Monday, June 7, 2010

A post including an obnoxious player, Part 8, and the Fourth Interview of the Week!

1. Inside scoop about TNM
2. WINGS!!
3. How to look for me on Central
4. And WHY is the letter M important? (Revised)
5. What to do with my gold?
6. REDSINGER (One of the most annoying players around)
7. The 4th IOTW!
8. The Necromancer's Matter, Part 8; Sophia's Shard


 If you look hard, you'll actually find a preview of part 9 within this post! You're gonna have to look though, and you's have to look HARD. (Hint: Look to the PICTURES). At the end you'll also be able to read Part 8, Sophia's Shard. As a bonus, I'm providing THIS below. Its a diagram of the titles of the parts I've got planned for the rest of the series. 

Part                            Title 
1                                Orientation 
2                                The Duel 
3                                Sands of Balance 
4                                The Legend Reborn 
5                                Bones of the Enemy 
6                                Valley of Peace 
7                                The Blade of Seven 
8                                Sophia's Shard 
9                                A Glitch in Time 
10                              Dawngem 
11                              The Beginning of the End, Part 1, ? 
12                              The Beginning of the End, Part 2, ? 
13                              The Beginning of the End, Part 3, ? 
14                              The Beginning of the End, Part 4, ? 
15                              The Beginning of the End, Part 5, ? 

Those are the titles I have planned. Yuppers, a 5-Part series finale, starting at 11. And the question marks DON'T mean I don't have the title after that planned, it means I don't want to give the titles away fearing that it'll give away the summery of the part. 8 is out on this post, and I'm beginning to get through 9. (Remember the preview of 9 somewhere!!!)



Thanks so much Donna Spellthorn! Me swiftshadow wings are so awesome!!! Unfortunately I couldn't recieve them meself because... well... lets just say... oh nevermind. Anyways...

3. I'm on Central now! I think I'm also gonna form a 39 Clues Guild! The 39 Clues Guild of the Spiral! That's what I'm gonna call it! And I'm gonna make it an official guild, too, after I get positions settled (You'll see) My username is writingnecromancer, so if you see that username anywhere, that's meh, Destiny Seagem. I've posted parts 1 and 2 of TNM on Stories and Poetry. Its doing pretty good, better then it was when it started. And on part 2 I ACTUALLY GOT A REPLY!!!! So if you see a post by writingnecromancer, I'm there. I'm in the clubs Camp Half-Blood, Girls of Wizard101, The Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze Fans, Heart Guardians Club, Maximum Ride Fan Club, and Charlie the Unicorn Lovers (And I've been thinking about joining Justin Bieber Haters... WHAT? He's at my age and he's already singing love songs!!! Him and that freaking high-pitched voice...). 

4. And WHY is the Letter M important? (Revised) 

On my most recent post I was gonna thank those who helped me get through Katz, Counterweights and Big Ben. But I had to go to this Camp prep thing (That's why I missed the Bloggers Club party, sorry). So I'm gonna thank them all now. 

For Katz: Thanks to Isaac Mistheart, Jessica, and Amy Pixieflame for trying to help while she could. 

For Counterweight East: Thanks to Donna Spellthorn (partally), Isaac Mistheart and Destiny Deathflame (Partally) 

For Counterweight West: Thanks to John Lifeglen, Destiny Deathflame (Partally) and Isaac Mistheart. 

Big Ben: Thanks to Keira Lionheart, (Mostly) Isaac Mistheart, John Lifeglen and Ronan Ravenshard (Ronan for telling me how to fight Spike the Crusher) 



Why Isaac, you might say. Well, in case you didn't notice, he helped me from Katz all the way to Big Ben. VERY BIG THANKS GOES TO HIM!!! He over deserves it for his help! 

5.  I've got a lot of gold: 15, 309, to be exact. And I'm having a REALLY tough time deciding what to do with it: either get a Mooshu house or get this robe called Smokey's Genteel Vest that's REALLY good but is just so dang PRICEY!!! 

See? Look at that house! I can PERFECTLY imagine my living space right there! The only thing, and I mean ONLY thing keeping me back from that is THIS: 

Dang, they don't have it at the Bazaar, but knowing them, they'll have it soon. Anyways, it looks pretty cool, and these are its stats: 

+132 Max Health 
+ 6% Death Damage 
+ 10% Death Resist 
+ 4% Power Pip Chance 

Only its around 9500 gold MINIMUM! To have it the colors I want it, its at LEAST 15000! True... I CAN just farm Old Smokey for it... But you have to GET to him and getting to him is hard in Counterweight East! Ugh! I'm just gonna post a poll about this, okay?


Yesterday a guy called Joseph Redsinger was ticking me and a whole bunch of other bloggers off! He was INCREDIBLY rude to the following people: 

Cody Shadowstrider
Alia Lotuspetal
Kestrel Shadowthistle
Ronan Ravenshard
Samantha Drake 
Amber Rosepetal

In turn for his nosturus deeds, I made a Wanted Poster for him! Take a look: 

Yes. PWN HIM indeed. 
What did he do to you guys? You may ask. Let me tell you a story: 

I log on. I rejoice at being Magus, in Mooshu, and having Wings. I tell Joseph Redsinger, because he wasn't on a long time. You know his response? Boo I have all those things. 
"Maybe wings, but NOT magus and Mooshu," was my thought along with, "HOW DARE YOU!" 
I lecture him about respect when Alia teleports to me and tells me something about Rachel. Then Joseph teleports. Then Kestrel teleports. As me, Alia and Kestrel talk about Rachel's situation, here's what he says: 

"Boys rule and girls smell" 
"Boys are smart and girls are dumb" 
"Boys rule and girls drool" 

