Saturday, February 27, 2010


One word for the party: a freaking BLAST!

Um, no, not that blast.


Um, lets just put it as a PARTY kind of blast.

First my alarm goes off for 8:15. But then I think I can sleep in, so I did, then I was shocked to see that the clock now read 8:49! And it took about another ten minutes to get my dad up and type his password! So, a little crazy. So just imagine how releved I was when I saw Jessica and Jessica Fairyheart still there! WHEW!

Then I went to the fire tower where Jessica ported, and met this one person called Jessica Dawnbreaker. That's when I remembered: I wasn't in the right realm! So I quickly changed to the Wu realm, and guess who I saw? Sierra Winterbreeze, the Ice and leader of Seekers. I immediately became friends with her. And if you don't believe me out of jealously, me being me, and me is VERY obnoxious sometimes, for Alia and all those who like Sierra, I'm enclosing a picture to make you JEALOUS! JEALOUS I SAY! JEALOUS!


I iz weird.

Then I busyed myself with making friends with this one girl called Victoria Fire something, when along came who? Only Kestrel Shadowthistle! Then, sensing she was a blogger, decided to make friends with this one girl called Donna. Then we got sick of waiting for Alia, so we decided to get on with it and get the party started.

So I teleported to my house, and the rest followed. Then after everyone settled in and stuff, I led them to the inside of my house where the awards took place. Then I put on my high-ranking outfit and stood upstairs where some people joined me, including Victoria, whom I think said something about putting it up on YouTube. So, if you missed it, I hoped she lived her word so you can be a part of it, too.

So, these are the winners, in case you missed out:

Best Wizard101 Addition of 2009 goes to housing.

Best world of the spiral goes to Mooshu.

Best Wizard101 story goes to the Necromancer's Matter, The Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze coming in second.

Best Wizard101 Blog went to the Friendly Necromancer.

After the awards, a lot of people ernastly wanted a fashion show, so we all went over to Sierra's. Me, Jessica and Sierra were the judges as almost everyone else went. Sierra also stuck Jessica in a table until she got out by teleporting, and this one girl called Tabithia acted as a guard, but it was just an excuse for her to go around and yell "BOMB! BOMB! THERE IS A BOMB UNDER THE TABLE!" Sierra eventually stuck her in a water fountain, but it didn't make her shut up! Finally, after a lot of pandemonium and stuff, we managed to decide on a winner: Kestrel Shadowthistle.

Then there was arguing about what we should do next, (Kestrel wanted a pet show at her house, Sierra wanted a pool party and a lot of people, including myself, wanted like a house completition.) but, for me, it ended up not mattering at all, because I had to do some stupid chores and I had to log out.

So, from there, you might want to check other people's blogs to see what happened afterwards.

And if you didn't attend, sorry, and lets hope you luck out next time! There might be another one soon, so, don't worry. But overall, yeah, lets say you DID miss out on a lot.

Anyways, I need to get to part 4, so I'd better be off.


  1. Lol. That Tabitha girl was annoying. She was on my list, but I deleted her, because she wouldn't go away! And ignored her. O.o She pretty much ruined the video I was trying to make.

    After, I finally convinced a bunch of people to come to the indoor pool! :D We had our awesome pool party, and then we all went to Kestrel's house. Victoria started chasing me, and after a bunch of other stuff, I left and worked on crafting. xD

  2. DO NOT PUBLISH (unless you want xD): Sure, I'll join your blog! I don't know if Rowan would, though. I mean, she probably WOULD, but I doubt she would ever post anything. She never posts anything on mine, lol.

    That's a great idea, though. I think it will be really interesting. ;)