Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A thing or two (Okay, more then that) to blog about....

1. I see the video did not work.

2. I got a comment from a fan who apparently reads TNM on Creative Writing! Somehow he was able to find my blog, I guess like how I found Alia's blog before I was even on the blogosphere, Sierra's blog when I was very new to it still, and fatefully, later I found Dark's! Brandon Winterfinder, let me know that you are awesomesaucefullness for reading TNM. Everyone who does read it is too! If you don't read it, you still are. (Unless you're He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-Because-I-Hate-His-Argentinan-Guts!) XD For you and Alia and other TNM fans who are out there, somewhere in the distance, I'll leave more of part 9. The catch?
Just endure this post. XD

3. While I was gone, apparently Cody (Yeah Brandon, remember Cody Shadowstrider, Descendant of Death and Valkoor? Well, he's sorta my irl brother. Don't ask me, he's the one who wanted to be bad!) leveled me up to level 34 while I was out on the trek. It was sad that I didn't click "Learn" to recieve Phoenix, but, quoted by a random poster in Leadership and Math class, "Great privillages come with great sacrifice" or something among those lines. Don't correct me, frankly, I don't care!
And something awesome: once I ding level 35 in Crimson, looky what I get!


Most people should know by now that Da Seagem and Awesomesaucefullness are my trademarks.

Anyways, it's freaking good! I already has a crowns hat (And you can't buy it anymore), so I'm not ready to part with it that much, but still. These are the stats:

Awesomesaucefullness. I'm gonna get the crowns for it (Currently we has 8 :P), along with that new Dragon Quest IX I just got!


New Wizard101 Central banner! But what I'm really noticing from it: The domes.
I'm one of the only bloggers who hasn't blogged about the upcoming world. But the domes, they really stand out to me. I knew it was underwater and all, but apparently the Commons Celestia thing is going to be a little like that. There's little things connecting them: apparently you go through tunnels to get through to other areas. The tone of course is going to be blue, and once you think of it, if a school had to go along with it (Ex: Fire=Dragonspyre, Life=Mooshu), it'd have to be Ice.

All that coming from a Wizard101 Central banner! XD

5. I did promise TNM, did I not?

Oh, great. Um, currently we're having some technical difficulties.... I guess this sadly means no Part 9. I'll see if I can edit this on iTouch tonight. Sorry folks.

Da Excited-For-Headgear-of-the-Sylph-and-Celestia Seagem


  1. for 1-4 great! for 5 awwwwwwwwwww man.i really hope you can edit on your itouch.and nice trademarks. :) and i just turned level 30!!!!!Magus!!!!!

  2. ohhhh and if you can edit part 9 i am on the edge of my seat :)