That set me off! I threaten to remove him. He challenges me to a race. Angered, I accept. But guess what THEN? He starts without me! I hadn't known it started, and he knew that I didn't know, and WHAT did he do about it? NOTHING! He just brags after a while, "I win haha!" 
I click remove and say, "I AM ON THE VERGE OF CLICKING YES!" 
"Of what?" Joseph asks. 
He reports me. 
That did it. I clicked yes. 
"You'll never have a girlfriend," Kestrel teases. 
Joseph reports Kestrel. Kestrel protests about that. 
I threaten to put him on my ignore list. He keeps being rude. 
I put him on ignore. 
But for some reason, I could see what he said. "Come get me!" He taunts. 
I put him on Don't ignore so I can say this: "If you do anything more I will put you in my story as a bad guy and then kill you off!" Then I state that a lot of people read my story (Hopefully :P) 
He keeps being rude. I was just plain SICK of him, so I ported to Kestrel, who was at her house. Alia follows, and we leave Joseph behind. 
Joseph asks to be my friend. I click NO.  
Kestrel logs off. Alia gets in her cheese clothes. Amber, Ronan and Samantha port. I decide then, I want to hear what Joseph had to say, so I clicked add to friends. 
He accepted. 
"SORRY SORRY SORRY!" Joseph says. 
"Tell that to my FACE!" I snarl. "And Alia's and Kestrel's!" 
"Please help me!" Joseph pleads. "I'm trapped in the air and I can't get out!" 
"I'll help you," I said. "To show that I'm not the kind of rude person you are!" 
I port to him. I help him get out. "Now you port to me and say sorry to Alia!" I say, porting to her. 
Joseph ports to me. Soon Kestrel gets on. "What's HE doing in MY house?" Kestrel yells. 
"He's come to say sorry," I said. 
"Whatever," Said Kestrel. "Can't hear what he says anyways."
Then Joseph REFUSES to say sorry! Cody watches over my shoulder, and asks to get on, angry. I tell Joseph that Cody will get on if he didn't act up. (And you should know that when Cody gets mad, well, he's MAD) 
He didn't. 
Cody gets on. 
Alia logs off. Kestrel does too. 
Cody invites Joseph to his house, scheming to trap him in his dragon army. 
He traps Joseph. 
Cody tricks Joseph again, saying that it was an accident. He invites Joseph to his Dragonspyre house. Joseph falls for it again, the result being that Joseph gets trapped in a cell. 
Joseph invites Cody to his house to make up. Joseph traps Cody. Cody gets out by porting to Joseph. 
I didn't watch what happened after that. 

So if you see Joseph Redsinger, PWN him! 

Wait, how many reports do you need to get to be suspended or banned? Cause I'm pretty sure that Joseph was reported at LEAST five times.

7. The Fourth Interview of the Week! 

She's a grandmaster. 

She's a theurgist, 

She's addicted to Wizard101

Please Welcome Alia Lotuspetal of the Wizard101 Addict! 

Destiny Seagem: What do you think convinced you to give your blog the name the Wizard101 Addict? 
Alia Lotuspetal: Well, I've been addicted to Wizard101 since I've started playing, and that seemed like the perfect title. 

DS: What do you expect of Celestia? 
AL: I expect to swim, for there to be new houses, and maybe a fish mount. 

DS: You said that your first wizard was Storm. Do you have any intentions of bringing her back or whatnot? 
AL: Actually, my first wizard wasn't a diviner.
DS: Oh. 
AL: My first wizard was Alia Lotuspetal, yet I am considering making a Storm twin. Her name will be Alia Stormpetal if I ever do that. 

DS: You're a featured author on Creative Writing. What do you think got you there?-
AL: I had been sending stories in for a long time and I worked hard, so I think that's what got me there. 

DS: What inspired The Most Powerful Spells of All? (Click here to go to her page) 
AL: One time my cousin and I were playing Wizard101 irl, and I got this idea that there could be a school under the shopping district. So that pretty much inspired me to make a secret school. 

DS: How do you feel about the pets upgrade? 
AL: I think its pretty cool. I love how the pets can dance in different ways :D 

DS: Who was your first blogging friend (I think I know the answer) 
AL: Hmmm... I think it was you! 
DS: Besides me? 
AL: The first blogger friend I made besides you... if it has to be besides your brother Cody, I would say Jessica Fairyheart. 

DS: Do you have hopes that the Wizard101 Addict will become an official fansite? 
AL: Yes, I do hope that someday it will. 

DS: What do you like BEST about wizards? 
AL: Hmmm... I'd say the graphics. They look awesome. 

DS: Thank you for your time.

And that, peoples, is Alia Lotuspetal! Be sure to read The Most Powerful Spells of All and her other creative stories!

8. Finally... for the grand finale.... THE NECROMANCER'S MATTER PART 8 SOPHIA'S SHARD!!! And Yes, I DID post that hidden preview of 9 I promised! You'd better look for it!!! Well, after you read this, I suppose. 


