Sunday, February 14, 2010

Who the traitor?

All the characters in the Necromancer's Matter are loyal to the side they choose...

Except for one.

A traitor will be revealed in Part 4, and only me and Cody know who it is.

Is it Jason, who accused everybody?

Is it Chris, who is quiet?

Is it Ryan, who is supposedly loyal to the fight?

Is it Neela, who all of a sudden turns up wanting to join?

Or is it Natalie, faithful to her brother, Ryan?

It is one of the five I have listed, it is indeed. Who do you think it is? And what will he or she do now that that person has been uncovered and branded as a traitor not only to Destiny, not only to the group, but the spiral and him or herself.

Another thing.

I need to answer someone's question.




However, I'll reveal something,

One of the death bandits is the traitor.

And I did say the girl death bandit had black hair.

Black hair in a PONYTAIL!

You guys have no IDEA how big a hint that is, and part 3 actually dropped a lot of evidence. You just need to look for it. For instance, the traitor informed the kroks about Destiny. The traitor had to KNOW about the death bandits.


who do you think it is?

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