Sunday, February 21, 2010


Yesterday, I was on Wizard101 with Alia Lotuspetal who told me she was where a whole bunch of these bloggers were there. Me being me, I checked it out. I was also able to make a discovery about bloggers.
Lets just say my time well didn't go well there. I tried to make friends with Kestrel Shadowthistle, who seemed to reject my friend requests. I tried to talk to Cassandra Griffinbane, who ignored me. Anyone I talked to shut up quickly, then, when I left, went back to their buisness as usuall. ried to ask Alia who these bloggers were, but even she seemed to be ignoring me! Then I found Amber Stargem there, who was my friend. Apparently, she deleted me and I didn't know it!
Is this how bloggers are? Ignorant? Rude? Because of this incident, it has narrowed down the bloggers I trust to VERY FEW PEOPLE NOW! There are now only four or five bloggers I trust. One of them is up here, and that's only because I've known that person for months! Is this how they are? I don't want to become one of them, and if that means shutting down the Duo of Death, ok.
To those of you going "naw you never", its been done. Look at the Fair Pyromancer. Raise your hand if you've actually seen Cody blog for the past few months! So, if I don't see improvement among you bloggers withen a month,

I'm going to close the Duo of Death.

And so help me, I MEAN IT!


  1. I wasn't ignoring you! You see, I lost my connection, and when that happens, it makes it seem like you aren't doing anything at all. I wouldn't have ignored you if my connection wasn't lost, though.

    And PLZ don't close it!

  2. I can promise that no one hates you! Last night was a very busy night and unfortunately most of us have a full list & leave the requests turned off. It was a spur of the moment gathering and as you see chaos was everywhere! Please accept my apology on behalf of those who attended. We love the Duo of Death!

  3. Dude sry to hear that news that totally stinks!
    Maybe, you approached them a wrong way or something hey!

  4. Sorry, sorry! Seriously, if I'd known who you were, I would have added you, but you didn't really say anything, and I didn't know you were a blogger, so I just ignored you. Am I forgiven? I wasn't trying to be mean!


    I wanna read moooooooooore don't leave me all alony WAAAAAa