The Necromancer's Matter, Part 8; Sophia's Shard
In the Royal Hall, the nirini crumbled to the thautamerge.
She smiled in triumph. The nirini had put up quite a fight! Then, she unexpectedly felt a new power surge through her. She was now level eighteen, just one level behind her friend!
What was more, the thautamerge found a drop. It appeared to be a pendant, square shaped with an aythemist in the middle. Apparently it gave Kracken.
The thautamerge's hands scrambled to her neck and undid the clasp that held her necklace that gave her Blizzard. She looked down at the amulet-correction, locket- with the sapphire in the middle, adorning the rest of the silver oval. True, this had remained faithful and by her side for a long time, and as pretty as it was, it would have to go. Sure, it gave her Blizzard, but she soon would learn it and add it to her deck. She couldn't do that with Kracken. It would be practically useless.
Sophia sighed as she put the locket in her pouch and headed to sell it.
"What is WRONG with you?" Noah yelled at his cousin, Antonio, when they arrived at the Krokotopian house. As Noah slammed the door, he ran after Antonio, who began running, too.
Antonio grinned wickedly as Noah chased the theurgist. To Noah, Antonio was a diabolical prankster, loving to tease and humiliate Noah with his pranks and his friends: Anthony Spiritwalker, Adam Soulcrafter and Jose Breeze. There had been too many fights between Noah and Antonio to name, both mentally and physically. Same with his pranks. Noah hated his cousin with all he had. He hated the fights and pranks Antonio set. Antonio made his life meserable. Barely a second could he get away from him, because he had to live with Antonio as well.
Noah grittted his teeth as he ran. Antonio might be three years older then him, but he was also quicker, despite his build. Noah gave his legs all he had, because Antonio had gone too far this time! One time Antonio had masterly forged a letter from the headmaster claiming it was dress-up-like-a-tree day. Noah, loving to participate in Ravenwood activities, had made a tree costume that had looked so real. The result for Noah were many gawks, stares and laughter. Worst of all, humiliation. Another time was when Noah had desperately needed a new robe. Antonio had given him a fake gift card for the Krokotopian robe shop. Noah had, again, fallen for it completely, presented it, and the result had been being suspended from the shop for a year. But his latest was out of control.
Noah finally caught up to Anotonio and yanked the collar of his green robe. Noah had a firm grip on Antonio, strong enough to make sure he wouldn't get away. Antonio's tan skin, long brown hair, and mischevous green eyes looked to Noah. Antonio put his hands in the air, then let them fall to his sides as he said, "All right, all right. You caught me. What now?"
"Why?!" Noah yelled. "Sure, the dress-up-day jokes were tolerateable, but framing me for thievery?! Do you even realize how long it took for me to convince them that I didn't do anything? Not even funny! I don't get why the stupid Book of Secrets placed you in Life!"
"But I see why the Book of Secrets placed you in Fire," Antonio mused. "Angry, hotheaded-"
"HOTHEADED?" Noah yelled. "I'm calm most of the time! I'm angry only because you set me off!"
"Which is pretty much-"
"SHUT UP, LIFESPEAR!" Noah snarled.
"Or what, Firewielder?" Antonio snarled back. "Gonna cry to mommy?"
That did it.
Noah screamed in fury and punched Antonio in the face. Hot with anger, Antonio clenched his hands into fists, and punched Noah back, but in the stomach. Noah didn't have air for a second and Antonio seized that oppritunity to kick him. Before Noah could react, Antonio teleported away.
Noah gritted his teeth as he recovered from the blows Antonio had served him. When would Antonio grow up? Noah teleported to him.
Antonio was laughing with his friends in Olde Town. Noah breathed heavly. Then he turned to Antonio's friends. "Why are you guys even with him?" Noah had the nerve to ask.
"We've been friends since who knows," Jose Breeze said, a master diviner in purple Mooshu clothes with purple eyes, pale skin and short brown hair.
"Antonio's cool," Anthony Spiritwalker added, a master pyromancer in red and white Mooshu robes and long red hair and yellow eyes.
"That, and we'd do basically anything or side with anyone if they paid us right," Adam Soulcrafter added, a grandmaster conjurer in yellow dragonspyre robes with long blonde hair and blue eyes.
"Even if it was wrong?" Noah asked. "Even if it would mean destruction?"
Adam shrugged. "Pretty much, if we were able to live."
Jose sighed. "I agree with Adam, mostly." He said. "I wouldn't do it if it meant the end of the spiral as we know it." Jose turned to Noah and snickered. "Like it would actually happen, though!"
Anthony joined Jose by tsk-tsking Noah. "Twelve-year-olds," He said. "When you actually grow up like us, you'll understand that if it benifits you, you do it. There's all that there is to it."
"Aw, don't make fun of him, Anthony," Antonio pretended to sympathize for Noah. "The poor kid's mommy and daddy died."
Anger set Noah off once more, and he swung a fist at Antonio, who in turn quickly ducked, with Noah's fist going by above his head. When anyone talked of his parents that way, Noah got really upset and it always resulted in a physical fight. He knew it was just Antonio trying to set him off, but he couldn't help it.
Antonio quickly rose up, grinning, and rammed his side into Noah, knocking him down into the ground. Antonio, Anthony, Jose and Adam all teleported away with a recovering Noah getting up and calling after them, "Who runs home NOW?"
Gritting his teeth and breathing hard, Noah looked all around him. For some reason, the sight that seemed to have stood out most was a girl in her early teens, either Noah's age or slightly older, with black hair wrapped into a ponytail and pale skin. She was wearing a black and red bandit cap, and another Marleybonian carnival dress the same colors. She held in her hand a sword with a black blade. It was apparent that she was a necromancer. Noah had a feeling that she had witnessed everything. The girl turned around and ran away.
Little did Noah know, she would grow to become a worse enemy then Antonio.
