"
"Guys!" Anthony tried to break the theurgist and necromancer up. "What is wrong between the two of you? We're apparently trapped in time and you two are still bickering like two little girls fighting over a doll!"
Cody punched Anthony.
"Guys, do you know what's going on?" A new voice asked.
Cody, Anthony and Antonio stopped the fight and spun around. The person appeared to be a girl around their age with long white hair with maroon eyes. She had dark brown skin and appeared to be a master diviner, with a Mooshu hat and a Dragonspyre robe. Her robes were purple with white trim. She was seated on a dragon mount. "I guess we do," Anthony said.
"From what I've seen, we're trapped in time," Antonio helped.
All Cody said was, "Who're you?"
"Sarai Storm," The diviner said. "I was on the Scotland Yard Roof, as we're on now, then I felt this feeling surge through me. I was in the same place, but I could tell the tiny details, like who was there, that kind of thing, had changed. Now apparently, from what I've seen, I'm in the future!"
"You're lucky," Antonio said. "I just had to experience the thrill of being pushed down a vortex." He glared at Cody, who just shrugged.
"That's how you got here?" Sarai asked.
Cody nodded.
"How do you suppose we return to the present?" Sarai said.
"I have no clue," Anthony said.
"Wait," Sarai said. "Who are you guys?"
"Anthony Spiritwalker, Antonio Lifespear, and Cody Shadowstrider," Anthony informed.
"But which is which?" The diviner persisted.
"I'm Cody Shadowstrider," Cody began. "The pyromancer is Anthony. And the theurgist is an idiot."
"Antonio Lifespear," Antonio corrected by gritting his teeth. He gave an I-swear-I'm-gonna-kill-you-someday-just-wait-for-it  look. Cody's glare said in turn, Fat chance, idiot. Antonio surprised the rest of the quartet by demonstrating a low, unearthly growl.
Anthony then ignored the growl and turned his attention back to Sarai. "Maybe we should all team up and look for a way to get out of this kind of time."
Sarai nodded. "You know, as a kid I had always wanted to travel in time," She said. "I had daydreamed of being in it, influencing the past so that the present was better, making revolutions in the future. But now that it's actually happening, all I want to do is return home."


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