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(Tries to think of title) (Can't think of title) (Remembers what post was about) A few facts or two about me and Cody

Ok, I WOULD post pictures on this post and stuff, but I can't because I'm not on Dad's or Mom's account. For some reason, when I take pictures on my account, they go to Dad's folder. Why? Don't ask me! I'm the one who's trying to figure the whole danged thing out!

Ok, so I knew that this post would eventually have to come sooner or later. Basically, this is to GET THINGS STRAIGHT with you guys. Here are some questions I hear frequently:

Q: Can Cody come on?
A: No. We're on the same account.

Q: Is Cody older then you?
A: No. I'm the oldest.

So I'm typing this kind of post to get this all straightened out. Now there's basically NO EXCUSE TO ASK THOSE KINDS OF QUESTIONS!

Ok, Facts:

1. Cody and I come from a family of six. From oldest to youngest: Dad, Mom, Destiny Seagem (Me, a level 31 necromancer), Cody Shadowstrider, (Level 48 necromancer), Vanessa Winterblossom (A level 19 thautamerge) and another sister who's too young to be playing video games.

2. You cannot see me or Cody or Vanessa on at the same time. Why? Because all of our characters are on the same account. Why? Because back then we were such noobs at novicedom that we didn't think to create separate accounts.

3. I .... AM ..... A .... BOOKWORM!!!

You should have known that by now. If not (Gets ax), all I can say is, you better learn, and you better learn FAST!

4. My friends. I've got 5 best. I'm gonna use their Wizard name if they've got a character or account, if not, I'll just use a random name and last name that seems fitting.

Angela Lightgarden: When I was harassed around by He-who-must-not-be-named-because-I-hate-his-Argentinan-guts, Angela was the only one who stood up for me. Then I had to go to a new school (Because another one was being built closer to our house), and we were separated for a grade. Now we go to the same school now that we've risen up a school (Like elem to middle). She's really nice, loves to write, games, and is HYPER. I swear, that girl has an aura that makes you hyper. It works with me! Yes, Angela does play Wizard101. In fact, her character is on our account! She's a level 5 diviner but looks higher because Cody loaned Angela all his Dragoon Armor.

Chelsea Emeraldpetal: I made friends with her when she was having trouble with her friends and came up to me for advice because I knew a lot about that kind of thing. For some reason, she hates Angela. I've tried to get it out of her, but man, she's dang good at keeping secrets. She's still keeping a lot of secrets from me, and I know it, and she knows that I know I know it. She's really sweet, friendly, is a big animal fan, weird and random (Hmmm... I think Alia and Chelsea should go in a randomness duel, what do you think? One time she was just asking me a whole bunch of random questions like, "Have you ever kissed an octopus?", stuff like that) and like Angela and me, is writing a story to get published. No, she does not play Wizards, although I've tried to get her to. Why? I don't know. I mean, Chelsea LOVES dragons and fantasy and stuff like that. (Curse you Neopets for eluding her away!!!) If she were a wizard, I would predict her being placed in Life.

Ashley Storyweaver: Ashley I have been friends with for less then a grade. We shared homeroom (In my school there's actually a different name for homeroom, but not gonna say what) and Math together (Till I got held back... my class got mixed up and I was in a class higher then I was supposed to be! Man, its because there's this one girl in my neighborhood who has the same last name as me, and our FIRST names are almost the same! REMARKABLY close!). Then apparently something just... I don't know, clicked. She's really nice and polite, a little quiet and shy unlike Chelsea and Angela, but can be really funny and hyper and random sometimes. She ALSO likes to write! I think the thing that made us close though was the fact that... well... lets just say that Remarkable Bookworms meet Remarkable Bookworms. Yes, she is just as bookwormy as me, actually! No, she doesn't play wizards. For some reason, she thinks that if she downloads it that it'll send a virus through her laptop (...???) which I don't get. If she did play though, I predict that she'd be in.... you know what? I don't know. She can be unpredictable. Honestly, I think it'd be either Myth, Life or Ice. Also, her birthday is coming in a week!