Sophia exited Ravenwood, into the Commons, out from the Commons and into the Shopping District, then out of the Shopping District and to Olde Town, and Olde Town was where the Bazaar was. For some reason, the Bazaar always had the best deals.
Sophia entered the Bazaar and walked over to the merchant. She pulled out the locket. "How much will this be worth?" She inquired.
"Around two hundred ten gold," The merchant replied.
Sophia nodded as she handed the merchant the locket. "Done," She said as she did so. In turn, he handed her the amount of gold. Sophia made sure it was the correct amount of gold, then nodded her approval. Sophia walked out of the Bazaar.
She had sold the amulet.
That was, except for one piece.
Destiny was running so fast up the slope that Nikki actually had to fly fast in order to catch up.
Nikki breathed hard as she kept up with Destiny. Well, where's the Ice shard, then? Nikki questioned.
Breathing hard, Destiny replied, "Well, before I came to Grizzlehiem, The Order of the Spiral traveled to Krokotopia in search of an artifact. It was before Neela had revealed herself as a traitor. Anyways, my best friend Sophia arrived to tell me she had recieved a necklace. Secretly, it was a locket. And in the locket was a fragment of something. Apparently, a fragment of the Blade of Seven!"
Oh, gosh.
Destiny nodded. "I know! And it seems frightening that my best friend unknowingly holds a key component to the most powerful, legendary, and dominating weapon in the history of the spiral!"
Um, yeah, that's bad.
"Hey! Wait up!"
Destiny turned around to see Jessica, descendant of Death, to come up behind her. "I didn't know that you were a fast runner!" She exclaimed.
"And I didn't know that my friend unknowingly holds a fragment to the most powerful weapon ever to name!" Destiny yelled.
"Uh oh," Jessica said.
I know, huh sunshine?
"Nikki! That's only making things worse!" Destiny snapped.
Things can't really be worse!
Destiny sighed. Then she squinted as she saw daylight ahead of her. They were almost out. Yes! Destiny thought. As soon as I get out of the cavern, the sooner I can teleport to Sophia, and the sooner we can aquire the shard!
She finished the thought as she ran out of the inside of the huge tree and teleported to Sophia.
Destiny was panting as she came to Sophia, now panting, and Nikki and Sophia just looking at her, especially Sophia. "Um, hi." Sophia said.
"No time," Destiny said. "Quick, where's that locket?"
"What locket?" Sophia asked.
Sophia "Oh"ed quietly. "That locket," She said. "Um, I sorta sold it."
"Hey, hey, don't get all worked up on me, please." Sophia said. "I just found another amulet that gives me Kracken as a drop, the amulet was usless, what did you expect me to do?"
We expected you to kinda give it to us! Nikki clarified.
"Oh!" Sophia said. "Wow, that is one weird looking sprite. I didn't notice it till now. What do you call her?"
WEIRD LOOKING? Nikki yelled. She turned to Destiny. HOW ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH HER? DIDN'T NOTICE ME! I'll show the little brat...
"Nikki!" Destiny scolded.
"What's she saying?" Sophia asked. "It seems like you can understand her. I thought they only taught sprite to master theurgists."
"She's saying that its nice to meet you," Destiny replied.
My my my my, you are a bad interpreter, Nikki scolded.
"SHUT UP!" Destiny said. She turned to Sophia. "Where'd you sell the locket to?"
"I sold it to the Bazaar," Sophia said. "Geez, if you just wanted the amulet, then why did you just tell me?"
"Hard to explain!" Destiny said, already rushing off to the Bazaar. But Destiny and Nikki had ran too far to hear Sophia cry to them:
"Wait, is it the thingy inside you needed?"
Cause it had sure seemed like it.
Sophia opened her pouch and looked at the shard. What could possibly be so special about it? In Krokotopia she had asked Destiny if it had any value. She said no. Now a month later she was after it!
What wasn't she telling her? 
Sophia sighed. Something was wrong. But she soon forgot about it, seeing as how a voice cry, "UGH!" 
She turned around to see a boy about twelve years old with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He had pale skin and appeared to look twelve years old, not much older then Sophia and Destiny. He was banging his head against the wall of the Wizard City Athame Shop. Sophia walked over to him. "What's the matter?" Sophia consoled. 
The boy stopped banging his head and turned to look at her, gritting his teeth. "Lets just say cousins can be a pain," He finally gritted. 
Sophia laughed silently. "Why's that?" She asked. "I have a friend who adores her cousin." 
"Lucky friend, then," The boy envied. "She doesn't know that she has it good. Mine is a pain. Constantly harasses and torments me. I can't get away from him because I have to live with him!" 
Sophia tilted her head in sympathy. "I'm sorry," She said. "Who's your necromancer cousin?" 
The boy stared at Sophia as if she had just grown a million extra arms. "Necromancer?" He questioned. Then he laughed. "Oh, my cousin is no Death wizard," He finally said. "He's a theurgist, believe it or not." 
"If he's a tormentor, then how did he get into the Life school?" 
The boy shrugged. "I have no clue," He said. "You're right, he does deserve to be in Death. Sometimes the Book of Secrets can take wrong turns, huh?" 
"I don't know," Sophia said. "My friend was really anticipating to be in Fire, you have no dang idea. She was placed in Death. And from what I've seen, it appears to have been her calling all along." 
"But Antonio isn't worthy of a novice theurgist personality," The boy smirked. "I guess they can sometimes." Then he looked shock. "I'm sorry, I believe I've forgotten to introduce myself," He apologized. "I'm Noah Firewielder." Noah offered his hand. 
Sophia accepted it. "I'm Sophia," She said. She stopped shaking. "I'm a thautamerge." 
"As if that's hard to believe," Noah said. "Pyromancer." 
Sophia nodded. "As if that's hard to believe," She countered. 
Noah grinned. "You catch on pretty fast," He complimented. 
Sophia blushed. "Not really, actually," She admitted. 
"Oh, don't be modest," Noah persisted. 
"I'm not!" Sophia said. "I'm just known to be a good counterer." 
Noah grinned. Then his face lit up. "Um, hey, wanna duel? Just to pass time." 
"Sure," Sophia accepted. "What kind?" 
Sophia grinned. "Sounds perfect." 

