Thursday, July 1, 2010

(Growls, then sighs)

I told ya all that I was going to a midnight showing, no?

Look, guys, going to The Last Airbender was a big deal to me. And it was my first time going to a midnight premiere of a movie, so it was a dang huge deal for me. So imagine what it was like for me to see no comments on that.

Look, I know what most of you are thinking, like "I don't have time to comment". Honestly, I do understand that. But going to that movie at that time was a freaking big deal to me. And when I saw no comments, it really discouraged me, like no one cared. Comments really give us bloggers assurance that people are indeed reading our blogs. So imagine what it feels like, excluding the noob rally post, over the past two weeks, only one or two people have commented. By the end of the summer, I had hoped to average about 5 comments a post. Now, at this rate, I'll be lucky if I average 2 comments.

(Looks at time)

Well, I can tell I need to mainly get ready for the Avi party.

And even though I'm preparing for it, why do I get the feeling that not very many will show?


  1. Same here, I like seeing comments to know my blog is doing well, I look at all new ones thoroughly :). Never been to a Midnight premiere of a movie but I'm sure it was fun, I'm just that not interested in Avatar :P. Hope the night and movie went well!

  2. Woah girl calm down. At the Myth Master I was getting around 3 comments a MONTH. And you're complaining how you're not getting ONE comment on a post?? Hardly ANYONE gets around 5 comments per post (besides Friendly of course)

    And guess what? For my blogging anniversery only ONE single person commented, not even relating to my blogger birthday.

    So, what I'm saying is this: Stop worrying about comments. If that's all you care about for blogging, then quit. No offense or anything.

    -Amber S.*

  3. Girl, comments don't count for anything. But honestly, I feel a little sad too when no one comments on my posts.
    You have to let it go. You ARE a wonderful blogger, so keep it up. We're just being tough on ya.
    Comments are for criticism. Compliments are for praise. Accept both.