Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Feel Bad About That Last Post...

I do, I really. I wasn't myself that day. I had gotten 5 or 6 hours of sleep, I had stepped in my dog's... buisiness, I just needed something to blame my anger on. Sure, I WAS a little mad at Kestrel and Amber, but Kestrel's forgiven, that part was a misunderstanding, Alia's connection was down, but Amber Stargem, still just, UGH! Amber, why were you mean enough to remove a poor innocent soul from your friends list? Why? And about the blogging threat... I didn't really mean that. I said I mean it because, well, when I'm angry I THINK I mean what I say. I'm really sorry to all the people who thought who I was going to shut down the blog, I truly am. And to make it up, I want to host a party. This saturday, 9 o' clock in the morning, moutain time. Why the earliness? So Jessica can attend. Also, there, I will host a hopefully fun and exciting WIZARD'S CHOICE AWARDS!, An award ceremony involving everything Wizard101! Okay, so here how it works:

1) You will vote in the form of a comment, telling all your choices. These comments will NOT BE PUBLISHED.

2) You will not reveal your votes till AFTER the ceremony otherwise your votes will not count.

3) If you turn out to be a nomeniee, probably best if you show.

4) You cannot vote more then once, so pick wisely. If you do, your vote(s) will be immediately exterminated.


1) BEST Wizard101 Addition of 2009:

1) Mounts
2) Housing
3) Grizzlehiem

2) Best Wizard101 World:

1) Wizard City
2) Krokotopia
3) Marleybone
4) Mooshu
5) Dragonspyre
6) Grizzlehiem

3) Best Wizard101 Story:

1) The Most Powerful Spells of All by Alia Lotuspetal
2) The Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze by Sierra Winterbreeze
3) The Dark Crusader by Dark Wolfhunter
4) The Necromancer's Matter by Destiny Seagem (I didn't want to do this because people would think I would be full of myself but Cody thought it was good enough to by nominated. UGH!)

4) Best Wizard101 BLOG:

1) The Friendly Necromancer
2) The Awesome Pyromancer's Diary
3) The Shadowthistle School of Wizardry
4) The Wizard101 Addict
5) Diary of a Wizard

Well, that's all the topics I can think of.. so, oh well!
The party will be at my cottage, this saturday, 9 o' clock. If you're NOT a friend of mine and would like to attend, meet me 15 minutes before the party in the fire tower, Wu realm, area 1.
If you STILL don't believe me, here's a sneak peak of part 4 of the Necromancer's Matter, The Legend Reborn. Yup, the title Desendant of Ice sounded cruddy, so I changed it.
Well, enjoy.

Destiny and Ryan looked at each other, meaning it was time to bring out the news.
Ryan cleared his throat, and everyone looked at him.
"As we were patrolling Savarstaad Pass," Ryan began. "Destiny and I figured out something we need to tell you, to warn you about.
Everyone looked interested.
"We have fournd out," Ryan said. "That one of you are not with us, and is truly working for Vladimir."
"And that person," Ryan continued coldly. "Is in this room, in this circle, right here, right now.
There were silent reactions from all. Chris continued to sit undaunted. Jason leaned his head forward. Neela's eyes got big until they were almost little balls. Natalie looked around the room. "Who do you think it is?" She asked, breaking the silence.
"We have come to the conclusion that it needs to be either Jason or Chris," Destiny said.
"What?!" Jason stood up as Neela seemed to relax a little. "Why me or Chris?" Chris still seemed to be relaxed, even though he was being accused. Dang, he's good at this, Destiny thought.
"Both of you were Vladimir's friends at the beginning," Ryan began. "And Chris is very quiet."
"So Chris is quiet," Jason shrugged. "Big deal! He was like that even with Vladimir."
"But why did you accuse everyone in Krokotopia?" Destiny said.
"I didn't!" Jason persisted.
"You sure didn't trust Neela," Destiny pointed out. "And you even accused Ryan when he was at the library when Natalie said he wasn't one for books!"
"Yeah, you did!" Natalie stood up along with Destiny and Jason.
"Why accuse me anyways?" Ryan stood.
"I was defending my group?"
Finally yelling and arguing broke out between the quartet, saying rude things and finding the negative when someone yelled, "Stop it!"
Neela could take no more of the fighting. "We're not going to find the traitor by fighting amongst ourselves. What we need is leadership, cooperation. What this situation needs is complete control."
Neela was right. If they were going to uncover the traitor, it couldn't be done like this.

Is Esmee the desendant of Ice? What will Vladimir have in store for them? Who is spying on the group? And can catch the culprit without destroying themselves? Find out in The Necromancer's Matter, Part 4, The Legend Reborn.

Well that's all I have. I hope to see you all at the party and stuff!


  1. I'll try so so so so so hard to be there at your party! I'll try and meet you before... but you know me! I'm TERRIBLE at meeting people on time. Ugh... and on a saturday, too. xD

    Wait... just wondering, how are you writing part four? I thought there was only a part one on the Creative Writing. I only read the beginning of it, though. O.o Honestly, I NEVER have time...

    Speaking of stories, yay! I'm nominated! Thank you! :)

    Um... what else..?

    Do we vote in a comment on this post? Or what? Sorry, I'm confuzzled. xD Or maybe I don't vote... Idk...

  2. Please don't goes in member places as i expalianed on me blog I RUN OUT OF SUBSCRITION MONEY

    O and me vote's ares as follows

    1.Housing (Only thing i use)
    2.Mooshu (So Pretty!)
    3. YOURS ROCKS so yeah yours!!
    4. The wizard 101 addict (SO GOOD)

  3. My votes:

    1.Housing, definitely!
    2.Mooshu. Without Youkai or Jade Oni, I would not look like how I look right now.
    3.Man, this is tough... Um, I guess yours then!
    4.The Friendly Necromancer BY FAR!

    And also, there should be a little trash can button under the comment Destiny, just click on it and do whatever you're supposed to do that pops up on the screen.

  4. Okay, thanks for forgiving me. I'll try to be at the party if I remember or if I'm not busy. Go mountain time!

    1. Housing. What would I do without my life house?
    2. Mooshu. Mooshu Mooshu Mooshu.
    3. I'm not going to vote because I'm too lazy to read other people's fan fiction (I know, I know).
    4. Eh, I'm stuck up, so I'll vote for my own blog. GO SHADOWTHISTLE SCHOOL OF WIZARDRY!! WOOT!

  5. Holy cheez, Idk if i can make it! I absolutely MUST find a way, sorry if I'm not there!

  6. Housing
    I have nothing for 3,
    Team Friendly :D

  7. I'm waiting in the Fire Tower right now, Wu realm area 1.