Breathing heavely, Destiny ran into the Bazaar. She ran up to the merchant. "Have- did you see a girl thautamerge just come in and sell a locket that gave Blizard?" She asked, panting. 
The merchant eyed her, and with that Destiny could tell that he was suspisious. "Why?" He questioned. 
"She's my friend," Destiny explained. "I wanted her locket so bad, and she might have forgot that I wanted it. Can I have the same locket she just sold?" 
"Sure, if you have around two thousand gold," The merchant said simply. 
Destiny looked in her pouch, examining her gold. A little over two thousand. It brought her back to when she was in Mooshu, where she had been barely five minutes ago. She had wanted a ninja pig pet, but didn't have enough gold. A girl had volunteered to help her, and that girl had just happened to be Jessica, descendant of Death. As she paid, she just realized an incredible fact. 
We have all descendants but Balance! 
The merchant handed her the locket. Eagerly Destiny opened it and looked inside. She was incredibly disappointed when she found that there was no shard within. 
She was on the verge of crying. All that gold for nothing! And if it wasn't in the amulet, where was it now? Could it be lost? Could Sophia misplaced it? Could it have been dropped? 
Or could Sophia still have it? 
An eager rush of excietment exited her brain and flowed through her veins as she realized not all hope was all lost. Destiny knew that if she were looking in a mirror, that her eyes would be sparkling. She handed the merchant the amulet and said, "Never mind, I was thinking about a different amulet. Sorry." She handed the amulet back, and the merchant gave her around two thousand gold. Destiny slipped them into her pouch and immediately felt the weight on her hip. Then death logos filled the air. Destiny turned around to see Jessica standing behind her. 
"Sophia has it!" Destiny said, as she began to run out of the Bazaar. 
"Wait," Jessica stopped. "Who's Sophia?" 
"My best friend," Destiny replied. 
"Oh," Jessica lowered her head. She seemed stricken. 
Destiny walked from the doorway and to Jessica. "What is it?" She asked. 
"Well," Jessica said. "I was hoping-What school is your friend?" 
She was about to say something else, Destiny noted. "Primary school Ice and secondary Life." 
Jessica groaned. "Ice and Life?" She whined. "Those are the two worst schools in the whole dang cycle! The only WORSE combanation of schools is primary school Life and secondary Ice!" 
"You take Esmee and Alexis well," Destiny pointed out. "If you can take them, you can handle meeting Sophia." 
Jessica sighed. "I guess you're right," She finally admitted. "I'll meet her."
"And be a good sport," Destiny reminded her, slapping her on the arm gently.
"Watch it," Jessica said. But then before she could speak, Destiny said, "Wait, have you noticed that the only descendant we're missing is Balance?"
Jessica nodded. "That's what I was about to say."
"Right," Destiny replied sarcastically.
"It's true!" Jessica persisted. "Do you think we've come across the descendant?" Then Jessica paled. "Wait," She added. "What about you?"
"What about me?" Destiny inquired.
"I'm a descendant of Death," Jessica started. "And apparently so is this Cody Shadowstrider. Jason's the descendant of Fire. Chris is the descendant of Myth. Alexis is Life, and Esmee's Ice. Ryan and Natalie are both Storm. Who is your lineage?"
Destiny was too stunned to speak. Her? A descendant? She was too busy helping the Order of the Spiral and fighting Vladimir that she had never really taken it into consideration. Sure, she had wondered here and there, but she had never tried to track it down or anything of the sort. "I- I don't know," was all she was able to say.
Jessica thought. "Maybe you could be a descendant of Death," She suggested.
Destiny smirked. "Well, as finding you and Cody, if I were, I think I would have realized that by now."
"A descendant of Balance?" Jessica continued.
"I'm no sorcerer, in case you haven't noticed," Destiny pointed out.
Jessica held her hands in the air innocently. "Hey, just a thought," She said, allowing her arms to drop.
Destiny sighed. "I suppose you're right," She said. "What if I'm of powerful lineage too?"
"I bet you are," Jessica said. "Otherwise, how else would you be caught up in this business?"
Destiny shrugged. "I guess a normal girl stumbles in the paranormal kind of plot," She guessed. 
Jessica shook her head. "I don't think so." 

