Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh heck

Chelsea Court: Done.

Ironworks: Done

Newgate Prison: Done.

Knight's Court: Done.


Will have to be done tomorrow. :(

And no, I'm NOT at Magus! VERY close though.

Oh man, can't WAIT for Mooshu! All you have to freaking do is TALK TO PEOPLE! I've also made a new header! Click to enlarge.

Like it? It took about an hour and a half to make! However, Jessica will have to approve of it.

So, yeah, that's all I've got, I guess.

-Destiny, this post probably being one of the last as an adept. (And yes, I know that says Destiny Seagem, Magus, but I'm so close, so, why not?)


  1. I like it a lot! You're so close! Maybe I can help with Katz lab? I still need a pixie pet.

  2. Wow, that was fast! Kymma hasn't even started newgate or knight's court!