Savannah Storm: She is a nice girl who I was friends with since I was around 5. The sad thing is that she's two years and grades older then me. :( So, I wasn't in the same school as her this year, nor will I next, nor the next, nor the next, I think the next. Maybe not because there's a possibility of her moving. Hopefully not. Savannah's really funny, can be agressive to her siblings (And boys.... she likes to punch them. And she's good at it!), but really nice, and, like Angela, hyper. Also like Angela: she plays Wizards! :D Or, at least, she did. :( She made a necromancer called Savannah Storm, not on the account this time. For some reason her account wouldn't work on her computer. Oh well. I tried to put both her and Angela in The Necromancer's Matter, but there simply wasn't enough space. So that's why I'm hoping to put them in a new series (You may have seen the preview I deleted) after I finish up TNM. Same with Rebecca. Which brings me to my final friend:

Sophia/Rebecca: She's a really cool girl (Who's birthday is coming up in less then a week! As a matter of fact, Ashley's ONE DAY YOUNGER!) who's sweet, funny, and tends to missread or something a lot. Definately not the best at pronouncing. Can't pronounce Vladimir. Enough with that, though. Honestly, I haven't seen Sophia/Rebecca often because.......... BECAUSE WE LIVE 700 FREAKING MILES FROM EACH OTHER! Yes, I have to cross another state to get to her state! WAAAA! Because of that, I have seen her twice: The first time was when I met her in her state and met each other and exchanged phone numbers, etc. etc., and the second time was last year was when I came over to her state YET AGAIN for her birthday and I stayed with her for two weeks whereas the rest of my family stayed with relatives. Then we took her over to MY STATE, then her mom drove 700 miles, then drove 700 miles back the day before my birthday. Why? Because I had camp on my birthday! I'm really hoping we get to go to her state sometime this summer, that's what my parents keep promising. But at this rate, (sigh) we won't. Too bad I won't be there for her birthday. Anyways, Sophia/Rebecca was the one who INTRODUCED ME TO WIZARD101 and encouraged me to create an account (I make Alyssa Thunderslinger, you know the flashback... or should (Gets ax again)) Her first character was Sophia (Who I put in TNM XD), then she couldn't access her old account, so she made a new one, and created a girl called Rebecca. And now, YET AGAIN, she's forgotten her username and password! Next time she creates one, I'm gonna make sure I know it too so she won't forget.... both times she was a thautamerge.

5. My birthday. Sophia/Rebecca's (You know what? She's better well-known in this blog as Sophia, I'll just call her Sophia)-Sophia's birthday is coming in less then a week, and Ashley's the day after that, Chelsea's and Angela's not for a long time... so when's YOURS, you ask.

As a matter of fact, only about a month!


I'm not gonna be there for my own birthday! Why? Here's why: I'll be happily (When I mean happily I mean negitively) spending my birthday HIKING in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE wearing a SKIRT and BONNET! YES ITS LIKE A PIONEER REENACTMENT! There's three days on the trek: Day you arrive, partially spend with family, full day on trek, and day you return, partially spend with family. Guess what day my birthday's on that timeline, COINCIDENTALLY?


Leave for Trek/Full day at Trek/Arrive from Trek


Whoopdeedo. And remember how I just said I had to spend my last birthday at a camp? Well, the Trek and Camp people are the same people! Man, they just LOVE setting stuff on my birthday! At least I could wear sneakers, a T-shirt and holed jeans at camp! Okay, I'll admit it. Camp was fun. WAY FUN! FUNNER THEN I EXPECTED! Definately one of the highlights of last summer. And its yearly, so I'm looking forward to it... in August. Whoopdeedo.

But the TREK:

(Gets sword, shield, rifle, wand and two pounds of bulletproof knight armor, takes deep breath, holds it in for several minutes, defying the rules of life because, well, I'm a necromancer, I can hold in my breath for extended periods of time XD)

Brace for impact.

So that's why I better do something AWESOME for my birthday! Mom wants me to pick two or three close friends and go to a spa, but this is what I want to do:

Did I mention that I am a HUGE fan of Avatar? No, I don't think I have. Well, now I have XD. I also just discovered that I'm a Firebender on the site! Click for quiz! Well not really a quiz you just enter your birth month. :P Hopefully that's not PG-13 so I can see it for me birthday. I can watch PG-13 no problem, but I don't think that I really can for my birthday... but even if that doesn't work (Which had BETTER!!!!!!!!), I've got a backup plan:

Why Sorcerer's? Because

1) Is fantasy.... (In Mort (YES FROM PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR, WHAT OTHER MORT DID YOU EXPECT?!?! voice now) I LIIIIIIIKE fantasy! :D :D :D :D

2) (Not in Mort voice) Is got Nicholas Cage in it, that's promising!

3) Its been decided that its PG!

But I want Avatar. Humph.

Well, that's the post with a few random facts about meh!

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