In the Krokotopian Arena, Noah could tell that his new friend Sophia was exhausted after the duel. She walked up to him, and he noticed sweat was beading her forehead. "You're good," She said. "How do you get this talent of magic?" 
He shrugged. "My dad had always said I got it from a great-great uncle of mine," Noah said. 
Sophia tilted her head to the right in confusion. "Had always?" She inquired. 
"He died of a fever," Noah explained. "And then shortly he brought my mom down with him." 
Sophia was speechless. Noah could tell she hadn't been expecting that. "Sorry," She finally managed. 
Noah nodded, then their conversation was cut short, someone had just teleported to him. He turned around to find Antonio. Before his cousin could say anything Noah said, "Save it for later, Antonio!" 
Antonio shook his head. "It's not what you think," He said. "A rich Marleybonian miser's son called a meeting with Anthony, Adam, Jose, you and me. We're to come now." 
"What's it for?" Noah inquired. Then he squinted his eyes. "Wait, how do I know this isn't a trick of yours?" 
"You just have to trust me," Antonio persisted. 
"Since when am I supposed to trust you?" Noah countered. 
Antonio was speechless. Finally he just said, "Fine, I give up. Not my fault if you miss it." 
"Not my fault if you get in trouble," 
Then suddenly myth marks appeared behind Antonio. Someone teleported to him. Adam came from behind. "Hurry," He said. "You don't want to miss it! Jose and Anthony are already there, I'll bet they're wondering where we are!" 
If Adam was speaking about it, it might be true, Noah thought. Antonio shot Noah a "Take it or leave it" look. Noah sighed. "Alright, I'll come." 
Adam teleported away, with Antonio following him. Noah turned to look at Sophia, waved goodbye, and teleported to Antonio. 
Apparently they were all inside a Marleybonian mansion. Noah looked around. The walls, ceilings and floors were completely draped in black, with some bits of blood red here and there. Noah looked to Antonio. "This is where we're meeting the guy?" 
Antonio nodded. "I think they call this Thorn Manor," Anthony said before Antonio could say further more. 
Then suddenly huge metal doors painted red opened up. Out came three necromancers, two boys and a girl. One boy appeared to have grandmaster clothing on, with long black hair and blue eyes. To his left was the other boy in a black robe with Storm markings, a black Mooshu hat, and a Grizzlehiem staff. It was then when Noah noticed a sprite next to him. Then his attention diverted to the girl on the grandmaster's right. He reconized her as the girl he saw in Olde Town. 
The grandmaster grinned. "Thank you for coming," He greeted. He looked around the five. "I see you may be wondering who I am," 
"Very true," Jose pointed out. 
The grandmaster looked at Jose for a couple of seconds, then shrugged and continued. "Anyways, my name is Vladimir Thorn Jr., son of the Marleybonian ambassador Vladimir Thorn Sr. These," He said, guestering to the black-haired girl and blue-haired boy, "Are Neela Waterpetal and Cody Shadowstrider, my friends." 
"What about the sprite over there?" Anthony asked. 
The sprite chirped something ununderstandable. 
"This is Lily, or so I am told," Vladimir said. "Cody claims to have found her along Unicorn Way and says that she said that one of her bitter rivals are part of a group of enemies. And that's where I am getting to. 
"You see," Vladimir continued. "Cody, Neela and myself are trying to achieve a certain goal. But, however, there is a band of nine people trying to stop us. They call themselves the Order of the Spiral." 
"So what does this have to do with us?" Antonio questioned. 
"I would hope that you might join us in this cause," Vladimir said. "To support us and to help us defeat the Order of the Spiral. We will also pay you." 
This got everyone but Noah interested. "How much?" Adam asked. 
"10,000 gold now, each, and for every month you stay by us it is another 10,000." Vladimir said. 
"How can you give away that much?" Jose asked, dumbfounded. 
Vladimir shrugged. "My dad's rich," He said. 
"Lucky," Jose whined. 
"So are you in or are you out?" Vladimir persisted. 
"In!" Adam said. 
"For this amount of gold?" Anthony asked. "Definitately!"
"Sure," Jose said. 
"Sounds good," Antonio replied. 
Vladimir grinned wickedly. He turned to Noah. "You?" He asked.
Noah was about to say he was in for it, but then hesitated. Sure, the pay was good, excellent, in fact. But there was something about the three of them that just didn't seem right. Noah finally said, "You mentioned that there are people in which you are working against. Who are they?"
"You don't trust me," Vladimir reasoned.
"I just need to confirm who is good and who is bad," Noah said. "You can't fight if you don't know who your enemy is."
Vladimir considered this. "Very good," He said. "That is another option we need to consider."
"And what if this other team is good?" Noah questioned.
"To confirm your alligences," Vladimir offered. "How about I give a description of these opponents."
"That would make me trust you a lot more," Noah accepted.
"There are seven people to the organization of the Order of the Spiral," Vladimir said. "First off, the leader is Jason Stormflame. He is a master pyromancer, he is very near grandmaster. He has blue eyes, long brown hair, kind of tan skin. He used to be one of my best friends, till he turned on me. The second-in-command is the nuisance Ryan Stormcaster. He is an adept diviner, and sister of another member called Natalie Goldenflame, another diviner, magus. They both have colored skin, and Ryan has purple hair and eyes. Natalie has long white hair and gray eyes. Alone, which they rarely are, these two can be dealt with, but together, they are almost undefeatable. 
"And the luitenant," Vladimir was shaking his head. "Destiny Seagem. She's a journeyman necromancer very close to adeptdom. She would have been very useful on our side. But no. She is not to be messed with at all. She may be only third in command, and lowest in rank, but she's most promising out of all of them. She look a lot like Neela over here, black hair usually in a ponytail, green eyes, pale skin. She has a realivite on their side, Esmee Lionblood. Esmee is an adept thautamerge. She has blue eyes and long auburn hair. She may seem like a weakling, being Ice, but don't underestimate her. I'm sure she can beat most of you no sweat.
"Next," Vladimir vontinued. "Is a magus conjurer called Chris Soulhunter. Like Jason, he used to be a dear friend of mine, until he turned. He has short blonde hair and a combo of gray and black for his eyes, like Cody. There's also Alexis Lifestone, an adept theurgist. She can be double dangerous because she can heal herself. She has kind of tan skin, green eyes, and green hair usually wrapped into a ponytail. You can't really tell her hair because she keeps it shrouded in a Grizzleheim hood. She also wears Grizzleheim themed apparel. She is usually sweet and gentle, but don't be fooled.
"The last two," Vladimir said. "One of those is a girl necromancer in which I have barely seen and do not really know about. I think I heard Destiny call her Jessica. Don't know her last name, if she has one. She has blue eyes and long dark brown hair, and wears black and red Mooshu attire. She looked to be in late magusdom. Don't know her characteristics, but if she's on the Order, then she's dangerous. The last one you'd totally underestimate for size. The last member is a sprite. A more- deformed- sprite. Black hair, pale skin, red eyes, purple dress and books, I think her name was Nikki or something."
Noah heard the sprite chirp something ununderstandable.
"Anyways," Vladimir said. "You can never understand sprites, so I never know what she's saying. I'm sure that its not very good. She usually uses Destiny as some sort of shield. Nikki just seems to hang with her. Wherever Destiny goes, Nikki comes, it seems." Vladimir turned to Noah. "Now have you made up your mind?"
Before Noah could say anything, Antonio said, "Really? They're mostly adepts! We can take them down, I'm sure of it!"
Vladimir shook his head. "You don't understand," He said. "They may come in small ranks, without the strongest spells, but their tactics, cunning, and courage is equal to or over a grandmasters!"
Antonio didn't seem convinced. "They don't seem hard at all!" He persisted. "Why, I think they're just as easy to take down as that eleven-year-old over there!" He reffered to the necromancer called Cody.
"Shut up," Cody threatened calmly.
"Make me," Antonio challenged.
Cody grinned. "All right, I've got no problem with that," He said. Cody took out of what Noah reconized as Ashitaka's Staff of Intent, and used Super Nova on Antonio, an Ice type attack.
Antonio smirked. "Is that all you got?" He scoffed.
"I've got a lot more," Cody dramatically walked to Antonio.
