Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mistblood and Mage and Wizard Part 1

Good things happen today! 
1) I'm in Mistblood! Yay! Click here and here for the two pages I'm in! I guess the three hours of shooting paid off! Thanks Kevin! And if you didn't know what the comic was till now, click on the Mistblood word thingy.
2) I'm entering a contest on Central, and I've decided to post what I have done. And guys, please read it. It should only be like, 5 or 10 minutes long to read. Basically, its about two people. One of them is a sorcerer who doesn't have the sole ability to cast magic. She can't cast a single spell. The other character is a boy residing on Earth who, for some reason, possesses the ability to call storms when he's angry. They're brought together in Nightside and learn that they're supposed to defeat someone. 

Well, here goes. Please respond on whether or not its good. I know most of you don't like to read stories and stuff, but, at least skim through it, just this once. This one time is all I'm asking of you. If you reply and read, you don't have to read TNM. I'm just anxious for feedback. 

Mage and Wizard, Part 1 

"Come on, Tara," Marissa Stone yelled from behind the door. "You'll be late!" 
"Can't Mom," Tara Stone replied with what she hoped was a hoarse voice. "I'm sick." 
That was a lie. Tara didn't want to go to school today. Her older brother, Connor, was an expert of faking sick so today Tara was mimicking his actions. It was probably why he was dubbed "Most likely to get sick" in the Stone household. It was also probably why his grades were dropping at an increasing rate. 
Marissa opened the door to check in on her daughter. She felt Tara's forehead with her palm and shook her head. "Tara, you're not sick," She scolded. "Now get ready." Marissa exited the room, nimbly cascading down the stairs. 
Tara groaned as she unfurled the blankets and stuffed on a few clothes. "I hate tan," She grumbled as she carelessly stuffed her feet into tan and white shoes. "It's a boring color," Tara added as she slammed her pointed cap on her head. 
Tara tromped down the stairs where her mom was passing oatmeal to Jenna and Connor. Marissa looked over to Tara, who joined her siblings. "Aren't you excieted for your first day at Ravenwood?" Her mom asked Tara. 
Tara shook her head.
"Oh, don't worry Tara," Jenna Stone, a sixteen-year-old grandmaster thautamerge said. "Its really fun." 
"Yeah, you get to pwn people in a dang classroom," Connor Stone, an adept-going-on-magus necromancer said with his mouth full of food. 
"Manners, Connor," Marissa warned. 
"Sorry, Connor replied after he swallowed. "I mean, just be glad you aren't one of those noobs from Earth." 
"Maybe I do," Tara said, already scraping the bowl clean of oatmeal. 
Connor shook his head. "You don't," He said. "Those weaklings don't know magic if it was sitting on them!" 
"There are some people on Earth who can practice magic," Jenna objected. "Amanda was from Earth." Amanda was Jenna's best friend. 
"One person," Connor muttered. 
When Connor and Jenna had left the room, Marissa patted Tara on the back. "Come on, lighten up!" Her mom encouraged. "Sorcery will be fun. Your dad was one." 
"Yeah, but I can't cast spells," Tara protested. 
"Of course," Marissa assured. "You're a novice." She left. 
Tara shook her head wearily. No one would understand. 
Because she couldn't cast a single spell. 
Tara couldn't practice magic altogether. 

"And to the south of Minnesota we've got an unexpected storm front heading our way," The weatherman reported. "It doesn't seem as if its gonna fade for the next few days. High chance of lightning and thunder. Be prepared, guys. It looks like a big one." 
That's what Blaze heard from his TV when he got home. 
"Hey Blaze," His dad greeted. "Care to show me your report card?" 
"Sure," Blaze responded, getting a manila envelope from his backpack, handing it to his dad, Stewart. 
Stewart unsealed the envelope and studied Blaze's grades. Slowly a widespread smile came across his face. "Blaze, I'm truly impressed," Stewart said, looking up. "Straight As." 
"Thanks," Blaze said, taking a seat next to Stewart. "How were Calamity's grades?" Blaze already knew the answer. 
Stewart sighed. "Her best grade was a C+," He admitted. "A C+, two C-s, three Ds and an F-." 
Blaze shook his head. His sister was a slacker, as always. She used to be high-achieving like him. Then her friends drowned and took Calamity down with them. 
Blaze sat up straight. "Dad, can I talk to you about something?" 
Blaze took a deep breath. He was sure-no, positive- that his dad wouldn't believe him, but he had to explain the situation to someone. "You know Seth?" 
Stewart nodded. "The kid who bullies you." 
"Well, I got really mad at him today at school," Blaze started. "And as we fought, the sky turned from bright blue to an indigo kind of color. Then lightning flashed and thunder was brought down." 
Stewart nodded. "I remember. That was a big storm." 
"Yeah, but for some reason I think... I think I brought the storm." 

Tara breathed deeply as she looked down from the boat to Krokosphinx. Tara wasn't cut out to be a sorcerer. She wasn't cut out to anything. 
Tara stepped off the boat and was soon on her way to the ladder. But before she went into  the school she noticed someone out of place. She couldn't make out the eyes or the hair. She could tell it was a man, maybe around thrity? Thirty five? The man was clad completely in white and had a hood pulled over his hair. He was as solid as a statue, not moving. 
Tara's long blonde hair was getting carried away in the wind as she observed the white guy. Shrugging him off, she climbed into the Balance school, her blue eyes observing the tan walls around her. How she hated that color! 
The lesson was just an introductory kind of thing to Balance, and Tara came out relieved that she didn't embarrass herself due to not being to use magic. She knew the day would soon come, though. 
But then Tara noticed that the man in white was still there. 
All of a sudden, Tara's head was throbbing. Soon Tara gave way to unconciousness. 
Her last thought before she knocked out was that somehow, she knew the man in white was causing this.

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