"Cody, don't-" Vladimir tried to warn.
But it was too late. Cody had already used wraith on Antonio, who tried to meekly defend himself with a death shield. The wraith already turned back to Cody to grant him health. Cody quickly used Stormzilla before Antonio could finish his spell, who tried to run from the dinosaur. Antonio quickly attempted a seraph, but because he was concentrating on the heat of the moment instead of the spell, it fizzled. After the stormzilla was done with Antonio, Cody himself charged Antonio and kicked him in the stomach, causing Antonio to fall to the floor.
Antonio's friends tried to help him, but Cody swiftly turned around and casted a spell unreconizable to Noah. It seemed to be a mutated form of meteor strike, only the meteors and everything that was supposed to be a firey red was pitch black. It affected Adam, Anthony and Jose so they wouldn't try to help Antonio anymore.
Noah, however, had a different point of view of the fight. Noah was laughing so hard he could barely breathe. After all this time of Antonio beating him up, accusing him of various things, everything he did, it seemed to be coming back to get the theurgist. He could definately use this against Antonio whenever he tried to do something to him! Through it all, Antonio was glaring at him as Noah laughed.
Cody continued to beat up Antonio. He punched Antonio in the face, kicked him in the shin, then used the end of his staff to knock the air out of Antonio. Then Cody pinned Antonio's arms and legs to the ground. Before Cody could make it for the kill, Neela finally took action and rushed to the fight. At first, she tried to separate them using her hands, then unsceathed her sword and poked Cody back with the hilt. As she did, Neela yelled, "STOP!"
Cody was still breathing heavily and tried to charge Antonio once more, but Neela stopped him. Breathing hard, Neela said, "You can't beat up Antonio, Cody!"
"Oh yeah?" Cody challenged. "I just did!"
"But not anymore!" Neela scolded. Then she seemed to relax a little. "Look, Antonio accepted our offer, so apparently you're going to have to learn to live with him. And that doesn't include beating him up!"
Cody grunted and turned away. But before he turned away, he quickly rushed to Antonio and grabbed the front of his robe, leaning his face in close to Antonio's so their noses were touching. "Listen up, and listen up fast," Cody said. "You call me eleven-year-old, weak, or anything whatsoever of the sort ever again I will pwn you triple of the helping you just got!" Cody leaned his face ever so closer, which had kind of seemed impossible to Noah, considering the fact that they were already practically touching. "Is that clear?"
Antonio hurridly nodded.
Cody forcefully let go of his robe, gritting his teeth as he joined Vladimir and Neela once again. Vladimir dismissed the fight and turned to Noah. "So," He said. "Are you in or are you out?"
A thautamerge strolled down Ravenwood, returning home from his Ice lesson. Then he spotted two boys looking suspisious. One appeared to be a diviner in purple and white Mooshu clothing, with short brown hair. The thautamerge couldn't see his eyes. To the diviner's left was a conjurer in Dragonspyre robes with long yellow hair.
"What do you think of the deal?" A voice said. It seemed to be coming from the conjurer.
"I like the fact that he's gonna give us 10,000 gold each month!" The diviner said. As he said it, something seemed to drop from his pouch. The duo didn't seem to notice that it had dropped.
"Still," The conjurer said. "I can't believe that Noah passed Vladimir up! I had always known that he was an idiot, but not that idiotic!"
"He didn't really pass him up," The diviner corrected. "He just said he needed to speak with the Order of the Spiral whatchamacallit."
"Which is kind of passing him up," The conjurer supported.
"Actually Adam," The diviner said. "I do kind of have a bad feeling. But I don't care, the gold is worth it!"
They seemed to be walking away now, considering the fact that they were now harder to hear. The thautamerge rushed to the item they dropped. He observed it carefully. It was a tiny thing- like a shard to something. It was around two inches long but not very wide. It was purple and seemed to be charging with energy, and the energy appeared to be lightning. The thautamerge yelled after them, "Hey! You dropped this!"
But the duo didn't seem to hear. They were either too far away to hear or too absorbed in their conversation.
I guess I'll keep it, Chris Mythflame thought.
After Noah teleported away from her, Sophia thought long and hard about the affairs Destiny was having with her shard. Still in the arena, she looked at it again, it was two inches tall in length and another inch in width. It was an ice blue color and there seemed to be little snow falling. She was caught up in observing it until Sophia noticed that someone had teleported to her.
It was Destiny.
She was about to say something until she noticed the shard Sophia had. Then Destiny said, "Yes! You have it!"
"You want this, don't you?" Sophia challenged.
"Not just want it," Destiny corrected. "I need it! You don't know what's at stake!"
"Give me one good reason why I should give this to you," Sophia said.
"It's a long story," Destiny defended.
Sophia was getting ticked off. For the past month or two, Destiny had been hiding something from her, something big. She had to find that out now! "I'm sorry Destiny, but the only way your getting this is if you explain everything to me! And I mean everything!"
Destiny opened her mouth to protest, but then closed it again. Then Sophia saw that she had given in. "Fine, I guess its time you know anyways."
"Um, yeah, it is," Sophia agreeed.
But before Destiny could begin, someone else had teleported to Sophia. He appeared to be a pyromancer, in his late adept. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. "What's up?" Noah asked Sophia.
"One of my other friends is explaining something to me, so I guess you should get out, sorry." Sophia said. Then she leaned her body to face Destiny. "Wait, is it okay if he sticks around?"
"Probably not," Destiny admitted.
"Oh well," Sophia gave in. But before Noah could teleport away, Sophia said, "Wait, Noah, I'd like you to meet one of my friends. Destiny, this is Noah Firewielder. Noah, this is Destiny Seagem."
Noah seemed to freeze. He slowly turned around and gaped at Destiny in awe. "You... you're... you're one of them!" He stammered.
"One of what?" Destiny seemed confused.
"You know what I'm talking about!" Noah persisted. "You fit Vladimir's description! You're a part of the Order of the Spiral!"
"You KNOW?" Sophia yelled at Noah. "Both of you seem to know what's going on, know its time I'm a part of that! You tell me now or else-"
"Honestly, Sophia," Noah interupted. "I don't know either." Noah turned to Destiny. "That's why I was trying to find you guys, the members of the Order of the Spiral thing that Vladimir talked about. I had a feeling that he wasn't telling me everything, even though he gave clear discriptions of you guys. I have a feeling that you guys will explain." 
"Explaining sounds good," Sophia pointed out.
Destiny sighed. Now it was double the excietment. Finally, she said to Sophia, "Do you remember the incident on the day of our orientation? When the necromancer gave the wedgie to the diviner? And I pushed the necromancer down?" 
Sophia nodded. "Yeah." Then she put something together. "Wait... Oh yeah! That's the Vladimir guy you're talking of, isn't it?" 
Destiny nodded. "Well, it has something to do with him..." 
Adam Soulcrafter and Jose Breeze finally returned to Thorn Manor. It had been a nice walk down Ravenwood, but they were both now anxious to see if Vladimir would now explain things to them as promised. They both had wondered what the little purple piece that Vladimir had given them was. He had left them to guard it, but he didn't tell them what it was.
"What do you suppose it is?" Adam asked.
Jose shrugged. "I don't know. Here, let me get it out..." He looked through his pouch. After five minutes of looking, he said, "Uh-oh."
Adam tilted his head in curiosity. "What's wrong?" Adam asked.
"I can't find the dang thing!"  Jose said.
"What're you going to tell Vladimir?" Adam asked, hoping he didn't sound like he was worrying. Worrying was for weaklings, he had always said. Adam had to remain true to his quote.
"Well, he is paying us for our alligences," Jose reasoned. "I guess its best to tell him."
Adam nodded. "You're right." He said. "I bet he'll forgive us."
It was anything but.
"HOW'D YOU LOOSE IT?" Vladimir screamed.
"We don't know!" Jose defended. "We just strolled down Ravenwood and all of a sudden its gone! I'm sorry!"
"No time for sorry!" Vladimir snapped. "Go back to Ravenwood, see if it's there!"
"Actually," Adam stepped in. "I remember overhearing a boy yelling, 'Is this yours?' We thought it was someone elses."
Vladimir seemed to cool down a little. A little. "Who'd you loose the piece to?" He questioned.
"It looked like an adept thautamerge," Adam said. "But it wasn't this Esmee you spoke of. It was a male." Then he grinned smugly. "And, I remember someone teleporting to him. I think he's called Chris Mythflame."
Vladimir nodded. Then he thought something over. "Wait... why does the name sound familier?"
Then he remembered his first duel with Destiny, he was against her, Natalie, and another thautamerge...
Named Chris.
"Oh no," Vladimir muttered. "Congradulations, thanks to your foolhardyness, we've lost the Storm Shard to the Order of the Spiral!" Then he realized the mistake he made.
"Storm Shard?" Jose asked.
"It's nothing," Vladimir said.
"If its nothing," Jose countered. "Then why are you so upset about it?"
"Based on the performance you just gave," Vladimir said. "It doesn't seem like you or Adam deserve an explaination. The best thing you guys can do is get Anthony and Antonio."
"Why?" Adam asked.
"I need a small, elite team now to track Chris down and steal the shard back. I need those two to prove their worth and loyalty. You've already given a good demonsration."
It had taken at least a full hour of explaination, telling the story of the First Wizards, the past events, the Blade of Seven story, the questions, it had been hard for Destiny to explain. Finally, all she could say was, "See now why I need that sliver so much?"
Sophia nodded. She held the Ice Shard to Destiny. "Here you go."
Destiny accepted, slipping the shard into her pouch. "Thank you."
"Hey, I have to do it if the chance of the spiral being led by that mad necromancer is weighing down on it." Sophia pointed out. 
Destiny smiled. Then she turned to Noah. "Now is the time you need to confirm your side," She pressed onto Noah. 
"I think the Order of the Spiral," Noah said. "Mainly because you explained almost everything to me and Vladimir didn't." 
Destiny nodded. "Thanks." She now looked back and forth from Sophia to Noah. "So, the time has come for me to ask the both of you, will you become members of the Order of the Spiral?" 
Sophia shook her head. "I believe you and all of that, and I know for sure that what you're doing is better then Vladimir, but, I don't want to be caught up in this. I just want to go to school, quest, rise up ranks, just lead a normal life. If you're in a troubling situation, you can definately call me for backup, and I'm on your side. But I want to be a normal person." 
Destiny nodded. "I understand. And you're lucky you had a choice to become involved! Natalie, Ryan, Jason and Chris didn't really give me that option, honestly. Well, I guess they did, but it seemed like I was already in it." Destiny turned back to Noah. "Now, what about you? Are you going to try to lead a normal life like Sophia or are you going to join us?" 
Before Noah could respond, Destiny sensed that someone teleported to her. She spun around to see who it was.
It was Chris Mythflame.
Destiny smiled. "Hey!" She greeted. "Haven't seen you in a while!"
"Nevermind that," Chris said. "There are these three people who're after me!"
"What three people?" Destiny asked.
"A pyromancer, a theurgist and the necromancer we fought!" Chris said. "They're after this!" He pulled out a sleek purple piece that seemed to be trying to contain lightning in it. Then Destiny heard a faint humming noise coming from two different sources; the Ice Shard and what Chris now held in his hand.
Destiny gasped at what Chris held up; she could tell at once that it was the Storm Shard.
"Oh, gosh Chris, I need that!" Destiny begged.
"Oh, helephant!" Chris said. "Why is everyone after it?"
Sophia gasped. "Is that the Storm Shard?"
Destiny nodded. "Indeed."
"Okay, what's the big deal with these Shards?" Chris questioned.
Before Destiny could explain, Vladimir and two other boys she couldn't recongnize arrived. One of the boys had green eyes, long brown hair and tan skin, wearing green robes. He also appeared to have a black eye. The other had long red hair and amber eyes, with pale skin in red Mooshu robes.
Vladimir looked from Chris, to Noah, to Destiny. "Well well," He said. "I see you've met Destiny, Noah." He said.
Noah nodded. "Have you chosen sides yet?" Vladimir questioned.
Noah didn't say anything.
"Do I take that as a yes or a no?" Vladimir asked.
"Take that as 'I'm still thinking over it.'" Noah responded.
Vladimir nodded. He turned to Sophia. "Who do we have here?" He asked, guestering to Sophia.
"No one," Destiny said. "She's no threat."
But before Destiny could finish, Vladimir said, "Ah, I remember you." He grinned. "You're Destiny's friend."
Sophia nodded. "You're the guy who bullied the diviner."
"Hey, he was annoying me." Vladimir defended.
"More like you were annoying him," Sophia countered.
"He was rebelling," Vladimir pointed out.
"You seem pretty peaceful right now, Vladimir," Destiny interupted. "What's the catch?"
Vladimir grinned. "I need to talk to Chris," He said.
"He knows," Destiny said. "Like you're going to get it from him!"
Vladimir ignored Destiny and turned to Chris. "I need the thing you picked up," He explained.
"Oh, so NOW you're handleing this peacefully?" Chris questioned. "You could have done that long ago before you started attacking me for it!"
"Well, I guess if you're not going to give it to me voluntarily," Vladimir began. "I guess I need to take it from you forcefully."
With that, Vladimir casted a scarecrow at Destiny, Sophia and Chris. Chris and Sophia both countered with Ice Wyvern while Destiny attempted a vampire. Unfortunately, the vampire fizzled. The redhead Destiny didn't reconize casted a phoenix at Sophia, whereas the theurgist with the black eye summoned a minion, then seraph at Destiny. Destiny used a Fire Dragon treaure card, having a pretty good effect on the trio, except the pyromancer, who had a heavy resistance. Sophia made up for that using seraph, and Chris used Sandstorm. Either it was a treasure card, or his secondary was Balance. Then Destiny noticed that Noah was just standing by watching, apparently not knowing who to side with. She could see the sweat heating up on his forehead through the decision. Vladimir used a skeletal pirate on Sophia.
She was out.
Chris rummaged through Life treasure cards, then found a fairy, healing her a little bit. Sophia immediately used Evil Snowman on Vladimir.
Destiny sighed. They weren't getting anywhere with this. They needed the same tactics as she and Esmee had used in Grizzleheim; flee. The Order of the Spiral needed the Storm Shard, she could't risk Vladimir taking it back. She guestered to Chris, Sophia and Noah to flee. They all did, leaving Vladimir, the theurgist, the pyromancer and the Krokotopian Arena behind.
Breathless, Destiny guestered to Chris for the Storm Shard. He hurridly gave it to her. "I don't know what's happening, but you having it seems better then Vladimir," Chris said. He looked around anxiously. "I need to go, I just don't want those three finding me again!" Chris teleported somewhere.
"Well," Sophia said. "He kinda rushed through it, you know what I mean?"
Destiny nodded. "I guess I see his point."
Sophia shrugged. Then she turned to Noah. "Why didn't you help us?" Sophia questioned.
"I was stuck!" Noah defended.
"Wait," Destiny started. "What do you mean, stuck? Did you know the pyromancer and the theurgist?"
Noah nodded. "The theurgist is my cousin, Antonio Lifespear. The pyromancer is his friend, Anthony Spiritwalker."
"But didn't they bully you?" Sophia questioned.
"The offer to join them is still up in the air," Noah said. "They need a confirmation soon."
Then Destiny got an idea. "Hey!" She said. "I know what you should do?"
Right after that, Destiny pulled out her Communication Stone. You got any more of the stones? She wrote.
Yeah, why? Jason wrote.
I have an idea, Destiny began. But for it I need another one.
Sure, I'll get one over to you. Jason immediately teleported. He handed a stone and stick to Destiny. "Why do you need it?" He asked.
"I'm getting to that," Destiny said. She handed the stone and stick to Noah. "Accept Vladimir's offer," Destiny said. "You're going to spy on them, like Neela did with us!"
"How do I contact you?" Noah asked. "I'll get busted for sure!"
"Not with this," Destiny replied. "Use the stick to write on the stone whatever you need to report, and it'll get to me and Jason. The signal that you get the message is if its burning hot."
Noah nodded. "I understand." He started to teleport away before Sophia stopped him. "Wait, just out of curiosity," Sophia began. "You said you inhereted your fire powers from a great-great uncle. Do you know who he was?"
Noah nodded again. "Yeah, dad told me." He said. "I think his name was Marcus Dawngem." 


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